8 Responses to “Massive – unseen Only Fools script coming soon”

  1. Tom says:

    Just read yahoo news that there maybe a one off for Del’s sixty fifth, according to the report David has looked at a rough draft written by John’s sons and likes it but wants to read a finished script before committing.
    I wondered if you had heard anything.

    • Rob says:

      Come on David ‘he who dares wins’! There are always going to be the odd few who will say leave it alone etc however I feel this episode will be a fitting tribute to John, I look at it positively and feel it will introduce us to the Trotters again we have missed them, see what there up to now in a brand new episode is what is needed I feel it can be a fantastic comeback I just have a feeling Jim and Dan (with Johns ideas) have come up with something special)……..just want it to be confirmed 100 per cent that it is happening!
      Come on David you know it makes sense so many fans want to see you return

  2. Lorna says:

    I can’t wait for this…how much longer do we need to wait?!

  3. Joe says:

    What’s it called? I can’t wait for it!

  4. terry says:

    Fantastic find guys, I cant wait for this

    Thank you OFAH.NET & Nick Stringer

  5. admin says:

    Almost ready for release

    You’ll find out more about Albert and why he was nicknamed “The hero of Parsons Grove”.

  6. daniel says:

    This is great news

    What would be perfect is, if John Sullivan had loads of unused episodes – it would be brilliant if they could release them in one of those Bible of Peckham books

    I am looking forward to this, and hopefully their are some more unseen scripts hidden away, waiting to be found :))

  7. Brandon says:

    So excited for this!

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