7 Responses to “Jolly Boys Outing Coach”

  1. John William Jones says:

    abdul surely would of gone along once ?

  2. Marc Bowen says:


    That coach still exists today!, registered to an operator in Margate. A friend of mine did an MOT on it, was told by the owners about it’s OFAH appearance, then when my friend did the print-out of the vehicle history, he knew they were telling the truth!.

    • Rohum Pourtahmasbi says:

      Hello Marc,

      Just read your comment regarding the coach used in OFAH. Any chance you have the owners contact details? If so, please get in touch with me at rohumpourtahmasbi@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

      Thank you,

      Rohum Pourtahmasbi.

      Mobile: +447739583097

  3. Arthur Boy says:

    I thought ‘Ginger’ had moved to Canada? Because I remember Del Boy using Dezils phone to call Ginger whilst doing a cackhanded decorating job.

  4. kevin healey says:

    i would suggest sid would have been there,funny that it was him that gave rodney the photo in sleepless in peckham yet he was not mentioned in rock and chips!!

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