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  1. Kev says:

    Also in this version (no laugh track, 2 episodes) Del’s overdubbed laugh mentioned above (when he’s wearing the headphone) isn’t there, just a very slight natural chuckle.

  2. Kev says:

    Yes, watched it today and they meet him in the bar and they send people out to rob the van. Must be a different edit that this article was written from.

  3. Del says:

    Miami Twice is on Netflix in its original 2 parts with part 2 having no laugh track and completely uncut :)

  4. Liam mally says:

    If any ones interested the house that belongs to Don ochetti in miami twice is 4949 pinetree drive miami beach florida USA

  5. Craig says:

    Off to Miami in July. Anyone any idea the name of the restaurant they tried to shoot del?

    • Liam mally says:

      Don’t know about the restaurant mate but the mansion Don ochetti lives in is 4949 pinetree drive miami beach florida USA

  6. Rob M says:

    I noticed another small cut to this episode, when I watched it a few days ago.

    GOLD now cut the part where Don O’ Chetti says ‘faggots’.

    when Don, Rico and Salvatori are walking up the stairs, Don originally says: ‘sharing a meatloaf with the faggots’

    it’s now cut to: ‘sharing a meatloaf’

  7. Dave says:

    Mr Accurate isn’t very Accurate with his knowledge of OFAH, if you go onto the BBC’s Website and do a little digging you will find a Page that lists OFAH Episodes and Original Airdates and as you will see “Oh To Be In England!” is the correct subtitle for Miami Twice Part Two.


    • Mr Accurate says:

      Yes but that information has probably come from their magazine, the Radio Times. The point, since the Radio Times made this blunder it has spread like wildfire across all sources.

  8. Aaron P says:

    Well said Anon!

  9. Anon says:

    @ Mr Accurate – Who the hell cares, as far as all only fools and horses fans are concerned, there were two episodes called, “oh to be in England” and “the American dream”.

    if after 20 odd years, you want to be picky about such a trivial matter, then i suggest you get a life.

  10. Rachel says:

    Hi There,

    I am emailing to ask who plays Pauly the mafia hitman in the only fools and horses miami twice episode?

    I am asking as I thought he was brilliant in that part and very good looking as well.

    Do you know where I could get an autograph of him and a picture?



  11. Mr Accurate says:

    This episode is called “Miami Twice” and nothing else. It is NOT called “Oh to Be in England”. Nowhere during the episode does this sub-title appear.

    There was an episode of The Darling Buds of May that was broadcast on the same day as Miami Twice called “Oh to Be in England” and this is where there is confusion.

    Please remove the sub-title “Oh to Be in England”.

    • admin says:

      As much as we appreciate fans correcting us and we can make mistakes, it would be worth checking your facts.
      The Miami Twice episodes were shown over 2 nights originally 24 December 1991 and 25 December 1991
      According to tv listings and to all reputable web sites the episodes were known as
      “Only Fools and Horses….” Miami Twice: ‘The American Dream’
      “Only Fools and Horses….” Miami Twice: Oh to Be in England
      references including http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0666562/

      You may find the DVD combines the 2 episodes and edits them into one and thats whats coursing your confusion, but as far as we stand these were 2 episodes

      • Mr Accurate says:

        Yes, I am aware they were originally two episodes. I was watching them at the time.

        You are sourcing IMDb, but IMDb is incorrect. The confusions stems from the fact that the Radio Times incorrectly sub-titled Miami Twice as “Oh to Be in England”.

        Ask yourself, where during the episode on film does this sub-title appear? The answer is never.

        • Ronnie says:

          The episodes are as one part on the US release, but it does give the name as both episodes on the case,

          Miami Twice Part One: “The American Dream”
          Miami Twice Part Two: “Oh to Be in England”

          Scans can be provided if you wish.

          Thanks, Ronnie.

          • Mr Accurate says:

            Ronnie, do you understand that a Radio Times mix-up spread like wildfire but is not actually correct?

            Why do you believe a label on some DVD produced by some BBC monkey fiddling around with Photoshop over what actually appears on the actual episode?

        • PatrickNMH says:

          I have to say Mr Accurate that you may be taking this a little too far?

          This website is owned by Only Fools and Horses megafans and you contest the name of an episode!

          Taking on a hard job there!

    • Mike@NH says:

      Admin, your definetly correct there!

  12. Chris says:

    Reply to comment regarding the mafia breaking into Del & Rodney’s camper van: There was a scene in the original broadcast that has been cut from the DVD & VHS, where the group introduce themselves in the club and Del and Rodney tell them about their camper van, at which point one of the guys whispers to Lurch, and he leaves the club to rob the van.
    If you’re in the UK, watch Miami Twice part 2 the next time it’s on. The scene should be there.

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