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  1. Amanda says:

    Hi do you know who will b staring at 2012 in peterbough thanks Amanda

  2. CraigW says:


    Would anybody be able to up load a pic of the free picture that you got at the 2011 convention please that the actors signed??

    I missed the convention, and would like the picture to see if I can source one!


  3. Amanda says:

    Can you tell me of next convention for 2012 please as I am a big fan thank you.

  4. Gurbs says:


  5. Sean says:

    I love Only Fools & Horses and the recent convention was Fabrique Belgique!!!!!

    • Alexandra says:

      PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE can someone tell me when next years Convention will be in 2012
      I had no idea it even existed!!!!

      My husband is mad on Only Fools….

  6. Erroll says:

    Wonder why Roger Lloyd Pack was so disinterested at the signing? Looked like he couldn’t be bothered with it all.

    If it wasn’t for us fans he wouldn’t have had his 2 grand+ pay day.

    Credit to all the others though, they were absolutely brilliant.

    Next year, would love to see Alan Parry and Jevon (original).

    • Berty says:

      Really? I must admit I never noticed that with him. He seemed to be enjoying himself whenever I saw him and he was more than happy to sign my photos. He even posed for a photo :)

    • Sleathy says:

      I have met Roger Lloyd Pack many times and he is normally full of fun and very friendly. My only thought was that he was either unwell or had a serious family matter preying on his mind. All of us have off days don’t we …still he did turn up and stay for the duration.

      • Ricky says:

        I totally disagree at the notion that Roger was not interested and not bothered – We met him after 7 hours of signing and we couldn’t shut him up! We had a lovely chat.

        Inbetween signings he was learning a Shakespeare script for a forthcoming commintment he has.

        What we have to remember is that it’s a very long day for them.

        Anyway, we though Roger was brilliant, in fact they all were. :o)

    • kris smith says:

      it was a very very long day i really enjoyed it. it took us 8 hours 2 c them but still worth it. the only things i did’nt like was that mickey pearce did’nt come and at the end of the day i was walking out and the man who plays lennox gilby was shouting at some man get out get the f**k out in front of little kids!!! i don’nt know what had happened but it was disgusting the way he was talking and i think he should come out and say sorry for doing that in front of people that had come 2 c him!!!!

  7. Karen says:

    Amazing event. My second one now and loved this one even more. I really couldn’t care less about the queues or the size of the hall. All I care about is the fact I got to meet the stars, my idols. Just top class. I don’t understand y people are moaning. If you are not prepared to queue to meet these amazing people then why bother turning up? Let me set the correct expectation for next year’s convention – THERE WILL BE QUEUES :) there, no-one should be shocked now. All I can say is thank-you to those people who have made this opportunity happen…that’s both to the stars and the organisers/staff of the actual event.

    Just loved it!!!! X

    • Abu says:

      I totally agree. The cast were very patient waiting so many hours for us fans. They should be annoyed not us fans. TOTALLY LOVED IT. WOOOOOOOO.

  8. sam says:

    This was my second covention. The first was back in 1999.

    Here are some points i’d like to raise.

    1. Early birds at least should be able to have pics taken with the stars and have a minute to talk to each actor.. Before the convention in the email that was sent out, it said that actors cannot pose for pics for huge amounts of time. I then repled and asked it that meant that you can’t have you pics taken with them at all.
    They said that you can but you have to be very quick about it. But this was not the case on sunday. Not long before i got to the front, Keith said that you can’t have them done. I heard staff say to others in front of me “no sorry if we let you then everyone else will want one done”.

    However before that and after there were people having pics done with the actors. In fact just after keith said about it, somebody was having their picture taken with marlene.

    Having my picture taken was one of the reasons i went. I have alot of signed things already and don’t really care that much of having things signed in the first place. Just a bit of ink at the end of the day.

    Next year please do something about it, at least for the early birds.

    Also because i had a call of nature, i ended up being one of the last of the early birds in the queue. So in other words some regular ticket holders only had to wait 10 minutes or so more then me.

    There needs to be a number system where people can leave the queue and come back.

    Esp for others who queued for several hours. Sorry but some people need to turn their bike around after 4 or 5 hours.

    2. Conventions could really do with being held somewhere other then a sports hall. It was hard sometimes to even hear what Keith was saying cause of the echo etc. And there needs to be more happening at future conventions. Once you met the actors there wasn’t really much else to do. We need things like a seperate room to show classic episodes on a big screen or some sort of activity like a quiz. A Q and A with the stars. And because of time how about a 2 day event.

    3. Needed to be a large billboard or something saying early bird entrance instead of a small notice on the window. Even worse there were signs to the convention pointing the opposite way.

    Obviously Perry etc does a great job and works hard, but don’t forget that because he is the main man behind it, he is more then likely personal friends with alot of the actors and /or even gets to meet them sometimes outside of conventions etc and dosen’t have to queue etc. As for Del and Rodney not being there, well at least Perry has met David Jason(obviously he signed some pics which the fancub sells. And more then likely he has met Nick. Oh and Davids signed pictures sell for quite alot(some of them £130 odd if i’m not mistaken). He’d obviously get his free and have his pic taken with him. Am i ever going to meet him?

    Having said that, mabe i should ask about helping out at future conentions. after all and esp with the staff sat with the actors, they obviously got to talk with them a fair bit and likely had more stuff signed for them and had several pics taken with the stars unlike the rest of us. Heck they prob had their pic taken each with all of the together. Wouldn’t surprise me.

    I did expect perry to be a little more outgoing and friendly. Obviously he did have lots to think about etc. But he did seem to look down on people and not say hello back at half 9 nine when it wasn’t even busy.

    • MediaGirl says:

      It was the first convention I have been to and I enjoyed it. I work in Events in London and have had some contact with the BBC and Perry about Only Fools in the past. In reply to Dave’s posting below on 15 November the set is real but much worn, as are the costumes and all the props. If it were not for Perry and his team attending the recording of the original series, as John Sullivan said, they would all have been lost in a skip. In fact, incredibly, the BBC themselves hired the real props back off Perry earlier this year as you can see from this link when they recreated the flat on the 8th floor of Peckham tower block http://uktv.co.uk/gold/video/aid/646521/videolistid/168/sr/1

      There were also several original props on display at the convention from Rock and Chips etc

      When I went to Bressingham during the Summer this year in the hope of seeing the Only Fools and Horses Museum that Perry and Ian Knowles put together, the staff there told me the fact that some of the original props were stolen from the Museum was the main reason that they decided to close the museum down and only exhibit the items once a year. A great shame but I guess it was too risky! http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/norfolk/7063712.stm

