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  1. Rob M says:

    But we have to be honest with ourselves here.

    If a new episode of OFAH was made, do we want to see the character of Del boy looking so old? – those last 3 episodes in 2001 – he was meant to be around 60 – so we would now see him around the age of 75

    75…….. couple more years and he’s onscreen character would need a walking stick!

    • Griff says:

      I think in our heart of hearts, we know a new OFAH would not deliver the same quality of laughs that it did up until 1996.

      However, any return of OFAH sits strongly in our hearts and we would simply appreciate a return for the big love we have for the show.

  2. James P says:

    I seen an advert on GOLD showing that David Jason is presenting a new thing called Only Fools and Horses: The Favourites. It starts Saturday 31st January.

    Heres the promo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CHM4VvgSs0

    He’s talking about behind the scenes things and revealing his favourite episode. Haven’t seen it before and just wondered is it new or a repeat? Thanks!

  3. Ashton says:

    My friend met Sir David Jason (lucky git) dining out in London and asked him if there’ll ever be another Only Fools special again and he said if theres a good reason and it would have to be a blinding idea and a worthy script he also felt it was a shame there wasnt more Rock and Chips as he felt that it was like the beginning of a just as succesful series and would of got funnier as it went along. John had alot up his sleeve and knew where all the characters were going in RAC

  4. Ashton says:

    Come on everyone we can’t let the campaign die down we’ve all worked hard so let’s keep up it.As Churchill said “Up The Alamo”

    • Rob says:

      Hi. Very disheartened by it now mate. We have had not even a hint or suggestion about a return since that hugely successful sketch return which was hailed as a triumphant return and perfect tribute to John and Roger.

      Sick of saying it but why don’t they just make GGG special SIMPLE! Del and Rodney spend xmas at the farm.
      Don’t understand it, as everybody knows it would be hilarious.
      Tweet John Challis…….? ive tried in past but he just ignores you!

      • Ashton says:

        Well how about we both send him 5 tweets and the rest of the society too asking him would that not work he can’t ignore a good few tweets on the same subject and Perry can personally ask him and Jim. Come on now it might not be over just yet!

      • Gerry says:

        john challis so loves himself on twitter he forgets that he was a character in OFAH , he thinks he is Delboy

    • Richie says:

      I’ve tried but I think we would of heard by now obviously bbc can’t be that interested in persuading jim and dan for another series, it’s really annoying that we pay bbc but never listen to what the public want

  5. James says:

    Found the only fools sport relief special wiki page. Interesting to see how it grows over time.


  6. James says:

    Once again I would just like to point this out: Many people on this website seem to be jumping to conclusions.

    Many actors who play characters in Only Fools have sadly passed away, which is not great when it comes to bringing back the show. The very writer and producer John Sullivan has also sadly passed away. If they were going to make an episode at all it would have happened by now. The cast have also grown a lot older and it just wouldn’t be the same bringing the show back. To top ALL of that off the writers son Jim Sullivan said in an interview a while ago: “We would like to make it clear that it is just this once, and that we are not, and never have been, looking to write any new episodes. There was only ever one writer of Only Fools and Horses, and it is going to stay that way.” How can you argue/twist around that? Those are the very words he said when asked “So is this really the last ever Only Fools and Horses episode?”

    I know I will have many people going against me here but the point is – the show has had its day and it is better off that it is just left alone. This short sketch for sports relief is great, raising money for charity using this show is just a brilliant idea. I’m a HUGE fan of the show too but I really think it should be left alone and that is pretty much what Jim said too. We have 64+ great episodes to enjoy forever.

    • Marie Cook says:

      Birds of a feather has retuned to TV screens, and after watching
      Del and Rodney on Sports Relief, it still has the magic.
      Please, please bring a new series to our tv screens!

  7. Rob says:

    Get on the site and tweet him he online now people!

  8. Rob says:

    it appears the breaking news is in fact David Jason has ‘tweeted’ lol

    Its positive though all abit of a coincidence he is suddenly getting down with technology after ‘his ofah twitter campaign’ isn’t it……….?

    Coincidence I think not people!

  9. Rob says:

    Just checked out David Jasons twitter management site and it says David Jason is going to tweet shortly……. with some news…..!

  10. stephen gwinnett says:

    i think that the sport relief sketch will be a nice little return of del boy and rodney if only for 10 minutes, if there is never ever going to be another full length episode ever again this sketch will do for me, too many fans seem obsessed with it coming back for a full series, there are 64 great episodes to enjoy, if they were to just do the odd sketch for comic relief and sport relief, children in need in the future that would be great.

  11. Trev says:

    I love you too Nicholas! Mwah!

  12. Nicholas says:

    I love you Trev – be my friend forever. Pretty please.

    p.s. OFAH rules!!!

  13. Rob says:

    So yet again mate David Jason is quoted as saying he hopes after the sketch there will be a new series!

    Check out the sun newspaper

    Why is it David think this is possible if there is no chance of it happening? Well there clearly is a big chance of more to follow after the sketch according to sir David

    • Richie says:

      Have you spoken to the sun newspapers mate email them then they should get back to u with there number to ring up or you give them your number then they will ring you

  14. Griff says:

    Guys – seriously. I am loving the passion of wanting more OFAH material. However, no matter how much of a campaign you push by contacting certain people at the BBC and other mainstream communications, the decision to bring back OFAH ultimately lies with Jim and Dan Sullivan.

    Since they have recently commented on rumours of more OFAH by confirming no further episodes will be made, then other than expressing great disappointment and campaigning, you can not do much about it.

    Campaigning to the bigwigs at the BBC, emailing the Daily Mail and referencing Twitter is a waste of time when Dan and Jim Sullivan will surely know how much OFAH is still loved by the public and even more importantly – they have the final say. If the writers don’t want to write, then that is that.

    Maybe they’ll reflect on Sport Relief sketch and review the feedback, consider the great campaign of late and other such things. Otherwise, I’m afraid we have to be eternally grateful for John Sullivan’s superb work and a forthcoming short episode.

  15. Richie says:

    Can you email the sun about how many people has tweeted they have responded to me and want me to ring them they have also tried to ring me about it, it’s best that you do it as I don’t really know a lot about tweeting business

  16. Richie says:

    According to Steve Clarke on twitter there is some lovely jubbly news for fools and horses fans in the papers tomz but he said there won’t be new episodes

    • Rich says:

      Nice spot. He says no new full episode of Only fools and horses will be made….but…..

    • Richie says:

      We all need to ring the bbc or write a letter and say about how many people has tweeted about fools horses about new episodes

      • Rob says:

        What is this news!!!!!!!

        Maybe del boy and Rodney go visit Boycie!!!!!!

        What can it be????

        Want to know now!

      • Richie says:

        Well keep doing it until you get a reply!! I still think its weird that they are only doing 10 min sketch and that’s it, maybe they are using that to test the water and see wot the people think of it and if a good response they mite do a future episode. That’s all I can think of

  17. Rob says:

    That’s what I think yet strange Jim has said what he has as who is going to write the new episode?

    It is clear David wants to make a new episode from his comments

  18. Shaun says:

    Can someone send me a web link to the clear (100% guaranteed) confirmation that David started all of this and this is what he asked for? So far, besides some fake posts on FB and Twitter using (obvious) unofficial DJ accounts, I’ve found nothing.

    Thanks – just trying to work out how I have missed DJ’s official communication around starting a OFAH Return campaign. From looking at this blog, 2 people seem to know about it and have seen the ‘official’ DJ statement whereas no-one else hear seems to have.

    Can someone help me out please????

    • Rob says:

      just type it in google mate its everywhere!

      Evening standard
      Daily telegraph

      David Jason said it that is a fact

    • Rob says:

      It was also in the mirror and the express as I bought the express on the day!

      That’s why me and Nicholas are baffled as to why nobody has reported since or come forward as the campaign is huge!

  19. Richie says:

    Thanx Nicholas I just don’t understand why they are only bringing it back for 10mins

  20. Rich says:

    In the words of General MacArthur, ‘I will be back soon!’

  21. Rob says:

    Thousands are still Tweeting bringbackOFAH !

    Incredible this has got to make headline front page news tomorrow! Or at least inside of paper!

    The campaign is most certainly genuine! Jim Sullivan please take note we want just 1 proper episode!

    28 million ! wow

    • Richie says:

      How many people have tweeted that they want fools and horses back? Where do I do that? I think it would be brill to bring it back after sketch!!! I can’t see the point of doing a 10min sketch with out no follow on

  22. Rob says:

    Will we get this released on dvd?
    I hope so as will be nice to have a dvd of it or they could do an extended version especially for the dvd?

  23. Rob says:

    Make a 60 minute special is all we want Jim.

    Im sure that Jim has been in discussion with the cast since the twitter campaign and is considering whether o make a follow up special after the sketch.
    BBC want it
    Cast want it

    You know it makes sense
    It’s now or never

  24. Rob says:

    I know so pathetic isn’t it!
    Very disappointed and the fact that the sun hasn’t reported the millions of fans who want it to return!

    Feel like I want them make new special to show them all that they are still great and stick 2 fingers up to all them people who are negative!
    The fact is so many want OFAH to return, yes the cast are older so what!

    Who are in the sketch? It appears just David and Nick?

