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Our 20th Annual Only Fools and Horses Convention Has Sold Out Already!
The incredibly popular annual convention, which allows fans to spend time with the actors while walking around the authentically made sets feeling part of the action created and long since beloved by generations of people, has sold out with nine months left until the event.

On October the 28th and 29th, fans of the show will be able to converge with like minded souls as they reminisce and replay their favourite episodes and repeating popular character sayings which have continued to be used years
after the show ended in 1991 but coming back for the hilarious Christmas specials. With limited spots available to reduce long queues and creating a much more relaxed and informal setting, the convention sold out in nearly two days of them being released.

�He who dares wins. He who hesitates... doesn�t.� If you missed out this year then be ready for the next!
They've Only Gone and Cracked It!

The NFA (National Film Awards) have bestowed the outstanding Lifetime Achievement Award to Sir David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst.

They wrote �The highest accolade which is awarded to veterans of the stage or screen is voted for by the public. Over 1.5 million film fans including National Film Academy voted in December for the pair [Sir David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst] to be celebrated at the 2017 National Film Awards UK.�
We can completely understand why the two, who have a history of bringing characters to life way beyond the TV screen and the time they aired, to become part of our culture and even our future, for the timeless comedy created by John Sullivan and all the characters portrayed are even now watched by our children, have been voted for, and we continue to look forward to any new projects the two actors take part in and rewatching their past successes.

We congratulate the stars who have received such a distinguished accomplishment that we feel Del-Boy would only have this to say - �I see it as a combination of my business acumen and salesmanship, and your ability to drive a three-wheeled van. Badly."
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