      There are very few items surviving at all from other classic BBC series such as Dads Army or The Good Life mainly because to keep the production staff and set handlers (Of which John Sullivan was one) in work, as soon as a series was finished every thing was junked. It was rebuilt from new if needed for a new series. Costumes were altered and used again and again in other shows. The BBC also has no where to store anything long term. I work in Media and corporate events and whenever I speak to BBC World Wide about an event linked to a BBC show they really are not that interested. With regard to Only Fools, after being told several times they do not want to get involved and can’t help they eventually told me to talk to Perry! The actors do of course charge for their services. You only have to look in Spotlight to get their Agent details. For example when we wanted to hire a couple of stars from TOWIE (yeah I know!) for a night club event their Agents were asking between £5,000 to £10,000 per night. I am not kidding. I once wanted Roger Lloyd Peck for an event and his agent was going to charge about £2000 plus hotel and travel expenses. So these conventions must worry the life out of the organisers that they are going to make enough money. For a £5.00 entry fee I guess you can’t expect to spend that much time with the stars but if you managed to get a photo and I saw that several people did on the day, then well done. The conventions in London charge £30 plus per photo with a star. I was at a Sci-Fi event where they want nearly £100 for a picture with William Shatner and Shatners agent was there forbidding him to even talk to anyone. Sad but true, its documented else where on the net. So in fact when I think about it £5.00 for 3 autographs per star at the Only Fools convention when you consider there were 8 stars who signed was not that bad a deal. If you sell one set of autographs on eBay for the going rate at only £10-15 each that’s not bad is it? It was a very long and busy day but I enjoyed posing on the set with the’ Del Boy and Uncle Albert ‘look a like’ actors and meeting and talking to the real stars. The BBC could not care less about the show in fact the local ITV station came down for the day to do some filming for there news show! http://www.itv.com/meridian-west/mange-tout-mange-tout92285/
      And at least Perry and his team are fans of the show, which is more than you can say about the staff at the BBC’s Dr Who exhibition in London that look down their noses at fans as if they are something the cat dragged in. Strange world isn’t it?

      • colin says:

        Good point. I unfortunatly was unable to attend. I guess the cost of getting David would do 2 things:

        Price of tickets would rise.
        The queues would be insane.

        I for one would love to just meet him to shake his hand but I guess we can all dream. Maybe if Perry did a few tickets for £100 to meet DJ or something like that and the money can go to charity.

        • steve says:

          i went to the convention 2011 what a massive pile of #@*$!!!!. i take my hat off to the stars and the lookalikes, for putting up with such a badly run and organised convention.loads of chance for you to part with your money the same two dvds played over and over again on a tiny tv. the only entertainment was an auction yet another chance for you to part with hundreds of pounds. also the doorman who jumped in the queue in front of me and the others after we were in it for 7 hours is totally unfair and out of order. the bold bloke in the blue shirt who seemed to be running it ( running meant in the loosest sense of the word) was a complete plonker.

        • Carly says:

          I think that’s a fab idea i would love to meet him and would pay that too. and doing an only fools quiz would be brilliant and maybe the winner could have a picture taken with the cast as a prize. 2011 was my first one I am 22 and watched my first ep when I was about 8! Loved it ever since. Carnt wait for 2012 I hope it’s better and I have to agree roger didn’t seem to happy to be there and was told by staff that he has a tendency to leave when he likes so I suppose we are lucky he did sit it out. I was lucky enough to get a pic with Sid :)

  9. Laura says:

    Thank-you Thank-you Thank-you.

    See you all next year :)

  10. Abu says:

    It was a brilliant day, dunno why everyone complaining about the delay, they explained Lennox was running late, it happens to all of us. Had a great day, the cast and staff were great. THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT A MEMORABLE DAY. IT WAS AWESOME. VERY PLEASED. WOOOOO.

  11. Donna says:

    What a wonderful day! I have been wanting to go for years but bad health kept me away. The staff were great and I would not have made it with out them. The express queue for the wheelchair access was a godsend for me. I also had help from a woman security staff who helped me by providing a chair as I waited for each star to sign.
    Who was the woman sitting by John’s books? she spoke to me for ages while I waited for the people in front to have theirs signed.
    Then it was my turn, I was not cool at all. Starstruck to say the least, I told each and every one how wonderful it was to meet them, while grinning like a Cheshire cat.
    John was talking to me and then he transformed into Boycie saying ‘here is trouble, oh yes I can see that now, security!!’ lol he was so funny putting me at ease. Sue was kind and thoughtful.
    Not only did Paul Barber say take a seat take your time, he got up and posed for a photo for me!!!!! OMG I have a photo of me and Denzel yippee
    Trigger sat in front of me, was laid back and charming asking if I was ok (I must have looked bad, or mad lol) ans all the while this security woman was helping me with a fold up seat moving it from star to star as I wasnt feeling my best.
    They were all truly stars. The staff helping them, those on the stalls were even kind and helpful.
    I waited a long time to go to a convention, with disabilities it was a hard day for me, but worth every moment.
    I will remember the day forever, not forgetting how great it was for me to see John transform into Boycie lol all just for me lol

    • dan (ginger) and charlotte says:

      hi all, it was our 1st convention queued outside and inside for 7 hours was in the last hundred or so to get to actors still all smiling and extremely friendly, especially Gary, Marlene and the shadow!!! we are very grateful to all staff, cast and Perry for a great special day, one of the best of our lives, perry done his best, without him there would be nothing! he chatted and smiled and joked with us towards the end but he was unsurprisedly busy during day, as for making money fair play to him what do people think pays for all this?? venue, stars, staff, stock, etc.. and whats his flipflops got to do with anything!? I’d like to see any of you moaners try and put a convention on! “A P**S UP IN A BREWERY” comes to mind!
      As for Ben’s comments (below somewhere) you should be ashamed of yourself, elderly and disabled people have to put up with people like you often but fortunately they can rise above it.
      you aint got a clue m8 i’m sure any of them would’ve swapped your place in the queue for you to be wheelchair bound or dependant on sticks to get around! maybe one day you might be unfortunate enough to loose your mobility till then u have no idea what its like to be disabled, all your type worry about is yourself, why dont you take their blue badges away so they have to try and walk a bit further! remember one thing not all disabilities can be seen, some people do well to hide their pain.
      Sorry if this has turned into a rant! but my sons are both disabled and some people make me sick.
      We agree with steve, steph, errol, richard, donna, jamie.l and everyone else who had a great time yesterday, THANKYOU TO ALL INVOLVED FROM THE BOTTOM TO THE TOP! PERRY KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, FORGET THE MOANERS! THEY CAN STAY HOME NEXT YEAR AND EAT THEIR ROAST DINNER! Dan+Char

    • Sleathy says:

      The lovely lady who was with John Challis’ books was his “long-suffering wife” Carol Challis – John mentions her as an acknowledgement at the start of the book. Both Carol & John signed two copies of the book for me! THANKS John & Carol!!!

  12. Jamie L says:

    Just wanted to provide a brief summary of my experience yesterday for my first Convention:

    – £5 entry: absolute bargain.
    – 3.5 hrs queuing which was worth it to meet the actors. Compared to the many other film/Tv conventions I attend during the year, waiting times are normally longer than this so I don’t understand why there is so much moaning here. Did people really think they could just walk in and meet the guests straight away? Really? Haha! And to be fair the ticket makes it clear of wait times…it’s common sense really. Just my view.
    – Cools props and scripts. See a lot of these on eBay but never dare buy them in case of fakes. But confidently bought a script from the convention. Great opportunity to own a real piece of history.
    – Really helpful support staff sitting with the stars. Thanks for your help to speed things along.
    – Huge thank-you to the celebrities…you have made my year.


