4 Responses to “20 things if Del did a Car Boot Sale”

  1. BootMan says:

    Del Boys boot sale would be great, there would be some broken lawnmower engines, deep sea divers watchers that aren’t waterproof, a load of executive vinyl briefcases that can’t be opened because the codes are inside, a job lot of one legged chickens along with a load of louvre Doors a clapped out fax machine and a top of the range mobile phones with superfast automatic aerials although they might make your TV go funny! a box of Musta Car Radios complete with fire extinguisher and Kylie Minogue LP, oh and 3 boxes of free nelson mandela T shirts, true bargains indeed :)

  2. Arthur Boy says:

    Luminous paint?

  3. Arthur Boy says:

    No musical cat singing ‘how much is that doggy in the window’?

  4. Lorna says:

    No Louvre doors?!

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