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  1. Rob M says:

    Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger) was originally supposed to be apart of the ‘Beckham in Peckham’ sketch – however he sadly passed away just before filming started.

    When their all sitting in the cafe, it was originally supposed to be Trigger and Beckham one side, and Del and Rodders the other.

  2. Ashton says:

    Whoever has the sport Relief special on iTunes with the featurette, behind the scenes, outtakes and deleted scenes can you upload it on youtube. That would be cushty and very appreciated.

    • some people says:

      This may be a crazy, far-fetched idea, but why don’t you support the charity and show by purchasing it?

      • Ashton says:

        Fyi I don’t have iTunes and can’t get it anywhere else and I was asking on behalf of myself and other fans who haven’t got iTunes and would really wanna see the special feautures. No need to get sarky.

      • James says:

        The Sport Relief special isn’t on iTunes any more, it was removed around 2 months ago. There’s nowhere to buy it now.

    • Richie says:

      Is there any news about only fools and horses as haven’t heard anything for a while!!!

  3. Ashton says:

    Whoever has the sport Relief special on iTunes with the featurette, behind the scenes, outtakes and deleted scenes can you upload it on youtube it would be much appreciated.

  4. Ashton says:

    Anyone at all know the song from the sport relief special where Rodney is looking at Del after hes called a dipstick and it lasts till he collects the food from the café. Some of the lyrics is ‘grumpy old men’. Anyone know at all be much appreciated.

  5. Ashton says:

    Does anyone know the song from the sketch that goes from when Rodney pulls a face at Del to when he is collecting food from the care?

  6. Ronnie says:

    People should accept that OFAH is over forever. John Sullivan is sadly no longer with us, and his sons have stated they do not want to carry on the series without him. To go on speculating about this and that is an insult to the series and its legacy.

    It is not down directly to the actors either so it is pointless to keep speculating about them as well.

    All good things must come to an end, or they will loose their good thing. The OFAH magic that made the many episodes in the past possible is departed. It will not be back.

    Please accept this and move on.

  7. Ashton says:

    David Jason is being very confusing from his last interview on Lorraine. He says the sketch was written by John afew months back he said Jim and Dan had wrote it and had added bits of their fathers material.He was saying no one had Johns talent while he described the script as something in Johns league. Hes ruling out a series while months ago he said if they get enough tweets a series will come back and it seemed likely as Paul Barber and John Challis didnt rule out a return either. What’s going on Dave?

    • Rob M says:

      Ashton mate – I completly agree with you, sir David Jason is being a bit confusing at the moment, dont get me wrong I respect him and think he’s awesome – but he really is saying 2 different things at the moment – I saw that Lorraine interview aswell.

      on 1 hand he says: ‘not without John, it can no longer be done’

      in other interviews, he says things along the lines of: ‘ if the timeing is right and providing enough people wish to see it’

      I’m baffled!!…………. please stick to one story David! lol

  8. James P says:

    Doesn’t look like we’re every going to see Only Fools and Horses ever again. Ah well, it was a nice modern way to say goodbye! Enjoyed it.

  9. Liam Golder says:

    Was not sure if Beckham was a good idea to the script but found actually enjoyed it. Especially the end scene that was a nice move very funny not sure if John would have decided to put this all together or not but an interesting sketch.

  10. Ashton says:

    Can’t believe there’s no talk whatsoever now. Jim and Dan are talented writers they’ve done us proud with the sketch they can do us proud with a special there’s so much ideas and potential don’t let it go to waste. ”He who dares, wins!”

  11. Rob says:

    Hi Perry
    Any news on potential release date for sport relief special on dvd?

    The sketch with behind scenes also and interviews etc would be a great edition for a DVD?



  12. mel trotter says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’m so sorry to hijack this thread, but I asked in another with no reply.

    Could someone please help me? I have been googling all weekend trying to find a particular song from the episode ‘Go West Young Man’

    It is when they enter the night club, standing at the bar, and a good 5 minutes of hit songs play in the background, and I’m sure it’s between ‘ain’t no stopping us now’and ‘freak out’ it is a woman singing, and the lyrics I can catch that are first sung are; ‘teach me honey how/when you move your hips… etc etc feel your tender lips..’ Then it went onto the next song, not even my Mum knows it who was a clubber in the 80s! I would be extremely grateful

    Thanks x

    • Rich says:

      Don’t know if this helps but these are all the songs listed for ‘Go west young man’…..

      Ain’t No Stopping Us Now – Performed by Enigma
      Le Freak – performed by Chic
      Jump to the Beat – Performed by Stacy Lattisaw
      Use It Up & Wear It Out – Performed by Odyssey
      Oops Upside Your Head – Performed by The Gap Band
      The Hustle – Written and Performed by Van McCoy
      Ain’t No Stopping Us Now – Performed by McFadden & Whitehead
      In The Forest – Performed by Baby’O
      Car Wash – Written by Norman Whitfield
      Only Fools And Horses – Performed by John Sullivan
      Hooky Street – Performed by John Sullivan

    • WHS says:

      That’s In the Forest by Baby O.

  13. Rob says:

    DVD release date when……….?

    • Ronnie says:

      I doubt the BBC would release it unless it is with something else, maybe a new ofah boxset. you never know.

      • peter standing says:

        they should release the dvd with all the other short specials such as christmas trees and the comic releif special

  14. Rich says:

    The Only Fools and Horses sketch if Trigger had been in it…..


    • Ashton says:

      I really wish Roger Lloyd Pack lived to be in the sketch Rodney did the modelling scene perfectly but just imagine if Trigger did it, it could of been even funnier and also love the scene about Monkey Harris it’s a real shame it was filmed earlier like in November/December then we could have one more Trigger moment.

  15. Rodders says:

    Does anyone know admins email address so I can contact them?

    • Rob says:

      interesting admin hints at possible rock and chips continuing but I don’t see how as there aren’t any scripts for this and if this would be continued I would much rather OFAH return! As the sketch showed David and Nick still have the magic and the script from Jim was sharp and so like Johns. The popularity of the sketch 10 million for a short sketch is remarkable! It is a no brainer for the bbc to encourage Jim to make one more xmas special his dads idea of dels birthday maybe……….? I would have been first to admit if I felt the magic had gone or the spark was no longer there but seeing the sketch last Friday it reminded me just how missed these characters and stories are! David and Nick slipped back into character and you can imagine so many more future stories that could be told for this reason at least one more should be made. The characters are older but they don’t seem to tire the public(a big majority) want it to return I haven’t heard a negative review yet about last Fridays sketch

      • Richie says:

        It’s all gone quite on only fools and horses on the campaign to bring it back!! Take it everyone has given up

  16. Jolly Boy says:

    So what about the 65th birthday of Delboy idea that John was working on before he died? It was mentioned in the first rumours over last Christmas.

