13 Responses to “Only Fools Comeback on the cards?”

  1. Jessie says:

    Is it true there is an OFAH Xmas special planned for 2018? I have heard this is on the cards with Jim Sullivan writing a script using some old scripts from John also for jokes throughout the episode. Jim also following the plan of
    John’s for Dels 65th birthday retirement idea. I hope this happens as it would be great ! Seems doable as John had already planned the episode so at least Jim has some direction and can utilise some of Johns ideas / scripts combined with his own to make a lovely jubbly episode. 👌 I think the public could really do with some Del Boy cheer at the moment. Jessie

  2. Mike says:

    Nope. The last episode should have been when they had become millionaires, walking off into the sunset. When they brought it back after that, it just seemed false and forced – and not even John Sullivan’s genius could save it. If his attempt to bring back his own creation was not up to the previous standard, then another writer has no chance. It’s doesn’t need sullying with inferior rubbish.

    • Rob M says:

      Agree totally Mike.

      But like I say, green green grass doesn’t have to end though, there is still energy left in that, and you could always have Del and Rodney visit Boycie and Marlene up in Shropshire.

  3. Kevin Lee says:

    Like others I would not want to see another series of OFAH. Its a classic comedy let it rest. “Rock and Chips” could justify a further 1 or 2 series as there is plenty of mileage left in the idea. Anyone have any idea what the viewing figures were for the ones which have been made ?

  4. Rob M says:

    Whilst I’m a massive only fools fan, and have every episode on DVD, I really don’t want to see this comedy back.

    those last 3 episodes in 2001, the cast looked so worn out and tired, Damien was unlikeable too, the mere sight of him being cheeky to Raquel made me want to switch channels.

    we have also lost Rodger Lloyd Pack, Kenneth Mcdonald, Roy Heather, Buster Merryfield and script-writer John Sullivan – the magic is gone, without these 4 people, it would be an insult to their memory to carry on with only fools. Lets just lay this comedy to rest now, and just enjoy watching all the repeats.

    However, what I would say is, I feel there is life left in green green grass, they could make a series 5 of this, and see how Tyler is getting on with rock-band. I’m all up for new episodes of GGG.

  5. Sunglasses Ron says:

    I really wouldn’t want to see another complete series. I don’t want OFAH to end up anything like Still Open All Hours or the new Porridge.
    So how about a feature length special? OK, the cast are all getting on a bit, so let’s think along the line of Boomers or the Real Marigold on Tour.
    You would also need to get a decent writing team on board with Jim Sullivan at the helm.
    As for the plot, Del Boy and Raquel along with Rodney and Cassandra are invited to stay at Boycie and Marlene’s new villa in Spain and who should happen to own the villa next door…Vince and Penny from Just Good Friends! Just imagine Del Boy and Vince together!!!
    Let’s be honest, that would be a really fitting way to round up John Sullivan’s two finest sitcoms.
    And the title? Only Fools and Good Friends!
    That’s my dream ending anyway.

  6. Rob says:

    Only Fools Sport relief 2018 special …? This is something which could be done yearly and can be really fun. Although would be better if was 20-25 mins long. Jim Sullivan could really have fun with this and there would be no worries about legacy etc. It is something which wouldn’t overly impact actors schedules as is just a one off every year. Lovely Jubbly!

  7. Dean Hannah says:

    How about a spin off with Ted and Albert Trotter? I bet it would be fun to see the old timers as young men and the escapades they got up to.
    More Rock and Chips would also be great to see. The young cast they assembled for it were great and James Buckley personified Del’s cheeky chappy attitude brilliantly.

  8. Doug says:

    How about books? Short stories or maybe even audio comedies? Like BigFinish do with Doctor Who? Only Fools has captured the hearts of so many! In my opinion, a finale of Only Fools and Horses could work! A one hour Xmas Special that really is THE END. Tie all the knots and finish things up setting it for another spin off perhaps? Or with Green Green Grass.
    Can imagine Del sitting down in the chair where Grandad and Uncle Albert sat and realising that he’s turning into that third aged character. I’m sure John Sullivan’s son will have the magic of his father in his blood! :-)

    • Ronan Maguire says:

      Yeah, i think a book or series of books would be a good idea. That way they wouldn’t be held back with the actors ages and would be free to write original stories from any part of the OFAH timeline. I am against a new episode though, the last trilogy, although good in parts, was far off the pace.

      • peter standing says:

        Maybe a new spinoff all together, or Del and Rodney in Green, Green, Grass, or a film version of Only Fools and Horses made for the cinema, Del and Rodney go to Las Vegas?

      • Lee ray says:

        Or what about an audio with animation over the top, but set it in the older times, and could mention other episodes in thst time. The only issue obviously with setting it in older times would be no voice for Albert, trigger, sid or mike

    • Adam Suttle says:

      I personally would love to see Only Fools back, preferably at Christmas because that’s what Christmas is all about, surprises!
      Just a one hour special as you say Doug. In 2011 it was going to make a comeback. Could some of John’s scripts for that be used? I know some were used for the Sports Relief sketch.
      There was talk of Del celebrating his 65th Birthday. We could see Rodney’s daughter Joan now all grown up. Give a proper goodbye to Trigger with his funeral. They did it with Grandad and Albert?
      Who cares if everyone looks a little older. I’ve grown up with these characters and it’s not just about comedy it’s also about real life which is why people love it so much.

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