• Lennard Pearce
    • No one could ever forget Lennard Pearce who played Grandad in Only Fools and Horses from 1981 to 1984. We are all aware of the shocking event while filming the 1st episode of the 4th series of Only Fools. This was when dear Lennard Pearce fell ill and shortly thereafter died. The original episode filmed […]

    • Original Capri Ghia
    • Perry was recently commenting on the way props turn up when new events like the The Jolly Boys Outing 30th Anniversary Perry says “It always amazes how as soon as we announce a new show a whole new rich vein of props turn up and just weeks before the show.”He Continues, “We have just found […]

    • The Jolly Boys Outing 30th Anniversary
    • jolly-boys 30 years anniversary

      UPDATED: We have added an extra cast date next Saturday.  Here is showreel video of the event https://youtu.be/VUiRbAwy9M0 Only Fools Jolly Boys Outing – Dreamland – Margate What an Announcement we have for you! Yes you have gone to Dreamland and back! Only Fools and Horses Exhibition in Margate Dreamland Presented by the Only Fools […]

    • Behind the Only Fools and Horses Scenes
    • We love it when we get some new behind the scenes photos or details. If you havent seen our series we ran a few years back then make sure you click through to the page called 16 behind Only Fools and Horses Scenes You Havent Seen. So here is our latest. The appeciation Society recently […]

    • University degree for OFAH
    • We recently had Robert Lamb contact us regarding his university degree for OFAH. Yes can you beleive it! His study of Only Fools and Horses depicts geographies of the home. Here is a fascinating excerpt of the essay for our website fans to see. He’s condensed the essay to the section that specifically talks about […]

    • Only Fools and Horses The Musical EXTENDS to February 2020!
    • Well would you Adam and Eve it? We’re delighted to announce that we’re EXTENDING until the 8 Feb 2020! Here’s a quick message from Peckham’s finest letting you know all the cushty details! 100,000 new tickets ON SALE from 10am! #OFAHMusical Book now at onlyfoolsmusical.com If you havent seen the Only Fools Musical yet, then that’s […]

    • Mardi Gras Tickets Discovered
    • We know that the 1989 episode “The Jolly Boys Outing” is a one of the most popular Only Fools and Horses specials. It features the chance meeting of Del and Raquel again but this time in Margate thansk to a visit to a nightclub called the Mardi Gras. Earlier in the episode, Del was seen […]

    • Only Fools and Horses studio technical plans
    • Only Fools and Horses studio technical plans

      We love going behind the scenes here at OFAH.net. So it was with great excitement we opened our email from Perry and the gang when these Only Fools studio technical plans were sent to us. We are sure you will also enjoy looking at the preserved archives of these plans. A few more unusual items […]

    • Fatal Extraction Props List
    • fatla extraction props

      Its amazing what discoveries Perry can find. Yesterday he sent us another amazing find when he took a little look in the clubs archives. Here we have the original props list for Fatal Extraction It’s amazing how much preparation and preplanning is involved in each episode, from the 2 bottles of Brut filled with water […]

    • Harry Fielder
    • Perry stumbled on this chaps Facebook page, seems he’s had quite a career as a extra over the decades. Harry Fielder is his name, and he has been in several well known TV shows and Sitcoms over the years inclusding our very own extra on Only Fools and Hoeses. He’s like Dr Who, popping up […]