    Anyway some ideas………

    James Buckley who played young Del could now play Damien perhaps? You could have Del, Raquel and Damien in the flat. Rodney, Cassandra and Joan in their flat.

    Damien and Tyler could get up to some adventures as well – maybe with a long lost son of Trigger? Finally add a son of Denzil in.

    Tyler in TGGG seemed a bit dim, so maybe you could have Damien ending up going to university and Tyler not. Would be great banter between Boyce and Del down the Nags Head.

    You could have fun with Del teaching Damien to drive in the van – even making it roll over?

    What about if Del and Rod end up running the Nags Head? You could have loads of Del’s weird drinks on the menu.

    Also if they brought the show back they may have to rebuild the sets from scratch to cater for HD because they will look terrible.

    • Ashton says:

      Jolly Boy your ideas about a son of Trigger and Denzil is a good idea I actually had the same idea! I even casted them Roger Lloyd Packs Son, Spencer as Trigger’s long lost son Lewis and Ashley Gerlach (Denzil from Rock and Chips) as Carlo Tulser Denzil’s son who Corrine got custody of and I actually thought James Buckley should be cast as Damien as well spooky innit? But I thought Damien could be like another Plonker awkward and gawky and Del teaching him his French Phrases, Dodgy deals and foreign cocktails and Del could have two plonkers to boss around and publicly humiliate and Del could be setting him up on awkward dates a new series would write itself.

      • William Jones says:

        but there was no mention of denzil and corrine having a son ever so would be unrealistic

  17. Rich says:

    Will the script for this Sport Relief special be downloadable here at all soon? It would also be interesting to know which parts were written by John Sullivan. My guess is the Hide and seek story told by Rodney was one written by John, classic.

  18. Rob says:

    How the bring OFAH campaign going…..?

    Jim must want to do more after the great reviews of sketch!

    Even just a Green green grass special for xmas 2014 Del boy and Rodders visiting Boycie would be great fun! Jim wrote loads of GGg anyway so why not, also this way you wouldn’t have to worry about including all characters just do del, rodders visiting in three wheeler for xmas perhaps they get snowed in at the farm…… Jim could just concentrate on making it a fun festive episode. I think this would be the best way to bring them back without the need of having to worry about bringing all the old characters in just make it A green grass special. What you all think?

    • Richie says:

      Looks like it’s gone quite on the fools and horses campaign!! Looks like everyone has given up

      • Ashton says:

        I hope not I would you love to see them return as much as any die hard fans but it has to have the key ingredients the same chemistry between the 3 main leads Del Boy, Rodney and Damian main focus should be dodgy deals and typical OFAH situations. Have them dress in their original clothes not golf jumpers and suits, for example Del’s camel hair coat, cap, jewellery and Rodney’s camouflage jacket/leather jacket and sneakers. Less of Raquel and Cassandra. Also include more recurring characters like Alan Parry, Robbie Meadows,Jeavon, a visit from Jumbo maybe so it’ll have enough secondary characters and also make sure it doesn’t drag on make it around 30-40 minutes fast and funny. That’s all it needs.

  19. Rob says:

    Well he sketch was a MASSIVE HIT…! Fantastic reviews I haven’t seen a bad one! Everyone on twitter and facebook saying how good it was. Read a few papers this morning all giving it the thumbs up!
    What a successful return, seems so much life in del boy and rodders they were full of energy and the script was scarily John Sullivan like, the fact that the sketch was so short but yet so great shows that Jim knows exactly how to write and really knows David and Nicks characters well.
    Nearly 10 million tuned in during the last 40mins of sport relief just to catch OFAH sketch that is remarkable!
    Jim/Dan please reconsider and make 1 more fools………. del boy and Rodney have so much to offer. I must say it was ‘refreshing’ just to have a sketch focusing on David and Nick like the old days , didn’t need everyone in it, just having David and Nick in the market was so refreshing and reminded me of when it was just focused mainly on del boy and rodders adventures not Damien, Raquel etc

    • Richie says:

      But how do we change jim and dans mind looks like they have made there mind up!!!

      • Rob says:

        Jim wrote loads of Green green grass series he should just do one xmas special 2014 featuring del and Rodney visiting boycie for xmas, lots of good fun not too serious just a jolly xmas special and a final hiliarious bonjour!

        • Ashton says:

          This is a solution there was only one writer of Only Fools And Horses but there was more than one on the GGG that’s something someone should tell Jim this, does Perry or Admin have any contacts for Jim be much appreciated

          • Rob says:

            My thoughts exactly Ashton!
            Don’t know what they all waiting for! Just get on and make it, like I said Jim wrote loads of GGG just do a fun festive jolly episode where del and Rodney visit (this would not spoil ofah) would be a great laugh just like the sketch was, plus if its an hour special give david and nick a proper long episode. Jim could write so much with this, the idea is screaming at him to make it!

    • Daz says:

      I’ve read LOTS of negative comments. It depends where you look.

      At the end of the day it was a sketch for charity. It wasn’t canon, it was just a piece of silly TV to make money.

      It was nice to see them on the TV but that’s about all that sketch was good for. It wasn’t ground-breaking, there wasn’t a story, and it appeared cheap and rushed.

      A new series is the way forward where they can tell some decent stories and let David and Nick stretch their acting muscles again.

      I hope to God that this sketch isn’t the last we see of them.

  20. Colin says:

    I have to be honest I was sceptical at first. I think david b does a lot for charity but I was not sure about him being in this. I have to admit I was completely wrong, I thought the episode was brilliant (shut up you tart) and the falling through the crate bit at the end (genius). It’s a shame some of the others were not in it but I guess it may have made the episode a bit more complicated to write.

    I bet they raise vast amounts from the download on itunes which is also a great thing.

    All in all very pleased and credit to john sullivans family for the writing.


  21. TributeToTrigger says:


    It is a real shame Roger did not live to do this, even before this aired I was laughing to myself just thinking of how hilarious the cafe scene would be if Trigger popped his head in……

    “Alright Dave?”

    But WHICH Dave?? Hahahaha that would’ve been fun. And then the bit at the end would have been good to have Trigger stood next to Becks and recreate the hilarity of that wine bar scene!

    Sadly though, those who think its coming back (apart from the fact some very key people are now dead) well they should read this, cos, Sullivan’s son has the final word and he has made the right choice.


    It’s nice that ‘plonker’ is the final ever word we hear David Jason say, I really don’t think there’ll be anymore now, but I’m glad it came back for an encore cos it’s been a very long time!

    Worth another watch!