    We need 60 min episode, I hope Jim realises this now after the most unbelievable Twitter campaign ever! (which no sod has bothered to report)

  25. Jake says:

    As great as the show is, i dont think they should do anymore episodes, I agree with this Sports Relief one as it is for charity, but the show has lost two many Main characters now and i think the show would flop, leave it how it was.

    • Rob says:

      You see I think it wouldn’t flop and would show everybody how great it is ! With an intelligent script and David Nick and the gang they have the tools to make one more special. Not a series just 1 special is all us fans want.
      Yes Roger death tragic and sad however I still feel the story can go on for just one more special. David and nick are the main characters why not just do one more, nothing to lose. And over 20 mill will tune in

    • Rob says:

      So what we going to do mate ive ran out of ideas and I am mystified as to why the campaign has not been mentioned by the media! Pathetic.
      Looks like David is never going to come forward and say why he suggested this in the first place if Jim doesn’t want to write any more after ‘sketch’ the whole story been strange as David said he had seen a script and the way he said it suggested new episodes! And then the papers all reported that episodes would follow sketch and then David said if we get enough people tweeting we would get a comeback!
      So Perry you can understand fans confusion.
      I just wish we would be greeted with the news that we are getting just one new episode. Surely it makes sense to finish the short ‘sketch’ idea by following on with a full episode which finishes this idea (DELS BIRHTDAY) IN full rather than just 10 mins! Don’t get it! I mean 10 mins del wont even have time to blow the candles out on his cake!

  26. Rob says:

    What is so frustrating is people are still tweeting bring back OFAH!

    The least we could get is a response!

    • Keith says:

      err, hello ????? you’ve already had your answer from perry and slaughtered him for it –

      david didn’t and wouldn’t have started the twitter campaign – think about it, an actor of his standing would never ‘tout’ for work – the industry just doesnt work that way –

      perry has been everything to only fools for 20 years, saying he doesn’t know the actors is pathetic or you really are new kids on the block –
      go to perrys facebook page and you will see the actors at his WEDDING – unless you think they were wearing facemasks

      if perry said it wasn’t davids work it wasn’t david, more likely an over excited reported elaborating on something david said in passing – I don’t know I wasn’t there, but perry would have spoken and asked david himself

      but have any of you keyboard warriors even thought of emailing davids agent and asking ? the details are easy enough to find on the web

      remember to come back and say sorry to perry when you find out the truth – I have every faith in him

      it was he who got me a part as an extra in the show THREE times

      • Toby Colton says:

        I totally agree with this. A twitter account with the words ‘David Jason’ in the username does that mean it actually is David Jason’s official account – laughable really.

        I’m not mocking your efforts guys trying to campaign for a return for I have done a simian thing in the past for green green grass. All I’m saying is I doubt very much DJ started this off though that doesn’t mean you should give up.


      • CraigW says:

        That was what I tried to say first off Keith before the keyboard warriors run away on false hopes…

        Perry knows what he is talking about and I got one know and believe exactly what he says is true.

        Let’s enjoy the Sport Relief Sketch and say Bonjour to the OFAH Journey one final time!


        • Griff says:

          Perry is a very, very lucky chap for having such association with the cast. Very lucky.

          By the way, nobody is suggesting Sir Dave Jason started a Twitter campaign by tweeting!!!!!!

        • Rob says:

          In todays sun newspaper

          ‘Sir David recently admitted he hoped the sketch might encourage a new series of the show’

          I rest my case!

      • Trev says:

        “perry has been everything to only fools for 20 years”

        Do not talk utter garbage. He’s just a very fortunate and lucky fan who has fluked his way to access to the cast somehow.

        You may modify your comments around Perry being ‘everything to only fools’ by stating Perry AND several millions, but most of all John Sullivan and it’s cast have been everything to only fools for 20 years”.

        You utter creep.

        • Trev says:

          aimed at Keith by the way.

        • Claire Stevens says:

          Nicholas / Trev – tell me something. Do you have jobs at all? Other than tweeting and writing utter grabage all day. You sound like 2 teenagers who have only just discovered Facebook or some other social media site and are now ‘virtual friends for live’ – brilliant entertainment! Please keep it going – i’m going to link some of your more ‘classic’ comments on my FB page just for giggles! :)

          • Trev says:

            No. I don’t use Facebook because I infact have a life outside of the Internet.

            Go ahead and update your status to your pretend friends.

  27. Rob says:

    Makes me laugh these journalists who always point out how old the cast look now blah blah what they expect them to stay looking 30-40 forever! I would like to see a picture of them next to their name and reports each year and see how they have aged!
    SO WHAT ! That’s life people age doesn’t mwean a show cannot still be funny!

  28. Rob says:

    In todays sun newspaper- ‘Oldies fools and horses’ with a picture of David and Nick.

    Interesting that they together when the filming has already finished…….. hmm? I wonder why?

  29. Griff says:

    Nicholas, I am with you on the passion of a full special/series, but you have to admit it’s looking increasingly more unlikely after the sudden death of Roger.

    It’s great you’ve gone out of your way to persuade the powers that be on further material, but I think there’s only so much you can do.

    Shame really.

    OFAH will live on for hundreds of years. The show will never get old and the characters (and actors as individuals) will too live on.

  30. Rob says:

    I still feel we may get a follow on episode after the sketch just a feeling that something is happening that we don’t know about……. watch this space but I think we will get our special before the year is out people. I say no more. Don’t give up as I think we may all be pleasantly surprised just waiting for good news

  31. Rob says:

    Hope the sketch is released on dvd with a slightly extended edition plus interviews of cast etc

  32. Rob says:

    It is disheartens me that our efforts haven’t been noted.

    David Jason strikes me as the type of person who would come forward and confirm what he said and at least praise our efforts.

    And I am looking forward the small sketch however I am not cracking open the champagne when David Jason suggested we would get more if we got enough tweets, well we have the tweets now, the people have voted they want it back but all we have heard is that we wont be getting a new episode.

  33. Rob says:

    That’s it though David still hasn’t denied that he said ‘if we get enough tweets OFAH could return. That’s the problem. I spent the whole of last weekend campaigning, contacting the bbc , tabloids, tweeting as did many of us and to hear no response is very sad. You know if it wasn’t true that’s fine however I would be extremely angry with the journalists who quoted sir David and expect an explanation and their jobs to be in jeopardy.
    And David if you did say this please confirm this or even if you didn’t simply acknowledge all us 26 mill OFAH fans who got behind the campaign.

  34. Rob says:

    Hi Nick totally get your point and understand frustrations. I mean how has the twitter campaign 26 mil people wanting a return of OFAH not been reported..? It is astonishing to say the least and how has David Jason who started the whole campaign story not been mentioned since.

    It doesn’t make sense and would be good if David would come out and confirm why he started a campaign……?

    Why hasn’t the newspapers reported it !

    All extremely strange

  35. Shaun W says:

    RIP Roger – you will be hugely missed.

    One of my favourite Trigger quotes:

    Del Boy: You said it was open 24 hours a day.

    Trigger: Yeah, but not at night.

    …makes me laugh every time. What are everybody else’s favourite Trigger lines? Lets share :)

    • Lisa says:

      Mine has to be

      “If it’s a girl they’re gonna name it Sigourney, after the actress. And if it’s a boy they’re gonna name him Rodney, after Dave”

      • oliver moran says:

        My fave trigger saying/quote is in Homesick,

        Rodney : “Trig, why do you call me dave? My name’s not dave my names rodney”

        Trig : “You sure?”

        Rodney : “Yes! Ive looked it up on my passport, birth certificate and everything and it is definitely Rodney”

        Trig : “Whats dave, a nickname like?”

        Rodney : “Noooo!! Your the only one that calls me dave, everyone else calls me rodney and the reason they call me rodney is because rodney is my name!”

        Trig : “Oh, gonna have to get used to calling you Rodney then”

        Rodney : “Thank you”

        Trig : “Ere, Basil, you gonna get this meeting started? Me and dave ain’t got all night”

  36. Trotters says:

    Stick a pony in me pocket
    I’ll fetch the suitcase from the van
    Cause if you want the best ‘uns
    And you don’t ask questions
    Then brother I’m your man

    Where it all comes from
    Is a mystery
    It’s like the changing of the seasons
    And the tides of the sea
    But here’s the one that’s driving me berserk
    Why do only fools and horses work
    La la la la – la la la la la (etc)

  37. Emma Frampton says:

    If Perry is the guy i am thinking about, then i’m pretty sure he does know the cast and is in contact with them. Me and my friends have been to a couple of conventions around the country which he has organised and i even bought a DJ signed photo (with a photo of him signing it) at one of them.

  38. Sarah Carter says:

    Hi – I’m pretty certain DJ will be aware of all work you guys have done (its actually quite impressive). But is it really his call? Just a thought really…

    Sarah x

  39. Steve H says:

    This is supper news about the mini Only Fools & Horses sketch so why are people on here getting so upset. Questions were asked to the OFAH.net team who responded with answers and just because it took 6 days (any official statements regarding something as big as OFAH will always take a bit of time to retrieve the absolute facts) and the answers were not what WE all wanted to hear, things have got so personal. Its not the Admin team and Perry’s fault that Jim Sullivan has stated that this Sport Relief clip will be a one off. I even read on here about sharing the contact details of the actors and the Sullivans – seriously? Lets all be happy with what we are soon to be treated to.

    Much love! Steve H

  40. Lewin says:

    5 minutes, 8 minutes, 10 minutes, 12 minutes, i’m happy with either, as long as I get to see Del & Rodders again (plus other characters hopefully).

