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  1. gkel says:


    Not sure if this site is still active? If anyone is out there am still looking for STEVE ALDER’s autograph – or a decent photocopy of it – and would like to hear from anyone who is lucky enough to have his autograph please?

    Someone must have bought the collection offered by Rhys in 2017 which included Steve alder’s signature so would hope they, or anyone else who may have it, to get in touch please?

    Thank you

  2. Tom C says:

    Hi all, Not sure if this is still used, but worth a shot. I’m looking for anyone who has the Great Raymondo Business card that was sold on the website.


    I have been collecting the business cards over the last few years and this is only one I’m missing and is out of stock on the online shop. If anyone would part with theirs I would love to take it off your hands!


  3. Gkel says:


    Just a plea to anyone who has STEVE ALDER’s autograph to please get in touch with me, as am keen to find this if possible.

    Steve, as I daresay everyone here knows, played EDDIE CHAMBERS in the JOLLY BOYS OUTING episode

    Thank you

    Would be interested in a photocopy of his signature if anyone cannot bear to part with their original! Thanks

  4. Mike says:

    Interested in screen used props of all kinds, feel free to contact me if anyone is selling.


  5. Chania says:

    For anyone interested there is a rare BBC publicity photo of and signed by Lennard Pearce on EBay currently. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274769332684?hash=item3ff98749cc:g:LdEAAOSwOHZggZvJ. The provenance looks good

  6. Craig says:

    Looking for ‘Dels Millions’ fruit machine. If you have one in any condition for sale, please contact me on 07595149666

  7. G Clark says:


    Not sure how to contact administrators of this site as do not have access to twitter,

    but have been seeking the autograph of actor Steve Alder (Eddie Chambers in Jolly Boys Outing) for many years and unfortunately discovered this page too late for the autograph collection offered by Rhys to still be available, so thought might have found it and lost it in space of a very few minutes!

    If anyone has, or can put me in touch with someone who may have, Steve Alder’s signature then would appreciate it

    Thank you


  8. Kai says:

    Looking for any 16mm film reels of any only fools and horses episodes, clips whatever.

  9. Carl says:

    Only fools and Horses Rodney dressed as a gladiator on a bank note on eBay item number:164638303792

  10. Saud says:

    Has anyone got any item’s that were used on the show with COA. Anything??? If anyone has anything interesting then please contact me by email sazz789@yahoo.co.uk

    • Pierre says:

      I have the Lion cookie Jar. Have seen for sale for £399.00 online

      • Dariush Ossanlow says:

        Hello Pierre, I am late to this thread however I have a very healthy budget and would like to buy the original screeen used lion cigar holder with provenance, if you are of course interested in selling. Please let me know.

  11. Kelly Morgan says:

    Looking for an only fools darts case/wallet, can’t find one anywhere!

  12. Alan Coyle says:

    Does anyone have any of the toy dogs that fell out of Delboys van in Healthy Competition? Please e-mail coylealan18@gmail.com
    Good price paid.

  13. Mark woodcraft says:

    Looking for carpet or wallpaper piece mount from fan club can anyone help me out? 07706219999 Iv seen all 3 pieces carpet wallpaper and dels shirt in one mount somewhere as well has anyone got it?

  14. Derek McCormack says:

    DFL 80Y for sale , it is on retention certificate ready to transfer , no offers as was valued way over this a few years ago but looking for quick sale.

  15. Sean Guiden says:


    I am looking for the Only Fools and Horses Unicorn Darts Case – The design has Delboy a& Rodney on the front is the Batman and Robin fancy dress costumes from Hero’s and Villain’s.

    If anyone has one for sale please email sean.guiden4393@gmail.com

    • pete walker says:

      hello think this is for sale on ebay sure i’ve seen it but bit
      pricey though just scroll through pages when you type in
      only fools and horses

  16. stephen says:

    hi im looking for a dels millions arcade has to be in mint condition with manual and keys if anyone can help please call 07811954834

  17. Stuart Sturges says:

    I have the following items for sale , all brand new and unopened , please email or text for pictures etc , stuart 07736067167 sturge2@ntlworld.com

    del boys reliant van model 1.43 scale

    series 1 video box set
    series 2 video box set
    series 3 video box set
    series 4 video box set
    series 5 video box set
    series 6 video box set in a union jack metel case

    The only Fools And Horses Story – Book by steve clark , forwarded by Anthony Hopkins

    3 video box set , boxed in a Del bot style breif case style box – Modern Man – Heroes & Villans – Time on our hands

  18. Paul says:


    Does anyone have the batman and robin darts case for sale? Can’t get it anywhere.



  19. scott campbell says:

    looking for life size models for displsy.. del and Rodney!!!

  20. nick c says:

    if anyone has the appreciation society hookie street magazine episodes 27 43 44 i am very interested as i need to complete the set, also if you have the binders i am willing to pay for them, thanks

    nick 07917450208

    also any screen used props from the show will pay top money!

  21. Nathan wade says:

    Hi I’m after buying some rare memribelia from the show I’m not really sure what I want or what anyone might have for sale but if people would like to let me know what they may have I would be very great full, please contact me on 07970317676

  22. Dean says:

    Hi I am looking for any genuine props from the show , scripts or society COA items .
    Many 07800907614

  23. Steve says:

    Does anyone know what happened to the van from the show

    • Colin Humphries. says:

      The BBC gave the original to John it sat in his garage I know cause he was my best mate plus I work for him fir 14 years

  24. Richard says:

    Hi I am looking for any genuine props from the show , scripts or society COA items .
    Many Thanks
    please email me at rolandrat18@yahoo.co.uk

  25. Dean says:

    I have loads of only fools and horses items for sale my Facebook is Dean Paine or my number is 07800907614

    • Sally says:

      I have a large promotional shop display stand – it’s a cardboard cut out of Del Boy and the van – which holds VHS tapes (in the back of the van). Got it i think late 90’s/early 00’s when they were promoting the VHS tapes. Didn’t know if this is something considered collectible?


      • Adam Myers says:

        Hi there,

        Am interested in this item; is it for sale?

        Kind regards

      • Mr Green says:

        I have some collectibles for sales that were auctioned off by David Jason at a charity event in 1997

        David Jason, signed full original script for Heroes and Villains’, complete with highlighting on DJ’s lines

        David Jason signed original photo from Miami Twice part 2 with, Del, Rodney, Boyce, Marleen and Mafia guys

        T-Shirt from David Jason’s own collection. It was donated to auction for Chairty as worn in an episode. I do not recognise it and have been told that it would not be the first time David has thought it was worn in an episode in error, but it’s possible I just haven’t spotted it.

        2 Corgi car set in original BBC OFAH branded box. 1 x 3 Wheel Van and 1 x Pratt Mobil

        If you are interested in making reasonable offers for any of these items then please do not hesitate to email me on sgreen2009@live.co.uk to discuss purchase

      • Dan says:

        Hi Sally

        Do you still have this cut out?

    • Ben p says:

      Do you have the delboy van radio
      In your collection and if so how much

  26. Alex says:

    Have a rare multi signed book for sale. Bought it off the official only fools merchandise shop a while ago signed by David Jason, John Sullivan and Dan and Jim Sullivan.

    Signed by 15.