  22. Val says:

    Really disappointed with some of the comments on here.
    1. What was the sketch for
    3. Did it bring together a comedy classic and a footballing and charity hero
    4. Did it make you laugh at any point.
    It was for Sport Relief, so the sons of 2 brilliant men got together to write a sketch from a comedy classic, not seen on TV for yrs. Together in writing that sketch they added one if not the most famous Footballers we have had and asked him to add his name to the sketch and act in it. He jumped at it because he loved the show and didn’t expect so many lines.
    Did you laugh? Of course you did from what Del was sell to Rodney wearing them. In the café, you knew DB was sat there, what was he going to say? He’s wearing glasses to go incognitive! Telling Rodney how to glide, calling him a Tart…did he really say that? Brilliant ( sounded better the 2nd time) Again big laughs as you see Rodney try to glide with arm on hip, threatening death to Del.
    Then you see the most natural DB! Little boy comes up and asks ” are you DB, can you sign my ball”? There you see a very small glimpse of how good that man is and how naturally he can help children.
    Then to the end that no one has mentioned. He stands where he was and falls straight back!
    I was clapping by then awesome sketch welldone everyone!

    • BRAND BECKHAM says:

      Beckham is only in it for himself. Tax exile. Charity hero my arse. He even failed to keep open his academy which was opened much to some fanfare by the media, yet they never reported on it when it closed due to lack of funding.

      A good footballer with moments of greatness no doubt. But hardly legendary. One of the worst England captains. It’s all about the money and publicity.

      Saying that I though the sketch was ok with some good lines. But please they are too old for this. The show ended 18 years ago and that is how it should be remembered.

      • Griff says:

        In the words of David Beckham:

        “Shut up you tart!”

        If you’re that passionate the show should have ended 18 years ago, don’t watch it or get so uptight about David Beckham getting involved.

        Beckham, like many of us is a huge fan of the show and it was all for a good cause. And Beckham being in the show is perfectly fine given it’s a Sport related charity.

        One of the worst England captains? You’re just being bitter now.

        Pipe down and keep your negative, worthless opinions to yourself.

      • Don says:

        Oh, do shut up mate.

  23. Griff says:

    I thought David Beckham’s “Shut up you tart” line wasn’t quit sharp enough – but he isn’t an actor so I’ll forgive him ;-)

    He did really well overall.

    • Dan says:

      Yeah that line didn’t sound quite right i agree, but overall David Beckham wasn’t nearly as bad as i imagined, Del was as sharp as ever even though there was some dodgy dubbed lines when the camera showed him from behind.

      Even if they don’t make a new episode, i’m glad to have Del and Rodney come back one last time, it was like they’d never been away, sure they’ve aged but that’s life right, and it was nice to mention Trigger.

      Overall i’m happy with how it turned out.

    • James P says:

      Yea true, it was great overall, they all did a great job in bringing it back and i really enjoyed it!

      Bonjour Del Boy & Rodney!

  24. Rob says:

    This has to be released on dvd its a must to add to collection it was so good I feel I have to have it as a dvd!

    Ashton what we going to do…? after tonight it must return surely……..?

    • Ashton says:

      Definatly Rob it was brilliant had great one liners and the story about hide and seek thing was funny, also Rodney as an underwear model I was dying laughing,I’m putting it on You tube tomorrow you could burn it on to a disc. As for the show brilliant a great show best TV I’ve watched in ages. Has to come back don’t care what has been said and I don’t care how, the show has it’s magic back.

      • Richie says:

        Hi everyone wot a great sketch loved every min of it, we need to bring this back for a new series, on twitter there is a petition to bring back only fools and horses please sign it you know it make sense contact @TWdaryl_Dixon #bringbackonlyfoolsandhorses

    • Griff says:

      Just downloaded the behind the scenes footage – 20 mins long. Really interesting.

      Get it on iTunes – only 3 quid odd! The great British public have another bargain of a lifetime! Everyone’s a winner – bonnet de douche!

    • stephen gwinnett says:

      sport relief sketch should be released on dvd a long with other mini episodes ‘christmas trees’ and ‘licenced to drill’, ‘comic relief 97’ etc.

  25. Rich says:

    Brilliant. John Sullivan would have been proud.

  26. Griff says:

    Great little episode.

    Very clever ending with the fall…

  27. Rob says:

    ps how funny it would be if they went back to the sketch and finish it off as an episode. Take becks back to the flat in the back of the van to celebrate selling the briefs……….! God Jim got to finish that sketch seriously it flowed nicely the story

    • Ashton says:

      Had loads of memorable moments loved every bit of it. What a great sketch.

      • Rob says:

        Well done Jim and Dan you should be proud! What a script! And well done David and Nick like you had never been away oh and Becks well done also ha ha he was quite good I thought , perfect story/scenario

        Just hope this will inspire Jim and Dan to just make one more!!!!!!!!!! proper , you both have the ability to do so, your Dad would be so proud, you could use other dialogue of his in script also and combine with your excellent writing and David and Nicks seemingly effortless portrayal of their characters it would be great! I feel OFAH has come back to live tonight!

  28. Daryl Millard says:

    Absolutely Fantastic. You’ve done John Sullivan proud. Well done to all. Absolutely loved it, like it had never been away. Shame it will be the last one (or will it??????)

  29. Ronnie says:

    I thought it was good.

  30. James P says:

    That was great! I nearly died when Rodney walked out with them boxers on lol!

  31. Ashton says:

    Half way through it and I’m splitting myself laughing Only Fools you’ve made this Sport Relief special and you’ve done us proud la silva plais as they would say in France.

    • Rob says:

      Its getting great feedback folks……………..!

      God did we all want more though!!!!!!!! You could just see that sketch continuing as a 30 min episode would have been great! I would be happy if they would just go back to tonights sketch story and finish it off as an episode ‘proper’ !

      That’s the only sad part of a fantastic sketch and story was perfect. We need more……………………..!

      Check out twitter the sketch is getting thumbs up from everyone! We got to get a new OFAH it was like they had never been away

  32. Ashton says:

    So excited this is gonna be Luvvly Jubbly

  33. Neil says:

    Hi guys, I am a massive only fools and horses fan here, I am 25 years old and my family love the show, we have been to the conventions etc, and met the cast. We have been excited from day one about this Sports Relief Special. Pity it’s only for 15 minutes, but it’s better than nothing! I am very excited for tomorrow, it is a dream come true. While David Jason is still up for a comeback, I think now will be our prime, and only chance, to get the show back for one more series, while DJ and NL are still fit and healthy.

    We must pile pressure on the BBC, and raise awareness on social media tomorrow during, and after the Sports Relief special. Maybe a hashtag #plonker or #bringonlyfoolsandhorsesback you know it makes sense. or something. The BBC don’t have anything decent on tv these days, and OFAH would restore my interest in the BBC again.

