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  1. Besh says:

    With regards to the episode “Cash and Curry”, I think I have found another goof. At the end when Vimmel and Mr Ram are in the car mocking Del Boy, Mr Ram imitiates Del by saying “Me old Mucker”. Yet if you watch this episode carefully, you will notice that Del only uses this expression several times in front of Vimmel and never in front of Mr Ram, so how can Mr Ram know that Del was in the habit of saying “Me old Mucker” ?

    • Adz says:

      Possibly by them communicating between themselves. It is possible for Vimmel to have mentioned to Mr Ram that Del used that expression

  2. Philip says:

    I watched this yesterday and after watching Rock and Chips got a lump in my throat when the boys were at Mums grave.. Bless her heart..

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