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  1. Rob says:

    update: I found out what episode Boycie makes the Jade Goody statement, it’s in the episode: ‘if you go down to the woods’ where Earl the dog is missing.

    Boycie gets frustrated that Bryan and Jed have no clue how to get out the woods, and then makes the comment about Jade Goody.

    UK Gold cut the line out of respect to Jade – however the line is still intact on the series 3 DVD of GGG.

  2. Rob says:

    This might be a bit of a touchy question to some people, as it’s a delicate scene – but I remember in an episode of green green grass (a very early ep) Boycie makes a remark, something about ‘this is as thrilling as being trapped in a lift with Jade Goody’

    at the time, I found that joke funny, as I wasn’t a fan of Goody and found her annoying – but I was wondering, was this scene pulled due to her death. (god bless her) what she went through I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

    weird thing is, it’s not just me, my mum remembers the scene also.

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