  13. steve says:

    Me and my wife traveled down by coach from just outside of Leeds, this wasnt a direct route so it took us over 8hours to get there. Then over 9hours to get home and we’ll do it all over again next year!
    Personally for £5 i thought the ticket in was well worth the money, as this was our first convention we didnt know what to expect, ok so there were only stalls selling stuff thats on the website but if you’re like me and like to ‘see’ what you buy then this was perfect.
    I thought the guy who was selling things to the crowd was a fantastic idea as most people were stuck in the que and unable to browse the stalls. i thought the fact that there was always ‘the last one..’ added delboy style humour.
    hats off to Perry for organising these events, like someone else has said the BBC don’t get involved even though its their show and they make more money than anyone. shame on them.
    i thought the actors/actresess were wonderfully patient, you could tell how exhausted they were and yet each of them were still smiling at 7pm as we were leaving. we que’d for 7 and a half hours and were extremely grateful to meet, chat with, get signatures and photographs of each the stars. a huge thank you them all and to Garry for staying on later, hope he didnt miss his train!

    Without Perry there wouldnt be any conventions or chances to meet the stars of the shows. THANK YOU PERRY, you deserve a round of applause and alot more recognition for the time and effort you put in.

    see you next year.

  14. Steph says:

    The Best Day of my life!!!! Xxx

  15. Dave says:

    I was outside in the queue before 10am and got into the convention about 10.45am. I went straight to line for autographs and finally got them at 5.40pm

    To be fair to the actors they all stayed and didn’t go early as I feared. Was good to see Sid and understandably with his strapped risk he couldn’t sign anything.I found Tessa, Phillip, John, Sue and Nabil were all conversational, which was nice.

    I do question though whether the stage for the fake Del and Uncle Albert pictures was real? There should have been two doors to the right, one for Uncle Albert’s Room and the other leading to Del, Rodney’s and Damien’s room.

    Can anyone confirm if it was the real set?

  16. Erroll says:

    Well surprise surprise. Knew it wouldn’t be long before people started moaning on here.

    I for one had a great day. As I did last year. I knew exactly what I was getting. It’s difficult to think of other interactive things that could be put on. And anyway, that could drive the price up which I’m sure somebody else would moan about.

    I think all the moaners should be appreciative of the sheer length of time the actors signed for.

    Oh and for the record, I’m pretty sure that wasn’t Perry with the microphone……

    • Richard says:

      I totally agree, what more could they have done.
      It was so fair how they did the 30 ticket,so we could get to front of the crew to meet the cast. People need to remember the cast gave up there Sunday to be at this event. They signed for hours to meet the fans and were so friendly and chatty. Trigger was the only 1 who did not seemed to interested,not sure why but he was on his phone so much. This is not perrys thought,maybe trigger was having a bad day like we all do. Regarding pricing,i was happy to pay 5 for a food quality photo to be signed. People need to remember everything costs. Staff at the event,cost of the hall for day, cast may have been paid. Reagrding David Jason and Nicholas are different, they prob would have cost a bomb to have them both for the afternoon. I knew they woudnt be there and I think every fan deep down knew this. What more can they do there. I was so happy, got there for 8.30,left at 1 as met all the cast and that was enough for me. Also this event must take so much time and effort to do,making sure all cast turn up and things like that.

  17. michael m says:

    why dont perry comment on anything on here? im happy i got to meet them all however roger lloyd pack could of put his phone down and at least said hello back to me. i dont think ill go again unless the full cast are there,i think there should be more things there and like ive said before a comic or playing diffrent ep’s of the show not the licence to drill over and over and did any1 else notice the bald guy kept saying only 6 left only 4 left then only 12 left and the 25.00 for the ofah game was a rip i got it on my way home from wh smith for 12.99 on offer from 14.99 i no they have to make money but come on not that huge mark up.
    perry think of the fans that came from all over and spent a mint make next year all about the fans and put them first before your money making ideas.

  18. Jacob says:

    What a top class day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 110% satisfaction. Didn’t get home till 1am this morning, slept for 5 hours and then back up to work in central London. But guess what…it was worth it, no doubt at all about that. It’s all I’ve spoken about today with my colleagues.

    From a very happy (I’m sure you can tell) Only Fools & Horses fan.

    Jacob Grant

  19. Mandy says:

    Just wanted to add my feedback on yesterday’s Only Fools convention in Portsmouth. I was aware of the potential long queues as been to one previously. I queued for about 4 hours but I expected that to be the case. Having to wait to meet the stars was absolutely worth it. I got to speak to 9 stars from the show, each of which were very accommodating with signing items and speaking to me and my family. It was a great day and the merchandise range was really good. Considering that Only Fools products are not really being produced anymore because the age of this superb sitcom, to be honest I was amazed there were as many stalls as there were selling different items. I was especially pleased with the Only Fools Monopoly and Top Trumps, both of which I have been unable to find anywhere else and they will make great Xmas pressure.

    All in all I loved the day and the queuing seriously did not bother me, for personally meeting the stars was so very very worth it!!!!!!

  20. Ben says:

    I went and I thought it was very poor. ‘Early Bird’ people paid £30 for a ticket, but autographs didn’t actually start until after 10! Why not start at 9am so the queue can be going down before the standard ticket holders come it. That Perry block pissed me right off. Got a head ache from him! Why did he have to say everything he was thinking out loud? I.e. ”Oh I’d lock a sausage roll right now…” or ”Here is you £15 change love…” I dont think he understands how loud it is when standing near the speakers! ALso, the disabled people pushing in! WHY? They stopped the queue for 30 minutes as 10 of them went really slowly….why do they get to push in? There are chairs in the queue which you can sit at, so having a walking stick isnt a good enough reason in my eyes. They come at 12 and get them straight away, while I queue up from 9am, and have to wait til past 3!

    Also how come some people were going round twice?! People were in 7+ hour queues…you really think its fair to allow this?

    I think Perry does this just to flog his crappy items, as every 5 mins I’d get deaffened by the speaker of him selling a tacky keyring for £5!!

    Why not get a stand up comedian instead of POerry saying ”Stand up and nudge the person next to you to move up” every 2 minutes!

    Not really a convention, as there was nothing else bar autographs!!

    Also, you are happy when new celebs come (ie raquel) and you will premote that, but when some dont come (ie mickey), you never say that!! I thought he was gonna be there, but Perry kept that one quiet didn’t he!

    “Move along quickly” I get told! Erm….I’ve been in a 5 hour queue, had OAP’s pushing in, people going round twice, I’ll take as long as I want thanks!

    • Suzie says:

      Top class day…no complaints whatsoever. A HUGE THANK-YOU to all the celebrities on the day…without you there would be no convention. People were so excited when they met you and got their items signed. I was one of the very last groups to leave the hall but hey I’ll get over It…I got some amazing photos, original signatures and I also manage to buy a load of Xmas prezzies, lol!!

      P.s was very special to meet Tessa and Gwyneth

    • Steve says:

      Pretty sure it wasn’t Perry on the microphone as it didnt look like him. Also i think Patrick Murray ( Mickey ) was meant to be there but not sure if you had seen the recent floods in Thailand where he is stranded. I might be wrong but thats what i had heard.