    Please write to the BBC and keep the public awareness up. I would be happy for them to make one more final series, which will well and truly be the end. I know they’ve said it many times, in 1996 and 2003 etc, but it needs to be finished properly and rounded off this time. They could film one more series with Cassandra, Raquel etc, and have a tribute trigger episode at the start, and make one last series. Or a few full episodes at least. Then, well and truly put it to bed. I think John Sullivan would of wanted his work to continue. I know that his son’s are concerned that a full comeback could potentially undermine OFAH, but that’s a risk you have to take, I’m sure there’s still enough scripts out there to feed one more series.

    Please please please campaign tomorrow night and over the weekend to bring back one more series!!!!!!!

  34. Ashton says:

    Who else thinks there still is a chance of more after the sketch?

  35. James P says:

    The Only Fools sport relief special is up for pre order on iTunes and according to it you get the whole sketch plus an exclusive bonus episode with a featurette, deleted scenes and outtakes. Looks good – http://www.itunes.com/sportrelief

  36. Rob says:

    Apparently the sketch is 20mins long!

    • Ashton says:

      Oh yes!!! This is is great news this could be like a regular episode all they have to do is add the intro and end credits its like a full episode Luvvly Jubbly

  37. James P says:

    The BBC have beaten me to it lol. Here’s the second trailer they’ve released for the Only Fools special:


  38. James P says:

    David Jason was on the Michael McIntyre chat show on BBC One and they showed a new clip from the Only Fools special! I recorded it, here it is:


  39. Ashton says:

    Did anyone see the recent interview David Jason had with Digital Spy he said “The script was so Sullivan ” and leapt at the chance saying he’d love to do it .So this will be a hilarious sketch folks and that Jim might be the next John who knows time will tell.

    • Sleathy says:

      Sir David is on BBC1 RIGHT NOW !!!

    • Sleathy says:

      Sir David is on BBC1 right now !

      • Richie says:

        Great interview and he never said this will be the last one!!! Lets hope for some more episodes!! Wot we need is that everyone loves the special on fri nite and pressure the bbc for more

        • Rob says:

          That’s it exactly mate! DJ was buzzing last night! You could see how happy he was to have brought Del boy back, he defo wants more! He was on top form.

    • Rob says:

      I am sure DJ knows something that we don’t! It is so clear he wants to return as Del boy!

      • Ashton says:

        I thought the same thing he isn’t ruling out further episodes and he seems so excited about the Sports Relief Special he’s like a giddy kid at Christmas he also agrees with Jim’s scripts too and that its so Sullivan and is original Only Fools and said Yes straight away, so what could be going on?

  40. James P says:

    Here’s the official trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KB5MDV3-gwE&feature=youtu.be I really hope the bad canned laughter doesn’t ruin it.

    • BRAND BECKHAM says:

      Oh dear it seems by that clip DJ has forgotten how to play Delboy……….as for Beckham, terrible, just terrible – I see his people are trying to make out this sketch was all King David’s idea.

      Yikes what a sad way for OFAH to bow out. Fingers crossed anyway.

      • James P says:

        Why do you think David Jason’s forgot to play Del Boy? :S

      • Rob says:

        Why do you say such a thing?
        You come to such a conclusion after 20 sec clip……?

        Looks great to me, lots of humour
        lovely jubbly
        be positive, its for charity , its good fun

        • Ashton says:

          I thought the same Rob. BRANDBECKHAM is trolling us we all know the second David Jason donned the jewellery,leather jacket and cap that Del Boy was back and as funny as ever.

  41. Ashton says:

    There is an Only Fools and Horses sport relief page everyone look up ”Only Fools And Horses 2014 Sport Relief” on facebook and it’s been there awhile, time to get it a lot of likes you know it makes sense.

    • Rob says:

      Seen clip looks like they going to try and get DB to being fashion model or something to sell their gear or something like that at market, going to be funny hope its 15mins we get! Has potential to be extremely funny, and god does it make us want more! Looks like del never been away once he puts that cap back on! We got get it back people, David and Nick are both good health now, clear they love their characters has massive potential fore more!

      • Ashton says:

        I know perfect for a special or another episode/sketch they won’t disappoint us just the few seconds in that advert made me laugh so roll on Only Fools Horses Sport Relief this will be great. Luvly Jubbly

      • Ashton says:

        I know perfect for another special or episode right? They won’t disappoint even the few seconds of them in the advert made me laugh so roll on Only Fools Sports Relief this will be Luvly Jubbly

      • stephen gwinnett says:

        nice to see del boy and rodney on the front cover of the radio times again, jim sullivan has confirmed again in the radio times that the sport relief special really is a one off for a good cause, i do believe this really is the very last time we will see del boy and rodney, david jason will be a guest on the the michael mcintyre chat show on monday night at 10.35pm on bbc1.

  42. griff says:

    Just saw a new clip of the ofah special!!

  43. Griff says:

    Non-related question for Zane..

    I’d really, really like the OFAH forum back!

  44. Griff says:

    I’d say there is always a slim chance of a return for as long as Sir David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst are alive.

    Never say never….

    The 1996 trilogy was supposed to be the end.

    The 2001/2002/2003 trilogy was supposed to be the end.

    In 2011, John Sullivan intended on there being another special.

    The main man isn’t with us, but his work lives on and his sons CAN do it. I think Jim and Dan are simply playing down any kind of rumour of a return due to the forthcoming sketch because I believe deep down, they want to see how well this pans out. Plus, maybe a huge sense of confidence may not be high from Jim and Dan because they are afraid of damaging their Dad’s work – which they won’t.

    I don’t care what anybody says, you never know what will happen.

    • Rob says:

      Well put Griff. That’s it exactly never say never.

      Like I said before would be great even if just sport/comic relief sketches using John Sullivans old scripts as I bet there is loads of material in his office/study that could be used for short sketch specials which would be a good way continuing as Jim/Dan would be using majority off their Dads scripts anyway! So it would be johns work. You are not telling me there was only 10mins worth of script found of Johns! He always wrote , and wrote……… I bet there loads of script/ideas he always over wrote his scripts! Use his material in whatever ways you can, if that be through sport relief /comic relief then that’s fine Jim.

  45. Rob says:

    any confirmation of how long sketch will be?

    • Ashton says:

      David Beckham says he has a lot of dialogue.I’d say about 10-15 minutes

      • Rob says:

        15 mins be just right .

        If we don’t get a special to follow just write to Jim asking for sport/comic relief specials. Would be great to look forward to 2 15nmin sketches eah year just abit of good fun for charity but also a way for us fans to catch up with del boy and Rodney be good light hearted fun and would in no way ruin the series would be a treat for us fans to get 2 short sketches a year and will raise aload of money for good causes

        • Ashton says:

          I like yur idea Rob 6, 15 minute charity specials would be equal to a full episode anyway I’m happy as long as I get to see Del,Rodney and the gang. Possible ways to revive them renew The Green Green Grass, Charity Specials, Spin off movie or a new spin-off series centring Damian being thought the ropes by Del and Rodney to be a dodgy dealer but it could star all the other characters too or Jim could swallow his pride and do a special.

