3 Responses to “Bobby Bragg dies”

  1. John Sleath says:

    I lost a very close friend on virtually the same day last year – and I missed this news completely …could not believe it when I saw the tribute to Bobby and Gareth Gwenlan at the end of the Only Fools and Horses Story last night. Bobby was a real gentleman as well as being very funny when I saw him as warm-up for both OFAH and Green Green Grass. Bobby also attended at least one OFAH convention where I was fortunate to have a really good chat with him and I managed to get him to sign a few things for me. He was saying how much he loved John Sullivan and his writing and how fortunate he considered himself to have been to have been part of the OFAH fabric.

    Another one bites the dust …

  2. Griff says:

    Big shame. Part of the OFAH family as they say.

    RIP Bobby.

  3. Cushty says:

    R.I.P Bobby

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