4 Responses to “Convention pictures 2014”

  1. Griff says:

    Looking at the first photo, I had no clue who this was until I looked up the name. Good old P.C Parker/Comedian bloke.

    Each convention seems to get bigger with loads of different random faces appearing. I have been to two of these gigs and they’re not overly pleasant, I must say. All except the brief encounters you have with the actors and actresses.

    I do have a soft spot for Sarah Duncan and I still wouldn’t say no to this day! Cute one for sure.

  2. Rich says:

    “Funny how a smell can start the mind turning…..”
    The same could also be said for old items of clothing. Just the sight of the sheepskin jacket/red jumper combo evokes memories of Del boy and the show at it’s raw natural peak for me. Looking at the photo of the ensemble above, I immediately see this suitcase in hand quick witted ducker and diver weaving his way through the busy streets trying to catch his prey or escape the old bill.
    And then, one look at the camouflage jacket standing aside, complimenting the former, I see Rodney. Naive but educated, docile but sceptic, principled but swayed. A perfect foil, (but secretly envious) to all the madness.
    The above photo sends a shiver down my spine and brings a smile to my face. This era was good, the characters were alive, real, down to earth, gritty and just bursting with energy. Who would believe that a photo of stationary items could be so full of life. The colours, the composition, the memories, the tears of laughter. Perfect.

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