• Winning entry of our video competition
    • We call it Anyone seen Mr Rham? Here’s the winning entry of our video competition, which was chosen by Sir David Jason himself. We mentioned it at the beginning of lockdown where you could win a signed photo from Sir David Jason The winners of the contest, which we ran in conjunction with the Only […]

    • Trigger from Only Fools and Horses
    • Trigger gets some of the best lines

      We have been celebrating a much-loved character Trigger from Only Fools and Horses in recent video posts. Very much a firm favourite amongst Only Fools and Horses fans Trigger or Colin Ball to the connoisseur. We recently paid a tribute to Trigger with the footage of the spurs crowd chanting his name. Don’t miss this. […]

    • Competitions don’t get any better this. From Sir David Jason in association with the Only Fools and Horses Appreciation Society. Whilst we’re all on lockdown we have come up with a pukka little idea to keep you amused. Why not act out a short scene from Only Fools, or sing a song or even say […]

    • Grandads dress sense
    • Grandads dress sense is unlikely to inspire anyone. But its been suggested that maybe Grandad was inspired by none other than the Godfather movie. Grandfather or Godfather Perhaps this is where grandad got his dress sense from ?

    • Where have i seen them before?
    • Mickey Pierce

      Where have i seen them before? Many Fools and Horses stars have been appearing elsewhere over the years let us know if you find any other good ones Pat Murray AKA Mickey Pierce Pat Murray

    • Only Fools and Rabbit
    • only fools and rabbit

      What do you get when you add Chas and Dave with a clump of Only Fools and Horses clips? Only Fools and Rabbit by Richard Franklin Its outstanding if you listen to the lyrics. It combines Chas and Dave’s lyrics with loads of memorable Only Fools clips Enjoy this great little mix….. Only Fools to Rabbit […]

    • LEGO Trotter van project
    • Monday August 21st 8pm update: Well we knew we should have let Trigger organise this! As many people have pointed out photos can’t be uploaded with comments so we’ve opened up the page’s Inbox and you can send them there instead :-) Bonjour :-)   To encourage everyone to register their interest in the LEGO […]

    • Only Fools & Horses Costume Exhibition 2017
    • Only Fools & Horses Costume Exhibition 2017

      UPDATED – Only Fools Costume Exhibition opens this weekend in Southend Coming this school holiday season Only Fools & Horses Costume Exhibition 2017 The Pier Southend on sea (shore end) Experience the history of the Trotters through their costumes and key props from 1981 to 2003, some never seen before. No doubt as on previous occasions […]

    • Designing Del Boy
    • Imagine being given the responsibility of designing Del Boy! These are four original artists drawings of how Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad were first envisaged at the conception stage of the show They were drawn by Phoebe de Gaye Phoebe was responsible for basically ‘designing’ Del Boy, Rodney and Grandad She would have researched how she […]

    • Worst 5 Only Fools & Horses Episodes
    • A slow bus to chingford

      Make sure you let us know your Worst 5 Only Fools & Horses Episodes in the comments below. Or 5 Only Fools and Horses episodes that didn’t quite hit the mark! Of course all episodes are still at worst – good. Ranging from good to genius the episodes are there to be judged. It seems […]