5 Responses to “Where are they now? Sarah Duncan”

  1. Den says:

    Fantastic interview , loved the part about Nicholas helping her to pretend to be eating during filming.

  2. stephen jackson says:

    cant believe how young you look

  3. Aaron says:

    Great website found by luck looking for Sarah Duncan (absolutely beautiful woman in the episode a Royal Flush on Only Fools & Horses)


  4. Joseph Baron says:

    I’m new to this site having accidentally discovered it while reminding myself of Buster Merryfield. What a lovely and talented man. We were both gigging at Pinewood studios,he as Father Christmas myself as Bing Crosby following two appearances on Stars in their Eyes.I sang White Christmas and as I walked to the next room from the diners I heard a familiar voice call out “Bing”. That’s how I met Buster.He was seated at a table with a large ex policeman (his driver and protection) and Joanna Lumley (Lookalike) and offered champers in high style. Buster had a twinkle in his eye as we talked about Bing and then he asked me to follow him across the room. The waiters were busy sorting out materials at a long table at the back of the room so the room was virtually empty.He asked me to sing. I was delighted to sing and as I started with an old Hawiian song from the thirties he joined me with a wonderful harmony.We sang song after song: he knew them all! I coudn’t believe my luck. Applause came from the waiters as they tidied up; it was like a scene from a film and I’ll never forget it! Later I helped him with his Santa costume.
    I hope this note is of interest. Joe Baron. Best wishes to all.

  5. Rich says:

    I’m really enjoying this new ‘Where are they now?’ feature.
    I could listen to the stars stories from behind the scenes all day.
    Thanks for another great interview. Keep them coming!

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