28 Responses to “Green Green Grass Series 4 Out now!”

  1. Brian Turner says:

    It is very frustrating with copyright not only with GGG but with OFAH too a number of episodes have been ripped to shreds

  2. Tim says:

    I have this episode recorded from Television on DVD and it is a shame that it looks likely that it will never be released.

  3. Jolene says:

    Hi. Could anyone help? I’m trying to get a copy of Green green grass series 4, episode 7. My husband is a huge so trying to track this last episode down for him. Would appreciate someone getting back to me. Thanks

  4. Scott Awcock says:

    Hi there it’s got you say you have the episode I done it my way from the Green Green Grass this episode is not included on the series 4 set which I’m very cross about because I saw it when it went out first time and is one of my favourite episodes. You say you can do a copy of it would that be sending through the post or could you send it via the site wetransfer so I can have an MP4 copy please let me know by email scottawcock@googlemail.com

  5. Rob M says:

    It’s very frustrating not getting to watch the episode ‘I done it my way’ – as not only it’s cut from the series 4 DVD release – but UKGOLD very rarely repeat this episode.

    looks like this is going to become a mega-rare episode to find.

    • Steven says:

      I have this episode on tape!! Boycie writing his memoirs, brilliant episode. I can copy it if anyone wants a copy.

      • Rob M says:

        If you ever fancy uploading it on youtube mate, I’m sure it would be a massive hit with green green grass followers on youtube.

      • max says:

        can you copy me one please

      • Lucia191 says:

        Could you send me the copy? I bought the DVD a while ago and was sad that it was missing, I´ve watched all the other episodes over and over again and I would love to see this one!

      • Kyle Wilcock says:

        Hello there Steve

        Is there any chance you could copy the episode of the green green grass, I done it my way, in an MP4 format perhaps

        All the best

      • keith jeffery says:

        Hi fella, i saw your post about the missing episode of series 4 “i done it my way” and i wondered if you still had it?
        If you do i would welcome seeing this if your prepared to copy it for me?
        Please get in contact

    • Vuja says:

      Hi all,
      I am about to complete my full OFAH collection and visibly this episode is missing. OFAH was and still is the MOST popular sitcom in SERBIA from where I come from (now living in France).

      So I have all seasons of OFAH with local subtitles on DVD, Rock ‘n’ chips from Amazon UK and Green green grass is on it’s way (complete 8 dvd series) to France. I saw episode 4.7 is missing, so please help me find and complete this sequel to the OFAH with this missing episode. My email is vuja@vuja.org thanks in advance folks !

  6. Rob says:

    Release date been postponed further now until april!
    what a joke best have all episodes from series 4 on it!

  7. Rob says:

    According to websites the boxset edition wont include the missing episode from series 4 either due to contractual reasons!
    That is very sad that we aren’t getting the complete series in the complete boxset! Sort it out this is an insult to us fans!

  8. Daniel Hall says:

    Only Fools and Horses and The Green Green Grass have not been treated well by the BBC DVD’s also John Sullivan’s legacy will be ruined with these cuts of his shows. I prefer Dad’s Army at the moment because there are NO cuts.

  9. Rob says:

    Only fools and horses is to return to our screens spring 2014!
    Best xmas news!

    • Ashton says:

      Could’nt agree with you more Rob I’m over the moon about them coming back. Luvvly Jubbly

    • stephen says:

      the bbc have confirmed that only fools and horses is coming back for a short sketch for sport relief in march, not a full episode as every fan would have liked but a short sketch only.

  10. jonathan says:


    I see the BBFC passed this episode for certification for release in July this year. So they were intending on releasing it. Before I guess the contractual issues arose.

    I see also the complete box set is still mentioned as a march release. So at this time perhaps the box set still has time for issues to be resolved. Or the whole information for the box set is not yet updated for that page on amazon. Depending on what the contractual issues are, and wether a box set makes the rights or payments any easier to handle or not.

  11. Ronnie says:

    Once again the BBC treat fans like mess on the bottom of their shoe.

  12. jonathan says:

    Is it removed from the complete box set also?

    It’s listed as an episode at amazon on the full set, but im amusing they havnt remembered to put the same disclaimer on the 4 disc set?

  13. jonathan says:

    Is it removed from the complete box set as well? As it’s mentioned in the episodes contained in it on amazon????

    • Rob says:

      That’s a very good question. Does anybody know the answer to this……….?

      I suspect it wont be included in boxset version also to be honest.

  14. Chris McNeill says:

    This release is excellent news for any Ofah / ggg fan

    A definite purchase

  15. Mark Driver says:

    Almost 5 years I’ve waited and after all this time they decide not to bother with the episode that’s no doubt caused this ridiculous delay, as it contains footage of OFAH. They don’t even show it on Gold.
    Disappointed, let down…I’m off for a pint to cheer me up.

    • Rob says:

      I wont be buying this now. Is it del boy who is selling this dvd…? You would expect this sort of thing from him. Like you said mark so disappointed. Why does John Sullivans fine work get treated with such disrespect, terrible cut OFAH dvd boxset release, now this GGG release minus an entire episode!

  16. Rob says:

    Yeah minus one episode! ‘I done it my way’ not included on dvd. Possibly my fav episode in series and it isn’t on it. What a joke. What is the reason for this, seems to me its only OFAH and Ggg that have such problems never heard of anything so ridiculous as a whole episode being cut from series on a dvd. Imagine if OFAH didn’t get contract reasons for ‘time on our hands’so disappointed.

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