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  1. manicboy says:

    I don’t know if anyone here has heard this, but on the OFAH IMDb page, a poster commented that he/she had wrote to the BBC to ask whether they would consider releasing the uncut eps anytime in the near future. According to the poster the reply received seemed rather promising:


  2. Steve S says:

    I will never ditch my VHS uncut set. Does not surprise me that BBC are being so petty. I was looking for the ep which had Manfred Mann’s Mighty Quinn in it, which was of course The Class of 62. It’s on my VHS set but cut from the DVD release boxset that someone very thoughtfully bought for me one christmas. BBC Worldwide are con merchants.

  3. Matthew Lamont says:

    I love OFAH ’cause I’ve been a big fan of the show since I was 12 and started getting VHS of series 1-3 for my birthday followed by the rest of the series right up til 2003. The one special I didn’t get was the last ever one that got released in 2004 because when it did come out in shops, I couldn’t find it. In 2008, I watched the last 3 specials from 2001-2003 on GOLD and all of the shows from 1981-1996 cause I haven’t seen them in order before. This was due to watching them on video as series 4-7 were in a sending order across numerous tapes, plus the feature length specials came on their own. When I got the 26 disc DVD boxset for my birthday in 2008, I watched it all over again and was gutted it was edited, like missing some scenes, dialogue, and music (which may vary changed). But after I heard in May 2011 that the Writer John Sullivan had died and another boxset had been released later that year to celebrate 30 years of the show, I was not happy as I notched I had the same edits as the previous one ’cause of the pictures on the discs and the box was different (despite there being no extras as well like outtakes, interviews, trailers, the missing shows and more). If there’s gonna be a re-mastered boxset to be released to celebrate 40 years of Only fools and Horses please can they release the whole collection it’s uncut format as it was officially broadcast with no edits and special features.

  4. Helen Geldard says:

    I love fools and horses and own the complete boxset. The other night i watched A royal flush and it was missing 16 minutes it really spoilt the show. I was totally discusted. I paid over £100 for the set. Please please please will you bring a uncut set out. I’m not bothered about extras just uncut would be nice.

  5. Lee says:

    I have just been researching the purchase of a complete set of OFAH and to say I’m disappointed is an understatement.

    The BBC just don’t care a rats about our national heritage and OFAH is a national treasure so to find it butchered is insulting, but the fat cat nobs at the BBC don’t care because they are too busy swilling bolly at our expense.

  6. Chris says:

    Hi guy’s!

    I need your help please!

    Like other fans here I also own this series 1-7 box set without the specials –


    I also saw the full box set (including specials) pictured above in this article also on Amazon for £35 which is an absolute steal until I read a few reviews saying it had been cut to shreds! *starts to cry*

    My question to you guy’s would be – Which is the best complete box set for me to buy? I am a huge OFAH fan & would really like the closest I can get to an original cut.

    Thanks for your help!



    • Harj says:


      Any chance you managed to get the OFAH boxset that had the least amounts of cuts.

      I am looking to purchase something similar for my partner… any help or suggestions on where/what to purchase would be sincerely appreciated.


  7. Chris says:


    Does anyone know if there are any differences in regards to cuts between the new box set pictured above and the older series 1-7 box set? It’s just I have none of the specials & Amazon have the complete box set for £35!!!



  8. Aaron says:

    I have the complete collection which includes all of the 7 series and 15 Christmas specials.Haven’t been watching it for years and years because i’m 22 but to my knowledge this set is the closest to being uncut according to some people. I love Only Fools And Horses and can watch them again and again!

  9. Anthony Lawson says:

    Hi there, Tony here in New Zealand. Can you please tell me if “To Hull and Back” was only produced as a single DVD? I can only find it in this format. Thanking you for your time, regards, Tony Lawson.

  10. Max says:

    I fell for the ‘Complete’ box-set con and bought the box set thinking it was all the shows but instead found it was just the series episodes, and so there are huge gaps in the story-line.

