• Remembering John Challis
    • Remembering John Challis

      A Day to remember John Challis Today on the first anniversary of his passing we remember our dear friend and Boycie actor John Challis We will never forget him and everything he gave us all A true legend of British comedy https://youtu.be/v3Rx_oTIxak This Time Last Year https://www.ofah.net/blog/remembering-john-challis-aka-boycie/

    • The Day Del Boy Met The Queen
    • Del Boy Met The Queen

      With sad hearts, many are remembering the extraordinary life of the queen. Of course Only Fools and Horses fans hold the knowledge of knowing how Dael Boy met the queen after becoming a Millionaire. So what episode did this come from? We donated to charity.. anonymously of course! Sir David Jason 2010 HIS role as […]

    • Remembering John Challis aka Boycie
    • John Challis Using The Van

      Today we remember our dear friend John Challis. Below are some great memories from John often in character as Boycie. actor John Challis as Boycie Additonally Chris Mcneill has put a few words together so we can keep the great man in our thoughts: Ive written a little something as it would have been John […]

    • Jolly Boys Outing Bobble Buddies & Gold Van
    • Jolly boys Outing bobble buddies

      Jolly boys outing bobble buddies set The Jolly Boys Outing Limited Edition Bobble Head Set in Coach Box  The Magnificent Jolly Boys Outing Bobble Head Set, here we are unboxing a set… https://youtu.be/aElkQwSSy64 5 Piece Set –  Packed In Jolly Coach Box Strictly 1989 sets made Each with Numbered Certificate in the Style of the […]

    • Only Fools and Horses Trailers
    • Who remembers looking forward to the Only Fools and Horses Trailers Often seen in mid December? These OFAH Trailers were especially valuable when there hadn’t been a series for a few years. Some years all we had were just the annual Christmas special. The Frogs Legacy which is the 1987 one shown in the …

    • TWO for the price of ONE
    • Delboy met Delboy

      https://youtu.be/MKH72mhwasU Delboy met Delboy When Delboy met Delboy at the Trotters Flat you got 2 for the price of 1 Our event Delboy character meets Sir David Jason in the trotter flat Only Fools and Horses- Sir David Jason & Friends Exhibition – Sun 1st March, 2020 For More Delboy Videos and Only Fools and […]

    • The Wonderful World Of Trotters
    • only fools passes

      So what’s happening in the world of the Trotters these days? I’m sure you are pleased to see the recent dates released for the 40-year convention and celebration. Perry and Chris keeping us up to date with some more great finds and of course a reminder of how the Only Fools and Horses musical is […]

    • Only Fools and Horses Convention Dates For 2022
    • Only Fools and Horses convention 2022

      ** ONLY FOOLS & HORSES EVENTS ANNOUNCEMENT ** There has been a change of date for our annual convention Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd May 2022 The Sharnbrook Hotel, Park Lane, Sharnbrook, Bedford, MK44 1LX Only Fools 40th Anniversary Convention (1981-2021) Meet the stars, photograph @ Autograph opportunities, on stage talk, rare and exclusive memorabilia […]

    • OFAH Limericks
    • Louise Comb has written a book of OFAH limericks. She is desperate to get them published. The idea is original and ‘off the wall’, yet unfortunately she can’t find any agents who are a right ‘fit’ for her book. Louise (Pen name: Blulu) has given us a few tasters as she has a strong feeling […]

    • MEDIA STATEMENT FROM THE FAMILY OF JOHN CHALLIS Sunday September 19, 2021 “It is with heavy hearts that we bring you such sad news. Our dear friend and yours, John Challis, has died peacefully in his sleep, after a long battle with cancer.“ He will always be loved for being ‘Boycie’ and leaves a great […]