12 Responses to “Original script shows missing scene”

  1. Simon N says:

    Wonderful! cheers to all concerned! I wondered if anyone would have access to the original recording tapes/reels of OFAH? They may still have recorded and cut scenes for us all to view (perhaps as extras to future DVD releases!) As we all know they added loads of extra bits in Sickness and wealth for the DVD release that weren’t televised.
    In the words of Albert – Might be worth considering!

  2. Auburn says:

    Looking back on it, that scene did seem like there was something cut off. I guess now it makes sense. Great little Rodney and Uncle Albert scene. “Dear God-And we still won!” My favorite bit. :D

  3. Griff says:

    A great find and all that, but why is this in the ‘latest news’ bit of the site?

  4. Sleathy says:

    Terrific!!!!!! You conjure hear them running through the scene. Thank you!

  5. Brad says:

    Brill what more can you say wishing
    for more on day

  6. cameron says:

    as i read this you can actually see it happening. In your head fantastic wrinting there will never be another show like this ever.

  7. dan (ginger) and charlotte says:

    another of alberts great war stories! very funny, shame only had 30 mins i’m sure john could’ve easy done an hour every time! one of greatest writers ever.

  8. admin says:

    For anyone watching BBC right now you will see the very episode
    BBC1 2:15 today

  9. roll the dice says:

    Thanks for posting this unseen script`

  10. Ronnie says:


  11. daniel says:

    This is great

  12. Brandon says:

    This is amazing. Being able to read something that has never been seen before is mind blowing. Just reading it you can picture albert saying it and Rodney’s reactions. Thanks so much for this! John was such an amazing writer.


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