    Got it signed at one of the conventions so it now is signed by:

    David Jason (Del boy)
    John Sullivan (Writer)
    Dan Sullivan
    Jim Sullivan
    John Challis (Boyce)
    Sue Holderness (Marleen)
    Paul Barber (Denzil)
    Tessa Peake Jones (Raquel)
    Gweneth Strong (Cassandra)
    Steven Woodcock (Jevon)
    Michael Fenton Stevens (Groovy Gang Leader)
    Jeff Stevenson (Parker – policeman in To Hull and Back)
    Sarah Duncan (Vickey)
    Phillip Pope (Tony Angeleno)
    Nabil Elouahabi (Gary)

    Currently on ebay:


  27. Rob Marrs says:

    Rare Lennard Pearce Autographed Signed Display For Sale


    Comes with certificate of authenticy from one of the best autograph dealers in the UK (Memorabillia UK)

    Pics and details are listed above on eBay.
    Price is £350 on eBay but will accept £300 via PayPal.

    All the best,

  28. Rhys says:

    UPDATE: I no longer have the autographs for sale.

    Only Fools and Horses Autograph Collection – 340 autographs from Only Fools and its spin off The Green Green Grass and sequel Rock and Chips including over 80% of the actors who appeared in Only Fools and good representation from its parent series. The autographs are mostly on photograph or index card, such a rare opportunity to have so many autographs together especially with so many of them no longer with us.

    I think it would be better to sell this collection as one but would open to possibly selling individually.

    Only Fools and Horses Autographs (265): Steve Alder; Ron Aldridge; Carolyn Allen; Fabienne Alousque; Jay Amor; Tony Anholt; Michael Attwell; Jill Baker; Paul Barber; John Bardon; Linda Barr; Ian Barritt; Brigid Erin Bates; Joan Baxter; Joe Belcher; Rachel Bell; Gina Bellman; Derek Benfield; Elizabeth Benson; Andree Bernard; Peta Bernard; Tasha Bertram; Babar Bhatti; Donald Bisset; Vas Blackwood; Phillip Blaine ; Roger Blake; Paula Ann Bland; Helen Blizard; Debbie Blythe; Peter Blythe; Phillip Bond; Linford Brown; Richard Braine; Richard Branson; Roger Brierly; Francesca Brill; Corrine Britton; Jim Broadbent; Gaye Brown; Angela Bruce; Anne Bruzac; Ann Bryson; Mark Burdis; Trevor Byfield; Alfredo A. Calderon; Richenda Carey; Mike Carnell; Jean Challis; John Challis; Constance Chapman; Andrew Charleson; Dan Clark; Catherine Clarke; Carol Cleveland; Kim Clifford; Martin Cochrane; Frank Coda; Blanche Coleman; Mark Colleano; John D. Collins; Dennis Conlan; Nora Connolly; Calum Convey; Nula Conwell; Judith Conyers; Sue Cook; Beryl Cooke; Paul Cooper; Dave Corey; Phil Cornwell; Antoni Corone; Nicholas Courtney; Gerry Cowper; David Daker; Fuman Dar; Roger Davidson; Robin Driscoll; Ken Drury; Terry Duggan; Sarah Duncan; Caroline Ellis; James Ellis; Nabil Elouahabi; Robert Escobar; Treva Etienne; Roy Evans; Duncan Faber; David Fleeshman; Gilly Flower; Jilli Foot; Steven Fortune; Martin Friend; Dawn Funnell; Barry Gibb; Lee Gibson; Robert Glenister; Daphne Goddard; Jo-Anne Good; Howard Goorney; Garard Green; Ifor Gwynne-Davies; Juliet Hammond; Lucy Hancock; Jean Harrington; Gail Harrison ; Max Harvey; Roy Heather; Jack Hedley; Robin Herford; Daniel Hill; Beverley Hills; Tamara Hinchco; Douglas Hodge; Joan Hodges; Erika Hoffman’ Sue Holderness; Sam Howard; Alan Hulse; Adam Hussein; Anthony Jackson; David Jackson; Laura Jackson; Linda James; Brian Jameson; David Jason; Michael Jayston; Colin Jeavons; John Pierce Jones; Michael G. Jones; Diane Katis; Mike Kemp; Armed Khalil; Jay Kilbey; Oona Kirsch; Rosalind Knight; Julie La Rousse ; Constance Lamb; Lyn Langridge; Diane Langton; Norman Langton; Annie Leake; Geoffrey Leesley; Lucita Lijertwood; Denis Lill; Rosalind Lloyd; Roger Lloyd Pack; Marie Lorraine; Patrick Lunt; Nicholas Lyndhurst; Ann Lynn; Ken MacDonald; Angus Mackay; Christopher Malcolm; Nick Maloney; Roy Marsden; Scott Marshall; Tony Marshall; Derek Martin; Mel Martin; Seymour Matthews; Sharon Mayer; Hazel McBride; Paul McDowell; Phillip McGough; Jim McManus; Desmond McNamara; Nasser Memarzia; Robin Meredith; Buster Merryfield; Christina Michaels; Billy J Mitchell; Christopher Mitchell; Jeanne Mockford; Angela Moran; John Moreno; Ray Mort; Anthony Morton; Sheree Murphy; Conrad Nelson; Derek Newark; Alan Nichol; Margaret Norris; Mick Oliver; David Olufemi; Paul Opacic; Toni Palmer; Lorraine Parsloe; Bhasker Patel; Sandra Payne; Daniel Peacock; John Archie Peak; Tessa Peake-Jones; Lennard Pearce; Ron Pember; John Pennington; Dawn Perllman; Arnold Peters; Phillip Pope; Lisa Price; Dennis Ramsden; Les Rawlings; Mike Read; Andy Readman; Ian Redford; Charles Rhodes; James Richardson; Stephen Riddle; Michael Roberts; Renee Roberts; Rex Robinson; Jonathan Ross; Nick Ross; Peter Rutherford; Christopher Ryan; Dev Sagoo; Mario E Sanchez; Kate Saunders; Rene Setna; Ted Shepherd; Joan Sims; Bob Sinfield; Walter Sparrow; Lewis St Juste; Christopher Stanton; Michael Stainton; P.G. Stephens; Michael F Stevens; Jeff Stevenson; Ewan Stewart; Paul Strike; Nick Stringer; Gwyneth Strong; Maureen Sweeney; Glynn Sweet; David Thewlis; William Thomas; Fred Tomlinson; Geoffrey Toone; Andrew Tourell; Peter Tuddenham; Robert Vahey; Wanda Ventham; Johnny Wade; Kim Wall; Bill Ward; Gordon Warnecke; Jean Warren; David Warwick; Rex Wei; Josephine Welcome; Steve Weston; Bay White; Pauline Whitaker; Richard Whitmore; Peter Wickham; Geoffrey Wilkinson; Jessica Willcocks; Kate Williams; Barry Wilmore; Michele Winstanley; Jake Wood; Steven Woodcock; Peter Woodthorpe; James Woolley

    Only Fools Crew (13): John Sullivan (Writer); Bobby Bragg (Warm-up); Ray Butt; (Director); Dinah Collin (Costume Designer); Gareth Gwenlan (Director); Shauna Harrison (Makeup Artist); Ronnie Hazlehurst (Composer); Graham Lough (Production Designer); Peter Manuel (Resources Coordinator); Peter Robinson (Gaffer); Chris Seager (Film Cameraman); Chris Wadsworth (Videotape Editor); Andrew Smith (Production Manager);