    • Timothy A says:

      I’m afraid you are incorrect as I was at the convention all day and I never saw nor heard speedy on the microphone. You have the wrong guy…oops!

      And for the record, I loved the day!!!!! Bring it on next year!!!!!!!!

    • Sleathy says:

      You cannot please all of the people all of the time – that’s for sure! Without Perry there would be no Appreciation Society and no Convention so please think about that. Personally I didn’t hear perry trying to sell anything … he just looked stressed by the huge numbers …even though of course he knew how many tickets had been bought. I think you are referring to Keith – the suited one who did try to keep us up with merchandise such as Convention mugs, Licensed to Drill DVDs and calendars. In his own way I think he was trying to keep everyone’s spirits up… On the merchandise front I think you have to pay postage if you order off the website.

      Perhaps Mickey Pearce didn’t tell Perry until very late himself so there could have been no time – we don’t know. Our ticket did say “More guests” and I am sure everyone was delighted to meet Gwyneth & Tessa – I know I was!

      I was also delighted to secure an express ticket – I got there at 8.50 and was 70th in the queue I think. Personally I didn’t see anyone going round twice – I do have a disabled daughter (who didn’t come this time) – she uses a wheelchair all the time and so could not access the long queue. are you seriously saying she should have to queue in the main queue – the queue would be twice as long with wheelchair users in it too.

      As I said yesterday – a big thank you from me to Perry, Keith, all the cast and all the helpers!

      • Ben says:

        Slethy, I didnt mean the people in wheelchairs, as there is no way they could go round in wheelchairs (fair do’s), but the old ladies with a walking stick who faf around talking to boycies wife holding the queue up, and can easily stand (or sit) in a queue…they just cant wait. Thats what annoyed me. And there was a boy who went round twice…I think the stars were annoyed too with comments towards him like”You back again already” “What have you got for me to sign this time?” “Your identical twin was here 10 minutes ago”

  21. Andy says:

    Just like to say i was there disappointed in yesterdays convention. Arrived spent 1 hour queuing to get in. Everyone in the que was saying how this is massive and we are going to be here all day. Finally get in and its a small room with a couple of stalls selling merchandise and yet another que to see the actors. Was not worth the 2 and half hour drive just to look at some merchandise which you can buy online.

    From a show as big as Only Fools and Horses i was expecting a broucher on what was happening through out the day,sets, capri ghia, trotters ethnic tours things from the series. It seemed more like a car boot sale selling merchandise.

    Very disappointed.


    • michael m says:

      i felt the same last year m8 and i fully agree there could be more things there. last year i drove for 5 hrs toget stuck in a 7 hour que, this year however i got there at 8.30 and was about 40 ppl away from the main doors and as you said its cheeper online which i found out last year i never looked at the stalls at all just qued up for 3 hrs for the autographs, i was much happer this year and if i go again ill get there really early again as i was standing by the main doors looking at the ques going all the way outside the park area.
      i think there should be more stuff there for people to do maybe get a comic todo some stand up for ppl in the ques ect

      • Dave says:

        Well i travelled from Margate left home at 5 am and got there for 8, lucky for me there were only about 20 people in front. However i thought the early bird system was a bit poor, whould be a better idea to get the signing started at 9 for them and that way when the regular ticket holders arrive they can get more people through.

        Wasnt too much of a wait for me in the end think was about 2 hours in the que, but i felt sorry for the others. Also no Mickey Pearce…nice to see Raquel & Cassandra so good turn out all in all.

        I agree with the stalls it was just tack.. after getting the signatures i went. I wish they had a bit more merchandise or excusive items, props etc..

        Think this is the last one i will be going to unless David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst make an appearance

        • michael m says:

          i dont think they ever will turn up i dont think ill go again, the site should of said that micky was not going.
          i think perry just sees this as a money making thing and never thinks about the fans, i thought it was funny when somone shouted “perrys a wanker” lmfao oh well i think the offical ofah should do the conventions as they will have REAL props not the fakes and also what was that red sigh about “the new world est” ??? perry just wants money he dont care about the fans or he would chat more and put a smile on not walk about in flip flops and when ppl say hi perry not just look at them and carry on walking like a stroppy kids thats had his arse slapped.

          • Peter S says:

            Overall I was pleased with the convention although I’d say there are some areas that could be improved.I guess it will always be a challenge to coordinate such an event with the sheer volume of fans to accommodate, the lack of official OFAH merchandise and the total lack of support from the BBC.

            One point I do want to pick up on from the above is that the BBC has never put on any time of convention for this amazing sitcom. It is all down to the fan club (both the organisers and the fans involved) that allow us to meet the stars, have an opportunity to buy original props and most importantly meet many different stars from the show. The BBC have no interest in doing this so we probably should be a tiny bit more grateful to the work that is put in for these events. Yes I know there are areas for improvement – I too queued for just over 5 hours – but I am still happy that I got to meet the stars of Only Fools and horses. Just look at the recent DVD box set the BBC recently released to ‘celebrate’ 30 years of the show. It was a poor poor product. In my eyes, the appreciation society did a lot more to celebrate the 30th anniversary then the OFFICIAL TV company.

            Peter S

          • Manisha says:

            I totally agree with Peter!! Without the Appreciation Society we would not be able to meet the stars we did…I was queuing just like everyone else but it was worth every minute, bring on the next convention :)

          • steve says:

            i completely agree with Peter S. without the likes of Perry none of us would ever get to meet and have merchandise signed by our favourite actors/actresses in person.

    • Tommy K says:

      Amazing day!!!! Queued for hours also but expected nothing else…an hugely popular show like OFAH will always attract thousands of fans. I am just so very grateful for the stars who signed all day long and greeted all the fans with a huge smile :) I still can’t get over how amazing the experience was. I would Q for 8 hours+ to have that experience again. I am sooo going next year. I just hope I can get tickets again.

      Thanks to the team behind the event (sorry don’t your names!)

  22. Erroll says:

    Had a great day yesterday, was very good to see Trig, Raquel & Cass. Next year will be my 3rd convention.

    Anyone know what time the actors left? Did any leave early and did Mickey or Sid turn up?

    Congrats to everyone for a great day :-D

    • janette says:

      Sid did Indeed turn up after lunch, he was only supposed to be there for an hour but ended up stayin nearly all afternoon.I didnt see Mickey but thats not to say he wasnt there, The actors stayed on as late as possible around 7.30pm & didnt leave until they had seen everyone still waiting. I was working yesterday at the convention & I thought it was brilliant, it was great meeting people from all around the country & a couple of the actors who were all really nice. Perry the organiser is Great person & did his best to keep everything rolling, I know there were long queues & long waiting around & i know alot of you drove along way to get here, I hope you all had a great time. :)

    • nathan says:

      yes sid turned up but did not sign due to injury but there was no mickey pearce,everyone else was there though who they said would be there

  23. michael m says:

    id like to say a HUGE thankyou to the actors for being so nice and all there hard work today and for the last 30 years.
    id also like to say thanks to john with the OUTSTANDING ofah tattoo on his leg for keeping me company for 3 and a half hrs in the que had a right laugh all the way round.
    yr a top bloke john m8 email me when u can


  24. Sleathy says:

    I have been back a couple of hours now and I wanted to say a few things on behalf of my car full of 4 people. Firstly a huge THANK YOU to Perry, Keith and the multitude of staff that looked after us all so well. Secondly another huge THANK YOU to the 9 wonderful actors and actresses who were so kind to be there for us. I purchased Express tickets and drove at 6 a.m. this morning to get there … when we left at 3 there were still hoards of people patiently queuing for their chance to meet the stars. Remember that the actors too had to be patient in always having a cheery smile when it must have been a very draining experience for them too …always having to find a kind word and a smile for everyone. I loved meeting Carol, John’s wife as she helped us to purchase John’s new book, Being Boycie! Ladies and gentlemen of Only Fools and Horses I salute you and THANK YOU for making my day wonderful …- my nephew Jamie was absolutely made-up! He had come down from Carlisle yesterday …and made the 400 mile journey home today, firstly with me to Loughborough and then homeward with his family.WELL DONE to everyone who played a part in contributing to such a fabulous day for so many!

