49 Responses to “Rock & Chips 2 NEW Episodes”

  1. Susan Campbell says:

    Any news on this yet

    • Bob says:

      Sadly after the death of the great John Sullivan, they decided that they will not be made, Nicolas lyndhurts cited it as the greatest disapointment of his career.
      I hope this finally answers your question and i am just as disapointed as you

  2. Susan Campbell says:

    Any news on rock and chips this was 2010 now 2020 nothing yet

  3. Charlie says:

    I hadn’t realised that there were a further two episodes of Rock and Chips. One thing I was curious about was in Only Fools “The Frog’s Legacy” Rodney asks Albert if he looks like Freddie Robdal, to which Albert replies “Yeah you do a bit” but Albert never appeared in Rock and Chips. Freddie was a diver (naval connection) but as far as I know any direct contact between Albert and Freddie was never covered?

  4. darren sharpe says:

    Brilliant Fantastic Best Series on British TV A joy to watch, Please please bring it back more episodes please

  5. Kirsty Prescott says:

    Bring it back theres loads of stories do more about the romance between freddie the frog and Del’s mum there are loads and loads of stories to do and loads and loads of people who would watch x Please bring it back

    • admin says:

      I agree
      i watched all three episodes of Rock and Chips last night and the storyline and characters were perfect
      John had written a fair bit more as a series of new episodes had been commissioned

    • Paul says:

      At the very least it would be great to see closure on Freddy the Frog as a character, ‘sat on a detonator’. It would be fascinating to see how this really played out compared to the stories we heard and what happened to all that gold bullion!!

  6. carol says:

    please bring rock and chips back – there are loads of stories that can be done – i loved it – it was brill

  7. shane says:

    I have seen the episode of rock & chips, Five Gold Rings and The Frog and the Pussycat, but I was wondering if there was going to be anymore episode’s if anyone had been commissioned to write them, as six episode’s were supposed to be done until the sad passing of the great late John Sullivan. If anyone knows anything then please let me know.

  8. colin says:

    what about when del and jumbo mills had a fish stall outside the nags head

  9. Is it going to be on the telly for Christmas guys??? Please tell me it is!!

  10. rob says:

    its gotta be wen freddie the frog sat on the detenator and the buriel of the hidden gold bulliens

  11. charlie says:

    i would like to see the time when del came back with all ‘a’s (absent) and beat up reg.

  12. Liam says:

    I think it would be good if John Sullivan would do a 30th avviversary special, or maybe 1 more series with Rodneys daughter aged about 8 now and with Boycie and Marlene come back for a long VISIT because they have missed everyone and missed Dels stupid catch phases asswell. Does anybody agree at all with this?

    • s. gwinnett says:

      i also agree, there has to be one more outing for the trotter clan in 2011. i reckon the chances are slim for a series, more chance i would of thought of all the actors getting together for a one off special.

    • Vojislav (Serbia) says:

      Good idea. I love OFAH, but every time when I’m watching those all episodes, I’m hoping that maybe, JUST MAYBE John could write few more “christmas specials”.

      You know? Episode per year.

      BONJOUR! ;-)

  13. Ronnie says:

    There are so many things that can go into the story line, hope the they do a good job.

    • Liam says:

      they could show an episode with roy slater being pushed in the pond a lot then again later when he is playing as blue bierd (this is all mensioned in the episode ‘may the force be with you’) what do you think pal?

  14. Charlie says:

    what about the time when trigger walked into the mind your head sign. or whenever slater grasses them up, becomes a police constobal etc.

  15. Perry says:

    I dont know about you but I’d love to know who Shirley, Shane and Sean were !

  16. admin says:

    Just hearing more reports of Rock and Chips filming of 2 new episodes
    on 15th October more to follow.

