31 Responses to “Only Fools back on BBC1”

  1. Bart Simpson says:

    Come on BBC! We want OFAH! Don’t be plonkers all your life’s!

  2. Sam says:

    I don’t know if it was as a result of this but the BBC did show it in 2011- that’s how I first got into the show! So if it was because of you lot protesting that brought it back then thanks!

  3. nj says:

    Would love to see a where are they now type special for xmas or something…been gone too long!!! :-)

    • stephen gwinnett says:

      the only way we could expect a new only fools and horses special for christmas 2011 is if it were to be written by jim sullivan perhaps.

      • Dave says:

        I posted this on another thread, but here it is again.

        “According to Jim Sullivan’s wiki page,he has written his own Sitcom so we may see it in the next couple of years, and he is also likely to continue with Rock & Chips!!


        Maybe one day Jim Sullivan will continue with the Trotter’s story, there’s no reason why he can’t continue with his late fathers creation is there?

  4. Jamie says:

    We don’t need repeats, we need more brand new episodes. Another Christmas special for 2011 please!!!

  5. Shane says:

    Yes the BBC should bring back only fools and horses to our screens for all to watch and enjoy the trotters at their very best and it would be luvvly jubbly if it happened so c’mon the beeb coz u know it makes sense and you never know this time next year you could be millionares!!

  6. shane says:

    Yes I feel and demand that the BBC bring back the Trotters and the rest of the motley crew of Peckham, for all the family and many other fools and horses fans and to introduce new viewers to the Trotter family and their way of life, so I say c’mon the Beeb do the right thing and bring us all back the famous 80’s and 90’s sitcom hit of all time.

  7. susan shephard says:

    please bring back life into david jason ..bring back delboy ….he a great actor …but delboy is definaltey what made so many of us love him and not forgetting rodney….they are like salt and pepper …..they naturally sit side by side…with a nation on a budget ..in much need of laughter and hope ….we can all wish ..”this time next year ,we will be millionaires” ….i can watch replays over and over …but give us what we pay our tv licence for….MORE OF THE BEST TELEVISION PLEASE…..oh and looking forward to my first convention…and as a newby a little puzzled as to why as its only on once a yr ….some of the bigger names cant make the effort for thier loyal fans ……long live the trotters!!

  8. Daniel Muddle says:

    ofah for bbc1

  9. Oliver says:

    How about starting a petition on this website on this matter? How about it perry? Its clear so many of us feel the same way about it. Lets see if sending it to the BBC will change their minds. How about it? Lets try and get our fave comedy back on the BBC. Worth a try??

  10. JAMES says:

    Don’t be a plonker all your life beeb
    you know it makes sence

  11. Olivia Graham says:

    Oliver is probably right but ‘as this time next year we will probably NOT be millionaires’, please bring it to a freeview channel BBC.

    • Mike@NH says:

      BBC 1 or 2, Olivia??

      How does that sound???

    • Oliver says:

      A Freeview channel would make sense and be fair on the fans so they dont have to pay for G.O.L.D or top up tv. As i said I very much doubt the BBC will show it prime time anymore i.e on BBC1. The only way that would happen is if they made another new episode. G.O.L.D more less show it every day and go through every series, and when they finish them all they start all over again! So you can more or les watch it constantly on there. But weather they would ever move it from G.O.L.D which is a channel dedicated to classic comedy i dont think so.

    • Mike@NH says:

      Isn’t that a bit out of the Fools’ spirit? The Millionaires catchphrase is a classic.

  12. Oliver says:

    I doubt the BBC will ever go back to showing only fools on BBC1 now. They have all their new stuff usually on BBC1 and re-runs on the sky channels. They still show the green green grass on BBC HD from time to time, but only fools is now on G.O.L.D on sky, as that channel is half owned by BBC worldwide i think they will just keep only fools on there. so if you wanna watch it either get sky or top up tv

    • Great Scott says:

      I think Olivers comments are very realistic
      with enough fans asking we may get a change of heart form the BBC in the future

      There is no doubt that Only Fools and Horses fans get the roughest deal from the BBC when it comes to the genius sitcom

  13. Mark Driver says:

    Bring back Only Fools and show us another series of Green Green Grass…PLEASE!

  14. simon taylor says:

    bring back only fools and horses to bbc ……………. because this time next year we will be millionaries, reply rodney, this time last week we were millionaries !!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol lol

  15. Perry says:

    The BBC’s Premier show should be on the BBC’s Premier channel


  16. admin says:

    Come on BBC
    You know it makes sense
    Its a great way to bring families together on a sunday night
    Brings only fools back to BBC1

  17. Olivia Graham says:

    Come on BBC. Bring it back!

  18. Great Scott says:

    It just has to happen
    Great idea
    Come on BBC!

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