    • michael m says:

      well said it was a great day out i hope next year is in dorset :)

      • Glen says:

        Just got back now 5 hour journey well worth it, really enjoyed it, could of spent a fortune today, lots of good stuff for sale, all the actors were brilliant. Can’t wait for next year

      • dean says:


  25. michael m says:

    please please please if anyone has picked up my longsdale gray beenie hat please let me no. i lost it today at the convention and im really gutted.
    i no its only a hat but it ment alot to me so if anyone has it or knows who has it please let me know.


  26. michael m says:

    well everythings ready im off to bed cant wate for tommrow everyone have a safe journey to portsmouth :)

  27. Frankie says:

    Can’t wait for convention tommorow so excited as It was a surprise for me from my fami
    Can’t wait
    Only thing is i come from Essex and it will be a long drive

    • michael m says:

      i went last year and had a 7 hr drive, its a great day out and i too cant wate.
      im going alone this year so can do my own thing lol

    • Glen says:

      We are on route now 6 of us travelling from manchester

    • j dinsz says:

      anyone got any of these tickets for sale???

      went last yr and didnt dream it would ever sell out.

      thought you could just buy them on the door like last yr

      give me a call on 07940 836 103 can mee you on the day before hand

  28. nick says:

    Origianly i was unable to attent the event, but no i can and the tickets are all gone.
    Anyone got any going spare please

  29. Rich says:

    Anyone at travelodge in Portsmouth the night before?

    • Richard says:

      Does any 1 who has been before know if they take debit card or does it have to be cash on the stalls.
      1 day to go,can not wait

      • michael m says:

        all cash m8 from what i saw last year a bit on the pricey side seen much cheeper on ebay however its all part of the great day out, i drove 7 hours last year this year its only 1 hr lol hope u have a great day m8

  30. michael m says:

    im having problems getting hold of the site admin, id like to know what sort of photos will be on sale toget signed, eg 1 with all of them on or like the pic above so will be 4 diffrent pics? im on a shoe string bugdit :(((( and would like to no a rough price for them? last year i think they was 5.00 each but cant remember :(

    • Sleathy says:

      I think they are usually £5 each as you say …there is usually a Limited edition Print of all the main actors which usually costs £15 and you can get them all to sign it…

  31. michael m says:

    is anyone else going on there own? the reason im asking is id like to have my photos taken with the actors but im going alone so if anyone else is we could meet up and help each other out by taking photos???????

  32. mike says:

    my friend has put his ticket on ebay as hes got a prob with work if any1 needs one

  33. phjl hosie says:

    any chance the convention could be held in the north east next year there are yhousands of ofahs fans here who would attend

  34. Dave says:

    Hi looking forward to Sunday however i have a question about signing can you get anything signed for example i have a doctor who photo of Roger lloyd pack that i would like signed as well as my ofah boxset would this be possible or does it need to be ofah stuff only?


    • Sleathy says:

      Normally the cast will sign anything …remember 2 items of your own per actor/actress plus any photos you have bought at the Convention. See you all on Sunday!

      • Dave says:

        excellent so you can get two personal items plus anything bought on the day, that really fair

        i cant wait coming from Margate so make sure i get there nice and early

        thanks for your help

        • kris smith says:

          me and my bro r coming from margate too. my brother’s got it 4 my birthday. only found out thursday i can’t wait it will b such a good day!

  35. callum says:

    i stupidly told my granddad i would get us tickets as we are both huge fans ( what a plonker ) if any one has 2 tickets for sale or lives in the portsmouth area i will drive and collect them at what ever price, thanks

  36. John OFAH says:

    Hi i desperatley need 2 tickets for this sunday in portsmouth. Live in portsmouth bit can also pay through paypal if you wish. let me know how much any of you would take?? or if you have any genuine face value spares….many thanks john

  37. Michael M says:

    dose anyone know about the photos that you can buy on the day? id really like to buy 2 photos of the cast toget signed but not sure how much they cost and will everyone there be in the photo? any info will be great.
    i also want to say a HUGE thankyou to hayley for selling me her tickets and the super fast delivery myself and the mrs cant wate.
    thankyou soooo much :)

    • dangingerbreaddan says:

      i think photos of cast who are there will be £5-10 each, no doubt loads for sale on stalls too. Amazing the stuff you can get on ebay! although dont think you’d get in time for convention now! but worth a look my mrs bought some memorabilia off there. We can’t wait to go! only 1 mile from home!!

    • Chris says:

      Hi Michael last year they had singal pictures of everyone attendidng 8×10 for £10 and a multipicture with everyone on for £10

      • Michael M says:

        thanks peeps i cant wate gonna get there really early like everyone else lol ill just buy what they have cant wate to meet them hope david and nick turn up that would be great

  38. callum says:

    does any one have 2 tickets for sale? i live in portmouth. please email me callum.snow47@hotmail.co.uk

  39. Michael M says:

    im GUTTED there sold out last year was great i had a 6 hour drive there 2 IM IN BOURNEMOUTH and need 1 ticket if anyone can help me out? i know theres loads of ppl that really want togo like me but if theres any1 in dorset where i can buy a spair ticket i can collect at anytime

    • Hayley Lake says:

      I have 2 tickets spare, let me know if you are interested. I am in Portsmouth but can take Paypal as payment and post to you..

      • Michael M says:

        how much would you like for them hayley? we have paypal

        • Hayley Lake says:

          Hiya, the price I paid will be fine, and maybe postage, would you like them sent recorded or standard? To send recorded would be £1.50, so £11.50 all together. let me know asap, as not long left to post…

          • Michael M says:

            yes please my email is
            rain_man6666@hotmail.com can you email me your paypal info ect and ill give you my address thankyou sooo much you have just made my month and cant stop smileing :))))))

          • Hayley Lake says:

            Hiya Michael,
            If you could send £11.50 as a GIFT to Hayley.handmadejewellery@gmail.com I will get your address from that. I will let you know when I receive payment and will post tomorrow recorded. thank you

          • Michael M says:

            hi hayley my girlfriend has just paid ive sent you an email with my address as we have just moved and not changed it with paypal yet, so pleaseeee dont send to that 1 but the address in the email i just sent you
            thankyou sooooo much cant wate to receve them im soooo happy ill be going

      • Michael says:

        Hi there Hayley do you have any more tickets for sale thanks Michael you can email me at michael_pye@hotmail.comor call me on 07944975072

  40. Samuel says:

    Hi, due to travel arrangements I can no longer attend and I was wondering if anyone could get the cast to sign my photo, I will Pay to send it to the willing person and for it to be posted back also £5 to pay for their ticket? Would be really grateful

  41. Charlene says:

    Hi can we still turn up on the day and buy tickets at the door? Only need 2!! Please reply…HUGE FAN!! xx


  42. Antony Acton says:

    Hi, need 2 tickets if anyone has spare? Will gladly pay price plus a drink as thank you. email me on aj09_pfc@hotmail.co.uk if you can help.

