2 Responses to “Early series of Only Fools & Horses”

  1. Deano says:

    I too am a fan of the earlier series over the later ones even though I enjoy those episodes tremendously as well.

    As said, there is a no frills charm about the earlier series which epitomised the era and gives an almost instant tangible effect without the need for any explanation.

    My favourite moments from those early episodes are:

    A Losing Streak, Del winning with his “two pair”.

    Second time around with the Trotters taking over their aunt’s house only to find that they’re not even related to the lady.

    Happy Returns Del’s father making his life a misery is awful to watch but the episode show’s Del’s character beautifully. He takes no prisoners but won’t see those close to him suffer.

  2. Sam C says:

    A great read, thanks for posting. The first few series are my favourite too for pretty much all the reasons you’ve said.

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