    The Green Green Grass (46): Roger Alborough; Luing Andrews; Paul Barber; Zoë Battley; Paul Bown; Lucy Briers; Jack Brough; Fiona Bruce; David Cann; John Challis; Hugh Clay-Jones; Abigail Cruttenden; Alan David; Jack Doolan; Julian Eardley; Stephen Evans; Robert Forknall; Sue Freeman; Nigel Harrison; Ricky Hatton; Roy Heather; Sue Holderness; Kevin Hoole; Gerard Horan; Rufus Jones; Ivan Kaye; Ella Kenion; Sarah Mahony; Roy Marsden; Matthew Marsh; Maggie McCarthy; Rachel Mitchem; Danny Morgan; Karen Paullada; Robert Putt; Morgana Robinson; Beatriz Romilly; David Ross; Nick Ross; Stephen Rose; Christopher Ryan; Henry Sandon; Lynne Seymour; Kim Thompson; Michael Usher; June Whitfield;

    Rock and Chips (16): Stephen Bent; Tom Brooke; James Buckley; Martin Delaney; Shaun Dingwell; Hazel Douglas; Katie Griffiths; Joan Hodges; Rufus Jones; Lee Long; Nicholas Lyndhurst; Alex Macqueen; Lewis Osbourne; Colin Prockter; Paul Putner; Samantha Spiro;

  29. Colin Mcintyre says:

    Not sure if there is any interest in these anymore but I have the following that I have recovered from an old garage and had been forgot about.

    At least 5 x Boxset 3 Christmas Trilogy in a suitcase with sealed T shirt
    3 x Series 1 box set in Cardboard Reliant van
    2 x Alarm clocks
    Limited edition Box sets in Tins(series 6 and 7 I think)
    Looks like a few other limited edition boxsets
    Board games
    Corgi and leido vans and cars


  30. Lee says:

    I am selling uncut episodes If anyone is interested? The quality may differ with some of the episodes as some are old VHS recording and some have been edited by myself but I can assure you all the missing DVD scenes stated on the ‘cuts’ section on this site are intact.

  31. Sam says:

    Wotcha all, I’m looking for any orinal props from the set and genuine memorabilia? If anyone is selling this please email me at sammow90@icloud.com please!! I have a good budget and am based in Manchester so happy to collect from north and south?

    Lovely jubly thanks Sam

  32. Harry says:

    Does any one know if you can buy them lime green pyjamas that Del Boy wears in the episode modern man? (The one he buys from monkey harris)

  33. J Smith says:

    I have an original Nurseys sheepskin coat, the exact design that del boy wore on Only Fools and Horses. It is not the actual coat del boy wore on the show, but an exact copy.

    It was bought 46 years ago in 1969 and still in a good condition as it was rarely ever worn.

    If anyone is interested at all please contact me on j.w1@aol.co.uk.

    Thank you.

  34. Frankie says:

    I am looking for a lion cigar jar if possible in good condition, I am willing to do a swap or buy. I have a massive collection and can let you know what I’m willing to exchange if you want! Cheers Frankie

  35. Aymee says:

    Wanted- back door from the van, signed if possible.

    • Graeme Freebody says:

      Hi Aymee,

      I don’t know if you are still interested but I have a van back door with six signatures on it for sale.

      It is advertised on the ofah main site page. I’m looking for about £450 for it, but any reasonable offer would be considered. There are photos also to prove signatures authenticity. I also have a bonnet with seventeen signatures on it, again want £450 but would consider a lesser joint price.

      Regards, Graeme.

  36. Darren wall says:

    I’m after a only fools fruit machine 07504862076

  37. Rhys says:


    I have the following Only Fools and Horses related books for sale signed by various cast and crew:

    The Best of British Comedy: Only Fools and Horses by Richard Webber – Signed by 24

    The British Television Location Guide by Steve Clark – Signed by 19

    Buster Merryfield: During the War – Signed by Buster Merryfield

    The Complete A-Z of Only Fools and Horses by Richard Webber (HB) – Signed by 21

    The Complete A-Z of Only Fools and Horses by Richard Webber (PB) – Signed by 29

    On Set by Steve Clark – Signed by 28

    Only Fools and Horses by Graham McCann – Signed by 38

    The Only Fools and Horses Story by Steve Clark – Signed by 60

    Only Fools and Horses: Bible of Peckham Volume 1 (PB) – Signed by 29

    Only Fools and Horses: Bible of Peckham Volume 1 (HB) – Signed by 28

    Only Fools and Horses Bible of Peckham Volume 2 – Signed by 26

    Only Fools and Horses Bible of Peckham Volume 3 – Signed by 27

    Only Fools and Horses: The Trotter Way to Millions (HB) – Signed by 30

    Only Fools and Horses: The Trotter Way to Millions (PB) – Signed by 21

    Only Fools and Horses: The Trotter Way to Romance – Signed by 31

    If you are interested in any of the above please email me at: rhysp@hotmail.com for more information. All good offers considered, selling as I need to downgrade.

  38. Dean says:

    Hello wanted scripts and props cash waiting but will do swaps my number is 07800907614 thanks

  39. Nick says:

    I am looking for the original lion cigar holder used on the show. I have a decent budget- I have always wanted this item and am a serious buyer. Does anyone know where this can be found or have it for sale? I know there are replicas but I want the original prop used in the show. Please email me at nick7777777708@hotmail.com if you can help me.

  40. Dean says:

    5 foot by 4 foot picture signed by Delboy rodney and uncle albert All original with coa. Excellent condition. Must collect manchester. Email me for pics deanpaine@hotmail.co.uk

  41. Dean says:

    I’m looking for rare bits 2 buy eg props scripts anything really :). My number is 07800907614 thanks

  42. Jordan says:

    Hi All,

    I have for a signed prop for sale!

    Please email: jordgale94@gmail.com if interested.

  43. Rob says:

    Hi I have got sale a only fools and horses corgi van model number ‘ 05201’
    Very good condition and boxed.

    The back of the box is signed
    Kenneth Macdonald ( mike the barman )
    Sue Holderness ( Marlene ).

    It is on ebay now so you can see pictures.
    261594272757 ( ebay item number ).

    I have a buy it now price of £99. I do not expect
    to reach this. I have best offer option on this and
    consider all offers above £40. Any offer of £50+ will result in a sale.

    You can email me rob_t80@live.com

  44. Dean says:

    I have for sale a very rare trotters back door from a van all sprayed the number plate the lot great 2 take 2 this years convection to get signed. Ring me for more details 07800907614 thanks dean

    • rose says:


      I’m interested in purchasing your (horse) available for sale, I would like you to get back to me with the last price, present condition as well as the recent pictures of it. I want you to write me back if it’s still available for sale. I’ll be awaiting to read from you with anticipation.

      Mrs Viki … +44708769280

  45. CraigW says:

    Hi All.

    Green Green Grass Props, and some OFAH autographs for sale…

    Email Jordan Gale — jordgale94@gmail.com

  46. Jordan says:

    Green Green Grass Props For Sale

    Email me if interested


  47. Jordan says:

    Green Green Grass Props For Sale

    Email me if interested

  48. Jordan Gale says:

    Some Rare Props From GGG for sale

    email me on jordgale94@gmail.com for more info

  49. Jordan says:

    Many autographs for sale

    Really rare and of the supporting cast members all original, undedicated and on Only Fools pis of various sizes.
    They are of:Lady Victoria, Junie (June Snell), Tony Angelino
    Dr. Shaheed, Van Kleef, Nerys, Axe Murderer, Arnie, Pauline Harris

    Others too… Email for details… selling only due to duplicates

  50. Jordan says:

    Many autographs for sale

    Really rare and of the supporting cast members all original, undedicated and on Only Fools pis of various sizes.
    They are of:
    Lady Victoria
    Junie (June Snell)
    Tony Angelino
    Dr. Shaheed
    Van Kleef
    Axe Murderer
    Pauline Harris
    Others too… Email for details… selling only due to duplicates

  51. david clarke says:

    Any one selling trotter van wall clock in box please

  52. Shaun W says:

    I have for sale an original ring (prop) from Rock & Chips ‘Five Gold Rings’ which Del uses to propose to his girlfriends.