  43. callum says:

    i went down to the Mountbatten center to get my tickets today and they sold out, does anyone know where i can still get them from?

  44. steve says:

    Hi, i am from leeds and was traveling down with my wife and our friend and his wife but now they can’t go.
    If anyone from leeds or passing through leeds is going or would like to go then we have two spare tickets. (£5 ones)
    I’ll gladly pay half towards fuel costs.
    we were thinking of staying over on the saturday night at the Etap which we dont mind paying for for whoever will take us down as we dont drive.
    we’ve been looking forward to going all year and would be really disapointed if we missed it.
    If you can help please ring or text. thanks.
    Steve 07890749543

  45. Seb says:

    I was planning to go, under the impression that one can buy tickets at the venue, but now realise this does not seem to be the case.
    If anyone has two spare tickets (normal or express)due to not being able to go, I would like to buy them.

    • steve says:

      hi, were about’s do you live?? steve…

    • Seb says:

      Due to lack of sellers, and standard tickets on ebay at ludicrously high prices, I have decided that not to go this year.
      Most of the main supporting cast are usually around each year, but would have liked to have met Gary.
      At least the rest of my holiday’s not scuppered OFAH-wise – off to Margate, the Beaulieu museum to see the Regal, and staying for one night at the Grand Hotel in Brighton.

      • Iain Wilson says:

        Hi Seb

        Not sure of what episodes that particular Regal Van played in OFAH, but I’d recommend a visit to the Cars of the Stars museum in Keswick, Cumbria.
        Regd. DHV 938D, first seen in ‘Diamonds are for Heather’ and last seen in ‘Time on our Hands’.
        While in Brighton you could pop into Moulsecoomb allotments, Natal Rd and see if Del’s Peckham spring is still flowing!
        I do have a photo but not sure which plot no, was shown by allotment tenant assoc. chap c/o Coombe rd B’ton


  46. Sooo Exciting, Can’t Wait For The Convention, It’s Gonna Be Totally Awesome :D

  47. Adam Green says:

    huge fan and im ashamed ive only just discover the site really want to join the convention next week but its sold out would love two tickets if nobody can make it please contact me raydox@gmail.com

    Hope everybody has a great time :)

    • alan says:

      hi i have 2 express tickets and its looking like i cant go now,got them ages ago but only started booking flights this week(from cork)and its working out fairly expensive. gutted aint the word. alanlucey1@gmail.com

      • Felicity says:

        Hi alan i am wondering if you are still selling your tickets still have them for sell i would be intrested in buying them as only just found out about this and did not know it would be a sell out
        thank you if you can send me an email and let me know

  48. Rachel says:


    We’ll be arriving by train (to Harbour Station). How can we best get to the venue?

    • Mark says:

      Hi just walk out of station scross the road to comercial road and find the number 5 bus stop this bus stops right outside the mountbatten centre. If mot taxi will be about a fiver from the train station.

  49. Ljo17 says:

    so gutted i cant go!

    Have 2 tickets for sale…early bird £30 each…

    see the link on ebay


  50. Mark says:

    Hi, there are tickets for sale on ebay cos they said they cant go to it.

  51. Callum says:

    Has anyone got any early bird/express tickets or any normal tickets please? mainly 2 but if you have more or less still email


  52. Trevor Sewell says:

    Hi, i need 1 ticket if anybody can help.

  53. Joe Bridges says:



    EMAIL: joeyb-123@hotmail.com

  54. X Charlene X says:

    If ANYONE has 2 0r 4 spare tickets to sale PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE email me…i cant believe they have sold out….im so upset as im a HUGE HUGE fan of OFAH… Please someone make my year :-) xxx

    • Nicola says:

      same here! I am looking for 4/3 or even 2 tickets that I promised my son I would book for part of his 13th birthday present and I forgot! If anyone can please help me, I would be so grateful and it would make a 13 year old boy so happy. He is absolutley crazy about OFAH.

      Thank you

    • chris says:

      Just put 5 on ebay everyone!! bidding starting at 99p so get bidding!!!!

      • gary shiers says:

        hi i nead 5 only fools and horses tickets please can eney one help me just been paid wan go so much thanks gary shiers

  55. lw says:

    i have one ticket if anyone wants it for £7 that will inc postage email me at lee_welch@hotmail.co.uk

  56. michael says:

    hi i was just wondering if the tickets are still available to buy

    • Maria says:

      i am desperateley looking for tickets for this convention, if any1 know’s how i can get some, would be appreaciated muchly.x

  57. Dario says:

    Hi, I need four tickets to the convention please..

  58. Christopher says:

    I am looking at attending the 2011 convention from Luton so will be travelling by train via london. Will anyone else be travelling from this area? iam wonderign which is the best station in the portsmouth area to get off at for the convention and how to get from the station to the convention


    • Christopher says:

      Hi. AM still awaiting reply. which station is nearest to the convention?

      • Chloe says:

        Is not particularly near any station. It would be quite a walk or need to get a taxi from the station. it’s inbetween cosham and Fratton, probably nearer cosham side

  59. Lee says:

    i have an express ticket if anyone wants to buy it due to not being able to go i cant use it only thing is i dont have paypal so im not sure if i can sell it anyways contact me at MilleniumInkLounge@hotmail.co.uk if u wanna work out a way to buy it

  60. Dorian says:






  61. Craig says:

    Anyone from London heading there?

    Could do with a lift there and back and will gladly pay my part for fuel if you’re interested?

  62. jamie says:

    hi, does anyone the best place to get a quote for memorabilia, i have the cream leather look drinks bar from only fools and horses, its been in my family for years but wouldn’t know where to start if i wanted to sell. any help much appreciated thank you.

  63. Dorian says:

    can anyone please explain the difference between an express ticket and an early bird ticket? also, i need four tickets for the convention and it seems that only the £5 ones are available? does anyone have any early bird tickets for sale?

    Many Thanks

    • sleathy says:

      I think Express and Early Bird are the same ticket… just different words to describe them. I am also certain that all the Early Bird / Express tickets are completely sold out…. sorry.

      • Dorian says:

        Hi Sleathy,

        Thanks for the reply. Yeah i cannot get ahold of any. Would it be so bad with the £5 one?
        From what ive read i think that the early bird is a faster way to queue up the autograph queue.

        Does it also apply for the entrance to the event in general? Someone mentioned that last year it took up to six hours wait to get an autograph.. It would be devastating to wait six hours in a queue just to get in wouldnt it?

