2 Responses to “Reg Trotter”

  1. Cushty says:

    Spot on with casting for Reg in Thicker Than Water. The episode had me totally believing he was Del’s father and Grandad’s son and set the story up perfectly for the Freddy the Frog revelation in episodes to come.

  2. Griff says:

    For me, the character should have featured in a couple of more episodes. Could have eventually been a lovable rogue, where Del Boy begrudgingly and eventually respected.

    The actor chosen to play Reg Trotter in ‘Rock and Chips’ was for me, a poor choice. I appreciate that acting talents come first, but I didn’t imagine Del Boy’s dad to look like that. I would have thought that John Sullivan and the casting team would have at first looked out for a shorter bloke with dark hair. Not a tall, strawberry blonde haired geezer.

    My observation anyhow.

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