    Comes professionally mounted and framed with a photo of Del from the episode. Fully certificated by the Only Fools & Horses Appreciation Society.

    Looking for £100 – if interested, email me at hookiestreet@hotmail.com and I can provide photos, etc.

    I’ll be posting more props, rare merchandise and autoraphs over the upcoming weeks.

  53. zone brogan says:

    I have what I think are very collectable items,these are the oil paintings of del dressed as a king (this one is over 6foot)and del,cassandra and Damien which is also very big.for more info please contact me zoejb1980@Hotmail.co.uk

  54. CraigW says:


    I have a Del & Rodney Batman & Robin 12 x 8 picture for sale.

    Personally signed by Sir David Jason & Nicholas Lyndhurst.

    If anyone is interested, feel free to email me – woodcp@btopenworld.com – and I will send a photo and price.

    Thanks, Craig.

  55. Gareth says:

    I have an Only Fools and Horses Fruit Machine I’d like to get rid of. It’s in good working order, recently fitted with a new battery and a speaker. A couple of bulbs are dead but does not affect play. 10p per go, £3.00 repeating cash jackpot, £6.00 token jackpot (tokens not included). West Midlands. Any offers?

  56. Trevor says:

    I have a piece of dels jumper framed limited edition with coa.

    On eBay if interested…


  57. Dean says:

    I’ve put a few rare bits on eBay if you wana take a look :) thanks

  58. Robard sedar says:

    I have bought one wireless router from one of the dealer form found on http://www.wirelessinternetrouters.co.uk. The router will have good wifi speed and connectivity. We are getting the signal every where in home in all rooms.

  59. Dean says:

    Hello I have a only fools and horses back door from a van for sale offers please 07800907614 thanks dean

  60. RhysP says:

    I have the following autographed items available for sale atm:

    Only Fools BBC Promo 6×4 card signed by David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst and Buster Merryfield

    Only Fools 1996 Cast 10×8 Photo signed by Kenneth MacDonald, Sue Holderness, John Challis, Paul Barber, Roger Lloyd Pack

    Only Fools 2001 Nags Head Crew 10×8 photo Signed by Roy Heather, Paul Barber, Patrick Murray, John Challis, Roger Lloyd Pack, Sue Holderness

    Only Fools ‘Dates’ 10×8 photo signed by Roger Lloyd Pack, John Challis and Sue Holderness

    Only Fools Del/Rodney rare chair A4 photo Signed by David Jason

    Only Fools He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Uncle A4 photo signed by Roger Lloyd Pack, John Challis and Sue Holderness

    Only Fools Watching the Girls Go By A4 photo signed by John Challis and Roger Lloyd Pack

    Kenneth MacDonald ‘Mike’ signed 10×8 photo

    David Jason Portrait 10×8 signed photo

    If you interested contact me at: rhysp@hotmail.com – many thanks!

    • RhysP says:

      All items now sold, thanks for your interest.

      Coming Soon… The Only Fools and Horses Pre-print Collection covering almost every actor who has appeared in the programme – a discount way to get the autographs of the lesser known actors. Email rhysp@hotmail.com if you want more info.

  61. dean says:

    wanted anything (rare,scripts,props and old). text our ring if u have anything for sale our swaps 07800907614 thanks dean

  62. dickie says:

    ofah fruit machine signed by boycie, mickey and densel looking for £200 please contact for more info

  63. stephen says:

    i have some only fools and horses film cell displays there 11×9
    black frame with del and rodney as batman and robin as the main picture with 10 film cells around them
    the display has a engraved black plaque
    there £40.00 each i only have 10 for now

    for details contact me if i could work out how to add a picture i would add one
    thank you

  64. stephen brown says:

    i run the memorabilia company my website is down at the moment
    but i have some only fools and horses film cell displays there 11×9
    black frame with del and rodney as batman and robin as the main picture with 10 film cells around them
    the display has a engraved black plaque
    there £40.00 each i only have 10 for now

    for details contact me if i could work out how to add a picture i would
    thank you

  65. dean says:

    I have a Lennard Pearce (granddad) only fools signed and framed with a COA from the appretiation society any interested 07800907614

  66. Claire says:

    I have a signed framed autograph of grandad, please contact me if interested.

  67. Dean says:

    I have a Lennard Pearce (granddad) only fools signed and framed with a COA from the appretiation society one of the best ones ive seen if anyone is interested 07800907614

  68. Trevor says:

    Have a couple of things of interest you may like.
    First I have a framed signed by David Nick and Buster with coa.
    looking to get £350 less than I paid for at one of the conventions.

    Also I have a virgin business script signed by Boycie Marlene and Mick comes with coa. Looking for £150

    Interested call Trevor on 07917203101

    Theses items are not on ebay……..

  69. Steve says:

    I have for sale a lion cookie jar (del cigar jar) for sale, including a limited edition print of hooky street by Rob Larson. It is signed by the artist and features the lyrics to Hooky Street and a picture of Del, Uncle Albert and Rodders. It also hasa certificate of authenticity attached. Also for good measure I’ve thrown in a copy of the OFAH story, which if you haven’t read it is essential reading for the likes of us OFAHers.

    Check out my advert on ebay


  70. Steve says:

    Dear fellow OFAH’ers,
    I’m selling a couple of bits of my collection currently on eBay in order to pay for a prop that I’ve recently found to add to my collection. In my sale I have a lion cookie jar like Del Boys, and a limited edition hooky street picture signed by the artist. Please feel free to take a look and see what you think. I’ve even thrown in a book about the series for good measure.

    Best wishes,

    07891 673 491


  71. dean says:

    I have a Lennard Pearce (granddad) only fools signed and framed with a COA from the appretiation society one of the best ones ive seen if anyone is interested 07800907614

  72. Jo says:

    I have a framed print of ‘The Red Dress’ as seen in the Trotter flat and Junie’s flat.

    The print was bought in the 70’s at Jones Brothers on Holloway Road, London, by my nan.

    Please reply with any offer’s


  73. Rhysp says:

    I have 3 rare autographs available for sale:

    David Jason/Lennard Pearce/Nicholas Lyndhurst (Del/Grandad/Rodney) signed album page

    Lennard Pearce signed album page (some yellowing to page)

    Peter Woodthorpe (Reg Trotter) signed index card

    Please email rhysp@hotmail.com for further details.

  74. Kevin says:


    Just curious about the ‘Nice and Cool Trig’ Limited Edition Pics available through the merchandise shop. Got mine today and it is number 71/ 500 and labelled ‘Limited Edition II’ in the bottom left. The description on the website (and on close inspection of the photo proof, it appears the same) there were only 200 copies (a strictly limited edition). The photo proof shows David and Roger signing pics labelled ‘Limited Edition’. I’ve emailed the shop but wondered if anyone knew anything about this and could put my mind at ease (I live in Australia and have wanted to purchase an autographed pic for ages).