    Bonjour people!

  41. PeterUK says:

    Well done to everyone who has tried to resurrect another series of OFAH – Seriously great efforts. I couldn’t think of anything better except for the fact that its creator is sadly no longer with us. Even though I am such a huge fan, I do believe the Sullivan family have made the write call. Its not about them boosting their careers, its about respecting their father. I would only want to see an OFAH episode written by John Sullivan himself.

    I really cannot wait for Sport Relief – will be such an honour to see Del & Rodney one last time :)

  42. James L says:

    So excited about the Sport Relief short. We are so lucky to be getting to see another 10 minutes of OFAH footage. Thank-you to the Sullivan’s for allowing this – RIP John Sullivan

  43. Jacob G says:

    Am so excited about the upcoming 10-12 minute short. I feel so lucky we’ll get to see more OFAH’s action though totally understand why the Sullivan family want this to be the very last piece of OFAH footage – its out of total respect to its creator. here will only ever be 1 writer of Only Fools and he is sadly no longer with us so I agree this should be the end.

    Thanks to the team at OFAH.net for confirming the actual short length – have been searching for ages to get details on this.

    Well done to everyone for trying hard to get another series written – i totally understand your passion, seriously do. But, the Sullivan’s have made the situation clear. It is up to them and not down to any of the actors.

    Bring on the Sport Relief clip – cannot wait!!!!

  44. admin says:

    Please note that we work hard on this site to allow freedom of speech.
    On the other hand we are not keen on supporting personal comments and accusations.
    We aren’t in the habit of banning, removing or closing comments on this site. Therefore please express views on our favourite sitcom but do refrain from making personal remarks that are unfounded.

  45. Griff says:

    Has the filming for the Sport Relief sketch been filmed?

    I am very grateful that we’re getting a come-back, albeit a very short one.

    I STILL want to see more.

    The atmosphere down the Nags Head would be a bit bleak. You’d have Boycie and Marlene. Then you’d have Denzil, Mickey and maybe Jevon. Sid, if the actor is up to it, could still play barman. Definitely would require Alan Parry. He quickly became one of the lads.

    I can imagine Jim and Dan would take inspiration from their Dad and not kill off Trigger and just say that he was on his way somewhere and perhaps got confused with train times and perhaps got lost…typical Trig. :-D

    Anyway, I’m very much clutching at straws. I love Only Fools so much that I would be happy to see it aired until every single last actor was no longer with us.

  46. Rob says:

    There are still a lot of rumours floating about that they still may return after the sketch in march people…… I have read a lot of newspaper reports and internet reports about the sad passing of Roger, also in some of them reports it says they are still planning for a potential new episode after the sketch in march.
    So I guess what this space it could still happen

  47. Rob says:

    We have 10 mins OFAH to look forward to!
    Your thoughts Nicholas?
    Quite sad we get such a short amount of time.
    No wonder David wants a series 10 mins screening time ! Don’t think he going get anymore open all hours either
    poor bloke deserves better from BBC

  48. Rob says:

    A bit harsh words Nicholas but I do find the situation about ‘twitter campaign’ strange to say the least. It does appear it was genuine as Comedy news has reported the campaign now also. Does feel as though perhaps Perry is treading careful ground and doesn’t want to upset Jim, even though David did say this, I think perhaps the truth is David wants more but Jim simply doesn’t want to write any.

  49. Rob says:

    Apparently they have finished filing for the sketch. Anyone know how long the sketch will be? And who is in it?

    • Rob says:

      Ment to say filming sorry. Perry could you confirm the length of this show as I have heard it has been extended to a 30 min episode is this true?

      • Perry says:

        Yes filming is all done now, scheduled to run for 12 mins but will probably come in at 10 minutes after editing

        • Rob says:

          Oh dear that really is very short. But thanks for confirming.
          Ps while your there Perry do you know will the new green green grass boxset include the episode they had missing from the single series 4 dvd do you know?

        • Rob says:

          Ok thanks Perry let me know if he knows about it, as be nice if we get all the episodes of GGG on the boxset without a whole episode missing!

          PS tell John we all still want Series 5 GGG to be made or a xmas special be great.

        • Dan says:

          Of course he knows them, he’s even appeared in episodes of Only fools and Horses, he does the conventions which the actors have attended for years, He is the chairman of this site, When he says it’s going to be 10 minutes… it;s going to be 10 minutes, We’re all OFAH fans here so there is no need to be mean, lets just look forward to the sketch :D

        • Ashton says:

          Perry can you confirm just out of curiosity does David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst both have white hair in the sketch?

  50. Rob says:

    Or make one last special and make it a fitting tribute to Roger aka TRIG could be a really nice way to end the series. As he may not have been well enough anyway to be in a new episode.

    I Still feel there is one special left but not a trilogy or series now, no way! But one episode I think could be done and could be done well and fitting tribute

  51. Karl Cooper says:

    I was at the Only Fools Convention in Reading last year, which Roger was billed to attend. When the news reached us that he wasn’t to attend, everyone was gutted, to say the least.
    I was so glad that I purchased a convention poster, that Roger had pre-signed.
    As an OF&H member, I was sad to hear the news of Rogers passing and my thoughts go out to all his OF&H co-stars, all his actor friends and most of all, his family.
    He was a Great Actor — A Legend.

  52. Rob says:

    Rest in peace Trig
    So sad.

    As far as the new potential episode, its kind of zapped my enthusiasm to be honest.

    Lets enjoy the sketch and hope the BBC give OFAH respect and allow a 30min special episode/sketch. Wouldn’t it be nice if they amended script to somehow pay respect to Roger.

    • Mike says:

      Completely agreed with your sentiments, my enthusiasm zapped too. But I appreciate that might be temporary whilst respects are paid, and the news sinks in.

      If you look at my comment on January 13, 2014 at 1:01 pm… you’ll see I made reference to time running out for some of the actors – I had a feeling something might happen, but not 3 days later.

      When the news broke on my ipad, I just froze. Oddly enough my Dad died 14 years ago to the hour.

      I saw a “professionals” episode with Roger in a few weeks back, and it was hilarious – as he was playing a trained killer (very well), its just every-time he came on screen I thought – how you doin Dave…

      • Rob says:

        Yeah I think it is just an initial reaction just so sad. Apparently the bbc asked him to be in the sketch but he couldn’t was to unwell. Interesting that they asked him. As I thought it was just David and Nick
        Hope we get a fitting end to Ofah if this is what it is to be.
        make roger and john proud. Just need to get this short sketch made into a 30 min one.
        Any good news would be nice at the momemet

  53. Richard says:

    Roger Lloyd-Pack, the British actor known to millions as slow-witted road sweeper Trigger in BBC sitcom Only Fools and Horses, has died aged 69. rip and thoughts go out to all the family and love ones. such sad news.

    • Mike says:

      Absolutely gutted :(

      Great actor and a big talent in OFAH, not to mention many other productions over the years.

      Condolences to Rogers family.

    • Ronnie says:

      Did not even know he was that old, RIP he won’t be forgotten.

    • steve says:

      Roger Lloyd-Pack, one of the best British actor, R.I.P..

      though you said it was open 24hrs a day, yes but not at night..

      • CraigW says:

        R.I.P Roger.

        Another true legend leaves us.

        • Richard says:

          yes so sad and now i think they should leave the show alone now

          • Ashton says:

            Dito Richard I’m crying now its a really sad day. God has roadsweeped a space for him in heaven.This definatly rules out further episodes and I agree with it despite what I said earlier this month. R.I.P Roger Lloyd Pack you were a true legend.

    • Griff says:

      One of those horrible and sudden pieces of news that should not have happened yet.

      We love you, Trigg :-(

  54. Rob says:

    Something has got to give surely I mean this is astonishing even for OFAH! This has got to make the headlines either in morning or day after?! Strange it hasn’t been reported already, very peculiar as prior to this the papers were reported any OFAH news pretty rapidly!

    • Rob says:

      26 million now want OFAH back! What ashame we have such sad news today as this is simply insane amount of tweets and shows you how much OFAH is wanted to return.
      It could return still who knows. Perhaps the best option is for Del and Rodders to visit Boycie at the farm in a green green grass xmas special therefore they wouldn’t need to ensure all the cast are involved can just be purely del and Rodney going down in the three wheeled van. This would be fun and a last proper goodbye.

    • Rob says:

      I have thought about this and think they should just go ahead and make one last 60min special still! This was clearly the plan, the ‘sketch’ is a forerunner for a new episode. Make it, do Roger and John proud and then leave it there get a cracking script put together with Johns ideas and then say good bye. A proper goodbye. Don’t mess about and wait around 5-10 years and then decide oh we should have made it, make it now, while 26 mill fans want to see it return just one last time.

  55. Rob says:



    2. John Sullivan the great man himself had already started planning to bring OFAH back for 2011, thus he had discussed this with cast members and had planned and wrote some parts of the script prior to his death anyway! For example we know from David Jasons book that it was to be about dels 65th birthday.

    3. A half scripted/ or plan and ideas by John could easily be finished to give us fans one last ‘proper’ feauture length special. NOT A SERIES JUST A SPECIAL!

    4. David Jason and the cast want to return!

  56. Griff says:

    There’s nothing wrong with hoping and praying for new material from Britain’s greatest sitcom.

