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  1. Calvin says:

    I have uploaded this episode to Vimeo for all to enjoy.

    Here’s the link:

  2. James says:

    It would be great if more scenes or episodes were found and uncovered.

  3. Cushty says:

    An observation most of you probably already know, but just in case…The Vicar is the same Vicar we see in the episode Strained Relations who loses his hat!

    • Rich says:

      Well spotted. I’ve always wondered about a photo on the old VHS series 2 case. It’s obviously from an unused scene from ‘ashes to ashes’ as it shows Del holding the urn stood with Rodney outside a church with a vicar looking on. Just wondered if anyone else has seen this picture or even the missing scene?

      • Lee says:

        I’ve noticed this, never seen the scene before! Talking of missing scenes, do you have any of the uncut episodes?

        • Rich says:

          No, sorry. The empty video case is the only thing I’ve got left from the videos. I regret not looking after them now.

          • Cushty says:

            Looking on eBay there’s an OFAH selection box VHS that’s 30 mins of celebrities talking about the show in 2000, with clips of the show. Is anyone able to put it on youtube?

      • Rob M says:

        I have this video VHS of it, but dont worry – you haven’t missed anything – there is no scene on the video tape that contains a vicar looking at Del and Rodney.

        the episode on the VHS home video release is exactly what they show on UK GOLD.

        no vicar scene.

        But I understand what you mean, that photo on the VHS box of the vicar is interesting.

        • Cushty says:

          Sorry Rob I should of been clearer. I wasn’t looking for the vicar scene I just wanted to watch the selection box programme. I changed the subject. I don’t have UK Gold so have never seen it.

          • Dawud says:

            i have that on video, it was televised in 96 along with the trilogy. I tried putting it on youtube but it got taken off immediately

  4. Lupo Feroce says:

    i fink theres another lost thingy unde the name of ” Gulf War ”
    thnx and ciaooooo

  5. Steve Goulding says:

    Will the six lost episodes of Only Fools And Horses be available on DVD in the not too distant future?


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