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  1. chris r says:

    hi, to be honest im not even sure if ive seen any episodes fully uncut, and i cant find anything on the internet..would like to see royal flush if anyone can help me out? thankyou

  2. Rodders says:

    Hi, anyone have an early TV broadcast recordings of uncut episodes that they would be kind to exchange/trade for a sum?, I’m not necessarily asking for the tape itself a copy on a DVD or pendrive would do, or anyone know someone who’s have uncut eps in VHS prerecorded joblots on ebay. Someone must have uncut eps in their VHS collection sitting in the cupboard; there are plenty of clips on youtube of xmas day recordings from the 90s and likely someone will have an OFAH episode that they taped.

    • Dave says:

      The other week I came across an uncut version of the second part of the Miami Twice ep Oh to be in England where the ep doesn’t follow straight on the the first half. Looks to be fully uncut, but whoever has obtained the ep and uploaded it (linked to a google account I think) looks like they have used different audio sources from the DVD/VHS version and a broadcast recording as in some places an audience laughter is heard but at other times there’s no laughter track even when there would’ve been on the home video release, so they’ve probably edited various audio clips together but the video looks like it’s from one recording (no difference in video quality), and there’s no sign of any logo (ie UKGold) on screen. The end credits doesn’t have any voice over that you would normally get from a TV broadcast from the BBC or Gold, so I wonder how this person has got hold of it. The audio is slightly poor but not obvious. There’s one slight audio difference just at it shows Del and Rodney running through the bushes in the Everglades where they’ve placed a different sound over the top just before it cuts to Albert and Raquel in the flat, which I suspect because that small bit had been cut on a broadcast recording. As far as I could tell all of the original music is presented incl Baby Baby by Amy Grant and Killer by Adamski.

    • Niall Gormley says:

      Hi mate, are you still looking for an uncut collection? If so email me, niallgormley@live.co.uk

  3. Shane Newton says:

    Just come across this on change.org
    But only has a few signatures
    Petitioning the BBC to release original uncut versions

    • admin says:

      great idea – Ive signed up

      lets get this spread around the ofah community

    • Damien Mannix says:

      Does anyone know if the DVDs you got with the magazine collection a few years back are all uncut cheers thank you

      • Dave says:

        Anyone know if Miami Twice part 1 and 2 are part of the magazine collection?. I remember getting the first edition of that magazine with the first ep included, but never bothered buying the rest probably due to cost. Threw the magazine away years ago. If Miami Twice is included is it uncut (I’m suspecting it isn’t)?. There’s someone selling 1-29 of the magazine collection on ebay, current bid as of writing is £9.99.

        I’ve also noticed The Sun newspaper released a few OFAH eps which I’ve also seen listed on ebay. I wonder if any of those could contain uncut eps.

    • Calvin says:

      I’ve edited it to seem more professional and added a lot more words, thanks for signing :)

  4. Michael says:

    If you search vimeo for Only Fools and Horses you can find Uncut versions of:
    A Royal Flush
    Tea For Three
    Yuppy Love

    A guy called Calvin Hall even uploaded the Educational episode, Licensed To Drill (a lost episode… Ish), Christmas Trees, a short bad quality episode from back with Leonard Pierce and a scene from White Mice (another lost Ep), but not the full Ep for that unfortunately…

    On Vimeo you can download the videos straight from the site, so I burned them on DVD using ConvertextoDVD4 and placed them nicely in my Box Set.

    I was really shocked by just how terrible A Royal Flush actually is in my boxset, it barely makes any sense, im glad I now own the Uncut version.

