• Celebrating 40 years Only Fools and Horses musical is back with an offer!
    • The Only Fools and Horses musical is back and ready to entertain you “Culture Vultures” from 1st October 2021 But How About This Lovely Jubbly Promotion! As a special promotion for OFAH The Musical and to celebrate its 40th anniversary, we have 40 tickets, at £40 for 40 performances! These are available on selected performances in […]

    • Only Fools and Football
    • Only Fools and Football

      Del Boy Wishes The England Team All The Best For the Final in Euro 2020 https://youtu.be/Ke0jYD4oHCs Only Fools and Football (Euro 2020 Message From Del Boy) A NEW video from Del Boy For the Fans Trotters Love Football https://youtu.be/fOuPc3AYo5c It’s obvious that the Trotters loved football as a sport. Clearly Rugby is for Grammar school […]

    • Del or Rodney falls through bar. Really?
    • Del falls through bar  scene

      Often known as the “Del falls through bar episode” it is regarded as one of the classic comedy sketches of all time.  The scene in this episode of Only Fools and Horses was recently voted the number one comedy moment of all time in a UK poll. But What if Rodney had the opportunity to fall at the […]

    • Boycie in Belgrade
    • Boycie In Belgrade

      John Challis is ‘Boycie In Belgrade’ on DVD and digital Monday 14th June Only Fools and Horses is Big in Belgrade – Boycie dons his suit and goes on his travels to investigate Boycie In Belgrade teaser https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R3hjjI5WpPw Boycie in Belgrade Teaser Credit: Boycie In Belgrade is available on DVD and digital from 14th June Pack […]

    • Only Fools & Horses 40th Anniversary Convention
    • jolly boys outing 40th anniversary

      This year’s Only Fools and Horses 40th anniversary Convention will be at…drumroll …. Dreamland Margate…. We sat down and looked at many possible locations up and down the country but kept coming back to a rip roaring Jolly Boys Outing Convention in Margate. OCTOBER 2021 Sat 23rd – Mon 25th We will theme the Convention […]

    • John Sullivan 10 years ago this week we lost this legend
    • Blue plaque John Sullivan

      10 years ago we had the extremely sad occasion to write the article below. So in memory of John, we have brought the article back to the home page —— written in 23rd April 2011 ——- John Sullivan died aged 64 today. We are stunned, we take this opportunity to pass our condolescences to his […]

    • Miami Twice draft scripts & location
    • Miami Twice draft scripts

      Recently going through the archives and found two original draft scripts for Miami Twice Makes you think how many draft scripts there were of episodes before a final script was agreed Miami Twice draft scripts On to another memory of Miami Twice. Do you recall the location where Damian gets christened? Darren Lovett takes us […]

    • BBC props lists & scripts
    • Dels Gold Rings

      Here are some more discoveries in 2021 Probably the best script in the collection is the one for The Jolly Boys Outing. This originally belonged to Del Baker who played the policeman who had his helmet knocked off. Del got the whole cast to signed each page too Recently this actual script was featured on […]

    • Del Boy – You Know it makes sense
    • Del Boy knows his Bananas

      Del Boy knows how to close a deal. He knows size matters when your talking Bananas. Del Boy – You Know it makes sense is the book every entrepreneur needs in his camel hair coat. Del Boy knows how to close a deal. He knows size matters when your talking Bananas. Speaking several languages is […]

    • Only Fools And Horses Stamps
    • We are delighted to tell you that Royal Mail is releasing a set of Only Fools and Horses stamps to celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary. The stamps, together with special presentation packs and first-day covers, will go on sale on February 16th. The Only Fools and Horses Appreciation Society are working our way through getting […]