• Boycie in Belgrade
    • It’s an incredible fact, but many of the visitors on this Only Fools and Horses website are from Serbia. So it seems fitting this new documentary arrives on Blu-Ray and Dvd soon featuring Boycie actor John Challis A must watch for any fan of Only Fools and Horses! Its aptly entitled Boycie in Belgrade it […]

    • Winning entry of our video competition
    • We call it Anyone seen Mr Rham? Here’s the winning entry of our video competition, which was chosen by Sir David Jason himself. We mentioned it at the beginning of lockdown where you could win a signed photo from Sir David Jason The winners of the contest, which we ran in conjunction with the Only […]

    • Nicky and Michelle from Go West Young Man
    • Back in the 15th September 1981, we enjoyed some classic flirting from Del and Rodney as they take Boycie Jag out for a spin and bump into Nicky and Michelle down at the nearby nightclub. So what happened to these ladies who missed out on a slap-up steak meal from Derrick Duval and HotRod? Well, […]

    • Early series of Only Fools & Horses
    • Del boy creation in early episodes

      It’s not every day you get a writing talent offering to produce a fine article for us here on ofah.net. But today I want to introduce Ross Thompson who has written this excellent article for Only Fools and Horses fans. It looks at the early series of OFAH. Many fans regard the latter series and […]

    • Trigger from Only Fools and Horses
    • Trigger gets some of the best lines

      We have been celebrating a much-loved character Trigger from Only Fools and Horses in recent video posts. Very much a firm favourite amongst Only Fools and Horses fans Trigger or Colin Ball to the connoisseur. We recently paid a tribute to Trigger with the footage of the spurs crowd chanting his name. Don’t miss this. […]

    • Only Fools and Horses Bus Tour
    • Back in 2004/5 The Only Fools and Horses Bus Tour was touring the country to rival Del Boys Trotters Ethnic Bus Tours. We took our Ethnic Tours bus to the Richard & Judy show in 2004/5 I remember it breaking down on the way to the Richard and Judy studio and was a major panic […]

    • Only Fools and Horses Cuts – Part 3
    • Tea for Three Cuts

      Only Fools and Horses Cuts – Part 3 – Updated Video below Last week we looked at Series Two Three and Four of Only Fools and Horses.  Particularly the way episodes have lost original scenes when released on DVD in the UK. Today we turn our attention to Series 5 where one episode (my favorite episode […]

    • Denzil From Only Fools and Horses Meets A Massive Fan
    • Time On Our Hands

      Who doesntt love Denzil played by the awesome Paul Barber? But I love today video that shows what happens when an Only Fools and Horses fan meets him. Paul takes it in great nature as he meets the massive fan in Del Boys flat. Over the years, the Character Denzil who was first seen in […]

    • Only Fools and Horses Trailers
    • Who remembers looking forward to the Only Fools and Horses Trailers Often seen in mid December? These OFAH Trailers were especially valuable when there hadn’t been a series for a few years. Some years all we had were just the annual Christmas special. The Frogs Legacy which is the 1987 one shown in the …

    • Del Boy French Bonnet De Douche
    • Del Boy French

      Del Boy French Bonnet De Douche is not what you expect to hear when you bump into Sir David Jason. As we all know, Del boy is famous for his misquoted and poorly executed french phrases. Story has it he picks them up from washing labels and the side of products to wow the ladies. […]