    Still cant find The Jolly Boys Outing uncut anywhere, anyone know where to find it!?, its one of my favourite Ep’s

    • Calvin says:

      I’m the guy who uploaded these, i’m uploading Jolly Boys Outing as we speak. :)

    • Karlos says:

      Jolly boy’s outing outtakes were due to legal standing of the tune played when del and Rodney were in the club. Is a great lost scene but very hard to find now. The outtakes from tea for three are even better,uncle Albert singing in the talent contest is a scene I can’t believe was cut

  5. Kevin says:

    Hi There
    I have recently been working very hard to obtain all episodes of OFAH completely uncut with all scenes ever recorded and all of the original music tracks. I have successfully succeeded but I need to obtain the original broadcast versions of Class of 62 and A losing Streak in order to get the original dialogues of Del & Triggers line PROVO & PRAT. Other than these two dubbed scenes, I have every episode completely uncut. I would love to share the uncut scenes here if I’m allowed in one video clip. I have even edited the original theme tunes into series 1 (something I’m extremely proud of). Can anyone help me out?

  6. Calvin says:


    I have just been looking through Netflix and see that they’ve added more episodes to OFAH, it’s all the specials and thank god they’re uncut. The one’s I have tested so far are Jolly Boys Outing and Miami Twice Part 1 & 2.
    These are both fully uncut and not missing any lines and also Miami Twice is in 2 parts as originally was.

    As far as I know it is just the specials that are uncut and they at the moment only have Season 1, 2 and the specials. I am checking out more of the specials now to see if they are all uncut but if they are, this could be very good news and we could have all the uncut versions of each episode re-released on DVD or on demand.

    Thanks for reading :)

    • Lee says:

      I have just watched ‘Oh to be in England’ on Netflix. Unfortunately its not fully uncut. bizarrely it has the missing DVD scenes, but for some reason the conversation with Del and Rodney on the plane is heavily cut. Also when you first meet ‘Don o’ketty’ there is a small cut.

      • Dave says:

        If even the Netflix eps (in this case Miami Twice) have been cut then this reason for copyright and political correctness is aload of tosh. It seems to me that they don’t want people to watch these episodes in their entirety and seem to be changing things as time goes on.

    • Dave says:

      I didn’t know Netflix has any OFAH episodes at all, I thought it was only iTunes. Last time I checked it seems the BBC or ceetain video platforms have been clamping down on anyone who uploads any OFAH episodes whether they are uncut or not. I remember there was a Facebook group where they were uploading uncut episodes, but it wasn’t long before they removed them and deleted the page. They are obsessed with any OFAH eps that get uploaded to the internet, and if you do you immediately get a copyright strike, yet they don’t seem so bothered about other shows like Porridge, Last of the Summer Wine, Fawlty Towers, etc.

      They’ve been saying this for years about releasing the full, complete series uncut, but it never happens. Don’t hold your breath as it likely will never happen. I think the only way, besides Netflix or iTunes, to get hold of uncut, unaltered versions of those episodes (probably very unlikely with the Grandad era eps) is to get hold of an early VHS/Betamax recording that was taped in its first broadcast.

      If anyone has any original broadcast tapes (prefer not to be from UKGold as I hate those logos, and besides even they cut bits out) of some episodes that they could kindly copy to DVD (or even a pendrive) in good quality and send to me I would be very grateful. I would love to have an uncut version of Miami Twice part 1 and 2. I had the second showing of those two eps on tape when they showed it on BBC1 in the summer of 1992, but it’s long since been taped over. The quality of the recording was terrible anyway due to badly worn tape that I was using. Last time I saw the Miami Twice ep on UKGold they had some cuts, one was a very brief cut during the chase through the Everglades. I bet there’s some real gems you can find on ebay if you trawl through the joblot VHS tapes on there.

  7. Ronnie says:

    There is a new site called the BBC store.

    It has Jolly boys uncut.

