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  1. russMead says:

    just found ‘I done it my way’ on a torrent site :-)

  2. Rob M says:

    There wont be anymore new GGG episodes made now due to John Challis’ death. Its just not possible without John Challis.

  3. Steve says:

    0please bring back ggg it’s such a brilliant funny show me and the wife absolutely love it so funny great cast should not of been axed by the BBC what on earth were they thinking good viewing figures the crap they put on TV especially the voice nothing comes of them win then dissappear ggg gets load of repeats on gold and we love it being it back let it run and run honestly BBC are on to a winner with this one then they axe it stupid or what!!!!!!!

  4. Rob M says:

    If anybody has the episode ‘I done it my way’ recorded on tape somewhere, then keep it.

    because not only is the episode removed from the series 4 DVD release, but GOLD no longer repeat this episode either.

    last time GOLD on sky digital aired series 4 episodes – they completely avoided ‘I done it my way’

    mega, mega rare episode to find now.

  5. Rob M says:

    Hi all.

    Today I bought series 1-4, the boxset where you get all 4 series’

    what on earth is the problem with the episode ‘I did it my way?’

  6. Rob says:

    Hi Perry do you know if they have resolved the contractural problem for the episode ‘I done it my way’? Will it be included in the complete GGG boxset? You said you would let me know after you saw John Challis?

  7. Daniel Hall says:

    Only Fools and Horses and The Green Green Grass have not been treated well by the BBC DVD’s also John Sullivan’s legacy will be ruined with these cuts of his shows. I prefer Dad’s Army at the moment because there are NO cuts.

  8. Chris mcneill says:

    Good news is series 4 of the green green grass will now be released on December 23rd 2013 just in time for that last minute Christmas stocking filler

    • Rob says:

      Yes however there wont be the episode ‘I done it my way’! Pathetic because of contract reasons they cant put this episode on dvd. What a joke as always these dvd releases are woeful such ashame.

  9. Chris McNeill says:

    Totally agree guys.
    The bbc seem to abandon ship once the series has been aired.

    We will get this DVD out there, it’s a shame it isn’t likely to be before Santa comes but on this occasion the bbc claim its an issue with there stock supplier

    Ill be contacting there supplier now to see there side of the story

  10. Chris McNeill says:

    Totally agree rob and in many emails to them I’ve told them so

    John sullivan gave them some of the best shows ever seen on tv and his memory and show is treated with such disregard whether intentionally or not.

    As a 32 year old I probably shouldn’t but I love the older tv sitcoms. There’s nothing in comparison on tv today

    • Rob says:

      John Challis and Sue want to make series 5, majority of scripts done, it could be made if it wasn’t for the BBC! I don’t understand their problem. GGG is a good series, its not OFAH obviously this is untouchable, however it more than warrants another series and would get a respectable viewing from fans. It could be developed further with perhaps Trigger visiting the farm, it has a lot of potential to continue with or without a visit from our friends in Peckham. And as it had a variety of different writers anyway could easily continue or comeback for a xmas special. But the bbc just aren’t interested. Such ashame when the cast want it to continue and scripts have been completed. Shame on the BBC, and shame on change of release date , can we have a reason?

    • Mark Driver says:

      I’m 26 and feel exactly the same. Only Fools, One Foot in the Grave, Fawlty Towers, Summer Wine – there’s nothing in comparison these days.
      I’ve been waiting for this DVD ever since the series finished – 5 years next year!
      I was amazed to find out it was due to be released and genuinely looking forward to finally getting a copy. To find out we’ve got another long wait is a big disappointment – and who knows we may end up waiting longer still.

  11. Chris McNeill says:

    The bbc are now telling me that the new release date is 24th march, 2014 but how long until they postpone it for even longer.

    Should they be allowed to mis-lead the license payer?

    I have emailed my frustration and disappointment to Dvdenquiryline@bbc.com and you can too.

    We can and will make a difference and I won’t rest until the DVD is in the shops.

    Everyone involved in the show deserves this

    • Rob says:

      I think the BBC should give the go ahead and let them make series 5 as a tribute to John. This is what us fans want and the scripts have mostly been completed anyway. Do one final series with a xmas special and then end this series properly. I don’t understand why they decided to shelf series when everybody was ready to start filming? It gets respectable viewers and dvd purchasers (well when they get round to releasing it, which can take years!)

  12. Rob says:

    Tell me you are joking!? Just to clarify GGG 4 is not now being released September? If so this is a complete joke! The bbc should hang their heads in shame. John has provided them with quality programmes and scripts over the years. The bbc are clueless nowadays they really are. Waste money making pathetic shows like the VOICE, same old rubbish.
    We have been waiting so long for a release for this? Why the bbc don’t like GGG? The cast want to make series 5, it is the bbc who are stopping this from happening.

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