    • Colin says:

      Glad you brought this up because i thought they were selling editions up to 500 at southend. I bought one when it was limited to 200 and £130 is quite a considerable amount of money considering you can get dj autograph for £70. Trigger is not worth £60. I paid £130 because its limited to 200. Dont get me wrong i buy this stuff because i like it i dont buy it to make a profit, but its a bit missleading if all of a sudden there are another 500 on offer. If its limited edition to 200 there should only be 200 of them.

      • Kevin says:

        Thanks for the reply Colin. Perry emailed back to say that a second edition was signed at the same time by David and Roger. He said the first edition prints sold for more money but based on your comment and the misleading advertisement I am inclined to think that this is not the case. Like you I bought it because I love the show, not to make a profit. I just want to know that I have an authentic signature that’s all. The photo proof isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on because they are shown signing the so-called ‘first edition’ print. I’m not keen on trying for a refund based on previous posts because I feel I might be left with no print and no refund. “I feel like a turkey that just caught Bernard Matthews grinning at him.” If anyone else knows anything about this second edition print I would love to hear from you. Either the people who ordered the original 200 prints have been conned or the people ordering the second edition prints are being conned.

        • colin says:

          I dont know what the 500 LTD ones are selling for but I will certainly think twice before ordering a LTD Edition item from them again.

          I am sure its real as he gets DJ to sign etc.

          But they should have done a different photo for the 2nd run. How can you say strictly Limited to 200 on your site and then say oh we have some more now. lol.

          In that case it is not strictly limited Edition then. If I knew there was a cheaper version coming out at LTD to 500 I would have bought that one.

          • Kevin says:

            I totally agree with you. It’s not right to say it’s a limited edition and then release more. Should have just signed a different picture or stated that it is a (not so) limited edition of 700 (unless a third edition is awaiting release too!). I still paid 130 quid plus a fair bit more for postage to Australia so I don’t think they were any cheaper. Appreciate the reassurance re: authenticity. Was in two minds whether to even frame it and hang it!

  75. Colin says:


    Anyone know where i can get the only fools curtains or that elephant painting?


    • CraigW says:

      The painting is by an artist – David Shepherd

      They currently sell on his site, signed by him, for around £500.


      • Manders says:

        Hi there,
        I have an oil painting the same (I am told) as the one in OFAH. I bought it when I lived in Croydon in the late ’80’s and it is signed by Kenneth Hill, wondering if this guy copied the painting?
        When I bought it the seller said it was the same as in the TV show.

  76. Shaun W says:

    Hi all,

    Has anyone got any OFAH props/costumes bought via the OFAH society (and with club COA) they wish to sell?



  77. Rick says:

    Hi everyone.

    I am selling my huge collection of very rare OFAH Autographs on ebay right now under the seller id wantsomemilk as of 15/03/2013
    These are the rare ones, not Boycee and Marleen but ones like :

    Peter Woodthorpe – Dels Dad. The rarest of them all
    Oona Kirsch – Rodneys Girlfriend
    John D Collins – The Vet and River Policeman

    I have 90 of these super rare autographs on ebay now and in the next few days/ weeks.

    Take a look and improve you collection 10 fold!

    Thanks for reading this.


    • Johnson says:

      Only the Peter Woodthorpe autograph would be worth anything.

      For the other 2, even Fools fans wouldn’t be too arsed about purchasing those.

    • Ashley says:

      £249.99?!!!! ARE YOU HAVING A LAUGH? Not even Sir David Jason autographs (which are also very rare) cost this much.

      ‘I have a huge collection of OFAH autographs all rare and very hard to find. Not your typical Marleen and Denzil ones, I mean the proper rare ones!’

      The above comment is ridiculous and insulting to Sue and Paul.

      • rick says:

        I take it by your comments you know nothing about OFAH Autographs.
        David Jason is around £70 and one of the easiest autos to get.
        Peter Woodthorpe is the rarest auto to get.
        Please dont leave nasty comments. If youve got nothing good to say, dont say anything.
        As you have so much spare time, why dont you try doing some research on rare OFAH Autographs. Then you can comment.

    • mike stewart says:

      What ever happened to debbie from newsagents? Any info on her thanks

  78. CraigW says:


    Does anyone have a new/sealed TITCO Torch Keyring for sale?

    If so, please let me know and how much you are looking for – either reply on here, or email – woodcp@btopenworld.com

    Thanks, Craig.

  79. Glenn Salt says:

    For Sale
    Only Fools And Horses Original Rehearsal Script “Cash And Curry”.
    Purchased From The Society Around 2001
    I Had The Full Script Mounted Behind Glass
    I Believe Some Pages Have Pencil Notes From Memory
    Society Member 2433

    Will listen to serious offers.

    eBay Link


  80. Tor Porter says:

    Hello all,
    I’m selling my lion cigar jar on ebay, the auction finishes tonight if anyone is interested in owning one.

    Pictures in this link:

    ebay link:

    Thank you,
    Tor Porter

  81. colin says:

    Hi All

    Anyone got any prop stuff for sale? send me an email colinbell_@hotmail.com


  82. CraigW says:

    Hi All,

    If anyone is interested, I have a Trotters Carpet for sale – only selling due to having 2 in my collection!

    Looking for £40/£50 excluding postage – if anyone is interested, or would like a picture, please reply on here or email me – woodcp@btopenworld.com



  83. dean says:

    framed Leonnard Pearce (grandad) autograph item was purchased from the society!. great xmass present offers 07800907614

  84. dean says:

    hello any1 got anything for sale our swaps text me 07800907614 thanks dean

    • dickie says:

      hi ive got a ofah fruit machine deluxe £3 jackpot and i have the panels to make it a £6 jackpot all keys and manual i took the front panel out and had it signed by mickey pearce, denzel and Boycie at the 2010 convention the sound can be temperamental iam looking for £250

      • Paul says:

        Hi everyone,

        I’m reluctantly selling my entire OFAH memorabilia collection. There are many nice items, some of which are seemingly quite rare. The collection includes:
        Alarm clock, original board game, calendars from late 1990’s, video box sets like the reliance van box set of 96′, Del’s Pick and Mix and the limited edition briefcase, signed Buster Merryfield autobiography, a rare mug from 1990, shower gel, unused slippers, caricature prints, bbc poster of Del Boy(never sold to the public) and a whole lot of interesting OFAHAS letters/flyers/brochures etc from the late 90’s and early convention tickets etc.

        I would rather sell the whole collection as one as I don’t have the time to sell individual items. I have photos of everything so you can request them and/or further details and the full list of things. People can just make me an offer and the highest bid wins or if you offer a good price then you could obtain it all straight away. Please email me for more details: gustavo8poyet@hotmail.com

        Many thanks,


  85. CraigW says:


    Would anybody know where I can get a signed 16 x 12 by the actors from the 2010 Convention that was in Milton Keynes – anybody selling one?




    only fools and horses ,original furry dice,still in origianl packaging,mint condition,original 1990 BBC item.sensible offers considered


    rare only fools and horses.original pottery trotter van teapot,comes with tags and original box,mint condition,sensible offers considered


    RARE ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES WESCO talking digital wall clock,mint condition wall mountable alarm clock ,diffent phrases every hour from 9 a.m till 10 p.m,comes in original box ,sensible offers considered .

  89. Graeme Freebody says:

    Hi I have two possible items for sale an original script from the 2001 christmas special If they could see us now, I paid £150 for this, I’m looking for offers over £100 and a framed Leonnard Pearce autograph which I paid originally £250 for and looking for offers over £200. Both items were purchased from the society.

