One Response to “Roger – a generous man”

  1. Ashton says:

    This scene was funny can remember loads of great lines Trigger – “Who was the bloke who invented the Dyson Vacuum?” Denzil- “Dyson” Trigger-“What do you do if you have an itch in your back?” Rodney – “Ask one of the others to scratch it for you” Trigger – “No you can’t do that Dave I did that once and it caused nothing but trouble so what’s the answear?” Denzil – “Another Drink” Trigger – “Guess what this is” Denzil – ” A chopstick” Trigger – “CORRECT” Trigger – ” You can also use it for pointing at things” Rodney – “That’s brilliant no more fingers” Trigger “I’ll put this in your name Del” Del – “Cheers Yrig see you on Tomorrow’s World”. Later scene ” Tell Del, my prototype has hit snag the paraffin heater melted the chopsticks might need to go to a Chinese shop he’ll understand” Brilliant Trigger Had It To The End

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