3 Responses to “Dels Top 10 Greatest French phrases part 1”

  1. Sandra says:

    Mais oui ? My favourite

  2. C_Ado says:

    My favorite DelBoy quote was “Oh mon dieu, Montpellier” :D lol I use it all the time at work :D

  3. thomas lewis says:

    My very favourite French phrase Derek Trotter uses is from “The Long Legs of the Law”. It is the first episode from the second series.

    When Rodney Brings a police women home after a date. Rodney gives a stolen watch to Sandra the police women as a gift. Since Rodney didn’t know it was stolen, Del-Boy has to try and take the watch back before Sandra Twigs.

    Del offers Sandra a drink and to “accidentally” spill it over the watch so he could get it “Repaired”. Del offers the get the watch repaired for Sandra and when Sandra asked “You sure you don’t mind?”, Del says it’s no problem by going “Mind, La Plume de ma tante”. When I first heard that, I couldn’t stop laughing for the rest of the day.


  1. Del Boy French Bonnet De Douche

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