6 Responses to “OFAH Limericks”

  1. Gary Shep says:

    Looking forward to the book. 🙂
    I thought I would have a go myself..

    I’m gonna buy some lovely gold chains.
    Boycies got the money, I’ve got the brains.
    I told my consortium
    Arnie’ll be sorting em
    But he just buggered off with chest pains

  2. Paul (aka Jimmy_Connerly) says:

    They are all great. I loved the chandelier one and the knock, knock the best. I’ve had a go. Nowhere near as funny but great fun to do. Maybe we should all contribute to Louise and she can include some in her book?

    As Financial Adviser Rod gloated,
    ‘the price is two-hundered!’ he quoted.
    Del too lost his pride
    as the keys were inside
    It was worse news for Del that they floated.

    Del thought that the statue was ‘pucka’
    In greed though, was conned as a sucker.
    “He’s no wicket-keeper,
    Kuwera’s much deeper.”
    Said Rahm, laughing with his ‘old mucka’

    In a bomb shelter, made from scrap lead
    The Trotters were chatting in bed
    Grandad spoke lore
    of the grim tales of war
    Bored, Del drank whiskey instead!

  3. Philip says:

    Thanks Louise, well done on your poems , they are Fabulous 😁👍

    • Louise Comb says:

      Thank you so much for your kind comments and suggestions, much appreciated and good luck with your poetry book too Louise XXX

  4. Philip says:

    Hi I recently had some of my poems made into a book, one poem being called The Groovy Gang. I got them printed by Bookpublishing UK in Peterborough, and they done a fantastic job. Hope this is helpful.

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