  90. kelly says:

    i have a piece of the original del boy famous flat cap which was cut into 75 pieces its mounted with a pic of del wearing the hat and the COA any offers kskelly1987@hotmail.com

  91. Ronnie says:

    I have the Trotters way to Millions signed by David Jason (in Dec 91), anyone know if its worth anything? Thanks, Ronnie.

  92. Paul Taylor says:


    Does anybody know how much the script from the first ever episode would be worth? or want to make me an offer?

    It has 79 pages.

    It has all the techincal camera directions as well as the actors directions. It even has the names of all the extras used (in the pub)

    Thanks in advance

  93. CraigW says:


    Would anybody know where I can get a signed 16 x 12 from the 2010 Convention?


  94. phil says:

    Hi folks, i have for sale a water bill prop signed by David Jason, mounted with photo of del boy and comes with COA from OFAH Appreciation Society. It is advertised on e-bay under “Only fools props” and is offered at £220, but i am open to offers for the prop. Alternatively you can email me phillew67@yahoo.co.uk if you have any questions regarding it. MANY THANKS Phil

  95. Rick McWhirter says:

    Hi, I am looking for an appearance Nicholas Lyndhurst made on Blankety Blank in 1985 with Tony Blackburn, Rula Lenska and Willie Rushton. If anyone can help, classic.tv@hotmail.co.uk

    • aaron Simmons says:

      hi all not sure if this is where i put my post but here goes i have had acquired for a number of years the original in its box corgi made reliant regal super van 111 model number 05201 also has boxes to go on top of van as they are going away or to market all in great shape and order never been out of box still screwed down any interest please email me at aaron110186@googlemail.com reasonable offers will be accepted love to see it go with other memorabilia other then being sat here on my shelf on its own thanks

  96. nickolas says:

    hi is there any one out ther that is selling or knows where to get any ofah figures statues eg delboy trigger with broom boycie marlene etc

  97. Trevor says:

    Hi i have a ofah multi signed frame autographs for sale. Signed by del boy, Rodney, and Uncle albert.

    Interested let me know by email or mobile 07917203101.

    Price £395

  98. Rhysp says:

    I have the following Only Fools and Horses autographs for sale, some with more than one available.

    These include

    David Jason (Del)- Signed Photo
    Nicholas Lyndhurst (Rodney) – Signed Photo
    Lennard Pearce (Grandad) – Signed Album Page
    Buster Merryfield (Albert) – Signed Photo
    Tessa Peake Jones (Raquel) – Signed Photo
    Gwyneth Strong (Cassandra) – Signed Photo
    Kenneth Macdonald (Mike) – Signed Album Page
    Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger) – Signed Photo
    John Challis (Boycie) – Signed Photo
    Sue Holderness (Marlene) – Signed Photo
    Paul Barber (Denzil) – Signed Photo
    Denis Lill (Alan) – Signed Photo
    Jim Broadbent (Slater) – Signed Photo
    Steven Woodcock (Jevon) – Signed Index Card

    All photos are approx 6×4 unless stated with many of these showing the actor as their character.

    Am willing to sell individually or in bulk. All offers considered.

    To see pictures or make offer email: rhysp@hotmail.com

  99. John says:

    Hi, i am wishing to sell my Del Boy only fools and horses lion Cigar holder.
    Owned this for many years but in real need of cash so now wishing to sell.
    Reply or email me at johnslayford88@aol.com for info.

  100. Den says:

    Hi, I have two Only Fools props, The gold light (in style of an old lamppost) and two drinking glasses seen the last episode.

    Anyone know the worth? I’m a big OFAH fan, but sadly the items are not on show around my house as I have nowhere to put them!

  101. phil says:

    hi folks i have for sale a david jason hand signed water bill prop from Strangers on the Shore episode with OFAH Appreciation Society COA, Offers over £200. Also have Buster Merryfield hand signed display page with photo of Buster, he has also wrote “During the War!” on the display. Please email me on phillew67@yahoo.co.uk if you are interested in either item. Thanks Phil.

  102. Cher Taylor says:

    I have cigar jar for sale. Please contact if interested .

  103. claire says:

    I have a framed signed photo of lennard pearce, signed david jason script page, signed framed script page by some of the cast and framed montage signed by some of the cast. please email me if interested and i will email photo’s.

  104. Griff says:

    One thing I was always gutted about, was not writing to John Sullivan, in which I wrote about a page worth and was going to send it to him. Never got round to sending it. Might have bagged myself an autograp.

    Ah well.

    • Tom says:

      Hi everyone,
      I have a few Lennard Pearce autographs that I now wish to sell.

      A couple have come from the appreciation society, the rest I have collected over a few years.

      If anyone is interested please email me at: thspeer@sky.com. I will accept reasonable offers.
      I can send scans etc of the autographs.

      Kind regards,

  105. rhysp says:

    I still have a number of Only Fools and Horses autographs for sale.

    These include

    David Jason (Del)- Signed Photo
    Nicholas Lyndhurst (Rodney) – Signed Photo
    Lennard Pearce (Grandad) – Signed Album Page
    Buster Merryfield (Albert) – Signed Photo
    Tessa Peake Jones (Raquel) – Signed Photo
    Gwyneth Strong (Cassandra) – Signed Photo
    Kenneth Macdonald (Mike) – Signed Album Page
    Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger) – Signed Photo
    John Challis (Boycie) – Signed Photo
    Sue Holderness (Marlene) – Signed Photo
    Paul Barber (Denzil) – Signed Photo
    Denis Lill (Alan) – Signed Photo
    Jim Broadbent (Slater) – Signed Photo
    Steven Woodcock (Jevon) – Signed Index Card
    John Sullivan (Writer) – Signed Photo

    Planning on selling my autographs of some of the guest stars later this year.

    I also have a Radio Times from Christmas 1985 with Del, Rodney and Albert on the cover. In excellent condition.

    Email me at: rhysp@hotmail.com with your offers and for more details and pictures.

  106. phil says:

    Hi folks, i have just uploaded onto ebay a Hand Signed by David Jason Water Bill Prop from Strangers on the Shore episode. It comes with a COA from OFAH Appreciation Society. My email address is phillew67@yahoo.co.uk if anyone interested, also have a signed display of Buster Merryfield for sale . Cheers

  107. james says:

    Hi i have a signed photo from David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, the image is batman and robin

  108. Richard says:

    Limited Edition signed picture of

    Driscoll Brothers
    Mickey Pearce

    only want £80 bargain

  109. Chris says:

    I have a Lennard Pearce Autograph for sale is anyone interested. im looking for around 800.

    you can email me on hrdyb4@hotmail.com


  110. ashley says:

    i have for sale The Only Fools and horses story book
    signed by 11 cast and john sullivan
    comes with coa aswell please email at ashmessage@aol.com if you want a picture or a price

    Del Boy
    Uncle Albert
    Roy Slater
    Mike the barman
    Mickey Pearce

    My email is ashmessage@aol.com

  111. Will says:

    Hi all,

    I have a 1996 black production jacket exactly the same as the one featured here:


    It’s in good condition, size small, and was originally given to a female member of the 1996 cast. I bought it at charity auction but no longer have a home for it.

    Sensible offers would be gratefully received to: william (no space) rrread@gmail.com


    • dean says:

      hello i think your right well worth the money grandad is worth about £800. think this is the only one ive ever seen all 3 on one picture

  112. Brett says:

    Hi folks.