  8. calvin says:

    i have figured out what uncut episodes are on itunes and how much it would cost to purchase the lot. The ones that say “NA” mean Not Available on iTunes this list is every single official episode of OFAH from the boxset but on iTunes they are uncut which is great its just a bit pricey but for any hardcore fan this wouldnt matter

    Only Fools and Horses
    Series 1 – £7.99
    Christmas Special (S1) – £1.49
    Series 2 – £7.99
    Christmas Special (S2) – £1.89
    Series 3 – £7.99
    Christmas Special (S3) – £1.89
    Series 4 – £6.49
    To Hull and Back – £1.89
    Series 5 – £7.99
    A Royal Flush – NA
    The Frogs Legacy – £1.89
    Dates – £1.49
    Series 6 – £7.99
    Jolly Boys Outing – £1.49
    Rodney Come Home – £1.89
    Series 7 – £7.99
    Miami Twice Part 1 – NA
    Miami Twice Part 2 – NA
    Mother Natures Son – £1.49
    Fatal Extraction – £1.89
    Christmas Trilogy – £5.67
    If They Could See us Now – £1.89
    Strangers on the Shore – £1.89
    Sleepless in Peckham – £1.89

    Total = £83.07

    • Lee says:

      Not all the episodes are uncut for example

      yuppy love is the same as the dvd version also watching the girls go by is cut in different places to the dvd version

      • calvin says:

        i purchased watching the girls go by from the itunes store after watching it on DVD and i have found no problems watching it it seems fully uncut and intact

        • Lee says:

          It has the scene with Yvonne singing and the missing dialog ‘A couple of em are dead’ when Del is talking to Albert, but there is some dialog missing when they’re sat around the dinner table talking about ‘Big Brenda and her being Southern area shot-put champion.

          Don’t understand why they cut it out as this is in the DVD version..

          • Calvin says:

            I didn’t know that thanks and it’s quite stupid there are no sentimental or contractual reasons so it’s just a stupid cut but it could have been done to cut time since they added in the singing and “couple of em are dead” scene and I’m wondering is tea for three uncut on itunes or is it cut in separate places

          • Lee says:

            Tea for Three is fully uncut. Do you know anyone that has the uncut version of Yuppy Love?

          • Ronnie says:

            Lee do you have an email?

          • Ricky says:

            Have you still got a copy of the uncut version of yuppy love ?

          • Dave says:

            I’ve seen Miami Twice on Gold, supposedly uncut with the nightclub scene intact, yet they then cut a brief couple of clips out from when they are running through the Everglades, and maybe other bits too as I didn’t watch the whole ep and switched off when I noticed the cut. So they are likely using an uncut source but then are making random cuts wherever they want just to frustrate fans who may have been looking forward to seeing an uncut version of the episode. With digital media platforms like iTunes they can omit any scene they wish, so if you want a true uncut ep it’s best to get hold of an original VHS recording.

  9. Gez says:

    The word chinky was cut from an episode of ofandh

  10. Robin says:

    apparently there is 20 mins worth of unseen footage from If they could see us how episode. Wouldn’t this be a great dvd extra ! I would love to see what episode was like has this been left in.

  11. Rob M says:

    GOLD on sky digital are getting worse with the OFAH cuts.

    I used to like the fact that you could always rely on GOLD to get the missing scenes, but GOLD are now slowly hacking the episodes aswell.

    GOLD have now removed the club scene from yuppy love, they have also removed the part where Vonnie sings in watching the girls go by, and Del replied with ‘stone me, Vonnie that was my bloody earhole’

    • Ronnie says:

      It might not be GOLD doing it, where ever they sourced the episodes from for the remastered episodes some of them were cut, maybe they used the DVD versions because they were of better quality.

  12. Rob M says:

    I think the reason tea for three was cut, was to stop the episode from over-running, but I could be wrong?

    it’s not so much the TV broadcasts on GOLD, it’s the DVD/video releases of this episode which is hacked to pieces.

    • Dave says:

      I’ve been going through and digitising loads of VHS recordings from the 1990s, quite a few with OFAH eps on them that I taped from BBC1 in the the late 90s. I also still have the OFAH Selection Box 28 min special that was shown a few days after the “final” 1996 trilogy which was presented by John Challis. I’ve heard they released that special on VHS but never released it on DVD (and probably likely never will). I can’t find any uploads of this special on youtube etc, which isn’t surprising as it would’ve got removed. No idea if it was ever repeated on Gold.

