• Only Fools and Horses The Musical EXTENDS to February 2020!
    • Well would you Adam and Eve it? We’re delighted to announce that we’re EXTENDING until the 8 Feb 2020! Here’s a quick message from Peckham’s finest letting you know all the cushty details! 100,000 new tickets ON SALE from 10am! #OFAHMusical Book now at onlyfoolsmusical.com If you havent seen the Only Fools Musical yet, then that’s […]

    • Nigerian Albert – missing or inspirational?
    • John Sullivan Genius Scripts

      Perry was recently reading a series 3 John Sullivan Only Fools script. While doing so, you never know what gems you will stumble across. Here we have a storyline with Del Boy buying a Transit van that Trigger takes to Scotland. And a character called Nigerian Albert. Remember this would have been before Uncle Albert […]

    • Major find for Only Fools Fans
    • Major find for Only Fools Fans

      It seems that more gems are coming to light for all you Only Fools and Horses fans. This ones a real cracker. Perry has now discovered David Jason’s Very First Script For Only Fools He tells us, “This really is a museum quality item – here we have David Jason’s very first complete script for […]

    • It never rains…missing scene found
    • How exciting when new scenes are uncovered, new gems from Sullivans quill are uncovered and even the comedy still stands the test of time. It so exciting when a new scene is uncovered, so please now enjoy the three pages of footage never seen before… Scene 5. Studio INT DAY AN AIRLINER CABIN WE CAN […]

    • BBC props lists
    • bbc props sheet

      Its so good to see that Perry has hung on to so many Only Fools and Horses gems for us to enjoy. Take a look at his latest find, an original BBC props lists from 1985 for  To Hull and Back episode. Its worth looking at these in detail as there are loads of hidden gems […]

    • There’s Rhino loose in the city
    • THERE IS A RHINO LOOSE IN THE CITY Based on an original idea by Derek Trotter,with sarcastic comments from Albert and Rodney. By Martin Fryer Download Script (28K) EXT.NIGHT  A ZOO. We pan along various cages as the camera takes us into the zoo,just then A rhino appears at a bend in the bars,the Rhino […]

    • Where have i seen them before?
    • Mickey Pierce

      Where have i seen them before? Many Fools and Horses stars have been appearing elsewhere over the years let us know if you find any other good ones Pat Murray AKA Mickey Pierce Pat Murray

    • Friends in the right places Part 1
    • Roy Slater

      Friends in the right places part 1 Friends in the right places by Jimmy Connerly (Part 2 from MR X) PREAMBLE – Del and Mike have been discussing Mr X, who transpires to be Roy Slater. Now the major owner of the brewery. Meanwhile at Nelson Mandella House, Rodney has a surprise guest! Scene One …

    • Only Fools scoop of the decade
    • The original script of Hole in One but the Grandad version

      When Perry contacted me over 4 years ago he claimed he had the Only Fools and Horses scoop of the decade. He said its the Holy Grail, the most staggering thing he had come across for years. Now Perry isnt one to over-react so i knew it was something special. But then i never saw […]

    • The Bells of Peckham part 7
    • dear old Trigger

      today we have the final part to the excellent The Bells of Peckham script by Gary Stocker & Paul Stocker And as a bonus we will put all the script together into a downloadable script so you can read it in one piece, you know it makes sense! .For the record here is the previous […]