    I have what I believe to be quite a valuable piece of memorabilia that I’ve had in my possession now for thirty years or so, and was wondering what it might be worth. The item is a ticket for the recording of Only Fools and Horses series 1, signed by Lennard Pearce, David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst, which I got when I went to see the show being made. My father was a BBC TV cameraman on the show, and I was able to meet the stars after the recording (although I didn’t have a clue who they were at the time).

    I notice that Lennard Pearce’s signature fetches a pretty good price, so can anyone tell me what I might expect to get for such an item? If I could get a good price for it, I would be interested in selling…

    • Sleathy says:

      You could expect a decent amount for sure. It would be good to see a picture of the ticket please?

      • Brett says:

        Here are links to the front and back of the ticket.



        Please note: David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst have signed by their pics. Lennard Pearce’s signature is along the bottom of the ticket.

        The reverse also bears an autograph, which as far as I can make out is that of actor Roy Holder (don’t know why he was there—I may have just got his in passing).

        • ashley says:

          what price are you looking for?

        • Brett says:

          Going by the fact that someone below was asking 750 quid for Lennard Pearce’s autograph alone, I was hoping that this would be worth at least a grand to a serious OFAH collector (especially given its rarity, age and the additional signatures), but feel free to disagree.

          The purpose of my original post was to see if anyone would make any offers so that I could work out whether it would be worth my while offering the ticket for sale.

          If anyone wants to make me an offer, you can do so by contacting me at ba_harrison@hotmail.com

          • Alex says:

            Thats an absolutely awesome piece, VERY rare. I recon you are correct with your demands.

          • Rick says:

            I have one thats even better! In the making.

          • Brett says:

            “In the making.”

            What, you’re waiting for the ink to dry? ;)

            Seriously, though—if you have something better than my ticket signed by the original cast and with verifiable provenance (my dad having been a BBC cameraman for over 30 years), I’d be keen to see what it is.

          • Rick says:

            I have a photo of lennard del and rodney, signed by lennard and just need to get nick and d jason and will be worth a fortune. A signed photo with lennard alone is worth way more than a grand. In the making.

        • Ronnie says:

          Thats very nice. £1000 easily if you find the right buyer. I would if I had that sort of money to spend.

    • dean says:

      hello i think your right well worth the money grandad is worth about £800. think this is the only one ive ever seen with all 3 on one picture

  113. Bri says:

    Hi all

    Have a signed script of the 2002 christmas special for sale,which won via auction at the 2005 OFAH convention in Southend. Signed by sid, denzil, boyce and marlene with Certificate of Authenticity. Nicely framed by the Society. Great condition, never wall mounted.

    If interested and for pic please email me at bpalmer76@hotmail.co.uk


  114. Robert says:

    I have a 10×8 B/W photograph signed by Nicholas Lyndhurst who has added ‘Best Wishes’ and David Jason who has added ‘Good Luck’.

    Please email me at swaler@hotmail.co.uk if anyone is interested in seeing the item or making an offer.

  115. ashley says:

    looking for roy slater signed photo?

  116. Rick says:

    I will have a Lennard Pearce ( Grandad ) autograph in frame available for sale very soon. Enquire within if interested. Thanks

  117. Chris says:

    Does anyone have a ben smith autograph for sale? Email me on hrdyb4@hotmail.Com

  118. Rick says:

    Just to let you all know. I have just uploaded a signed photograph of Buster Merryfiel on ebay. The autograph is on the pic. Not the usual small card or autobiography autograph.
    Offers considered. Grab an unusual quality piece of Only Fools memorabilia!

  119. ashley says:

    Im looking for unsigned photos 10×8 size or any size really.
    please let me know

  120. Chris says:

    Hi I almost have the full collecion of only fools autographs but I am missing ben smith. Does anyone have one for sale? If you do email me on hrdyb4@hotmail.com.



  121. dean says:

    wanted Lennard Pearce (Grandad)autograph please contact me.07800907614 deanpaine@hotmail.co.uk thanks dean

  122. rhysp says:

    Hi, I am selling off several of my Only Fools and Horses autographs. These include David Jason (Del), Nicholas Lyndhurst (Rodney), Lennard Pearce (Grandad), Buster Merryfield (Albert), Tessa Peake Jones (Raquel), Gwyneth Strong (Cassandra), Kenneth Macdonald (Mike), Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger), John Challis (Boycie), Sue Holderness (Marlene), Paul Barber (Denzil), Denis Lill (Alan), Jim Broadbent (Slater)

    I also have a Radio Times from Christmas 1985 with Del, Rodney and Albert on the cover.

    Email me at: rhysp@hotmail.com for more details and pictures.


  123. glenn salt says:

    Rare Autographed item.
    Michele Winstanley “Karen the Barmaid”.
    This is a 7×5 black and white photo (old).
    Its been autographed by Karen in black pen.

    Picture is from “Who’s A Pretty Boy”

    Sensible Offers Only to gmsalt@tiscali.co.uk

    Item can be viewed at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/glennsalt/6385352031/in/photostream

  124. glenn salt says:

    I have here a replica Jolly Boys Outing hat as worn by Trigger.
    This has been autographed by Roger Lloyd Pack and is available for sale.
    Postage is free and I’m open to sensible offers.

    It can be viewed at:


  125. Chris Andrew says:

    I have a signed photo of Del boy, Rodney and Uncle Albert; I was also lucky and privileged to have John Sullivan to sign this also. If interested please make me an offer


  126. Trevor Sewell says:

    Hi, just sold my lennard pearce autograph, but it is for sale at sportandstar autographs in basildon.

  127. john says:

    hi guys i have an official ofah fruit machine ,in excellent condition works on tokens and coins (tokens supplied)was tested last month and worked well

    open to offers but would like it to go asap

    thanks all

    • john says:

      sorry guys its actuall called dels millions ,ive just realised there are different versions of the game lol ..

      anyway a great game

    • Paul says:

      Hi, can you let me know where you are and what you are looking for for it please you can text or ring 07709570950 cheers Paul

      • john says:

        hi paul sorry cant ring or txt as have no credit lol im in essex not far from colchester .ive had a lot of interest in this machine recently since ive put it on various sites and so i would like people to make their best offers so i can decide ..ive only seen a couple of these sold as they seem pretty rare ,i would like it to go to a real ofah fan/collector

        send me your best offer and ill get back to you

        many thanks

        • Paul says:

          Hi John ,can you tell me wether its a ten or eight pound jackpot? its hard for me to give you a price as i would be doing £55 worth of petrol just to pick it up.if you can give me some idea of what you want for it i can work out wether its worth the trip cost cheers.Paul

          • john says:

            hi paul just read your reply but it has taken 20 mins for the page to load …lol anyway i was looking at some recently sold machines and even in poor unworking condition they seem to be going at around £190 so considering mine is in brilliant shape would suggest it is worth at least that but as i say ..make an offer you never know …

          • john says:

            are you still interested ?? please let me know either way …

        • Paul says:

          Hi,still waiting to hear if its 8 or 10 pound jackpot? tho i dont think ill be anywhere near where you want to be on the price? cheers Paul

          • john says:

            hi paul its £8 jackpot mate which can be paid out in tokens or cash depending on how its loaded up in the tubes ..

          • Paul says:

            Hi john,ive got to figure in my petrol costs obviously with what i offer and although it would make a great addition to my other fools machine and all my memorabilia (and my very understanding wife!!)ill offer £65 ? cheers mate Paul

          • glenn salt says:

            These machines are fairly rare now.
            Ive got one and I wouldn’t accept such a low offer if I ever decided to sell.