      If anyone wants a copy of that on DVD or other medium I will be glad to assist. The quality though is quite poor with jumps etc, but is watchable. Half the tapes I have are very poor for some reason, maybe due to re-recording or not storing them correctly. I would love to a copy of the Christmas Eve and Xmas Day 91 broadcast of Miami Twice. I’m sure someone somewhere must still have a recording of it in their collection. I think people should sell them on ebay as part of a joblot.

  13. Griff says:

    Watching the Fools faveourites on GOLD just now, and Sir David Jason himself bemoans the fact they cut some of his dialogue in Tea for Three whereby he said the speech he gives when he arrives back at the flat was pure gold, but half of it was cut.

    For fucks sakes, BBC. Utterly clueless gimps who run that corporation.

  14. DD says:


  15. Dawud Bryant says:

    any chance someone on here has the i tunes versions and can upload them?

    • Dave says:

      I’m surprised noone has tried to upload uncut (VHS recordings) versions of the episodes to torrent sites considering the fan base that the show has (unless the OFAH gestapo are removing them), but I suppose OFAH isn’t quite in the same league as some crappy American show like Breaking Bad or Prison Break. I doubt anyone outside the UK has ever even heard of OFAH.

  16. Leighton says:

    Hi, I’ve been watching ofah in the afternoons(lack of work) and have clearly forgot how funny the gang was, anyway I wanted to relive them moments from childhood and get the box set, BUT after reading what’s been going on with the edits on the DVDs …don’t really feel like paying for something and not getting it all, so I thought I’d go down the VHS route as these might not be so edited.. Does anyone know what state of edit the VHS tapes might be in.
    Thank you, Lates

  17. tim says:

    The us dvds of series 1 to 3 are cut still witch is anoying so im starting to make fan made uncut versions my self with regards to music and cerurn dubing

  18. Ronnie says:

    According to another only fools fan, I-Tune versions are also cut but not in the same place as the DVD’s, The mystery continues.

  19. Trig says:

    This is a great article
    Cant wait for next week now

  20. Daniel says:

    in the episode stage fright last week there were some cuts, but that was probably due to air time.

    what annoys me is episodes like maimi twice,jolly boys outing and a royal flush – especially a royal flush, i have the 2004 rerelease and it is a joke – there have been nearly 20 minutes removed because john sullivan felt the episode cast del in a bad light.

    why wait 20 years to edit something which true fans have seen anyway. also in the episode when rodney buys a programme they cut the bit out when rodney reacts to the price of £8.

    i feel viewers are not so stupid to remember that this show was filmed 20 years ago. and in those days £8 was a lot of money.

    • Ben says:

      Mate I was watching that tonight so annoying. And a lot of when they’re sat down and deal says I’ll come down there and punch you in a minute when they ssshhhhhhh

    • Dave says:

      I personally think the reasons/excuses they give for the cuts are completely bogus. I think they are cutting them because they like to change our perception of things. Why cut Rodney’s reaction about a magazine costing £8? dosen’t make sense. There’s nothing offensive or PC about a comment like that.

  21. Del says:

    I did not know that Life On Mars was cut on the DVD’s…this is surprising..

    I think the biggest cut I have noticed for OFAH is “Tea for Three” which has cuts right from the start – such as Albert singing Ada…and a whole conversation at the “tea” table….which I could never understand why it was cut.

  22. Mohammed says:


    Its good that I have most of the OFAH episodes taped, but having purchased certain vhs and dvsa with cuts, I will no longer purchase until I can obtain the orginal versions

  23. Mohammed says:

    Thank you, some brilliant articles on the website.

    The BBc have certainly let many fans down with this countless editing, we want the originals and are willing to pay.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Mohammed, i’m trying hard to make the Only Fools aprreciation Society web site an improved experience.
      Several writers have made a great job in this series of articles along with several other article writers

      There are some great articles in the pipeline

      If anyone else want so submit an article on here then please contact me on the form – https://www.ofah.net/blog/contacts/

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