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  1. Dav says:

    I don’t know if anyone is aware of this, but I found a version of this episode which included the extended scene in the rubbish chute. The quality is pretty good but it isn’t DVD quality but isn’t a from a TV channel broadcast on VHS oe Betamax as there’s no tape interference. I noticed there are two extra lines in the ep that I’ve never seen before despite seeing the episode many times on TV. The extra lines are:

    When Albert is moaning about Rodney having woke him up with the trumpet, after Albert says “you could at least say you’re sorry” Rodney says “I am sorry, now can we please drop the matter”. Then Albert says “charming innit..fight and die for your country and that’s the thanks the younger generation gives ya”. Then back to Rodney saying Rodney “I’m sorry”.

    When this episode has been shown on TV (back when they were shown on BBC1 before 2005) the always cuts out the “I am sorry, now can we please drop the matter”. with Albert saying: “charming innit..fight and die for your country and that’s the thanks the younger generation gives ya”. The back to Rodney saying Rodney ”

    Does anyone know if this line is on the DVD version?

    Another line I noticed which seems to be cut is after Del says “Crystal bleedin Palace from where I was”. Rodney then says “she did look abit like her”, then Del says “in thick fog”.

    • Rob M says:

      Hi mate, I just watched the episode ‘the miracle of Peckham’ on DVD, and the lines that you mention, are sadly not on my DVD version.

  2. Rob M says:

    I’m still absolutley baffled as to why the scene where Rodney picks up a kipper and sniff’s it, has been cut.

    The only reason I can possibly think of, is, John Sullivan may have thought the dead fish scene was a bit disgusting and wanted the scene edited.

    Other than this, I’m puzzled why the scene was edited.

  3. Rob M says:

    I really cannot see the BBC ever re-releasing only fools and horses on DVD or BLU-RAY, with all scenes FULLY INTACT.

    especially now due to the cost of living, where every company, and every household are trying to save every penny.

    it would be too cost-worthy for the BBC to do it.

  4. Nial Gormley says:

    Hi, does any one have uncut episodes for sale Please email me niallgormley@live.co.uk

  5. Ronnie says:

    Its illegal and could have this site shut down. But up to you mate.

  6. Dawud Bryant says:

    anyone else noticed that the guy who plays abduls cousin in to hull and back plays the barman in watching the girls go by in the scene where del speaks to vonne. just noticed now.

  7. Dawud Bryant says:

    anyone got videos of these cuts???

    • Kevin says:

      I have. I could upload the clips of all the cuts here if I’m allowed

      • Niall Gormley says:

        I am very interested in buying uncut digital format episodes of only fools and horses, if you have any and would like to sell some please let me know, Best Regards, Niall (niallgormley1993@gmail.com)


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