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  1. Alan says:

    Douglas Hodge played the adult Damian in “Heroes and Villains.” and is Tessa Peake Jones real-life husband. Amongst other things he was Sgt. Maj. Kenny Jones in the BBC series Red Cap with the delectable Tamzin Outhwaite.

    Trivia question but might be too easy to guess:

    Q. She was his mother in OFAH but is his wife in real life.
    A. Tessa Peake Jones.

  2. ProudestUncleEver says:

    Lady victoria’s first ep of pointless aired again yesterday(28/2) on challenge tv, chann 46 on freeview, her 2nd is today 29th same channel at 2pm & 7pm

  3. Tim Cooper says:

    Ewan Stewart who was Dr Robbie Meadows in Sickness and Wealth also played First Office Murdoch in the multi-academy award winning Titanic in 1997

  4. prokeys says:

    Sarah Duncan was on Countdown as well

  5. Simon N says:

    Check out Phillip McGough (Arnie) in Dr Who Resurrection of the Daleks in 1984. Can’t watch it without thinking he’s going to have a heart attack!
    Also Robert Glenister was in another Peter Davison story called the caves of androzani he played a replica Android! very young then but a great actor.

  6. Fozzy says:

    If i recall rightly Robert Glenister also played alongside David Jason in a few episodes of a touch of frost

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