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  1. Laurence Buxton says:

    This is an interesting piece. I’ve just watched the majority of the run of OFAH on a DVD boxset – the only ones missing are “A Royal Flush” and the later episodes (I believe the show should have ended with “Time On Our Hands” though to be honest I was never a fan of those 3 specials either, including the Batman & Robin skit).

    I remember seeing “A Royal Flush” on TV as a child, and being shocked at just how selfish Del was. All the time he’s cribbing a few extra quid for himself off Rodney & Grandad you didn’t mind, but then when he’s prepared to wreck Rodder’s happiness (and the end of the episode shows just how devastated his brother is) you feel dislike for the character. However perhaps John Sullivan was thinking where Del Boy would end up – look at Del’s behaviour in not just “From Prussia With Love” but also “Miami Twice”, where Del is prepared to risk Rodder’s already crumbling marriage by conning him into paying for Del to have a free holiday with him, almost killing the pair of them. Until he found the watch perhaps the growing disappointment of getting older feeling unsuccessful was increasingly affecting his behaviour?

  2. oliver moran says:

    ………..I love the bit they edited out in the theatre scene where del is climbing back into his seat and everyone is having a go at him.
    “Are you going to be making noise through out the entire performance?”
    “I dont know, i might let you off the second half”
    “Well why don’t you shut up then?”
    “Be quiet”
    “I’ll come down there and smack you in the eye in a minute john!”

    Forever lost, never forgotten.

    • Dan says:

      You can pick up the uncut version from Ebay quite easily, it was part of the Only fools and horses magazine collection and i’m sure there are a few places online to download it, i have the uncut version downloaded from youtube a few years ago.

  3. Griff says:

    Yet more negativity around Royal Flush. I don’t believe any Fools fan when they say they could not laugh at one part of that episode.

    *Del ready to shoot some clay pigeons*

    Del: Ready when you are, John.

    Bloke: Do you mean ‘pull’?

    Del: Sorry, Paul! Ready when you are my son.

    • Rob says:

      Or when Del is handed the ear defenders and he replies “No, thank you. I can’t concentrate on music when I’m shooting!”

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