18 Responses to “Only Fools and Horses Cuts – Final Part 11”

  1. Brian Smith says:

    I was always surprised that the flaws in this script weren’t picked up at first reading… Although I know it was a rush job.
    Del’s behaviour is out of character and unpleasant.

  2. ian firth says:

    they also cut the sawn off shotgun coming out of the case which was twice the size of the gun

  3. Gemini56 says:

    plus other music cuts in time on our hands, at the end when they are showing Del boy in his new home with Raquel and Miami vice part 2!

  4. Gemini56 says:

    Hi just brought this version on BBC 2004 dvd and yes I can see where the cuts are made but you can buy it at e bay full version according to someone on amazon reviews or get full version from american import on amazon along with series 5/6 so..depends if you saw the full version in 1986 which I did, its a pity Mr John Sullivan god rest his should didn’t rewrite it again really of unhappy with it the edits should have been done before first viewing, ( I mean this in a nice way) but if you view the full script here you get more scenes we didn’t see even before the 1986 edits like in the van the next day after Junie had been sick in the theatre watching the opera because I’ve read the script here!

  5. Rhys says:

    Just rewatched this on Netflix for the first time in years, having grown up with a full VHS collection of the series. I had no idea about the cuts until watching the episode again just now. I kept feeling like things I remembered didn’t seem to quite match up with what I was seeing, but didn’t really clock it until the dinner scene missed out its climax with Henry yelling at Del Boy.

    I always really loved this episode actually, as Del really does genuinely go too far. I always felt it was actually a pretty brave piece of writing, and a real emotional high (low?) point in Del and Rodney’s relationship. I’ve now found out that Sullivan made the edits as he felt Del was too boorish, but that’s what I liked about it – he totally misjudges the situation and genuinely hurts his little brother, and – though they patch up – the episode basically ends there. Sitcoms can suffer from the need to restore total equilibrium at the end of an episode, and I always respected this one for avoiding that somewhat. But this 2004 edit turns the episode into just another hour long special, rather than a notably emotional occasion for the Trotters.

    I have to say I really disagree with Sullivan’s decisions on this.

  6. Dawud says:

    All of these scenes are intact in my VHS version. How can this episode work without these scenes in? Must be alot of unexplained stuff.

    One cut that really annoys me is the original music used every time Rodney sees Damien. With the wrong music it doens’t have the same impact. The BBC needs to sort themselves out and remember that its us the taxpayers that pays their way.

    • Gemini56 says:

      plus other music cuts in time on our hands, at the end when they are showing Del boy in his new home with Raquel and Miami vice part 2!

  7. Jon says:

    Is it true that the best and least cut versions of the DVDs are the limited edition DVDs you could buy with the magazines about ten years ago?

  8. semus payne says:

    is there any thing you can buy to get the orignal filming of only fools and horses putting in the cuts that have been taking out

  9. Freddy says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! 18 minutes of cuts. The BBC has ruined this wonderful series completely. Disgraceful.

    What this list unfortunately fails to say is exactly by all these cuts were deemed neceassary. So the BBC even hasn’t got the decency to explain why!

    I would never get the DVD series of this. Thankfully I have all the 80’s episodes on VHS which I bought in the early/mid 90’s – not the feature length editions like this one sadly though – and they don’t seem to have any cuts in them. So I will convert them at some stage to DVD rather than buy the DVDs which clearly have been bastardised.

    • Laurence Reed says:

      Sorry but the cuts in this episode have absolutely nothing to do with the BBC. It was personally cut by John Sullivan because he hated the original. In fact the only reason the original cut existed is because it had to fit a particular time slot.

  10. Martin Stitchener says:

    Is there any chance at all that the BBC will release the uncut versions of the shows? It seems a shame when other classic comedies are available uncut.

    Also I really wish the forth series of Green green grass could be released on DVD.

    • Laurence Reed says:

      In most cases no because (excepting A Royal Flush) most of the cuts were because they could not get clearance for the music used in the transmission copies.

    • Ronnie says:

      The BBC has reached a new agreement regarding music it its content, so at this point the BBC could release an uncut DVD set if they wanted to. The problem is the cost to do this, they would have to re-create the DVD’s, subtitle them, get them classified. It would cost quite a bit, 2 Entertain say they cannot justify the cost to do this. If there are any Only Fools fans out there who are rich? :). The only hope is that the BBC will sell the DVD rights to somebody else, like Network DVD, who will then release uncut episodes, or that the BBC will find the funds to re-release the set.

      • Martin Stitchener says:

        Surely the costs would be easily brought back in sales.
        It does feel a bit more positive knowing the rights to music are now solved,and would like to assume BBC did this in order to secure them for future release.

      • admin says:

        What a shame it takes decades to resolve the Only Fools and Horses music issue
        Thanks for keeping us updated Ronnie

        The BBC still have the top sitcom ever as voted by Joe Public on there hands.
        Surely all the uncut versions along with the commentary from actors, producers and location staff would make it a very worthy release on DVD

        • Ronnie says:

          They could even release certain episodes on Blu-Ray if the film prints still exist. Miami Twice and To Hull and Back were shot on film. Both episodes can be converted to full HD, but only if the film can be found. Would look so good on blu-ray.

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