    We all know the hilarity rating will not reach it’s 1989 peak, however, if you love the show you’ll love a come-back – regardless of what your thoughts are now.

    We’ll keep hoping until they all drop dead as far as I’m concerned.


  57. Rich says:

    Now everything has been made clear I for one can’t wait for this new sketch, something we thought impossible for the last years. Really looking forward to it!

    • Rob says:

      But it isn’t clear.
      The fact is David Jason wants more OFAH episodes. That’s a fact he told the press this and told us fans to start twitter campaign that is fact. Over 23 million have tweeted that they want new episode.

      Perry says different but how come there has been NO reports that the story was false?????????? Answer me why?
      Because the story is true that’s why.
      Keep tweeting folks inform the newspapers that 23 million have asked for OFAH to return! I want to see this on the front page of the newspapers one day this week!

      • Rob says:

        I defo reckon there may be a disagreement between David and Jim. David defo wants a comeback, whereas Jim doesn’t, just prefer to play it save with a sketch!

        PS I STILL AWAIT NEWS OF HOW LONG HTIS SKETCH IS? I want its length confirmed.
        Why not get the cast together and make a 50 min sketch with the money going to sport relief?
        Episode done then, everyone happy. Bye bye
        Lovely Jubbly
        Please don’t be 5 mins this is insulting

        • Pete says:

          Now Roger has passed away, there is no way it will return and it shouldn’t – Trigger was a main character and with the lack of Albert and Mike, the show will loose what it’s about…It’s almost like DJ or NL going…a massive hole has been left in the show…and without JS….it should be left alone now.

  58. Mike says:

    A la brouchette! Great news on the twitter campaign hitting 23 million. Proves there’s demand at least…

    To those hoping it wont come back, that’s fine – stay in 1996. You win both ways – so please stop running the idea down you plonkers :)

    Perry, I’m sure you know more than anyone else here. But I still hope you’re wrong with your no ifs or buts. It does seem startling that David has been misquoted without putting the matter straight sooner, or even publicly.

    Its cunard :(

    • Griff says:

      “To those hoping it wont come back, that’s fine – stay in 1996”

      Or, 2001 of course ;-)

      • Mike says:

        Griff you’re quite right of course, or 2003? ;) I mentioned 1996 as those who don’t want to see it return are often the same ones who don’t like the last 3 episodes.

        I can understand their feelings on the issue, but they best option is they don’t watch. They will, of course. And they will probably criticise it as we are no longer in 1981 and things have changed.

        Looking forward to the sketch, but I keep hoping it will be used as “testing the water”. 23 million tweeters (or whatever they are) cant be wrong.

  59. Rob says:

    When I hear from David Jason I will stop the campaign which by the way is still going strong! 23 million on tis way to!

    Until then keep going folks as the story is FACT type in David Jason google its the first thing that comes up David Jason tells fans to tweet and we could get a new series….!

  60. Rob says:

    Well said Nicholas my son! Keep tweeting people bugger what the say David Jason asked us and look at the response keep emailing tabloids and newspapers about this astonishing campaign everyone will be well aware of it! The pressure for OFAH to come back is bigger than ever!
    David wont let his loyal fans down and like I said they making a sketch so why not make a full episode not a series just ONE episode that is all we wish for Jim!
    Ps Perry how long is the sketch please?

  61. Mike says:

    Terrible turn of events.

    Reminds me of those cruel quiz shows in the 80’s, that showed the contestants what they “could have won”… back goes the curtain… theres the caravan…. “thanks for coming, now go home”

    Or a tense game of deal or no deal… only to win £10.

    The sketch is better than nothing, sure – but the earlier hint of an episode / series really got our hopes up for nothing. And then the twitter campaign etc…

    So close yet so far…

  62. Rob says:

    I’m not so sure if I’d want more episodes of only fools and horses to be made.

    dont get me wrong, I’m a massive fan of this comedy, but lets face it – those last 3 episodes that were made in the early 2000’s – I mean the cast looked tired and worn out, both Buster Merryfield and Kenneth Mcdonald had sadly died in real-life and their absence was keenly felt – there is also the issue of Boycie and Marlene no longer living in Peckham and now in Shropshire.

    I will forever love this comedy, I have every episode on DVD – but lets be honest, lets lay only fools and horses to rest now – and just simply enjoy that one-off sketch that’s coming up soon.

    • Rob2 says:

      PS I AM ROB who has been leading this campaign just to clarify as some body else has left message name Rob saying they don’t want more OFAH. This isn’t me.

    • Rob says:

      I did not write the above its another Rob!

      • Rich says:

        Maybe the post from Perry was another Perry?
        Probably wrong but it would be nice for the site to confirm.

        • Rob says:

          Good point its not very ‘official’ is it his message ha ha could be anyone!
          The Telegraph report about David Jason is from a very reliable source the more I think about it why would they lie that David Jason said if we get enough tweets a new special/series could be made! They would be no point whatsoever in reporting this if it wasn’t true. I think it is true the more you read it and think about it.
          Perhaps David wants it to return but Jim is unsure I feel there is some division / difference of opinion going on somewhere that we don’t know about.

        • CraigW says:


          I am going to ‘stick my neck out on the line here’….

          I don’t often post on here, but often monitor what get’s said/goes on..

          I can confirm, I have spoken to Perry and as he knows all the actors personally, the statement from Perry is the truth. Perry has spoken to the actors personally, and also the Sullivan’s – after Sport Relief 2014, there will be no more new episodes. FACT.

          As much as we would all love a new episode, we should be grateful that we are getting a new sketch and something to look forward to.

          All of the work on twitter/emails etc, is great, but now is the time to stop living in denial and accept that the new sketch will be the final OFAH outing.


          • CraigW says:

            I can’t stress enough that mine and Perry’s statements are true -it is your choice if you chose to believe our statements..

            My response below is the up to date information – believe what you wish, but I guess time will tell, that OFAH has had it’s final outing after March 2014.

            14/01/14 – 13:02pm


            I am going to ‘stick my neck out on the line here’….

            I don’t often post on here, but often monitor what get’s said/goes on..

            I can confirm, I have spoken to Perry and as he knows all the actors personally, the statement from Perry is the truth. Perry has spoken to the actors personally, and also the Sullivan’s – refer to the statement from Jim Sullivan, there is nothing more to add and nothing planned beyond Sport Relief

            As much as we would all love a new episode, we should be grateful that we are getting a new sketch and something to look forward to.

            All of the work on twitter/emails etc, is great, but none of it has been started by David Jason, he has never EVER been on twitter in his life and has NO KNOWLEDE of any twitter campaign – newspapers have been contacted regarding false reporting over this and the John Challis statement


    • oliver moran says:

      I agree Rob. I am a massive fan, got all DVDs been to the conventions, the lot. But the series was not the same after “time on our hands” It is wonderful that they have managed to to a little sketch with I’m assuming Del and rodders and their family, but fools has to finish. The last 3 xmas specials were not so great, no mike no grandad or albert. would not be right. I like you will forever love this great comedy classic but with half the actors not here anymore and also not forgetting the great man himself – John Sullivan passing away, It would be wrong and bad to continue. I look forward to March, but after that I will turn to, enjoy and love My DVDs and GOLD. Lay this Great show to rest people, please.

  63. Rob says:

    Its over folks! According to Perry all one big hoax of a campaign not started by David Jason!
    Totally sad don’t think I can bring myself to what apparently it is defo only 5 mins long ‘sketch’! how depressing after millions of us showed our support for new episode ! 5 mins I mean really what the point.

    How could the daily Telegraph and Mirror lie about something like this?
    Whats going on? so bizarre

    • Ashton says:

      I actually don’t think its a hoax I’m not disagreeing with Perry who knows way more about it than me but till I hear David Jason denying it because then you you’ve heard it from the horses mouth ( As Trigger said to Denzil about Del in Mother Natures Son) Till then I’ll believing its true

      • Rob. says:

        Good point raised nobody denying in cast wise. Something suspicious about all of this. And anyway the campaign still shows everybody that over 22 million people want OFAH back.
        THATS A FACT!

  64. perry says:

    for the record …

    the David Jason twitter campaign is FALSE – David has no knowledge of it whatsoever,

    the newspapers writing that John Challis refused to be in the sketch being filmed is also FALSE – John was never approached to be in the sketch

    both these are facts. no ifs, no buts.

    Jim or the team have no plans for anything other then this short sketch whatsoever

    everyone please just accept it for what it is and look forward to it :-)


    • Rob says:

      A well respected newspaper the telegraph REPORTED this?
      I am stunned

    • Rob says:

      Something nor right about all of this. As David Jason was quoted as saying this! Its not like telegraph to lie like this?
      Could you confirm how long this new ‘sketch’ will be please Perry?
      ps computer is going off now ha ha just find this whole thing crazy as the so called twitter campaign shows everyone the public want Ofah back what other show could get well over 21 million tweets!

    • Michael says:

      Terrible turn of events.

      Reminds me of those cruel quiz shows in the 80’s, that showed the contestants what they “could have won”… back goes the curtain… theres the caravan…. “thanks for coming, now go home”

      Or a tense game of deal or no deal… only to win £10.

      The sketch is better than nothing, sure – but the earlier hint of an episode / series really got our hopes up for nothing. And then the twitter campaign etc…

      So close yet so far…

    • Griff says:

      Perry, have you actually spoken to David Jason himself (or his agency) about the campaign being false?

