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  1. thomas james says:

    SIR DAVID JASON AUTOBIOGRAPHY: As any fan will no doubt realise by now Sir David Jason’s long anticipated autobiography was released this week, like many fans of the show I was pleased to see the society had secured a signing session with MR Jason himself and the books would be available to purchase from the website,i was however more than stunned yesterday when I saw the asking price for these signed books -£100!! Yes, one hundred pounds!!,the society “run by the fans for the fans” wants £100(bearing in mind the book itself is available from most retailers for a modest £10 this is nothing short of daylight robbery!)I think the powers that be who run this website have lost touch with reality,the average man in the street, the real only fools and horses fan is being overlooked,by people chasing huge profit (1000 books sold £100,000,in the bank-cushty!)
    I could understand the huge mark up,if it was a limited boxed edition of 100 or less, but an edition of 1000?? your money isn’t buying something that rare.I hope Perry has a big garage,i fear he may need the storage space, when real fans of the show boycott his store until he has a reality check.

    • CraigW says:

      You know reading ill-informed stuff like this makes me SO ANGRY

      I know Perry well and been lucky enough to have been asked my opinion on the
      limited edition and all the extras in it over the 8 months its taken to pull
      this off

      Do you realise how much it costs to commission 1000 hard back books – oh yes
      the one in the box set isn’t the same as the one in the shops – it’s a hard
      back version (not dust jacket version) with a different page inside to
      indicate its limited run – whilst perry hasn’t told me the exact figure I do
      know it costs TENS OF THOUSANDS of pounds – don’t believe me ? phone up a
      publisher and say you want 1000 hard back books and how much would it costs,
      be prepared to sell your house mate. I know each of his books costs more
      wholesale than the other version does retail .

      Then there is the box – that’s hand made and hand finished with gold
      blocking – I do know the price on this as he told me – just short of TEN
      THOUSAND pounds – yes £10 per box – I know this because he laboured long and
      hard if he should do it or not

      Then you have the post cards – the books mark the hologram certificate etc

      Then there’s the signature – now I don’t know anything about that but I do
      know you can’t even buy a FAKE David Jason for less the £30 on ebay let
      alone a real one

      He has estimated it will take 2 years to even get the clubs money back

      I know Perry seldom reads the comments as he got tired of it years ago
      reading people on a soap box and hearing the sound of their own voice – I
      was going to tell him about this rubbish but decided not to – he’d probably
      say you cant please all the people all the time

      I was with him at the signing and we was laughing and trying to work out
      which of the people would run home and put their ‘treasured’ book on ebay –
      they were having a sweep as to what time the first would appear – 1pm I
      think won it – that my friend is real capitalism going at full blast.

      • Sleathy says:

        It’s like this …you either want to buy it or you don’t …seems like Christmas and Birthday … but in the Society we are fortunate to have Perry and Co organising behind the scenes …. wonder if there will be other guests at the Convention …

    • Ronnie says:

      No one is being forced to buy it, if people want to buy it they will, if they don’t they wont. Simple as that. I personally think that price is ok, the book is specially made, with extra items you can’t buy in the shop.

  2. Jimmy says:

    Was their any other deleted scenes we don’t know about like dat limo version of the 3 wheeled van in the trailer or the printer scene also in a trailer and I heard something about Rodney with a dirty mag.

  3. Griff says:

    Lucky, lucky gits. What a claim to fame.

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