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  1. David says:

    Britbox have editied And the Unlucky Winner is. The scene in the kids disco where Rodney gives Del the finger. I can get why Gold would cut it when it’s transmitted at 11am but surely not a streaming service

  2. Rodney says:

    Does anyone have any info on the extra cut from Sickness & Wealth that was never aired. It says it was discussed in the Hookie Street Magazine but I cannot find info anywhere about the magazine or the cut.
    Anyone help? Please

  3. dawud says:

    The Only Fools society should put together a dvd of all the cuts they have footage of, I would pay for that

    • TheUndertaker says:

      I have every episode uncut and on DVD. I spent ages editing the iTunes releases and the DVD releases to make the full uncut collection.

      • Tim says:

        It’s a long shot, but in case you still are monitoring this, do you want to compare collections?

        I am really looking for the unedited episodes. I have all the UK DVD releases and have the USA DVD release too which is cut less but still missing some scenes.

        Let me know if you would like to share – you’d be helping me out.

      • wrv says:

        Do you still have the episodes available? Is there a way to PM you?

  4. Rob M says:

    But these cuts are very frustrating – especially when you consider the fact that, songs from Mrs.Browns boys and the royle family remain in tact on DVD releases.

    I mean whenever Mrs.Brown sings at the end of an episode, it remains on the DVD release aswell – with no problem or issues with music rights at all – same goes for the royle family when Jim and Barbara are having a chat, and they have got the radio on in the background, and a song comes on.

    Such an unfortunate situation with only fools and horses, I don’t blame any OFAH fan for being agitated, it’s completely understandable.

  5. Rob M says:

    The main reason why that club scene is missing, is due to the music track, ‘the spell’ by funkyworm, which is playing in the club, which due to music contractual reasons it was cut from DVD/Video releases.

    however over the past couple of years – GOLD on sky digital now sadly cut that scene aswell. (when they originally used to air it)

    a lot of people get the music track wrong though – some say this scene is cut because of ‘love goes up and down’ by Errol Brown, but it’s not – it’s because of funkyworm’s ‘the spell’.

  6. Rodney says:

    does anyone have the uncut yuppy love episode?

  7. Rodney says:

    does anyone have this uncut episode?

  8. Lee says:

    I’ve found the night club scene with Rodney, Mickey Pearce and Jevon which has been cut from all DVD releases but unfortunately it has a foreign voice over, also whoever has uploaded the original video they edited it so the episode finishes in the nightclub. But it shows the episode is still being shown in full somewhere! (See link below)


  9. Dawud Bryant says:


    Ive been a fan since I was a kid, I badly want to see those videos you uploaded and to download them for my collection. Is there any chance you can upload them here? There has been so much deleted that I haven’t seen either since it was originally shown or ever.

    Please let me know



    • Lee says:

      Does anyone have the uncut version Yuppy Love? I’ve been searching for ages and can’t find it anywhere!

  10. Jim Lockwood says:

    Got my dvd collection and very angry at so many scenes left out… Royal flush inparticular when Del leans over the staircase after a long chat with Rodney and then says “corr look at the lungs on that!”. Surely it was these bits that made it funny in the first place. Dont know who’s to blame but i’m not happy about it!

    • Rob M says:

      The reason ‘A royal flush’ was heavily cut – was because John Sullivan himself was unhappy with the episode – he thought Del come across to nasty and strong, therefore it was edited in 2004.

  11. Lee Hughes says:

    According to the following website, the episode ‘Yuppy Love’ can be seen uncut, but only on TV via BBC One and the UKTV G.O.L.D channel.
    Unfortunately, all VHS and DVD releases are still edited though.

    Hopefully in the future, 2entertain will restore the episodes as originally broadcast, as the music rights can easily be obtained, and then hopefully the episodes will be re-released again on DVD at some point in the future.

    Anyway the following website says that this episode, is uncut while broadcast on TV, so it may be shown again very soon.

    Click here to find out when ‘YUPPY LOVE’ is next on TV; http://www.locatetv.com/tv/only-fools-and-horses/season-6/1526487

  12. s.gwinnett says:

    it really is a complete waste of money buying any of the BBC’s so called COMPLETE collection boxsets, they have done a real hatchet job on the only fools releases,with all the money they get from dvd sales and the license fee surely they can afford to pay the rights for abit of background music.

  13. "dave"latham says:

    i have all but 4 episodes on video and after reading about the cuts been made,im keeping them now and not buying the dvds !!!!

    • Scott Irvine says:

      I also have all episodes on VHS and DVD. Although I have no video to play the VHS on I’m defiantly keeping them due to these cuts.

  14. Stella Coles says:


    I’ve been trying to find out what the song is in Yuppie Love when Rodney’s in the nightclub with the lads and is watching Cassandra (the soul track – I can only pick out the word “love”).

    I didn’t know scenes had been cut. Does anyone know what that track is and who it’s by? I’d be really grateful.


  15. Glenn Goodman says:

    These cuts are so annoying, I’m not going to bother buying the dvd’s, I’ll just record the episodes from when repeated on BBC or cut the adverts If on UK Gold.
    How much money one wonders were the BBC saving by not including the background music, or did they simply have no choice from the companies holding the music rights, althought I find it difficult to understand why anyone would want to object to their work being included in such an iconic tv series

  16. michael says:

    why do they cut bits out of the dvd its very irritating. Their is nothing to offend any one

    • Charlie says:

      it’s because of copyright reasons. the bbc didn’t have the right to publish those songs onto the dvd’s.

  17. Trig says:

    This was the first time i noticed a missing scene – while watching my dvd after watching the episode Yuppie Love – one of my favorities
    its so annoying
    Thought thats a great heads up on the extra footage they put in – makes a real change!

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