      “And maybe, if get enough tweets, we might be able to bring it back,”
      Sir David Jason. January 2014.

      It’s quoted. It’s no secret that David Jason wants new material.

      • Rob says:

        Exactly Griff your point is extremely valid. I mean David has been quoted as saying this in 3 different newspapers, this type of story cannot be a lie as it would be pointless.

        I am extremely confused as to what is going on here. This sit needs to clarify what is fact and fiction. There is clearly something going on and like I said why would the ‘Telegraph’ make this story up? They wouldn’t therefore the campaign was started by David Jason! Whatever people want OFAH back!

    • Rob says:

      How short is ‘short’ sketch?

    • CraigW says:

      14/01/14 – 13:02pm


      I am going to ‘stick my neck out on the line here’….

      I don’t often post on here, but often monitor what get’s said/goes on..

      I can confirm, I have spoken to Perry and as he knows all the actors personally, the statement from Perry is the truth. Perry has spoken to the actors personally, and also the Sullivan’s – refer to the statement from Jim Sullivan, there is nothing more to add and nothing planned beyond Sport Relief

      As much as we would all love a new episode, we should be grateful that we are getting a new sketch and something to look forward to.

      All of the work on twitter/emails etc, is great, but none of it has been started by David Jason, he has never EVER been on twitter in his life and has NO KNOWLEDE of any twitter campaign – newspapers have been contacted regarding false reporting over this and the John Challis statement


    • Trev says:

      You say ‘Facts’ but don’t actually back-up your comments.

  65. Michael F says:

    Dear Jim and Dan Sullivan,

    Sorry – I don’t write on internet forums normally, and I’m not very good at it.

    Please bring back only fools and horses if you possibly can. It would make your Dad prouder than ever, and you need not worry about failure. This is your legacy to take on, and as you can see from this page – plenty of us believe in you.

    Time is (respectfully) running out for some of the actors, and there is a groundswell of support to see them all together again.

    The comedy, profoundness and depth of OFAH has affected the lives of us all. And like a long lost relative, we’d all be keen for a full reunion (IE more than a short sketch).

    Please give it your best shot lads.

    Never. Stop. Believing.


  66. Griff says:

    I’ve heard nothing more on the matter.

    I’m guessing that Jim and Dan could be “playing it cool” with all this OFAH reunion stuff. Maybe they’re going to wait and see how the public receive the forthcoming short episode for Sport Relief.

    In chronological order, this is how things have come to fruition.

    -John Sullivan sadly passes away – 2011.

    -Sir David Jason reveals a 30 year special was planned and commissioned by the BBC – 2012

    -Rumours adrift with fans on whether a full episode was ever written, or just brainstormed ideas by the great man himself. 2011-2013.

    -Sir David Jason confirms he’s personally received a fully written script and believes it to be more than good enough to be commissioned and used. We’re lead to believe the plot is based on some of John’s ideas for the 30 year special. 2013 (Dec) *This is not clear if it was the Sport Relief sketch or a fully written special* See one of several links about this here – http://metro.co.uk/2013/12/21/this-time-next-year-rodney-could-only-fools-and-horses-be-returning-to-screens-4239623/

    -BBC confirm they’ve commissioned a short episode in aid of Sport Relief. Jan 2014

    -Sir David Jason rallies the troops in getting behind the idea for a a comeback episode/series.

    -Jim Sullivan provides OFAH.net with a a short interview stating they have not, and will not consider writing further material. Jan 2014.

    So, I guess that public demand is the only thing that will sway Jim and Dan’s mind. I fully appreciate their sentiments and opinions on not bringing the show back. On the other hand, I feel that this is partly a cover-up and they’re treading carefully as they don’t want to be seen to disrespect their Dad – which is understandable. They really would not be disrespecting him by bringing the show back one more time. A bit of closure. I feel that ‘Sleepless in Peckham’ was quite sad given that Rodney and Del learned they were only part related. It didn’t really end on a high. Sure, the birth of Joan was lovely but it was all very emotional and didn’t quite have that full on OFAH feel.

    I never thought in a million years that we’d be even discussing this thirteen years on from the come-back in 2001. Let alone pushing for further material even though we’re being treated to some in March!

    The fans need to push on with getting behind the show in making a come-back. I did think that all it took was Sir David Jason himself practically give the show an all-clear, but clearly not in this situation.

    I would suggest that fans of the show follow some of the OFAH parody accounts such as @DelBoy_ofah @Watcha_Trigger and co. There’s a big following for these accounts with a few celebrities who follow them. Ricky Hatton is very keen on a come-back as some of his Tweets suggests.

    • Ashton says:

      I really have da feeling Jim and Dan are being so quiet about the sketch becuz they must of written a special when David Jason said back in December he had received a script for a new Only Fools and horses episode he never mentioned sports relief and why would Sports Relief script have a treatment it its short. The only way it adds up is if it is a full length episode airing for Sports Relief or its for a different episode all together. 100th COMMENT

      • Rich says:

        “100th COMMENT” – ha ha smiley face.
        Keep them coming you’re doing a fantastic job along with Rob. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  67. Rob says:

    Well there is nothing more we can do but painfully wait……! Cannot believe we haven’t heard anything, was sure we would. John Challis is saying nothing on twitter. The twitter campaign doesn’t appear to have been reported in the papers tomorrow which is astonishing! I guess its going to be awaiting game, its all down to Jim Sullivan if us millions of fans are going to be happy or not. The thing is David Jason started this campaign, we had accepted we were just getting a ‘sketch’ however after this campaign initiated by David Jason we are not going to be satisfied with a mere small ‘sketch’ sorry Jim but this is the truth. We would like a proper episode and then you will make over 20 mill people happy. Over to you JIM PLEASE, PLEASE LISTEN TO US!

    • Rob says:

      how depressing
      Don’t waste no more time.
      Let me know how the 5 min sketch goes I cant bring myself to watch it.
      Spent a whole weekend getting this campaign going!
      Turning computer off.

      • stephen says:

        the only fools and horses society is a complete waste of time, they are only interested in over charching fans for signed photos and rubbish mugs they sell on ebay.

  68. Rob says:

    The twitter campaign is insane what other programme could get such a response?! Truly incredible! We fans deserve a special as do the cast, we have Johns ideas

  69. Rob says:


    (Sorry it was just a dream)

    But this is the news we are all waiting for isn’t it! I feel it is coming any day now people.

    Ashton, Griff , Nicholas have you heard any more news ?

    Are the bbc aware of twitter campaign? Have they responded to any of you yet?
    When is Jim/ David going to come forward? The suspense…..!

    • Ashton says:

      The first few lines you wrote about it being confirmed was such a tease when I read on from there but I know the BBC are well aware of it. I know there was a short interview with Jim while at the BBC asking “After this sketch will the whole Only Fools and Horses series be gone for good” and he replied ” I’m not confirming nor denying anything but never say never”

      • Rob says:

        I know sorry I couldn’t resist! ha ha do forgive me.
        But I am sure we will get our episode. Jim will see sense and give it the go ahead.

    • Rob says:

      Good thinking. hmmm what else could we do….. keep on at the BBC, need the tabloids to start campaign also. It needs to be in the papers this week, the sun, the mirror they should report the fact there have been over 20 mill tweets for OFAH comeback need to get it on the front page!
      Contact websites for papers informing them just to make sure! Keep tweeting! Keep going!
      Surely Jim will just give us the one proper episode we all want?????

  70. Rob says:

    Jim / Dan Sullivan also think of what making a complete OFAH episode would do for your own writing careers! It would propel you into the publics eye, what better show to show off your writing talents than Ofah which will have at least 16 million viewers watching, (judging by the twitter campaign probably more!)
    This would be an amazing chance for you both you need to grasp it with both hands! Your dad trusted you to write Green green grass and you wrote tremendously funny episodes, trust yourself to make a complete 60min only fools, bring these characters back please just for a xmas special, you have the chance to make a lot of fans happy, to do your dad proud and to make the cast happy one last time. Does not need to be a series just a special. Please read the tweets and see just how much it means to people. Sir David obviously believes it should come back and in your talents as a writer. He who dares wins Jim.

    • Rob says:

      Well done again good work. The twitter campaign is crazy for a comeback it will definitely happen aslong as Jim comes on board. So it is essential he reads your letter, comments on this site and the millions of tweets on twitter.
      Exciting times I have a gut feeling its going to happen. Jim will realise it is the right thing to do for us fans and the cast who want to return so badly, I know this to be fact. They are just awaiting Jim to give the thumbs up now……..hurry up Jim ha ha you know it makes sense. We just want one proper special. We want a special which your dad had planned for 2011 that’s all. Finish off with what he had planned. We dint need a full series just one please. The sketch will not be enough

  71. Ryan says:

    Come on please bring back only fools and horses
    The whole of Britain loves it! And the amount of retweets the hashtag has gotten on twitter in such a short space of time confirms that.
    We all love this show so much. I watch it everyday and am very disappointed reading this
    I believe we should also start a petition
    Show them how much we want this brought back !

  72. Griff says:


    Nobody is going to judge you both or the show if you were to write a new special (even though David Jason has said you’ve written a new episode which he’s advised as being excellent).

    Please, PLEASE, in the name that all is holy, use your knowledge and writing skills to produce a new episode. One more time? Why not? Millions and millions adore the show and would love to see a come-back. It doesn’t matter if any forthcoming show isn’t as hilarious as the old days, but it would be still funny and we’d love it!!!!