    Can anyone tell me what I should buy to fill in the gaps? I see there is now a true ‘complete’ box set, but I don’t want to pay for the series 1-7 episodes again, and even that ‘complete’ box set says there are only three Christmas specials – I’m sure I read somewhere that there are ‘numerous’ specials, which I take to mean more than just three.

    So, what do I need to buy to fill in the story-line?

    • admin says:

      hi Max
      here are the episodes you are probably missing in order

      To Hull and

      A Royal Flush

      The Frog’s


      Jolly Boy’s

      Rodney Come

      Miami Twice Part1 – Oh to
      be in England

      Miami Twice Part2 – The
      American Dream

      Mother Nature’s


      Heroes &

      Modern Men

      Time on our

      If They Could See Us

      Strangers on the

      Sleepless In

      more details on https://www.ofah.net/blog/collectors-list/

  11. Ronnie says:

    Don’t forget Only Fools and Horses is available on I-Tunes, most episodes are uncut.

    • Max says:

      Is there an equivalent source that doesn’t mean I have to use Apple software (since doesn’t run on Linux)? I wonder if Amazon, for example, have equivalent somewhere. Does you or anyone else have any experience of other sources?

  12. Matthew says:

    I live in Serbia and OFAH has been popular here since the late 80’s. I have VHS tapes of the uncut airings. Still I bought the local DVD releases and to my surprise I found that some episodes were uncut, while some were cut just like the UK releases. For instance ‘Tea for Three’ and ‘Miami Twice’ are fully uncut while ‘Watching the Girls Go By’ and ‘Royal Flush’ are cut. Strange eh ?

  13. Graham says:

    I have seen one of the boxsets and I knew it was cut to bits before I actually read about it on the Internet, as they were not the way I remember watching them with my dad.
    I have just brought the collection that came with a magazine every two weeks and had all the episodes.
    I am sure there are some cuts but not nearly as many as the two new boxsets that have been released.
    I brought the whole collection from eBay for £42 and I’m absolutely delighted with them. The picture quality is basic DVD quality but just as good as any other DVD you would buy.
    Until the BBC release a TOTALLY unedited boxset then this is the best thing available I would say, but obviously others may know better. :-)

  14. Tuco says:

    As Graham asks, I wonder if anyone can tell me if there are any differences between the two 26 disc boxsets (one released in 2006 & the other in 2011 I think)? Are there any differences in terms of cuts or picture quality?
    Also is there any news on this “less cut” version that Lee mentioned being released? I love this show, but the cuts really seem to jar.
    Cheers :-)

  15. Graham says:

    Sorry to resurrect an old post but I wonder if Someone could help me?
    Out of the two boxsets that I believe are available which is the least uncut? I have series 1-7 and some of the specials on single DVDs but sometimes feel like I’m going mad as I know that the episode is just not how I remember it :(
    Any help would be great. Thanks

  16. Lorrie says:

    My husband and I are huge fands of OFAH, andI’ve been thinking about buying him (us!)the 30th Anniversary box set for his birthday next month. After reading all about the cuts and edits though, it’s really put me off big time! I’m so terribly disappointed and will probably now wait to see if a new uncut/complete collection gets released. Any future info on this would be very greatly received, thank you!

    • Liam says:

      I agree with everything you put and I am still wondering if BBC will ever release/create an official digitaly remastered ‘Lost Episodes’ DVD with Licence to Drill on it and all the mini clips.