        Thanks you ve been most helpful.


        • Sleathy says:

          The Express ticket gets you early entry at 9 rather than 10 ….a fee gift …and then a seperate queue for autographs … I think I queued for 30 minutes last year. If you don’t have Express then I have known people queue 9 hours for a chance to meet the cast. It is a very long time … BUT don’t forget the cast are there all the way through – so think about how itis for them too … I am told that if you are there “early” then the queue for autographs should not be too bad ….so get there as early as you can!!

    • Reece Palmer says:

      alright mate how do i go about getting a normal ticket ive heard the early bird ones are all gone? if you could get back to me asap please id appreciate it mate thanks.

  64. Jason says:

    How can Mickey Pearce be there? The actor died in 2003

  65. Rich says:

    Got an early bird ticket so will be staying in Portsmouth the night before. Where is everybody staying? Some of us should meet and have a night out in Portsmouth. Anyone interested?

  66. Glen says:

    Just booked 4 tickets for our first convention, can’t wait, travelling up from Manchester on Saturday and staying the night. What time should we get to the convention for, do the queues start early???

  67. Sleathy says:

    Hi! I just wondered … It says “More to follow” above …. I wonder who that could be ….. Anyone got any ideas?

  68. stephen gwinnett says:

    does anyone know when david jasons new bbc comedy ‘the royal bodyguard’ will be broadcast.

  69. Craig says:

    Anyone from London heading there as well?

    Would be ever so grateful for a lift there in the car and am willing to pay for petrol costs both ways saving you money?

  70. michael says:

    hi there is any1 traveling from bedforshire (luton)me and my friend really look forward to going it would help us to cut travel costs it pay towards petrol thanks michael/michelle

    • Scott says:

      Hi guys, me and the mrs have just booked our tickets, we are coming via train…Does anyone know how far out the centre is from the middle of Pompey?…

      I am excited about meeting the actors, roughly how long do you get with them and you say it is 2 items each they will sign?…Do they pose for pics with you aswell

  71. michael says:

    hi all,
    does anyone no if there will be an extra charge for autographs thanks michael

  72. john says:

    is anyone going from the plymouth area if so be great if me and my son could grab a lift, will gladly pay my part for fuel.

  73. james m says:

    How does it work with a express ticket. I mean is there a seperate entrance or anything? I can imagine a huge mass of people and getting accused of jumping the line. Although we get allowed in a hour earlier

    • Sleathy says:

      Last time there was a separate queue once inside the hall. I think there was only one queue outside but I had my wheelchair with us so I cannot be sure.

  74. James says:

    Anyone from London heading there? most likely.

    Really want to go as its the 30th anniversary of OFAH and will contribute towards fuel costs?

  75. Abu says:

    Hi, I know its a lot to ask, I’ve got an early bird ticket, would anyone know roughly how long it takes in the shorter queue and would it be the first thing we do? before looking at merchandise, etc? Thanks.

    • Sleathy says:

      I went Express last year with my disabled daughter. We queued for about 30 minutes during mid-morning. Yes I would get in the autograph queue before heading for the merchandise stalls. I also really enjoy the special auction that Keith usually runs of one-off individual pieces! There is usually a chance to buy a copy of the rare License to Drill DVD if you do not already own one ( or if you need another copy…) ENJOY!! The line up is getting even better by the day! I agree that it would be BRIll to meet some more of the women …Gwyneth Strong, Tessa Peake-Jones or Kellie Bright would be wonderful! well done to Perry & crew for getting so many guests already! BRING IT ON!!!

  76. simon taylor says:

    hope we get some of the rock and chips crew this year would love to meet kellie bright (joan trotter) and delboy young and old together that wolud be cool !!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. Erroll says:

    Line up looking good!

    Would be good if Denis Lill (Alan Parry) could make it!

  78. simon taylor says:

    any one going from cornwall /southwest would not miss it for anythink this will be my 7 th convention luvly jubbly !!!!!!!!!!

  79. James Elsbury says:

    How much time is there to get autographs?

  80. Frillis says:

    Unsure whether we can make it this year as it is on Rememberance Sunday and being held in a Naval City!

  81. Richard says:

    Line up looking so good, keep up the good work.
    Can not wait, bday is on 14th and connvention is on the 13th, feel like its going to be a good day.

  82. daven 1 says:

    do u get free photos for the actors to sign or do u have to buy them as i dont mind but id like to no thanks alot for any reply

  83. justin says:

    could i come to the convention in my 1966 del boy van

  84. Michael M says:

    HELLO FROM BOURNEMOUTH DORSET ill be going on my own and ill be driving any1 else from bournemouth going?

    also when will the stars be announced? i got a feeling that it will be the rock and chips lot i cant see david and nick going but i really hope they do it would be such a rare chance to meet them both and a once in a life time for me

  85. Mai says:

    hi, what happens at these conventions? my bf is a big fan and I want to take him but I have no idea what happens so could somebody brief me in please.

    • Michael M says:

      theres a few stalls dotted about selling ofah stuff and the main bit is the que to meet the actors it was up 2 6 hrs last time but well worth it a van was there done up like the 1 in the program brings loads of cash with you as the best bits to buy cost the earth but really rare some bits there you wont find anywhere else

  86. Dave says:

    Hi does anyone know what the waiting time is like for the autographs.
    How does the fast track work. and does everyone get chance of autographs in the end?

    Also can we get non fools and horses stuff signed eg vicar of dibley for trigger?


    • Michael M says:

      hi dave i no from last year people had up at a 6 hr wate :( im told the fast track is now sold out, by that was they was in another que and got seen faster, i wish i had 1 myself as i like to look around the stools for key rings ect.
      from what i no everyone got an autograph and you can have 2 things signed per actor im sure if you brought somthing for roger to sign thats non ofah he would ive met him a few times hes a great bloke well they all are

      • Dave says:

        Thanks Michael, i am the same i would like to have a good look round, before. well i think i will be coming along live in Margate so think i will travel down the night before

      • Ian says:

        Do you know if you are allowed to bring photographs for the actors to sign or will they just sign official memrobilia?

        • Michael M says:

          you can broing things for them to sign but only 2 autographs per actor my m8s bringing a boxset with him and the green green grass dvd

  87. Michael M says:

    hi im gonna buy a ticket now dose any1 know if i can have my photo taken with the actors? it would be great to meet them and get an autograph if any1 has a sec and knows could you please reply to this

    • Adam says:

      Yeah I’ve been to loads of these conventions and every time the actors have all posed for photos with you they generally do take there time.

    • jack says:

      hello. yes u can get pictures with the actors u also get 2 autographs , per actor per ticket.

      • Michael M says:

        thankyou adam and jack, i went last year but was ill when i got there and never wanted to take the chance in the que the last thing id want is to mess up peoples day. this year im ready to go the only down side is ill be on my own so fingers crossed the people behind me in the que will help take the pics for me.
        thankyou both again for the info ill start looking for photos ect toget signed :)

  88. Erroll says:

    Any news on the ‘Guest Stars’ yet?

    C’mon, you must know by now?!!