    • Liam says:

      they could do an episode of when rodneys mate had i think it was roler skates and rodney wanted some and del nicked them of rodneys mate who’s brother then beat rodney up cos they were his mate skates in the first place and they could show rodney in bed with a split lip and a headake while del is beating up his mates brother

  17. ian says:

    Any news on rock and chips

  18. ian says:

    Hi I loved the Rock And Chips it was really good is there any news on the series yet.

  19. admin says:

    i think this will certainly get an inclusion in the series

  20. Glenn Martin says:

    I’m a yank from Arizona USA who LOVES Only Fools and Horses and I would love very much to see a new Rock and Chips series. The first show was great!!! Its good to see how Del Boy and the Peckham boys were during their younger hell raising days! Their is so much John Sullivan can do with this new show, it is going to be another smash hit for BBC!!! I can’t wait for the next episode!!!

    • Gary says:

      I love hearing this, glad to hear our comedy and sense of humour doesn’t go over the head of every nation! Its so c lever, but wish i was one of those lucky people who have never seen the show too….to watch all over again! The Jolly Boys outing, Danger UXD…..really hit its peak in the hour long episodes and specials of late 80s early 90s. Wrote many times but the writing can bring sadness as well as many laughs, especially Rodders wedding if you’ve watched it from start. Fantastic.

  21. Svetlana says:

    also one can be made about where Freddy the Frog burried all this gold, which he stole from a bank in the city

  22. admin says:

    Fair point Barry
    Seems like its stagnant again
    Fan pressure needed on BBC

  23. Barry says:

    I know someone in the cast and he says that nothing as been commisioned yet, they are still in talks and can’t decide if they should or not. I say lets pester the bbc some more and sway the decision! LETS GET IT A SERIES!!

  24. Rod & Carol says:

    This is a brilliant movie. Really sets the scene for the return of ofah story. Can not wait for the series to be available on DVD

  25. Ross says:

    I wonder if they will show Del beat up his dad after getting straight “A’s” which of course meant for absent.

  26. daniel wickenden says:

    Yeah He had randolph scotts!!! all over his boat race with a pink flower power shirt!!! lol!!!! from a distance he looked stripped to the waist!!!!!!

  27. daniel wickenden says:

    When Del boy blew up the science lab making home made fireworks, while Denzil was doing detention in there at the time!!!! (taken from Mother nature’s son, when Trigger and Denzil were arguing whether to take the yellow stuff into Denzils van, to take to waste recycling place which was open 24 hours a day but not at NIGHT!!!!!

  28. Ronnie says:

    Good News, I hope the series goes well, This is the perfect time for a new OFAH DVD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. inny says:

    Wonderful news!!!! I wonder if the series will cover the numerous times Del got engaged- like when he was with Pauline Harris??The robbery that Freddie Robdal pulled off and the hiding of the gold bullion. Or how about Jumbo Mills and Reeni Turpin leaving Peckham. I am sure John Sullivan has tons of ideas and the show will be just cosmic!!

  30. admin says:

    @ James
    You superfan, i forgot that quote from Del – VERY good point

  31. admin says:

    @ daniel wickenden – Good one – that has to be seen – didnt he have spots / measles or something at that point?

    • daniel wickenden says:

      Yeah He had randolph scotts!!! all over his boat race with a pink flower power shirt!!! lol!!!! from a distance he looked stripped to waist!!!!!!

  32. James says:

    Del used to know Alan Parry. “Walks with a limp, talks with a stutter” ;)

  33. daniel wickenden says:

    Sending young Rodney off to sell them gas conversion kits on the all electric estate, while Del ad it away with his canadian sort!!!!

  34. admin says:

    According to James Buckley who played the young Del Boy
    He claims the Sun misquoted him and he hasn’t been approached????
    What with Parliament and now Rock and Chips Politics!

  35. admin says:

    Not sure if Alan Parry would be involved as he was first met when Rodney met Casandra in series six

  36. James says:

    – Jellied Eels stall outside Nags Head with Jumbo Mills
    – Del visiting his GP Robbie Meadows
    – Alan Parry

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