    OFAH’s Twitter army is going mad for a new episode.


    • Rob says:

      Well said Griff that’s it exactly mate. ofah of the past is great but a new episode we are not going to say oh its no good, etc we will take it as ofah of 2014, a one of special, which will be good ive no doubt. John S did create Ofah and is a genius however the cast are very much them characters now, I have just read David Jasons book and you really get a feel for the affection the actors feel for their roles and a sense of sadness and a want to return for a new episode. With John S ideas, Jim/Dans writing and David Jason and cast support one last special could finish it off brilliantly and leave fans satisfied.
      I think we can all imagine just how good it would be that is why it should be made in my opinion Dels birthday idea if this is what John had planned then that would be fine. If he had down del getting married then that would be great. Respect his ideas and create a script from his plan. Everyones a winner.

      • Rob says:

        Again wonderfully put. Same I cant find anyway of contacting him but he must be aware of what us fans want.
        Cannot believe this site has not got on board ie perry and admin in campaign or at least reported what is going on again.
        I await with suspense as to some news or for the twitter campaign to be reported in the papers showing just how many of us want OFAH to return, but still no news. The contradiction between Jims interview and David Jasons couldn’t be more different. Whats going on?

  73. Griff says:

    This interview was quite depressing. It’s all but confirmed that a whole episode won’t be aired.

    I then raise the question…if John and Dan don’t wish to bring OFAH back for a one-off special/series, why is it that, according to Sir David Jason, they’ve written an episode? What was their intentions?

    I say bring it back. It would be weird watching an episode knowing it wasn’t written by John, but the special was due to be released back in 2011 so why not release it?

    • Griff says:

      One more thing – bit confused here, but David Jason did say that he received a new script for OFAH didn’t he? He wasn’t on about Sport Relief?

    • Rob says:

      Your right Griff a depressing interview yet it doesn’t add up at all. David Jason starts a Twitter campaign all us fans get behind it in our millions this is after Jim has said he wont write a complete episode, so who does David think is going to write it then?

      In conclusion the BBC have been shown that a new OFAH will get massive viewers as the twitter campaign has been unbelievable. David and the cast want to return.
      The show is returning for a small ‘sketch’ blimey Jim and Dan really you might as well just bring it back for an episode if your bringing it back for a sketch then just make one final xmas special everyone will be happy with this, fans, cast, BBC there is a want for one final proper special more than a series. So after this you can move on. Just do one final cracking special in memory of your dad and then we can say bonjour to the trotters.

  74. Richard says:

    Being a huge fan, collecting autographs from as many ofah cast, I say its time to leave it alone, amazing show, watch it still nearly every night to chill out to and take the mind away from everyday life. its such an amzing gem and i would love if there was a new seirs but deep down i feel with the great jim sadly passing away, the show should be left alone,its had its time, its amazing and yes so many ideas could happen, dell boy getting married and may other ideas kicking round, but its good just to think what the dell boy would now being doing, what the family would be up to, what trouble and deals they would be getting into, i say do this one off spin and put it to bed and remember what a great show it was.
    its just a huge fans opinion
    thank you for reading.
    all the best ofah fans

  75. Rob says:

    And Jim the fact you have the backing of Sir David Jason also is all you need really! He believes you are good enough to produce a script with some of your own good ideas combined with ideas your dad had in mind such as dels birthday it will be a classic this idea alone could be made into an episode. I hope you are considering this I really do, we do appreciate a sketch however it is an episode of substance we wish for.

    • Rob says:

      Well done mate I have done the same also. The only problem I can foresee which is who is going to write it? The cast want to return, millions of fans want it, the BBC will want it because of this, but strangely Jim comment on here said he doesn’t want to write episode. Bit strange has nobody else would have the rights to write it, so it has to be Jim and Dan. However David Jason himself started this campaign so he must think Jim would consider changing his mind and making a special? I don’t know, perhaps admin and perry and co and this site could shed some light and report the news????? Are you campaigning ? Whats going on? You are all very quiet again

  76. Ashton says:

    So David Jason wants a series wonder can he persuade Dan and Jim because the BBC obviously want it and with the Twitter petition they could easily give in to their urges and comission a series/special/trilogy BBC get their views and ratings boost David gets his most favorite role.Dan and Jim tribute to their Dads creation Johns notes and ideas don’t go to waste and a nation of happy families tuning in Everyones A Winner

    • Rob says:

      In a nutshell that’s exactly it Ashton well put my son!
      Jim Sullivan if you are reading please listen to the fans you cannot simply just bring it back for a sketch. I am not even saying make a series as like you said your dad is responsible for the series however lets make a compromise Jim/Dan why not one last xmas hour long special please, please for us millions of fans, and the fine cast who clearly want to return. Use your dads ideas combined with yours and just do one more please. If fans get this one proper episode there will be no more pressure to return we all as a whole just feel the series deserves one final special. Do your dad proud as im sure you will. Your a great writer but check the tweets out, the OFAH twitter campaign for a comeback is massive. Please Jim release a statement you have agreed to make a special. We need you to write it.

    • Ryan says:

      Well said!!

  77. Richard says:

    It’s been confirmed that Boycie will not be starring in the sketch show.

  78. Darren says:

    I seriously think there’ll be a Christmas Special as well as this sketch. I think they’re just keeping it underwraps.

    Think about it, David Jason is not the type of guy to go shouting from the rooftop about a 10 minute sketch. He was saying he’s got a ‘script’ but he needs to sit down and read it. Read it? It’s a 7-minute sketch. Or is he referring to a full script for a 2014 Christmas Special?

    Yes, I’m confident that there’s also a special on its way and that the sketch is just to test the waters and to bring OFAH back in to the public conscience.

  79. Rob says:

    Lets keep going yeah. Well done for email director of bbc get others to do the same also. Like I said if the demand is there we will get at least a xmas special which would be great! David wants it back as a series so now is the time for fans to back David and the cast and it will return.
    Show the bbc this is what we want.
    Time for this site to get on board
    Perry ? where are you son? Lets make it happen. Report this news on this site get on board

    • Ashton says:

      Thanks Rob for all your support I’m doing the same on facebook can’t wait for a special to follow I’ve sent loads of messages to the BBC this petition is going good keep up the good work mate!!!

    • Rob says:

      Hi well done keep going we need more, got to really push for it this weekend when people on their computers got to tweet in their thousands/millions if we get this then the BBC will surely bring them back especially with all those peoples tweets wanting it to return and David Jasons campaign and idea (which I must say was almost del boy like style and crafty) ha ha but clever just before the sketch their is a growing feeling that we all want them back for at least a proper xmas special.
      So get tweeting and contacting bbc everyone

  80. Rob says:

    WOW This Twitter campaign is growing rapidly!!!!! OFAH is still exceptionally popular it is proving there is a want for more episodes! Good idea David the BBC would be Plonkers now not to make it! Over to you Jim please ………!

    • Rob says:

      Thanks for that, I believe strongly in ofah and the cast and Jim getting it right and know it will be a triumphant return. Thanks for your support and your family. TWEET SOME MORE!
      You know it makes sense

  81. Rob says:

    TWEET, TWEET TWEET………! Its happening people thousands tweeted already since David Jasons appeal lets keep going Only fools is going to return for an hour long special !

    • Rob says:

      Its going well, but we need more tweets!!!!!!
      Anyone you know get them to tweet if get enough we could potentially get a new series David Jason has said this! This site should start petition also get as much evidence for the bbc as we can.

  82. Rob says:

    I cannot stress the importance of OFAH fans tweeting the bbc. There are some who say don’t bring it back however millions still want more and I want David and the gang to return and show all them doubters that they were wrong and make them eat their words with their negativity. Come on OFAH fans you are needed this is great news as David is clearly all for new episode so we got to back them!

  83. Rob says:

    Right then fans we need you to tweet bbc now! Get tweeting for new OFAH special / specials if the BBC get enough it will happen!

    David has said this the BBC need the fact ie millions of people tweets asking for a new episode, its on the cards folks we just got to show the bbc that its what we want. Come on we can do this!!!!!!

  84. Rob says:


    • Ashton says:

      I Knew it was up to the fans not John or the BBC but the supportof the fans I’ll definatly post about 100 (no exaggeration)messages to the BBC this news has made my day Thanks Rob

      • Rob says:

        Pleasure Ashton its made my day! Still bizarre Jim indicated he doesn’t want to do new episodes, but David has said this so got to be true plus like the articles say there are a lot of Johns ideas knocking about so why not make it!
        You get tweeting tonight Ashton make it 100,000 tweets and I will do loads aswell ha ha lets make it happen

        • Ashton says:

          It has all the key ingredients for a series/special/Trilogy John’s notes gags and ideas have been written they have 2 writers connected to the series they still have most of the cast if they get the right actors for the roles of Joan and Damien it could be very energetic eg.James Buckley as Damien. I’ll get tweeting tonight as many as I can possibly do.

          • Rob says:

            Need OFAH site to really promote this and get the fans tweeting! Perry etc lets get fans tweeting highlight this news make sure fans are all aware and tweet in to the bbc its vital!
            This time next year we could have a new special (potentially sooner if fans vote in)

        • ste says:

          only fools won’t be back again after sport relief special, some fans need to move on and get a life.

