3 Responses to “Jolly boys outing photos”

  1. Liz kelly says:

    Ha, ha they are my photos taken on a 1980’s Le Clic camera! My mum used to work at the half way house, the Roman galley on the Thanet way and I was very lucky to be able to watch to the filming and meet the crew.

  2. Griff says:

    As much as I am facinated by rare behind the scenes material of OFAH, I am just as facinated at how Perry gets hold of this stuff. IF he was actually allowed (doubtful) on set at the time back in ’89 to take snaps, then amazing – let’s hear how you got this amazing opportunity.

    If it’s a case of “who you know” then we would love to know who it is you know and the process it took to get hold of such items.

    • Ronnie says:

      I think it said in the first article about these photos that they were taken by one of the actors, the actual camera was used in the episode and can be seen around Alan’s neck.

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