          • CraigW says:

            It won’t happen….

            Read the article from yesterday in the Daily Mail. Jim Sullivan has confirmed there will be no more after Sport Relief…..

          • Rob says:

            Thanks mate.
            I think it could happen, you know who would have thought this was possible after John Sullivans death, here we are 2014 and we have a new special next week to look forward to! (Well sketch)but still its positive. I don’t see why a harmless Green green grass xmas special couldn’t be made with del and rodders visiting boycie at the farm. Jim wrote GGG also, plus he would have spoken with his dad about future ideas iam sure! So he would know what direction that series was heading in, a rumour was that series 5 scripts were completed , a rumour being del boy was going to visit……..?

            If there are scripts already written / plans I just wish they would finish them and make them.
            GGG has more life in it and potential, as did Rock and chips as does OFAH.

  46. Rob says:

    That’s it mate Jim we only want one special! Or like I said comic relief/sport relief specials be great. And dvd releases of these where the money goes to charity , like you said Jim for a good cause. That’s the power of Only fools it makes people happy, old and young. That’s why we want more specials/sketches it cheers people up, its good fun , characters we love.
    I am totally sick off programmes reality tv such as
    The voice
    Dancing on ice
    skating ice
    blah blah they are crap, and boring.
    Del boy and Rodney are what viewers want, just some sketches twice a year then if Jim isn’t prepared to DO special . Something! please listen Jim seeing the pictures just makes us fans want more fun. I have a feeling its going to be a very funny sketch

    • Ashton says:

      I like yur idea of afew charity specials a year it could be like a mini series if he does 6, 15 minute ones I would be highly satisfied or just one or two specials like you said. Only Fools And Horses is different to most shows if only you could bottle what it has that most shows don’t every1 would be rich.

  47. Rob says:

    Ok ive had an idea and got a question to ask Jim/Perry to pass onto Jim please.
    Would you compromise with us fans and make sketches using your own/dads idea and bring trotters back say twice a year ?
    So every sport relief/comic relief…..?

    This would be great and im sure would raise lots of money for good causes and like you said Jim your Dad would approve, the fans will be happy, David and Nick would be happy and you will keep your Dads characters going. Everyones a winner.

    If you could suggest this Perry it will be much appreciated.
    Also have you heard if the sport relief will be released dvd as I really would like it for my collection?
    Kind regards

  48. James P says:

    Lot’s of new pictures released today on the Only Fools sketch. It’s great to see and really this article should be at the top of this website, but anyway, I’ve brought in most of the images out there and you can see them below.

    Plus, Jim Sullivan put an end to these ‘coming back’ rumours today and said: “It’s a relief now it’s done as we were all sworn to secrecy for what felt like a long time. It’s also good to be able to set the record straight about some of the rumours – that the sketch is a trailer for a new episode, that we’re writing a new series etc. None of it is true. It really is a one-off sketch. We very much appreciate the passionate and loyal fanbase that the show has and in a perfect world there would be more episodes, but there was only ever one writer and without him, there can be no more.”

    Here’s the new pics:









  49. James P says:

    The #BringBackOnlyFools thing has gone quiet. Take a look at this – https://www.facebook.com/BringBackOnlyFools should we get it spread about?

    • Rob says:

      The twitter /facebook bring ofah back seems to have been removed, looks like whoever started it has given up!

      • Ashton says:

        There is another one look up on facebook “Only Fools and Horses Sport Relief Special 2014” it’s the official one.

        • Rob says:

          have you seen papers today loads more pics of the new sketch del and rodders at the market looks like they have never been away! Make us want more ofah even more though!

          Come on Jim just one special be fantastic! You your Dads scripts if there are enough of them to make one more please , even a 30 min episode….
          Looks as though David and nick would love more episodes looking at the pics

          • Griff says:

            Saw the photos in various newspapers. They don’t half look old! Nick Lyndhurst definately hasn’t aged very well at all. What happened, Nick?!

            Look forward to it. Is this sketch being aired on the Friday eve or Saturday eve?

          • Ashton says:

            Totally agree Rob a family member who hasn’t been well lately, I told him about the sketch and he said “If I was at a make a wish foundation my only wish would be to see another special of Only Fools And Horses” I showed him the pictures today and his face lit up it made his week. And when they said there was only one writer John has bits of scripts all over the place they can write their own and put in some of their Dad’s material too which twist around what he said There was only one writer well it’s partly written by him innit?.

          • Rich says:

            From reading the newspaper articles it looks like it should be David Beckham we need to get to ask Jim for a new episode as it was him who got this sketch to happen.

  50. James P says:

    Yes, under 2 weeks to go until we see Del Boy and Rodney again!


  51. Rich says:

    Just under 2 weeks to go now.

  52. James P says:

    Just found the only fools sport relief wiki page. Interesting to see how it grows. Pity it says none in the succeeded by section at the bottom!


  53. James P says:

    Just found the sports relief specials wiki page. Interesting to see that page grow over time. Pity at the bottom the succeeded section says “None” lol!


  54. Rob says:

    John Challis said yesterday he spoke to David Jason at Rogers funeral and they said ‘would do another OFAH, aslong as up to standard be hard to refuse’ !
    Nobody is ruling out a comeback after sketch this is interesting, Paul Barber, John Challis, David Jason, it is clear talks are in place about a comeback, but so strange Jim hasn’t conformed this.

    • James says:

      Rob, Jim Sullivan recently said in an interview: “We would like to make it clear that it is just this once, and that we are not, and never have been, looking to write any new episodes. There was only ever one writer of Only Fools and Horses, and it is going to stay that way.”

      He’s hardly going to confirm a comeback after that comment, surely?

  55. James says:

    Many people on this website seem to be jumping to conclusions.

    Many actors who play characters in Only Fools have sadly passed away, which is not great when it comes to bringing back the show. The very writer and producer John Sullivan has also sadly passed away. If they were going to make an episode at all it would have happened by now. The cast have also grown a lot older and it just wouldn’t be the same bringing the show back. To top ALL of that off the writers son Jim Sullivan said in an interview a while ago: “We would like to make it clear that it is just this once, and that we are not, and never have been, looking to write any new episodes. There was only ever one writer of Only Fools and Horses, and it is going to stay that way.” How can you argue/twist around that? Those are the very words he said when asked “So is this really the last ever Only Fools and Horses episode?”

