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  1. Rich says:

    Does anyone happen to know if the pub scene from this episode was ever filmed and if so was it originally aired.
    I think in the scene Del and Rodney are speaking to an old man who gives them a weather forecast.

  2. Susan Milbank says:

    What I am trying to find out is whether or not that is Rodney (Nicholas Lyndhurst) singing “gone poaching”! Does anyone know for sure who it is singing?

  3. Adam says:

    Was the scene of the van arriving outside Boycie’s cottage filmed in Iwerne Minster. If it is are there any pics of the location or even the address?

  4. Baz says:

    Something ive often noticed during Friday the 14th is when the police officer stops them in the van. During the PCs mentioning about the axe murderer to them and how he “killed a party of weekend fisherman”, with the shocked look on their faces, Del then says “nah, I must’ve been out that night”. That line doesn’t make sense to me; why would Del say that?. According to an online script of the scene there is dialogue from policeman after he says weekend fisherman, which is “you mayve seen it on TV”, then after he says “they call him the axe murderer”. Having looked at the scene closely, there does seem to be some short piece of dialogue that’s been muddled with the audience track, but it doesn’t sound like the police officer says “you’ve mayve seen it on TV”, but instead sounds more like “you mayve seen it/him”. If the police man does say that then this explains why Del would say he must have been out that night, hence not seen the programme. Anyone else noticed this?

    • Griff says:


      Baz – I think you need to concentrate on your old day job and re-appoint yourself as chairman of the tenancy association.

      • Rich says:

        Hi Griff.
        Do you happen to know if the pub scene from this episode was ever filmed and if so was it originally aired.
        I think in the scene Del and Rodney are speaking to an old man who gives them a weather forecast.

    • Gemini 58 says:

      yes your correct Baz, I checked the script above where it says you can download from here above and that bit has been cut so yes he, the pc does say it was on tv did you see it? and yes del boy says no I was out that night check above in script so well done for spotting that yes for some reason its been cut on the dvd!

  5. James says:

    Many people on this website seem to be jumping to conclusions.

    Many actors who play characters in Only Fools have sadly passed away, which is not great when it comes to bringing back the show. The very writer and producer John Sullivan has also sadly passed away. If they were going to make an episode at all it would have happened by now. The cast have also grown a lot older and it just wouldn’t be the same bringing the show back. To top ALL of that off the writers son Jim Sullivan said in an interview a while ago: “We would like to make it clear that it is just this once, and that we are not, and never have been, looking to write any new episodes. There was only ever one writer of Only Fools and Horses, and it is going to stay that way.” How can you argue/twist around that? Those are the very words he said when asked “So is this really the last ever Only Fools and Horses episode?”

    I know I will have many people going against me here but the point is – the show has had its day and it is better off that it is just left alone. This short sketch for sports relief is great, raising money for charity using this show is just a brilliant idea. I’m a HUGE fan of the show too but I really think it should be left alone and that is pretty much what Jim said too. We have 64+ great episodes to enjoy forever.

  6. Ashton says:

    R.I.P Christopher Malcolm atleast we have a good episode to remember him by. I shall watch it in memory of him.

  7. Rob M says:

    Can I just say sorry for my original post appearing 4 times – that was a complete accident.

    my message wouldn’t show up on here, so I clicked it a few times.

    my apologies if it caused anyone any inconvenience.

    • Griff says:

      Rob M, I must say it did cause me some inconvience.

      Can I ask that you properly follow the ofah.net code of conduct next time, or I will be forced to take legal action.


  8. Danboy says:

    Rest in peace Rogue 2

  9. Mario Sarno says:

    Sadly we lost Christopher Malcolm on the 15th February 2014 who played the mad axeman in this episode.

    • Rob M says:

      Thats sad news – well so far 2014 hasn’t been a kind year for only fools actors, what with Roger Lloyd Pack’s death aswell.

    • Rob M says:

      Thats sad news – well, so far 2014 has been a horrible year for only fools actors passing away – what with Roger Lloyd Pack’s death aswell.

  10. Richboy says:

    When the “Chief of Security” shows his ID cards to the trio, if you look at Rodney, he checks the cards and then checks the “Chiefs” face as if to make sure it’s the same person as is on the ID cards. Well it’s not the same person and so that’s confusing as Rodney would surely notice that? Great episode and one of my favourites.

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