  85. Jack Kelly says:

    Hi all,

    It’s a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone could help me. I work in TV as a runner (bottom of the food chain, making tea and carrying equipment) and it was Only Fools and Horses that got me interested and made me want to pursue a career in TV, many years ago when I was about 10 years old. I aspire to one day write comedy for the BBC and I look to John Sullivan as my biggest inspiration.

    So, I guess you can imagine my joy when it was recently announced that the show is to make a small comeback for this year’s Sport Relief. There’s now a slim possibility that I may have the chance to be a part of what inspired me in the first place, which makes me really excited. If I could just find somebody to contact and send a nicely written email to, I may, just may, be able to get a small job as a runner on the crew for the sketch, which would genuinely be a dream come true.

    Sadly, I’m drawing a blank when searching for people who are involved in the sketch. I’ve emailed a few people who originally worked on the show and have also written to Jim and Dan personally, at the address Shazam Productions is registered to. Unfortunately, I’ve not yet been lucky with any part of my “investigation”.

    I was just wondering if anybody had any suggestions as to what I could do, or if anybody knows of anyone that I could try contacting.

    Thank you, I really appreciate it,


  86. Pete says:

    They did the same for Comic Relief and it was not that “great” – this is not the last ever “episode” it is a one off sketch that will likely be very short…glad and sad at the same time.

    • Rob says:

      Perhaps admin could confirm the length of this show for us fans??? There is a challenge get in contact with Jim and find out if it is going to be a good 30mins or a woeful 10 mins, or a not too bad 20 mins. We fans want as long as we can get of OFAH especially as there aint gonna be anymore it looks like

    • Rob says:

      ps yeah I hope its nothing like 1997 comic relief special!
      We want a continuation of the story not a cheesy ‘sketch’

      • stephen says:

        some of you fans need to get a life.

        • Dan says:

          You know Ste/Stephen, You keep commenting on here saying we need to get a life..

          Why do you keep revisiting the website day after day and leaving the same comment?

          I would say you’re nothing but a contrarian, and it may be you who needs to ‘get a life’ as you put it.

          Just a thought :)

  87. Mark Driver says:

    I thought it was a dream when I caught the front page of the newspaper on Saturday – but then to find out it will be just a sketch – I couldn’t help but feel gutted.
    However, having read Jim’s comments above – I respect this and tend to agree.
    I now only feel grateful for the chance (albeit for a few minutes) to see new footage of the show we all love, for one final time.
    Roll on Sport Relief!

  88. Lee says:

    Great news about the comeback, i just hope its a full episode!

    Does anyone have the uncut version of Yuppy Love? I’ve been looking for it for ages and can’t find it anywhere!

    • Dan says:

      I found the full Original Royal Flush and Sickness and Wealth episodes on this website too

      If you own the DVD’s then it isn’t illegal to stream them but please remove this comment if it’s against website rules or so.

      • Lee says:

        Is there any way you could upload the original Sickness and Wealth episode? I’ve checked the links and still no luck

        • Dan says:

          I checked and it’s here, it has the scenes with Jevon and Mickey, and a longer seance scene, overall it makes the episode about 7 minutes longer than the TV Version.

  89. Rob says:

    My friend told me he heard it but couldnt remember where I was like try remember ! He a fan but not as big a fan as me! So he didn’t realise the importance of 20mins ha ha! 30 mins would be perfect like you said Ashton that could be classed as proper episode rather than a tiny sketch show, I do not want something which is 8 mins long.

    • Ashton says:

      I heard that it might be 20 mins in an interview with Roger Lloyd pack online I tried finding it but couldn’t you think it would be all over the tabloids with all the rest of the hype about the sketch but it isn’t the exact same with John Challis’ non involvement with the sketch its an insult to two respectful actors that their reviews haven’t been published everywhere like the rest. Anyway I remember extracts of it he thinks that the idea of the sketch he used the word “cute” but then went on to say that he received a phone call from Jim and he then requested a copy of the script and thought it was sparkling full of dialogue and gags and thinks by the script length it could be 15-25 minutes long and says March 21st will be a great day. He also revealed he was one of the first to be contacted about it back in October and says Jim and Dan will definatly do good they have their fathers talent and will go far” So if it is 15/20/25 minutes long that is close to an episode and I feel happy about that. Thank you Dan and Jim.

      • Rob says:

        sounding more promising, they should round it off to 30mins then be perfect! The bbc owe OFAH half an hour after the success it has given them!

        Thanks Jim and Dan just make sure we get half an hour yeah

        • Ashton says:

          Did anyone else see that interview of Roger Lloyd Pack it was back in November it wasn’t on any of the big news reports he had mentioned it was wrote by Johns sons and Trigger had a part in it and it was something to do with Sports Relief. I looked Only Fools sports relief afterwards and found no result and didn’t know what it was about. Can’t find it now I can only find interviews from 2010 and 2012 and his death tabloid headings. I’m as confused as Trig.

  90. Ronnie says:

    Good news, I am glad it is just a short, the series should be remembered as it is.

  91. oliver moran says:

    I am very happy at this news and i think jim has got it spot on. When the news broke in the press I was confused. What is it? a charity special or a proper episode? I am a massive fan and I have all the DVD’s but to go on with out the great man would of been wrong. This was his series, he created, from his experiences and has given us millions of fans pleasure and will continue to do so. So thanks jim for clarifying and i support and respect your decision

    • Rob says:

      Of course I respect Jims decision. However I merely point out the disappointment in it only being a ‘sketch’ as an episode is what I feel would have been better. Plus with the greatest of respect the last episode Sleepless in Peckham wasn’t the best and the fact that John has outlined stories such as dels birthday and who knows what else I feel they could have sent the trotters off with a proper episode , one more in memory of John. I feel Jim could do this. Im sure the sketch will be great but very, very short.
      Surely the bbc would commission a Green green grass xmas special where del boy and rodders visit Boycie, this could be done and would be the perfect compromise from Jim as I understand OFAH is Johns work however Jim you were a big part in GGG and a fun xmas visit from the Trotters to the farm would be a wonderful treat for us all. What do we all think?

  92. Cushty says:

    To the attention of the wardrobe department for this sketch – please don’t give David Jason a dodgy hair dye job or dress him in a golf jumper like the last 3 episodes.

    Let him have his natural white hair and dress him in a leather jacket & jeans for day wear, and a sharp looking suit for evening wear.

  93. jaz says:

    exactly how is should be, however those ever so clever chaps at the BBC will want to move on and deprive us of the greatest comedy show on TV (with just good friends an other john Sullivan classic close behind).

    There is 1 brilliant final episode left which would be a carry on from the Frog Legacy. I wrote this comment a few years ago but it goes like this.

    Del has some dream with his old mum telling him to find his legacy… after spending some time figuring out he realises that Aunt Renie said this years ago at Trigggers niece’s wedding.
    Then Del and Rodney helped by Trigger and Denzil go back to get their hands on the gold.
    At the same time the driscol brothers get a rumout there is gold hidden and try to find it themselves not knowing Del is also after the gold.
    Boycie and Marlene try to get in on the action and Abdul from ‘Hull and Back’ along with his cousin promise to buy the gold and sell it on for them.
    Theer you go a double feature episode like Miami twice and we could leave with a finale that we could cherish…..
    Over to you Jim and Dan.
    BTW much love to you late father he brought some much joy to many of us in our middle age and continues to do so.

    • jaz says:

      oh btw, Mickey Pierce and Jevan also try to get their hands on the gold when the Driscol brothers pay them a visit and ask about the rumours of hidden gold and someone on the manner knows where it is…..

      • Ashton says:

        Jaz I love that plot can Yu write a fan fiction of it, it sounds great everyone involved in a big OFAH caper and Del and Rodney millionaires again.I had a similar story once not as action filled and exciting as this one though.

        • jaz says:

          Hi Ashton, Thanks for your appreciation.I wish I had the time to write the whole episode, make it with the all the cost and sell it the bbc so at least we oldies could watch something decent instead of that crap on now but work commitments do not allow.
          I am sure that you guys get to see all the cast at various events and someone should pich the idea as I feel that the ‘Frogs Legacy’ seemed to be something that was to be concluded in another time by the late writer.

          I am sure that there are many fans who could each write a scene and you know what with all the love for ofah the material would be fantastic.
          However lets start like this;
          Damian is now a 17yr old taking over Del’s role while Del organises the buying of stock and Rodney is now working with Damian as he used to work for Del.
          Scene 1 middle of the night Del is dreaming about all the money lost and he sees all the money go as he starts to cry and lament his loss his mother appears and comforts him and tells him not to worry that is legacy is still out there,”don’t worry Derek this time next year, YOU will be a millionaire’…. Del wakes up and runs to Rodney who has also been dreaming and his dream is about Damian again taking over the world and in a scene like the Omen checks Damians head to find the 666 then when Del barges in and shouts he wakes from his dream screaming…
          Del then tells him off the dream and then….more dialog
          lets get the fans involved and I am sure if there are enough ideas then at least some numpty at the BBC will see it good enough to make a final hurrah.
          I was working with a guy who wrote a brilliant comedy based on some security guards at the BBC and their daily observations (this was before the Office and extra’s). He quit his job(about £70,000) when the BBC were going to make a pilot. despite a lot of interest it never got made and he went back to the mundane world of Financial IT. What a waste, and people think that Miranda is funny? Really….