    I know I will have many people going against me here but the point is – the show has had its day and it is better off that it is just left alone. This short sketch for sports relief is great, raising money for charity using this show is just a brilliant idea. I’m a HUGE fan of the show too but I really think it should be left alone and that is pretty much what Jim said too. We have 64+ great episodes to enjoy forever.

    • danboy says:

      Exactly, leave it alone.

      The last few episodes weren’t up to the standard of the show at its prime.

      Compare the film writing scenes of Video Nasty (there’s a rhino loose in the city) with the one about Mel Gibson. Not only nowherecnear as funny, but also the actors were a lot older and not in their prime.

      Best show ever, let’s now spoil it

    • Rob says:

      Well I respect your views but the fact remains David Jason said ‘if we get enough tweets it will return’ and I agree it is strange and seems pretty final what Jim said but why are the actors contradicting what Jim said then…..? Why aren’t they simply saying it wont happen? Why is there lots of – ‘it could happen’ going about right through the cast!? You must admit that is strange mate? Why aren’t the cast simply saying NO, NO CHANCE……..? WHY IS IT A ‘maybe- quite possibly’ Perhaps the cast know something we don’t, perhaps there is a full John Sullivan script that has been found!? I don’t know, but what I do know is the cast seem to want a comeback.

      • James says:

        I see were you are coming from with some of the actors not saying “No!”. I’m not sure were you are getting the whole David Jason “If we get enough tweets it will return” thing. David Jason did however say “You get them to do it, I’ll do it” in an recent interview, which can be seen here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SKmkBzuyb3s “Them” most probably referring to Jim and Dan. I can’t really see how you plan on getting someone who said: “We would like to make it clear that it is just this once, and that we are not, and never have been, looking to write any new episodes. There was only ever one writer of Only Fools and Horses, and it is going to stay that way.” To suddenly agree on doing it just because the actors want to do it again.

        Ultimately it lies in Jim and Dans hands and it looks like it’s a a no from them with that response.

        • James says:

          Sorry, correction that wasn’t recent at all, that was 2008.

          You still get my point though. It ultimately it lies in Jim and Dans hands and it looks like it’s a a no from them with that response.

          • Rob says:

            Totally agree it seems final, but because the cast aren’t saying its over, plus the new sketch it is all abit odd. Before the cast were saying a complete NO when John died, now this week alone we have had Paul Barber discussing a ‘potential’ new episode where he said,they got to include trig in it, maybe in the nags head del and co reflecting’ John Challis saying he spoke to David Jason at Rogers funeral about a new episode’ ! Like you it baffles me as who are they planning on writing it! They must know something we don’t.

          • James says:

            Yea… Well, from Jim and Dans point of view its a no. Don’t get too ahead of yourself with these actors saying things. Jim and Dan are the two people you should be listening to, as they are the only ones that would write or give over a script.

            Why exactly do you want it to come back? Do you not think it should be left alone? We have 64+ great episodes to enjoy all of which were from John.

          • Rob says:

            If the script is 80 per cent John Sullivans I want it to be made.
            If the script is half Johns/Jims /dans I think it would work for one last xmas special, not a series.
            John intended to bring it back remember in 2011

          • James says:

            Only time will tell. But right now on 21/02/14 (Ohh btw, it’s exactly one month until we get to see the Only Fools sketch) it’s a no.

  56. Del says:

    Does anyone have the Uncut for version of yuppy love? The scene in the nightclub

  57. Rob says:

    rip roger.
    Imagine if Jim Sullivan was a brave enough to make a new episode Trigs funeral like they did with Grandad and albert! That would be quite something! would be a fitting tribute , poignant yet we a lot of chance for humour , del reading at the church and Rodney etc sharing their memories of trigger, could be extremely poignant and touching and would make for a wonderful episode in my opinion.

    • Ashton says:

      I’m not diagreeing with you. I’m not sure I’d like to see Trigger killed off it’s just last time it didn’t go down well with Albert back in 2001 and was abit sad for a comeback the same if this was a comeback special I’m not sure. I also thought if a series was commissioned I had an idea people spread word Trigger’s moving (because he finds out he impregnated the woman from the episode “Dates” sounds unlikely tho) and throw a surprise party at the Nags head but they find out he’s actually moving at the moment they rush to the train station and Rodney and Del go looking for him and then we hear a voice recording “DEL BOY, DAVE” and then Del and Rodney wave as the train goes poignancy without death and a great tribute and Del and Rodney struggle to hold back their tears.Its just an idea what do you think?

      • Rob says:

        Take your point but the granddad funeral one was superb episode.
        To be honest I would just be happy if Jim makes one more episode! Ps do you like Green green grass Ashton? What ashame the boxset has a whole episode missing in series 4!

        • Ashton says:

          Yes I do like Green Green Grass and my favourite episode of series 4 “I Did It My Way” ironic because for da last 5 years I’ve been waiting for it, it is close to release and I find out my favourite isn’t on it. Gutted btw I’m determined for Only Fools to come back and give everyone a classic or classics if its more than one. Let people know how much of a classic it is.You Know It Makes Sense.

          • Rob says:

            Well Paul Barber is the latest not to rule out a new OFAH so I am pretty sure we will get our new episode mate. He says he wants them to mention Trig in an new OFAH perhaps have them reminiscing about him etc it seems likes its going to happen, the fact that John Challis and Paul Barber aren’t ruling out a new special indicates to me they are obviously planning on returning! Plus the David Jason comment about ‘if we get enough tweets’ it will return its going to happen just wait and see I would bet on it, wait until the sketch , positive feedback, followed by an episode I guarantee.

  58. Ashton says:

    Who’s celebrating #DaveDay today I know I am. Happy Birthday Roger Lloyd Pack wish you were around to celebrate it with us.

  59. Ashton says:

    I just noticed something they only have all the cast together for Christmas specials but a series does not require most of the cast and also something I have noticed is 1981-1984 it was 3 Generations of men Del,Rodney,Grandad 1985-1996 Del,Rodney,Albert 2001-2003 just Del and Rodney. 2014 – it can be Del,Damian and Rodney. Damian in 2014 would be 23 the same age Del mistaked Rodney for in Big Brother ( he was actually 21 Del and Rodney easily forget dates) so Damian could be a mix of both characters Rodney’s awkward gawkiness Delboy’s money making dodgy dealing side. Series 2014 I would not mind it all.

    • Rob says:

      That’s it mate I think 6 30 min episodes would be great! David Jason wants a series so it could happen!

      But if not one special would be fine, don’t know why Jim doesn’t just do a fun episode where del and rodders visit Boycie on the farm! Obvious idea but such potential for pure fun, comedy and del and rodders catching up with Boycie and marlene again. Imagine a xmas where del goes to visit them would be hiliarious! A good fun special, Jim wrote Green green grass anyway!
      don’t see how this would ruin any legacy blah bla it would be great

      • stephen gwinnett says:

        if it were to ever return for a series i do agree that 30 minute episodes would be more suitable than a stretched out 70 – 80 minute special, some how i do feel that it will only be a one off return for sport relief.

