11 Responses to “Only Fools Fans Script – The Reunion Final Part”

  1. Thea Shea says:

    Hi I love Cassandra but is she pregnant again?

  2. Reatie says:

    I loved it please write more!

  3. Brandon says:

    Also to answer some of your questions:

    “Why are they still in the flat?”

    I would have thought Del would have kept the flat, just encase.

    “Why is Alan alive?”

    Why would he be dead?

    “If Alan knew Cassandra was pregnant, why would he need to be persuaded?”

    OK, yes that’s a mistake and your right he wouldn’t of needed to be.

    “Why is Alan still running the firm?”

    Why not? It’s a good, steady business for him and surely he would hand the business over to Rodney if he died, In my opinion.

    Tbh It was my first try and I tried my best.

    • Matthew Duncan (Bate) says:

      Don’t let pompous gits like Neil get to you. It was a very good script. Some people don’t realise the effort that goes into writing a story, finding new directions to take the characters, looking for an overall outcome, and trying to retain the comedy throughout. I bet Neil’s script would be far from perfect.

  4. dan says:

    @ Neil – if you have not got anything good to say, then say nothing at all.

  5. Neil says:

    Very poor. Seems like a 12 year old has written it.

    If Alan knew Cass was pregnant, why would he needed to be persuaded to re-hire Rodney? Surely he’s want to support his grandchild?

    And anyway, why is Alan still running the firm, never mind why is he alive!?

    Script offers no explanation why Rodney and Del aren’t millionaires anymore, and surely they’d have moved out of the flat as soon as they were millionaires.

    • admin says:

      Hi Neil
      by all means send us a revised or your own script
      we try to give all abilities a chance to submit a script
      it’s true the standards do vary, but we encourage all fans to give it a go
      it’s quite relaxing

    • Jeez Neil, you’re such a blooming nitpicker!

      Anyways, whoever does the next OFAH fan script, please includes references to the Rock & Chips trilogy.

    • Brandon says:

      It was my first try at writing a OFAH Script, yes It’s poor, of course it is.

    • david says:

      you plonker neil it was explained why they bought the flat in if they could see us now and i can never see del moveing out of the fat and as for alan he is the same age as del so if that is your veiw why is del not dead would be aouther question you should ask great atempt well done

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