  89. charlotte archer says:

    hi am just wondering can you purchess the tickets on the door or do you have to buy them on here xxx

  90. jack says:

    hello was just wondering how long the tickets take to arrive once purchased , i brought about a week ago and they haven’t came , might be because of the bank holiday weekend , cheers

  91. steve says:

    anone from newcastle area going down this year and want to share cost of a car.

  92. Doug Boy says:

    Just about to order 4 tickets for the family but shipping costs are £7.50!!!!!! Has everyone been charged this amount!? Bit cheeky charging this amount while it will one cost a 2nd class stamp to post these. I dont wanna moan but i know i have.

  93. stephen gwinnett says:

    any fans from wolverhampton, west midlands area going to the convention.

  94. kate says:

    hiya does any 1 know how you can order the early bird tickets, when you click on our shop it only shows tickets for £5

    help please!

    thankyouuu x

  95. Ian Robson says:

    Are there any reasonably priced B&B’s or hotels near the convention?

  96. Chris says:

    Hi, any info on when the tickets are being sent out?

  97. dean says:


  98. KARL says:

    Ofah is the very best and i cant wait for the convention as i only live about 3 miles away and have never been to one yet, me and my wife just love it!

  99. Ben says:

    I’m really looking forward to this I live in Brighton so reasonably close for me. I hope that Nick Lyndhurst will be there as he lives quite close I believe. Being 30 years anyone could be there, the exitement builds.

  100. Rachel says:

    When are the tickets due to be sent out?

  101. Dan says:

    I will wait to see what stars will be there…. sounds cool though!!

    • jess says:

      yeah same here :). im gunna wait to see what stars will arrive, then i will order tickets :). I hope david and nick will be there :). fingers crossed :D

  102. gary says:

    will be going to this …great ! Anybody know if del and rodney will come ?

  103. Alex says:

    I went to the convention in 2010 and I had to wait for hours and hours to get autographs. Also there were people there swearing but in the end it wa very nice.

    Also I met David Jason when I went to see the Chuckle Brothers Live on stage!!!!!!

  104. Chris says:

    Hi, Can someone please tell me where can I book tickets? I tried ofools.net but I can’t seem to find the option to buy some

  105. john futcher says:

    just booked my tickets for the 30th anniversery convention at my home town portsmouth so cant wait. lovely jubbly

    • LB says:

      Hi did you order tickets online or can you pick them up from Mountbatten Centre, bit reluctant to pay £7.50 delivery when live 5 mins from centre. Thanks.

  106. darren shepherdson says:

    Cant wait for this, im coming from Melbourne Australia, can wait to see who the star is, bring it on!!!!

  107. T. Sewell says:

    Does anybody know yet who the guest stars are?


    • jess says:

      no one knows yet, but i think everyone wants to know :). i hope david or nick will be there as it is the 30th anniversary :)

  108. Tracey Fotheringham says:

    As I am a new member, I need a little bit of help finding my way around. I really would love to attend a the 30th Anniversary convention. Please could someone tell me when and where it is going to be held?

    Really appreciate this ‘fellow OFAH friends’!

    Tracey x

  109. Lee Hughes says:

    Please can someone help me by letting me know, if the Only Fools and Horses Christmas specials from 1985-2003, will be released as a complete DVD boxset.

    As 2011 is the 30th anniversary of Only Fools and Horses, I am hoping that the BBC/2entertain will re-release these special feature-length episodes, as a complete DVD boxset. If anyone has any information about this I will be very grateful. Thank you.

    I own the complete series 1-7 boxset with 9 discs, but it’s missing these extra episodes. This is annoying as I would like to watch every episode in the series and in order.
    I would really like to see these Christmas specials but I don’t want to buy them individually. Please can someone help me out. Thanks.

    • Ronnie says:

      When I asked them I was told that they would only consider releasing a new DVD set if they could see a demand for it.

      • stephen gwinnett says:

        the bbc and 2 entertain really are a hopeless lot, it’s just been to easy for them to chop bits out of the dvd releases, perhaps one day network could get the rights and release a totally complete and uncut only fools boxset.

  110. s. gwinnett says:

    does anybody know if green green grass series 4 will ever be released on dvd, i phoned 2 ENTERTAIN earlier today to find out when they would be putting it out on dvd, they informed me that they do not have the rights for series 4 so would not be releasing it, anyone know who has the rights and if they intend to release series 4 onto dvd.

  111. Carly Simmonds says:

    At last, the convention is in the South and I have ordered tickets…..yippee! I have been a member of the fan club for a long time now but never been to any of the conventions.

    I think it is unfair to say that the society have not thought of people living in the North! The convention has been held in the north on more than one occasion! Also, I don’t think it really maters what time of year it is, you can’t please everyone all of the time!!

    As it is the 30th anniversary, wouldn’t it be amazing if David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst made an appearance….that would show real dedication to 30 years of superb viewing!

    Does anybody know when they will be announcing the special guests?

  112. Joe says:

    Not really thinking about us Northerners are you?!

  113. s. gwinnett says:

    the conventions seem to be too far to travel to these days, any chance the society could organise a convention around the midlands area one year,perhaps during august or september, november seems to late in the year especially as the nights at that time of year will be dark at about 4pm and fans like me would be traveling back home to the midlands in the dark,not all only fools fans live down south.

  114. Erroll says:

    Will the “early bird” tickets be the same as last years “express” ticket? The description is a bit vague. Does this mean there will still be a separate express queue for autographs as per last year?


  115. becky says:

    I have noticed that on your poster it says the convention is the 23rd october and when you go to buy the tickets it says the convention is on 13th november have ordered my tickets but just wondered what date it was actually on.

  116. Can’t Wait to go, this is my first !!!
    Don’t know what I would take to get signed though, I could take my OFAH DVD Box Set, Model Van, Book, Picture, DVD And suggestions !!!!

    • Carly Simmonds says:

      I know what you mean! It is my first time also and I don’t know what to bring with me to get signed either! Who do you think will be there as guest appearances?

      • don’t really know be nice that Sir David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst could make it for the 30th anniversary, but i doubt it so i hope most of them can come not to sure if any Rock ‘n’ Chips actors will be there so, I hope it will be a good one as the conventions aren’t normally near me, so it might be my only one (sadly) !

  117. Rachel says:

    Really want to get my husband a ticket. Could you confirm when in summer tickets will be sent out? Just we might be moving before then and so would need to get them sent to my parents’ address… Also, as Dan asked: can you pay on the door?



  118. neil says:

    Just seen this looks a great day out!Never been before to a OFAH event but really up for this one.As im over 3 hours away thinking of going with my wife and kids anyone know of a reasonible hotel near by ?Also noticed the early bird tickets for sale are these worth buying or would the fiver tickets still be goood value ? cheers in advance!

  119. Ronnie says:

    Much closer to me, but one in London would of been better, not in peckham, but in the london area. Maybe the whole cast will show up, you never know.

  120. Ryan says:

    Will only be going if John Challis and Sue holderness go. When will we know the guest stars?

  121. Carl says:

    Are dogs allowed to go?
    And no i`m not referring to dels birds lmao.I`m referring to pet dogs.

  122. SIMON says:

    will be there no matter what !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  123. can you pay at the door
    Many Thanks

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