• Vote for Beckham in Peckham
    • The BBC are asking you to vote for the greatest Sport Relief sketch of all time. So any Only Fools and Horses fan it is a no-brainer. Talking of no brainers…David Beckham is hilarious in this sketch where he really takes the roll of dear old Trigger. Add your vote on this Sports Relief link […]

    • Sir David Jason exhibition 2020 Pictures and Comments
    • Sir David Jason exhibition 2020 Pictures and Comments

      The Sir David Jason exhibition was a massive day out for the fans and made many dreams come true according to your comments. The Sir David Jason Exhibition took place this weekend. One of Britain’s greatest actors was able to be a true gentleman and provide his fans time and genuine interest. Sir David Jason […]

    • Only Fools and Horses Musical : 50,000 More Tickets released
    • Only Fools and Horses Musical

      Today at 9am another 50,000 more tickets for Only Fools and Horses the Musical have just been released. The amazing show will now extend till June 2020! They have also just released this awesome new Only Fools and Horses the Musical trailer which is a snippet from the show. Its called ‘Where have all the […]

    • Buster Merryfield
    • buster merrfield at AFC Bournemouth

      Today we have an article as a celebration of Buster Merryfield or as we also know him Uncle Albert. Of course Buster was thrown in the deep end as Lennard was sadly lost during the early filming of Series 4. Scripts have since been found to prove that Uncle Albert was quickly written into the […]

    • A vote worth casting? Only Fools and Horses Musical
    • Only Fools and Horses Musical - best new musical award.

      We have just found out that Only Fools and Horses Musical has been nominated for a ‘What’s On Stage’ best new musical award.   Only Fools and Horses Musical has been going for some time now, so its really lovely to see it get some recognition. Oscar Conlon-Morrey is also up for best supporting actor. […]

    • Tickets for the David Jason Exhibition
    • Sunday tickets for the David Jason Exhibition will go on sale over the next few days. Sir David Jason Exhibition 2020 We are not announcing an exact time to ease stress on our server. Whilst we have upgraded to unlimited bandwidth and our own dedicated server we still think this to be the best way […]

    • Only Fools and Horses Fan script : LEAD, KINDLY LIGHT
    • Fools and Horses Fan script Christmas Special by Vin Hatcher Based on characters by John SullivanIn tribute to Lennard Pearce Setting: Christmas 1984 EXT. SCENE 1 PECKHAM MARKETPLACE DEL Come along, ladies and gentlemen time to get a last minute Christmas Eve bargain. Imagine the look on your little ‘uns faces when they wake up […]

    • Meet Sir David Jason

      Sir David Jason & Friends Exhibition 29th Feb – 1st March 2020 The David Jason Exhibition Update 3.2 MILLION HITS EXTRA DAY ANNOUNCED As you may know, it was an extremely frustrating experience for everyone trying to order tickets yesterday right up to 3am this morning. Organisers have issued an apology to all the fans […]

    • Only Fools and Horses : Who’s a Pretty Boy
    • Who's a Pretty Boy? set

      There are several pivotal episodes in the awesome script writings of Only Fools and Horses, Who’s a Pretty Boy is one of those episodes. Who’s a Pretty Boy, is an episode that feels like the characters are now put in place for good. Created, cemented and fully founded. The trio chemistry of Grandad, Del and […]

    • Jolly boys outing photos
    • Over the years, Jolly Boys Outing photos have trickled in from fans and the famous. It’s always an exciting time when Perry opens another lost box of memories and especially when it reveals lost or cut scenes. Its like getting a Delorean and going back to the future, well back to 1989 to be precise! […]