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  1. Ginny says:

    The scene of the church that they stood in front of is actually helmingham church, still trying to find out where the scene of the beach was taken . Can anyone help ?

  2. N says:

    The ipswich star ran a feature on this with some behind the scenes shots


  3. Patrick Yates says:

    I have always wondered what the story is behind the kid driving the Hearst ?

  4. Ash says:

    Does anyone know where the beach is at the end of the episode? The church is inland so when they cut to the view of the sea it’s another location and the sun is in the wrong place.

  5. Pat Delo says:

    Great information thanks But please look again at the scene and let me know why a 12 year old milky bar kid is driving the hearse

  6. Andrew halls says:

    hi, i live in the street the frog’s legacy market scene was filmed in, altho i moved into my house in 1994, the church you see in the video above is the church you see in background wen rodney is walking in front of hearse. but its not the same church you see at the end of the episode when they step over fence onto beach. that church is in a place north of leiston suffolk up the A12 heading towards lowesstoft/ great yarmouth. as for nags head am not sure where that was filmed, they used different locations for market and pub scenes not just ipswich, can tell you i have lived in ipswich from birth and now am 50years of age, outside nags head scenes are not from any place to my mind in ipswich area. but cannot swear to that. seymour road hasnt changed much to this day, except exactly where the spot the filmed the scene has yellow lines on that corner, and both the end houses on each side of that road were once corner shops when i was a lad.just one bit more of info, in the episode the road rodney is leading the hearse is signed as a one way street. in real life it isnt a one way street, be better sometimes if it was, but it has always been two way road. hope some of this info helps a bit. cheers.

  7. Aaron Spicer says:

    Thanks for the comments. Sorry about the mistaken date – it was 1987!!

  8. Den says:

    It was the 1987 Christmas special.

    Very interesting read,and i enjoyed this very much.
    Thanks for sharing this with us and especially
    for the video clip also..great stuff!


  9. Daniel Smith says:

    It was 1987.

    Interesting pics and video!

  10. Pete Manning says:

    Was Frogs Legacy really released in 84? – I thought it was December 87?
    The special in 85 was To Hull and Back and TFL was after that.

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