      • Ashton says:

        Totally agree Rob there are so many ideas for episodes which have not been done before Del’s Birthday, A visit to Boycie and Marlene, Del’s Stag Party, Del’s Wedding they all make great Xmas specials imo Jim needs to realise his Dad wanted to make that special and it would actually make him proud. So Jim do us proud a series or just a fitting finale

    • Richie says:

      Go on YouTube and write In superpop interview David Jason and see wot you think!!

      • Rob says:

        Stratford observer John Challis says ‘he would never say never ‘ to returning to OFAH! Its definitely on the cards folks! Come on ! I am sure its going to happen

  60. Rob says:

    Its all very quiet at OFAH headquarters at the moment people!
    Surprising as David Jason has said he would 100 per cent return for a special/series of OFAH and indicates there are possibly more episodes to follow on from sketch, this is such exciting news!!!!!!!!

    • Richie says:

      Jong challis have just said on twitter that David Jason have told him to tell everyone that he isn’t on twitter it’s fake

      • Richie says:

        Jonh challis have just said on twitter that David Jason have told him to tell everyone that he isn’t on twitter it’s fake

      • Richie says:

        John challis have just said on twitter that David Jason have told him to tell everyone that he isn’t on twitter it’s fake

    • CraigW says:

      I believe Richie’s comment supports what I was telling everybody from the start, along with Perry/Keith.


      • Rob says:

        Well even if it isn’t him on twitter the fact remains David Jason told journalists that ‘if we get enough tweets OFAH could return’ this has been quoted in several newspapers and the person the journalists spoke to certainly want a David Jason lookalike it was him, he said it this is pure fact.

        Why hasn’t he denied this himself……? Because he said it that’s why, it is the truth.

        Maybe I agree it is probably a fake d j on twitter however the fact remains David Jason did say we could get more fools.

  61. Rob says:

    So there we have it David J wants to return! From the horses mouth!

  62. Rob says:

    David Jason says ‘its just a one off at the moment’ however he would defo do a new series/special if was offered!

    Sounds promising, especially ‘at the moment’ indicates more to follow after sketch

    • stephen gwinnett says:

      looking at the above photo of del boy and rodney with david beckham they don’t seem to have aged that much since sleepless in peckham 2002, i don’t think a one off comeback special would do any harm to past episodes, if birds of a feather can come back and be a hit for itv then why not bring only fools back.

  63. Ronnie says:

    I really don’t understand why people want a full series to come back. Most of the characters are much older, some of them are no longer with us, John Sullivan is no longer with us, To me it just would not be right. It finished over ten years ago on good terms, and this short comeback won’t damage that, but if it comes back for a new series all it will get it criticism, and that will ruin its legacy.

    Let sleeping dogs lie.

  64. Rob says:

    10pm tonight Ask Sir David Jason on twitter so get your questions ready for him people!
    A good one would be ‘did you start twitter campaign to bring OFAH back’?

  65. Griff says:

    Apparently Sir David’s management team are running his twitter account.

    If this is true I would very much like to he hear from Perry and his army of rumour bashers!

    • CraigW says:

      “Apparently” ?

      From which source did this info come from ?

    • Keith says:

      sorry but again more nonsense

      and again, as perry as said, actors of David Jasons standing DO NOT TOUT FOR WORK

      perry would like to see it back as much as anyone – the show is his life – but all this stuff on this blog is just wishful thinking (with a bit of nastiness in the past) im afraid

      read the direct quotes – the sullivans have said NEVER – so that’s it

      the way the industry works is like this………..

      a writer has an idea – the BBC commission it, then they both try to convince an actor to play the part

      NOT the other way round

      it just doesn’t work that way and its naïve to think otherwise

      everyone should just relax and look forward to the 10 minute special

    • Rob says:

      I find the situation so frustrating as David Jason clearly would love to do a new proper episode / series it is blatantly obvious! He has said this.
      The fact that still open all hours is returning means OFAH would be a no brainer for the bbc to make a new episode of OFAH however we have a problem folks – how can we get Jim on board, such a frustrating situation as it would happen if JIM would just agree to it.
      I mean open all hours without Ronnie barker! OFAH must stand a chance of a return!

      • Ashton says:

        We just keep sending him letters till we get a positive response or form a petition I’d like if it came back for a series they wouldn’t have to include most of the cast then. It could be like series 1,2,3 or just say Trigger’s gone on holiday to sunny Ireland. It could also feature the odd phone conversation to Trigger which would still make him present.It really all you need for a series is Del-Boy, Rodney, Damian and [who I think could see being the old git now] their father/stepfather/grandfather Reg.

  66. Rob says:

    The BBC have given the go ahead for 6 more episodes of ‘still open all hours’ just goes to show that they would defo bring OFAH back!

    Over to Jim and Dan Sullivan to give us some more OFAH good news………….?

    Just maybe we will get a new special to follow after sketch ?

    • Ashton says:

      I read your comment and thought you were talking about Only Fools and btw I hav a really good method to reprise Trigger get a really good editor and edit footage from a newer episode just a simple orite Dave would do I love OFAH and I just want to see Trigger again he was me favorite character.

      • Rob says:

        Well Dan and Jim know the public would be behind them, still cant believe that amazing twitter campaign has not been reported!!!!!!!! Its still going on now, I mean that is remarkable!

        • Ashton says:

          I know it’s hard to believe it must be near 30m. What you think of Trigger footage revival idea? it’s been done before

          • Rob says:

            Personally this wouldn’t be for me.
            As good as a character Trigger was, I feel an episode does not necessary require him in it.
            I don’t recall Trig being in chandelier episode, I might be wrong but don’t remember him being in it, or Friday 14th and there my 2 favourite 30 min episodes! So why not Jim / Dan write 2 30 min episodes ? And wait to see the positive feedback?
            or simply give us our hour special that we all want?
            Still feel their will be an announcement after the sketch show, its got to happen now after the campaign

  67. Ashton says:

    I have a solution which could be seen as a favorable one first get a really good make up artist (to make them look abit younger) and then get a really good editor to edit bits of footage of Trigger from the later episodes he could just say “Orite Dave” and maybe even Mike too from his later episodes as well and can just have them in the background.It’s been done before and it cant be dedicated to both brilliant actors. Take it into consideration.

  68. Jake says:

    I dont think any more episodes should happen, Leave it be on a high note as the best program ever made and funniest thing ever to be shown on a television set. Now Trigger, Mike, Albert, Grandad and most importantly John Sullivan have past away it should be left be, It wouldn’t work and it would be pony, it will only spoil it.