  17. Lee Hughes says:

    I posted the following message on the ‘BBC SHOP’ Facebook page;

    “Is it possible to re-release the ‘Only Fools and Horses Complete Collection’ DVD boxset, but this time every episode being either UNCUT, or almost uncut?
    I have heard that UK Gold are broadcasting newly remastered episodes, so why are these versions not being repeated on BBC One, and being released on DVD as well?
    It would be great to have some extra content like documentaries, deleted scenes, and outtakes, which could be released as special features on the DVD set. Does any of this exist in the BBC archives? and is it possible to release the lost episodes?
    It would also be brilliant if the music rights were obtained, and some of the dialogue restored, as this classic comedy series needs to be released, as originally broadcast, or almost as originally broadcast.
    Any help will be appreciated. Thank you.”


    … and this was their reply;

    “Hi Lee, we do have some good news for this. New agreements in place mean that work is definitely underway to source as much of the original material as possible along with extra content in order to bring together a true ‘Collectors Edition’. Whilst no specific dates have been given a release next year is planned.”


    Finally things seem to be looking up, and hopefully there will be another DVD release of Only Fools and Horses next year, but is this just more false hope? Will it be another edited version? We will just have to wait until 2012 to find out …

    • stephen gwinnett says:

      don’t hold your breath about the bbc releasing a complete uncut boxset, i along with many other fans have complained to the bbc over the years, always felt that my complaints were falling on deaf ears.

    • Ronnie says:

      Sounds good.

    • Lee Hughes says:

      Is this plan for a new DVD release next year, worth looking forward to?

      Maybe we should wait to find out more information about this first, before we get our hopes up that this will be the boxset we are all looking for, containing the uncut episodes.
      If this is just a re-release yet again, it will be just as disappointing as the special DVD set which was released for the 30th anniversary, earlier this year.

      If they say a “true ‘collector’s edition'”, then I think it might mean a much better version of the DVD releases we have now. Hopefully the episodes will be uncut, but then again the question is, will the BBC sort out all edits fully, before re-releasing this onto a brand new DVD set?

      We can only wait until next year to find out, what the BBC/2entertain is planning to do next …

      Only Fools and Horses needs a proper complete collector’s edition boxset. Every other TV show has its own complete boxset eventually, so why not Only Fools and Horses?

    • Ronnie says:

      Hi Lee, can you contact with the e-mail below:


      Thanks, Ronnie.

    • Zane says:

      Great news Lee
      thanks for the post on the potential for a Collectors Edition from the BBC
      If we keep writing it will happen

    • Arthur Hurd says:

      I’ve just written on the BBC complaints page requesting they be honest with us and list what editing has been done on past and future releases. I’m hoping for the best (but expecting the worst!) and holding out on purchasing a box set until something worthwhile appears.

  18. Ronnie says:

    I get the feeling the BBC will end up selling the rights to another DVD company, And thats when we will get a new release.

  19. admin says:

    Check out the great reply from Jim Sullivan to why these cuts took place and how badly of mark the Only Fools and Horses cuts have gone


  20. Dean says:

    Can anyone tell me where or how I get a totally uncut version of all the episodes? Are any of the Dvd’s uncut for example maybe the individual ones or one of the older boxsets?

  21. kanti Halai says:

    Once again I am dissapointed. As a very big only fools and horses fan I have watched the programme from it’s very inception way back in 1981,I have seen the characters grow and Empathised with thier plight. It has given me enourmous veiwing pleasure over the years. I have some of the programmes on VHS but would like a COMPLETE set as I am always prepared to watch them again and again. I have noticed that relevant parts have been cut from the DVD’s and this reduces the enjoyment considerably. I think the writer of this programme and no doubt the actors would be very dissapointed in the DVD box set because it reduces the enjoyment (and value for money) to the very people who made the programme so popular: The fans.

    I hope people do not buy this set but wait for the REAL complete sets to come out. Maybe this will force the company who are releasing these sets to think again.

  22. Lee Hughes says:

    Because of this new DVD release, which seems to be badly edited again, I have decided to contact 2 entertain again, and they sent me this reply;

    “Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for your email. 2 entertain are also considering other potential releases next year.

    As specified on the product packaging of the new release, there have been some edits made to certain programmes in the series due to clearance reasons. Unfortunately we are unable to rectify this at the current time.