          • john says:

            no i cant accept such a low offer im afraid ..

  128. Adam Green says:

    would really like to get my hands on a cigar jar.

    any for sale?

    it would be a nice bday present for me :)

  129. Rick says:

    Hi. Has anyone got a signed Lennard Pearce for sale please?
    If so please ring 07902 435919
    Cash waiting, thanks. Rick

  130. glenn salt says:

    I have a double audio tape titled “Roger Lloyd Pack reads S.T Coleridge.
    Never used and obtained many years ago.

    Item has been autographed by Roger in silver pen.

    Offers welcome, free postage.

    Member 2433

  131. Helen says:

    I own a lion biscuit barrel exactly the same as that always shown in the flat in Nelson Mandela House and depicted on the front page of this website. I have had this biscuit barrel since 1981. Can anyone advise if it has value please?

  132. samuel says:

    For sale a framed only fools and horses hand signed cast photos


    any questions or close up images just ask or to make an offer email at spikie_rockz_13@hotmail.co.uk

    signed by:

    david jason (del boy)

    nicholas lyndhurst (rodney)

    tessa peak-jones (raquel)

    gwyneth strong (cassandra)

    john challis (boycie)

    sue holderness (marlene)

    roger lloyd pack (trigger)

    paul barber (denzil)

    all original autographs

  133. dean says:

    Hello, does anyone have a lennard pearce autograph for sale,if so email me or text me 07800907614 our we could swap some only fools and horses stuff thanks dean

  134. Samuel says:

    For sale a framed only fools and horses hand signed cast photos


    any questions or close up images just ask or to make an offer email at spikie_rockz_13@hotmail.co.uk

    signed by:

    david jason (del boy)

    nicholas lyndhurst (rodney)

    tessa peak-jones (raquel)

    gwyneth strong (cassandra)

    john challis (boycie)

    sue holderness (marlene)

    roger lloyd pack (trigger)

    paul barber (denzil)

    all original autographs

  135. dean says:

    Hello, does anyone have a lennard pearce autograph for sale,if so email me or text me 07800907614 thanks dean

  136. Paul says:

    Hi, does anyone have a lennard pearce autograph for sale,if so email me or text me 07709570950 with your price and what you have thanks Paul

  137. Colin says:

    Does anyone have the Cigar Jar for sale? Please email me colinbell_@hotmail.com


  138. Robert says:

    I have a 10×8 B/W photograph signed by Nicholas Lyndhurst who has added ‘Best Wishes’ and David Jason who has added ‘Good Luck’. (image below)

    Please email me at swaler@hotmail.co.uk if anyone is interested in making an offer.


  139. simon taylor says:

    tickets for sale for only fools and horses tribute night at bar bs3 21 ashton road ,ashton brisrol £5.00 each met delboy look alike ,live music,raffle etc book yours on 01179669777

  140. Tom says:

    Check out my ebay actions

    David Jason autographs and Jim Broadbent aka Slater


  141. Andre says:

    sorry meant to say photo avaliable by email if needed no chips shows cracks in glaze as they all seem to have ? otherwise perfect these seem to go for around £80 £100 offers welcome was going to put on ebay see what happens with starting price £80 .

  142. Andre Hayes says:

    for sale dell boys cigar jar not the original from the show but the exact same as seen for sale on ebay

  143. Shaun says:

    Many years ago at the OFAH convention, 2 mini scripts were made available – Virgin Business and one other. I am after the other one if anyone wishes to sell?

    Also, a Robin Reliant / OFAH character model was also made available and limited only to a particular convention. I am after this model also.

    Thirdly (and finally), i am after the Trigger with broom figure and the Boycie/Marlene/Duke statue as well.


    • admin says:

      This sounds interesting Shaun
      not heard about these scripts

      can you send a scanned copy through


      • Rich says:

        On the ‘convention 2000’ page it says the ‘Virgin Business’ script was performed live at the 2000 convention by Ken MacDonald, John Challis and Sue Holderness.

  144. John Sleath says:

    As with others… I am missing a Lennard Pearce autograph from my collection…. email with a price you are looking for if you have one….


  145. tom says:


  146. Craig says:


    Does anyone have a Lennard Pearce autograph for sale?


  147. colin says:

    I have the following for sale:

    Script Page from Goldrush episode Page 109 signed by:
    Denzil, Trigger, Boycie, Mickey Pearce, Marlene and Sid

    There are only 118 Pages of the script. The item is framed and also have a Cert from OFAH society.

    The other item for sale is:

    Final Demand Thames Water Bill Prop from “Strangers on Shore” episode. The item is signed by David Jason and comes framed and has a Cert from the OFAH Society.

    If you are interested please email me and I will supply pics.


  148. Tom says:

    Have a couple of signed David Jason autographs if anyone is interested a signed Licensed to drill video cover and a signed batman and robin video cover.

  149. JAMES POTTINGER says:


  150. Richard says:

    Hi ofah fans,

    I am after any autographs/rare items from……..

    Uncle albert
    Mike Fisher
    john sullivan

    please contact me on aphexking58@hotmail.com

    thanks for your time

  151. Ashley says:

    I have a lennord peerce only fools signed and framed with a COA from the appretiation society if your interested send me a text on07769207895

    • dean says:

      does anyone have a lennard pearce autograph for sale? please contact me.07800907614

    • colin says:


      Cheers for that. Very please with it. I now have all of the autographs and very pleased with the price.

      Thanks again


    • A Non says:

      We went last year and its the worst thing I have ever been too. Rubbish stalls, long wait to meet the cast for about 10 seconds and staged in a grotty leisure hall. Save your petrol!

  152. claire says:

    does anyone has a lennard pearce autograph for sale? please contact me.

  153. Jason Evans says:

    Anyone selling a signed Lennard Pearce Autograph. Please email me

    Thanks Jason

  154. Ashley says:

    im after Ken MacDonald autograph if anyone has one?

  155. Ashley says:

    im after Ken MacDonald if anyone is selling one?

  156. john green says:

    what price are you looking for

  157. Shaun W says:

    Hi there,

    I am after the original model figures/statues (e.g. Trigger with brush, Del Boy with coat open, Boycie/Marlene/Duke/Fish, etc).

    Also, anything that was limited edition and only available at the older conventions such as limited edition scripts, models, etc.


  158. james pottinger says:

    It’s a signed Only fools & Horses script page.

    It was an actual script used in series 7 of the show,

    It has notes made by John Sullivan written in pencil.
    It is signed by 4 actors from the show – John Challis (boycie) Sue Holderness (marlene) Pat Murray (mickey pearce) and Ken MacDonald (mike – now deceased)

    It also has a C.O.A included as genuine proof.

    I’m emailing a number of stores to find out if anyone is interested in the item. As you can see from the photo attached, it is in a large framed display.
    The sheet is A4 to give u a rough idea of size.

    If interested with a genuine offer or have any questions, please email me back on j17tjp@live.co.uk


    • Jordan Gale says:

      Many Only Fools & Horses Autographs For Sale-
      All original and undedicated…..
      they are of:
      Lady Victoria
      June Snell
      Tony Angelino
      Dr Shaheed
      Van Kleef
      Axe Murderer
      Pauline Harris
      All on Only Fools Pics and Various Sizes Some are Really Rare!!
      any questions please ask

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