• Diamonds are For Heather
    • Diamonds are For Heather Title

      Diamonds are For Heather Episode Review Brief: It’s Christmas in Peckham and Del’s fallen hook, line and sinker for the lovely Heather. With his ring: a cluster of solitaires, she is sure to be engaged to the “Born-again Ovaltini” Transmitted: 30.12.1982 Duration: 30 minutes Viewing Figures: 9.3 million Derek Trotter has the Yuletide Blues, and […]

    • It Never Rains…
    • It Never Rains Episode

      It Never Rains… Episode Review Brief: Del bumps into Alex the Travel-agent. Next moment the Trotters family holiday is underway. Everything seems to be going according to plan, until Grandad starts acting a bit strange. Then Granddad runs into a bit of trouble with the Spanish Police. Transmitted: 25.11.1982 Duration: 30 minutes Viewing Figures: 9.5 […]

    • The Yellow Peril
    • The Yellow Peril Title

      The Yellow Peril Episode Review Brief: Del’s got a job painting Mr Chin’s Chinese restaurant – but is he wise to get some help from Rodney ‘Leonardo’ Trotter? While their at it Del remembers the gravestone of his mother is looking a bit dull as well. Transmitted: 18.11.1982 Duration: 30 minutes Viewing Figures:8.2 million When […]

    • A Del Of A Life
    • A Del Of A Life is the new book promised for usis now availble. A great insight into our most iconic actor of Only Fools and Horses David Jason. This brand new book is now available here at amazon A Del of a Life: The hilarious new memoir from the national treasureORDER YOUR COPY HERE […]

    • No Greater Love
    • No Greater Love Title

      No Greater Love Episode Review Brief: Rodney’s got himself a bird at last- Irene! Unfortunately, she’s no spring chicken, even too old for Grandad! Also her jailbird husband Tommy McKay is about to be released… and he doesn’t stand for any nonsense. Transmitted: 11.11.1982 Duration: 30 minutes Viewing Figures:8.6 million Rodney falls for Irene Mackay […]

    • A Losing Streak
    • A Losing Streak Title

      A Losing Streak Episode Review Brief: Del and Boycie are set to play the biggest poker game Peckham’s ever seen… But what exactly has Boycie got up his sleeve? Will Grandads double-headed coin save the day? Transmitted: 04.11.1982 Duration: 30 minutes Viewing Figures: 7.5 million Del is getting into financial trouble – even his double-headed […]

    • Ashes to Ashes
    • Ashes to Ashes Opening title

      Ashes to Ashes Episode Review Brief: Del’s busy selling Trigs gran’s genuine antique urns. Trouble is, one of them is Trigs Granddad’s last resting place! Also Grandad keeps feeling a haunting feeling, now who could be behind that ? Transmitted: 28.10.1982 Duration: 30 minutes Viewing Figures: 9.8 million Check out the missing scene where they […]

    • Long Legs of the Law
    • Long Legs of the Law Title

      Long Legs of the Law Episode Review Brief: Streuth! Rodders besmirching the good reputation of the Trotter family by dating a policewoman, Sandra… Better hide that Police Record …”Walking on the Moon” Rodney has really blown it this time. Transmitted: 21.10.1982 Duration: 30 minutes Viewing Figures: 7.7 million   Del and Grandad are horrified to […]

    • Heartfelt Sadness for the Lyndhurst Family
    • SOCIETY ANNOUNCEMENT We would like to express our heartfelt sadness and warm wishes to the family of Nicholas and Lucy Lyndhurst on the tragic news on the loss of their beloved son Archie confirmed in today’s tabloids Please feel free to post condolences below

    • Slow Bus to Chingford
    • Slow Bus to Chingford Title

      Slow Bus to Chingford Episode Review Brief: Del has a dream: The Trotter corporate skyscraper, rising majestically against the Peckham Skyline. With Rodneys night job and use of an open-topped bus, it’s time for the latest moneymaking scam, Trotter’s Ethnic Tours… Some how it looks like it might not catch on. Transmitted: 6.10.1981 Duration: 30 […]