3 Responses to “UFA – Unidentified Fools Actors”

  1. Lee says:

    Anyone know who the bloke is he’s an extra in nearly every episode few times is sitting behind denzil on coach when del talks to him about an ear infection jolly boys outting

    Stud on the left with girl in Rodney’s wedding in reg office

    Stud behind del when del tells Rodney he will get the sandwich’s because Rodney got the rolls

  2. Tom Bracher says:

    Im trying to find an episode with an extra called Derek Fincham this is my friends dad before he died if anyone knows which episode this is pls let me know

  3. Perry says:

    The waiter in chain gang was Stuart Myers

    Actually a long standing frindnof mine for the 1970s

    Be died a couple of years ago

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