4 Responses to “Sir David Jason message to Only Fools and Horses fans”

  1. Cris Robertson-Calder says:

    Fantastic idea!! Thanks for the neverending laughter Sir David.

    Jolly Boys Outing is by far my most watched/favorite episode also :)

    Tho if im honest ofah runs on a 24hr loop in my house lol

    Stay safe out there and much love to you all.

    And remember .. Look after your broom! :)

  2. Roy Wood says:

    I wonder what Sir David watched it on;

    Wonder if he watched it on GOLD?
    perhaps he has Britbox or Netflix?
    or did he just watch it on DVD or even VHS?

    Most probably was just a TV screening of the episode on Gold, but it does make you wonder :)

    “The Jolly Boys’ Outing” and “Mother Natures Son” are my all-time favourite episodes!!!!

    Glad that he watched one of the BEST episodes of “Only Fools” :)

  3. Roy Wood says:

    It’s shows like “Only Fools & Horses” and stars like David Jason & Nick Lyndhurst that get us through these troubling and difficult times :)

    Thank you boys! :)
    and thank you Perry for cheering us all up with all the new great merchandise from Del Boy’s Cushty Shop! :)

  4. Roy Wood says:

    Lovely Message Sir David :)
    Great to read an email from the great man and The LEGEND himself :)
    Lovely Jubbly!

    Yes, Jolly Boys’, was one of the very best episodes :)

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