    We are constantly updating our catalogue of titles and really appreciate all of the feedback we receive from the viewing public, so thank you again for your correspondence.

    Please note there is a limited range of titles previously transmitted on http://www.bbc.co.uk/archive

    Yours sincerely,

    2Entertain DVD Enquiry Team”

    • stephen gwinnett says:

      yet again same old reply from 2entertain,i wish they would change the record.

    • Lee Hughes says:

      Will the uncut episodes of Only Fools and Horses, ever be released on DVD?

      If 2entertain are considering other potential releases for next year, I wonder what they mean by this. Maybe another edited collection of episodes re-released again on DVD. Hopefully not! We need the uncut episodes on DVD, so how much longer are we expected to wait before we get them?

      • stephen gwinnett says:

        i have complained to 2entertain many times over the years about there treatment of the only fools releases and the pointless edits they keep making, there reply is always the same that it would cost too much money to release an unedited individual release or even a complete dvd boxset release, as long as 2entertain have the rights for only fools they will always put out the same old content, the only thing that will change over the years is the packaging,i believe fans everywhere should just keep keep emailing or telephoning 2entertain to complain non stop about the terrible treatment of only fools, i believe if say NETWORK had the rights they would make every effort to bring out a really complete boxset with extras.

  23. Mike Atkinson says:

    So, any word on the cuts in this new collection yet?

  24. stephen gwinnett says:

    all of us ONLY FOOLS fans are just wasting our time with the BBC and 2ENTERTAIN, all we get are the same old halfsoaked responses, surely they must make money from the ONLY FOOLS AND HORSES dvd releases, i believe they could put out a complete uncut collection with extras if they really wanted, but they won’t because they just can’t be bothered.

  25. Ronnie says:

    The first response does look like somebody has actually sat down and put some effort into it. The second is a standard reply as I have seen it before. 2Entertain sent a response to me,

    Dear Mr XXX
    Please accept my apologies, having looked through the correspondence between yourself and the DVDenquiry line in October, your very last e-mail did not receive an answer from 2e. Let me now try to answer your numerous questions. I can not give you specific details of what was deleted from each episode, nor is there anyone still working at 2E that was involved in the earliest of our VHS releases, but I do hope my explanations will go some way towards closing this matter, to your satisfaction.

    The bleeping or removal of swear words would have been done, at the time, to ensure BBFC certification remained at a level to ensure the DVD’s were available to largest audience possible.

    Music deletes would have been done, at the time, due to clearance issues with the record companies i.e. either refusing 2E permission to release the specific track on VHS or simply requiring too much money for the right to do so. This situation has greatly improved with the new BBC PPL agreement which means we are able to release more current programming without any edits at all. Unfortunately to go back to the original TX versions of each and every episode – to re-clear and then to incur new costs to encode, re-subtitle, resubmit for BBFC, re-author, re-DLT and replicate new stock (making existing stock redundant) is simply not cost effective. I’m sure you understand that our contracts with various suppliers who provide the services mentioned above, that their charges are highly confidential and I am therefore unable to share with you what it would cost 2E to basically destroy stock and start again.

    There are no special features on the DVDs and to understand why let me explain that we first released the individual episodes onto VHS in 1998. We began to re-release this material onto DVD format in the early 2000s and at that time the market did not really recognised special features/VAM as an important selling tool. We call each series “The Complete” because they contain every televised episode. Yes there may be seconds, possibly even minutes deleted from a particular episode due to the issues previously mentioned but they are as “complete” as we could make them, at that time, bearing in mind the clearance restrictions of that era. Our Box Set release, containing Series 1 – 7 is simply a repack of the individual DVD releases, hence no Value Added Material again as none was included in the previous DVDs.

    I do hope this explanation has gone some way to resolving your issues and once again, my apologies for the delay in responding.

    Kind regards


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