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  1. Nedeljka Lukic says:

    I grew up watching both Only fools & horses with my grandpa (who came here from Yugoslavia in the 1970’s) and it has remained the only show that has never failed to lift my spirits. My grandpa is remembered for his lively character & Delboy dress sense. He also just so happened to have a likeness to him and share the same taste in decor!! When I watch the show now (every Sunday without fail) not only does it still make me cry with laughter but it also brings back the happy memories of my younger years spent with my grandpa.

    I feel extremely lucky and appreciative that I managed to fulfil my absolute dream and meet Sir David Jason in person. Having rehearsed all of the things I wanted to say umpteen times in my head, unfortunately my nerves got the better of me & it all went out of the window! Sir David is a true gentleman who made time for everyone who came to see him. It felt so surreal sitting there in the Trotter flat – I’m still pinching myself! We had a little chat and a good giggle, something I will remember and cherish forever. A birthday that I will never forget!

    I can genuinely say that the old saying “you should not meet your heroes in case you are disappointed” is most certainly & definitely “au contraire” in my experience!

    A HUGE THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to ALL who made this possible. Nedeljka xx

  2. Roy Wood says:

    Breaking News….
    Just read that Bradley Walsh will be taking over from Sir David Jason as Pop Larkin in the remake of “The Darling Buds Of May”.
    News announced only 20 minutes ago!

    I am so glad that they have got Bradley Walsh to do it as it is always hard to replace a LEGEND such as David Jason but as Bradley is also a LEGEND, I am OK with that and the role would suit him.

    No matter what David Jason is in, it is always a DELIGHT to watch him.

  3. Roy Wood says:

    As there are millions of them, it would be impossible for every single one of Sir David Jason’s true life long fans to meet him.

    There are many Genuine and true dedicated Fans that would have loved to have gone to this event and not just fans of “Only Fools & Horses” but huge fans of David Jason himself who are fans of ALL of his programmes.

    People who have watched every TV interview, saved every newspaper cutting, got all his books, DVD’s etc…..

    There are also people who have attended many “Only Fools” conventions and been members of the fan club for years who could not attend this event.

    People who have been fans of him for a very long time.

    I really do hope that Sir David will consider my idea of himself writing an “Only Fools” script for Christmas Day – that WOULD be a dream come true.

    It would be “Cushty!”

  4. Roy Wood says:

    I hope more people comment on this page.
    Looking forward to reading lots more fans comments – positive or negative.

    Also, although I didn’t go to the exhibition – I was really dissapointed that Sir David didn’t actually dress up as Del Boy again as I thought he was going to play him one last time and wear the clothes that he wore in the 2014 Sport Relief Sketch. But he was dressed just as himself.

    The newspapers made out that he will dress up as Del and play Del Boy one last time.

    I must add that he did look very smart but if I would have paid out lots of money for this event and was looking forward to it, I think that I would have been very dissapointed that he wasn’t dressed up as Del Boy.

    It’s a shame that there are no recent photos of David dressed up as Del.

    I bet the Legendary Nicholas Lyndhurst (a.k.a. Rodney or Dave as he’s known to Trigger) will never attend an event.

    I wish that Sir David himself would write a one-off special of “Only Fools” for Christmas as the Christmas Day TV Schedules have been rubbish since “Only Fools” finished.

    By the way, Happy belated 80th Birthday Sir David!

    Bonnet De Douche, My Son!!!!

    Looking forward to reading lots more of the fans comments on this page.

  5. Roy Wood says:

    Having said what I said before, I am still very pleased with Sir David Jason posting his message onto the page, and it is still very nice of him that he thinks of and cares about the many fans that were not able to attend. It was very good of him to send his thanks and appreciation to ALL of his genuine fans whether they were there or not.
    I am certainly NOT dissapointed with the great man himself, way far from it.
    It has certainly cheered me up that he sent a message to people that did not share the weekend.
    He reckons that no venue would be able to cope with his hundreds of fans. I actually reckon that he has Billions of fans – not hundreds or thousands, I reckon billions!
    Thank you Sir David for your lovely message and consideration to fans and thanks for entertaining us all throughout the many years and for all the fantastic signing sessions.
    Keep it up – “You Know It Makes Sense” ! :)
    Oh and by the way, I also feel for the people that could not attend and I am thinking of you all as well.

  6. Roy Wood says:

    This event was so not fair to many of the true 100% lifetime fans of the show that really would have loved to go but sadly could not. Many people have been saying that it was a dream come true, yes for them – the lucky people who were able to go but for many thousands of people it is a great disappointment and very depressing that they missed out on this opportunity. The tickets were too expensive for myself and lots of people. I am gutted and sad. It has put me off the show for a little while. This event was only for people with lots of money. Makes you feel sick and depressed.

  7. Wayne Maines says:

    I’ve met many celebs or rather they have met me🤣 but this was always my dream can’t believe I’ve met the legend had proper chat with him to thanks to Perry Aghajanoff & Craig Wood for making it happen #DelBoy #SirDavidJason amazing experience from start to finish including all the staff who attended to our every need

  8. Ali D says:

    Nice to see people with lots of money attending the event, I was one who was willing to pay for a gold ticket, but even though I had tickets in my basket multiple times I couldn’t pay for them!

    Also nice to see a ordinary person like Ricky Hatton there, though I assume he was one of the invitation only platinum tickets?!

    I love David Jason but I feel a bit let down in him!

  9. Cushty says:

    Wow you posted that quick, I thought you’d all be recovering from the weekend. Looks great

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