    • Jake says:

      But then saying that, i would love to know Were and what Del boy and Rodders are up to these days and if they are millionaires. (again)

    • Rob says:

      I get your point but they have brought it back anyway now for the sketch so might aswell do the episode that John had planned anyway now!

      While the people still want it , I say make it , just one final special then say bonjour

    • Trev says:

      I don’t believe in all this garbage that if successful show bring back a new special/series then it will risk being ‘ruined’.

      That is such bullshit. How can a one off come-back which may prove unsuccessful suddenly spoil 30 odd years of success? You’re just using a cliche bullshit saying.

    • Mike says:

      I have to say Jake, whilst many of the supporting actors have sadly passed – I believe we’re missing out on Delboy/Rodney chemistry at the expense of being too previous.

      It’s evidently still there and, still in demand.

      • Mike says:

        “previous” should have read “precious”


        • Rich says:

          I agree. It’s like the Rolling Stones, they’re still performing way past their best but people still love them and more importantly it hasn’t damaged their legacy one bit.

          • Rob says:

            That’s it exactly though its about del boy and Rodney, as much as we love the supporting cast, the show must go on!
            There is still Mickey, Denzil, Sid, Raquel, Cassandra, bring Boycie and marlene into the equation there more than enough!

            And the whole cast do not necessary have to be in the episode. Great if they are but still the story of the trotters can go on just for one more episode without a shadow of a doubt.

  69. Rob says:

    Perry could you find out please if this will be released on a dvd??????

    As would be great for collection and millions of fans would buy it and money could go to charity

  70. Rob says:

    So who reckons we are going get a follow up episode………?

    I honestly think it could happen, David Jason obviously does as he is quoted as saying that there could be more episodes on their way in several papers so he isn’t shy about coming forward with this.

    I can see an announcement shortly after the sketch that there will be an OFAH special to follow if I was a betting man I would bet this as although Jim indicated he wasn’t looking to do any more, the fact is David Jason is, so he obviously knows there is a script started by John (perhaps this is the script he has seen/maybe Jim wrote some)…..? David knows something we don’t. Perhaps they await the sketch feedback response and then Jim releases statement saying John Sullivan had finished or half finished a script so he has decided to make just one more OFAH.

    • Ashton says:

      I hope so to but I hope they don’t kill off Trigger just get an option is get a very great editor I know a good one btw and he can use some archive footage just to get Trigger to say Orite Dave.It has worked before and it isn’t disrespectful as it could be dedicated to Roger.

  71. Rob says:

    Hope Jim will make us all happy and just agree to write one xmas special for 2014 that is all we want to finish it.

    Looks like the sketch will be fun but this cant be the idea John had for dels 65th birthday.

    So many potential stories for one new special- del and Raquel getting married we would all be happy with this. Jim Broadbent returning as slater at the wedding perhaps?

    Or dels 65th birthday party be great

    Or del and rodders simply visit Boycie

    • Ashton says:

      Dito I’m not saying I have a great script in the same category as John but I have been working on comedy and poignant elements for potential episodes I have only wrote a 50 minute one and a 65 minute one but I want to send both scripts to David Jason to see what he thinks of them.Its stayed true to the original style humour and all. Can someone please reply to this message and tell me how to send it to this site.

      • Rob says:

        Great your writing mate im sure your script great but has to be Jim or nobody as he he
        has his dads legacy plus dads ideas and scripts hidden away!

        Just checked twitter people are still tweeting now for a new series/special to follow on from sketch! It is truly phenomenal the amount of people that want OFAH back no other show could get such a response! How this hasn’t made front page headlines I am flabbergasted !
        All I know is OFAH fans have certainly done more than enough to warrant one more special and I hope Jim will do the right thing and write a 60min episode using his dads plan and ideas he had ready for the 2011 episode that never was, and finish this idea of an episode off for us fans and then we will all be happy Jim, like I have said a million times we will be happy with just one final proper outing , not a series , just a completion of what your dad had planned (dels birthday)

  72. Rob Matton says:

    What with Roger Lloyd Pack’s death last week, that was the final nail in the coffin for anymore only fools episodes to be made.

    it was bad enough 10 years ago, with no Mike or uncle Albert – but now we would have no Trigger!

    all you would have is Del, Rodney, Denzil and Sid.

    I mean, be honest would you really like more episodes to be made – never seeing Trigger again?…..

    I adore only fools and horses, I love it to pieces, at times when I was depressed and down, this comedy cheered me up so much, I have every episode on DVD, and have even met some of the cast-members.

    I really think we should let only fools and horses lay to rest now

  73. Rich says:

    Wonder if Roy Heather will be making an appearance?

  74. Ashton says:

    They haven’t aged much since Sleepless In Peckham but in the second photo David Jason looks 80ish (still a great actor)and Nicholas’ more noticeable greying hair but that is all they still will succeed to make me laugh even the photos are making me laugh.

    • Rob says:

      I know seem perfect for a follow on episode there is real positivity seeing them again they got to just make one more after sketch!
      We know David is up for it and im sure Nick will be just for one xmas special.

      Come on Jim you know it makes sense

      • Ashton says:

        Yeah but I just don’t want them to rush it ( The results of If They Could See Us Now ) I want them to take their time get a blinding script together and film it after (also a tip for the make up artist also to make them look fresh and not worn out) If only I could submit my script to this site which I have been writing for a year now see if people like my script because I wanted to send it to Dan and Jim but I want to see if its good here first can someone tell me how.

  75. stephen gwinnett says:

    i would have thought it likely that perry would have informed david jason about the twitter campaign.

  76. Rich says:

    David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst look as if they have never been away from the parts in the photos. They could go on playing Del and Rodney for years to come such is their brilliance. As David Jason said himself “It is the material we lack”…..

  77. Rob says:

    It will generate even more publicity than just simply bringing it back! Is a clever PR move, almost perfect sraw people in then follow on with a new episode to follow. Hmmm I wonder……… it says in todays paper David Jason hopes there will be more episodes to follow on from sketch. Such a bizarre situation with Jim saying he isn’t looking to write new episodes yet David Jason completely contradicts Jim!

  78. Ashton says:

    Well this is a surprise it’ll get more people watching I suppose or it could have the opposite effect I wondering is he playing a new character or himself it could seem strange to see Trotters meet a celebrity oh well I still welcome it with open arms

  79. Rob says:

    Well I certainly didn’t see this one coming! ha ha should be fun, just hope we get 20 mins not 12 mins of sketch!

  80. BRAND BECKHAM says:

    Why God? Why? That is this ruined then. Go away Brand Beckham.

  81. Griff says:

    Cannot wait.

    I guess the Beckham factor wouldn’t have been John’s idea given that his unwritten ideas were just ideas and can’t imagine he’d have written a part for Beckham!!

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