12 Responses to “Could Only Fools come back?”

  1. pete says:

    no can’t bring the show back, broke the mould first time around with the wonderful writing and brilliant actor’s
    it was superb then and still is to this day.

  2. Pete says:

    100% – NO – it’s too late – with no Roger Lloyd Pack and John Sullivan then it would not work at all. I do think Rock & Chips could be made though – there’s still plenty that could be done with that and it doesn’t require any “special” writing as it’s a different series.

    • Dean says:

      My thoughts exactly. Rock and Chips would be much easier to revive than Only Fools. As much as I always want more episodes of Only Fools the cast has aged too much and many aren’t even with is any more. Maybe a couple more Comic relief episodes would be the way to go if they want to do a last homage to the greatest sitcom of all time.

  3. Jess says:

    Perry and co if you could just encourage one more fun episode ….? Surely Jim would do this I heard they have a lot more unused original John scripts also so why not combine some and just do one more. Could just be Del and Rodney visiting Boycie at the farm that would be a great episode and wouldn’t ruin the legacy. Beckham in Peckham was funny but rather short. With David and Nick your half way there. Don’t be plonkers make one more you know it makes sense. If not just do comic and sport relief specials ….? It is clear DJ wants to do more.

  4. Griff says:

    I would love it to make a return, yet understand it is very unlikely to have the same feel as before.

    I do not believe one ‘Fools fan when they say they wouldn’t want or watch a comeback.

    I have every faith in Jim and Dan Sullivan – with the right guidance by Tony Dow and Sir David Jason, I’d have every faith.

    It would have to be perhaps another trilogy – not just a one-off. The risk of having a one-off, means that it hasn’t got a chance to convince audiences that it was as a success. The last trilogy was probably considered by overall, not such a success. I still enjoyed it.

    If you’re a big enough fan and love the show inside and out, you’ll still probably enjoy any form of comeback – for novelty alone.

    • Jess says:

      If not just do a comic relief special using old notes of Johns and Jim contribute also would be a real annual treat for fans and for a good cause also. David Jason seems to be speaking constantly how he wants to do more so this would be a fun way of doing more without any real pressure just fun 20 mins episodes . Think perry should suggest this to David and Jim because it is the perfect solution. It’s something which could and should 100 per cent be done they could do some hilarious 20 min sketches would be a real treat.

  5. Tom Fitton says:

    I’d like it to happen personally, but can understand why others wouldn’t.

    • Rob M says:

      Because too many cast members of the comedy have sadly died – it just wouldn’t be the same without Trigger, how could you go an episode without hearing him say: ‘alright Dave?’

      We have also lost Buster Merryfield, Kenneth Mcdonald and even Sid died aswell (the café owner) cannot remember his real name sorry.

      there is also the problem of Boycie and Marlene now living in Shropshire (green green grass) – so these 2 wouldn’t be in anymore only fools eps either.

      Too much has sadly happened.

  6. Richard Hill says:

    Anything is possible these days. I’m sure it will be good. After all, it’s Nicholas Lyndhurst and David Jason!

  7. Neil says:

    I don’t think only fools should come back because it wouldn’t be the same.

  8. Paul says:

    Hmmm, not sure. If they did, it’ll have to be a golden script. Would love to see it happen but without Albert, would be difficult to cast without him

    • Rob M says:

      It’s not so much the loss of Albert that’s the problem (although god bless Buster he was fantastic) and we all wish he was still with us.

      But to me it’s the absence of Trigger that’s the problem – I mean, I just cannot imagine Trigger not being there – he’s always there to be the butt of someone’s humour, or to say: ‘alright Dave’…..

      I mean you literally just cannot picture it without Trigger can you?

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