          • Ashton says:

            Couldn’t agree with you more Jaz its all dross except reruns of very good shows. Miranda milks it with falling over and awkwardness surprised its still on. But actually I do like Mrs.Browns Boys at times because they have some decent jokes but it gets ruined with cursing and dirty innuendo. But Only Fools and Horses works for me because its full of great jokes the actors have great chemistry and they can play off each other well. I think you have a great idea floating about your story.

        • Rob says:

          I hope the sketch is dels actual birthday party that would be fun. Do you know if any of the other cast are involved or is it just David and Nick?

          • Ashton says:

            I hope that as well Rob it would be great just to see them enjoy themselves everybody having a good old knees up shame John Challis and John Sullivan wont be involved though. They could then end the sketch by all of them saying “Bonjour”

          • Ashton says:

            I hope that as well Rob it would be great just to see them enjoy themselves everybody having a good old knees up shame John Challis and John Sullivan wont be involved though. They could then end the sketch by all of them turning to the camera and all them saying “Bonjour” to the audience

        • jaz says:

          lets hope that something happens before the actors are lost to us like John Sullivan.
          It was very sad that the actors that played Mike, Reg Trotter and Uncle Albert had passed and it would be a shame that a finale could not be done to put this great show to rest.
          It is also a fitting tribute to the actors who maybe have fallen from the TV limelight to maybe get a final hurrah as they have contributed immensely to every episode that we have enjoyed hence the reason for including many of the Cast.
          Heck even the slag Slater could make an appearance (although I don’t think Jim Broadbent needs the exposure).
          Anyway wishful thinking…..
          who knows Ashton maybe David and Nicholas are reading this now and thinking ‘that’s a blinding idea I am glad I thought of it’ and put some of their money and clout to get it made.
          I am sure all us OFAH would do a fans fund raiser where we would get a % of the profits for every pound we put in on the DVD sales and if it went to the other channels we could get a % of the revenue fees.
          Lovely Jubbly……..
          As a final sign off there has been a nostalgic return with birds of a feather and open all hours. Although I was a big fan of open all hours (I am originally from the north and knew a shopkeeper like that) the re-return on boxing day was not quite there.
          Give it a few more episodes and I am sure they could get back into it for at least another series (no more).
          Also I don’t know if any of you were fans of ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ With Nicholas Lyndhurst but they way they left the story that would be an ideal for a one off special were the portal opens up for the last time and Gary Sparrow returns to see how life could have turned out and if he made the right decision.
          I had the best childhood and these shows were enjoyed by all in my family and just watching these brings back great memories.
          More power to the actors who caused us so many happy times. Life is so busy now that the only time I get to watch TV is at weekends and I just turn it off because it is so crap. probably a good thing though as they don’t make them like that any more…

  94. Cushty says:

    Looking forward to it, cheers for confirming.

    • Rob says:

      And the problem with a sketch is that it is taunting us making us want a proper episode which is fine if we are getting another episode as we all thought we were!
      But we are not! So that is what is frustrating if he can write a script for charity which is fantastic but why can he not with his Dads ideas write us just one more episode perhaps where del gets married or whatever. I do understand John Sullivan was Mr Ofah his show, however the fact that there are hundreds of Johns ideas and outlines apparently for Ofah im sure one final proper special could be made. And then finish it.

  95. Ashton says:

    Rob don’t worry about it mate there will be so much positive feedback as possible to the sketch that the BBC would quickly make an agreement to get a full length special you can trust me on this one seriously no offence to the BBC but they are desperate for good ratings and family shows. Remember that last Comic Relief Special back in ’97 that had great reviews and people were asking to bring it back and they did in 2001 it wasn’t John or the BBC’s decision it was the fans decision because the show is such a gem. So when this Sketch airs if they don’t announce a following we as a OFAH Appreciation Society should and all write to the BBC and Jim and Dan and watch the special follow along you’ll see this time by the end of the year we’ll have a classic full length episode of our favorite sitcom. You know it makes sense

    • Jaz says:

      exactly how is should be, however those ever so clever chaps at the BBC will want to move on and deprive us of the greatest comedy show on TV (with just good friends an other john Sullivan classic close behind).

      There is 1 brilliant final episode left which would be a carry on from the Frog Legacy. I wrote this comment a few years ago but it goes like this.

      Del has some dream with his old mum telling him to find his legacy… after spending some time figuring out he realises that Aunt Renie said this years ago at Trigggers niece’s wedding.
      Then Del and Rodney helped by Trigger and Denzil go back to get their hands on the gold.
      At the same time the driscol brothers get a rumout there is gold hidden and try to find it themselves not knowing Del is also after the gold.
      Boycie and Marlene try to get in on the action and Abdul from ‘Hull and Back’ along with his cousin promise to buy the gold and sell it on for them.
      Theer you go a double feature episode like Miami twice and we could leave with a finale that we could cherish…..
      Over to you Jim and Dan.
      BTW much love to you late father he brought some much joy to many of us in our middle age and continues to do so.

    • Rob says:

      I like your optimism however Jim himself said they have not written another episode and there is only one writer. Therefore its finished as David and Nick would only make new one if Jim wrote it with Johns ideas. Its over I feel.

      Just wish Jim and Dan would do one final proper episode to finish it off rather than a short sketch.

    • Rob says:

      I don’t want a 8 minute sketch. Just one episode 60 mins long, a chance to say goodbye, del getting married or his birthday. They might aswell do this as they are bringing them back so why not do it properly?
      I was so excited thinking the sketch was a forerunner for new episode but it clearly isn’t as Jim said he isn’t interested in making an episode.

    • Rob says:

      do you still feel there will be an episode even after Jim said they wont be writing one?
      Strange I feel the cast clearly would like to do more. For example if Jim Sullivan said to the cast I want to write one more xmas special, I feel they would all say yes immediately! So its down to Jim if we get that final xmas special but he doesn’t want to do it seems, which is ashame as im not saying for him to go and make a new series but just one episode which incorporates his dads idea of the episode -‘dels 65th birthday or whatever it is they discovered in Johns notes and then finish it there. That would no way be being disrespectful to his dad it would be bringing his dads idea to life. In a sense what the sketch will partly do but rather than partly bringing it back wouldn’t it be better Jim to do it properly just for one last time an hour special??????? I understand your apprehension however you do just one episode OFAH you establish yourself further and then leave OFAH and concentrate on your own ideas. Your a great writer and you could do an OFAH proper special I know you could just once and then leave it. I hope you would consider this Jim for xmas 2014 just one last episode

      • Ashton says:

        I do have the feeling he’s actually doing it as a secret forerunner maybe he has one wrote and wants it to be secret so that nobody will expect it then Xmas Eve 2014 the BBC show trailers for it and all of a sudden the next day rolls the news has been spread and more than 24 million stay tuned. I think John Sullivan had the same idea about his secret 2011 special and I think they’re planning the same thing.Who knows its possible though.

        • Rob says:

          I like your optimism again ha ha
          but Jim im sure must have some desire to pen an episode with these great actors if not surely Green green grass xmas special and get Del and Rodders to visit the far. Why not something fun for xmas I find tv totally rubbish at the moment there isn’t any decent comedy to watch.
          Just read on a website comedy news the sketch is 10 mins in length! arhhhhh lets hope this is wrong please!

  96. Rich says:

    Sad news but correct I believe. When Jim Sullivan said “There was only ever one writer of Only Fools and Horses, and it is going to stay that way.” it made me realize that is the way it should be. Genius cannot be copied.

  97. Rob says:

    One final question I would ask Jim-

    Would you consider making a Green green grass xmas special as you wrote episodes for this independently? Perhaps we could then just have one visit from Del and Rodders to the farm?? This would not be an OFAH episode but a GGG special with the Trotters visiting?

    I hope you would consider this ? It would make millions of fans happy and your writing was fantastic for Green green grass?

  98. Rob says:

    Very sad news. After all the hope of a new episode potentially following on after sketch, it is over. Gutted. 5 mins or 10 minutes if we lucky to see the Trotters for one last time.

    Very deflated and sad. I just hope they could give them at least a 30minute sketch viewing time as 5 or 10 minutes is simply pathetic.

    Perhaps we could get some good news that it is longer than 5 minutes? God im clutching at straws now aren’t I! ha ha gone fro a potential new feature length special to wanting a 10 min sketch.

    Dam papers giving false optimism and why did David talk as though it was a proper script the whole thing seemed to point to a new proper episode.
    I understand Jim and Dan its just I believed a full episode would be great and fitting

    • Dan says:

      My best guess would be it’s gonna be around 7 or 8 minutes, that’s the standard time given to these kinds of Sketches.

      Sketches such as the Vicar of Dibley 2013, One foot in the Grave 2001, Royal Family 2009, even Only fools and Horses in 1997 were all 7 or 8 minutes long.

      I hope they’ll make another Special though, maybe at Christmas :D

      • Rob says:

        Somebody told me the ‘sketch’ is 20 minutes long! If this is true then I am happy well happier ha ha
        would much prefer a full special howver 20 mins not bad

        • Ashton says:

          I heard the same thing so It’ll be just like the old 30mins ones full of great gags acting one liners and it won’t drag. I’m very pleased and also that some of the dialogue was written by John so it still in a way is written by the great man.

      • Rob says:

        Somebody told me the ‘sketch’ is 20 minutes long! If this is true then I am happy well happier ha ha
        would much prefer a full special however 20 mins not bad

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