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  1. Nick Fletcher says:

    Hi All,

    I think its possible that a special could be done, as long as Jim Sullivan is the main writer. Loose ends could be tied up, a new fancy dress farce on New Years Eve and a drama that moves everyone to tears before final goodbye in Nags Head.

    I have some ideas if I can contact Jim :)


    • Brian says:

      @Nick Fletcher Did you not read above?

      quote: the death of Only Fools And Horses writer John Sullivan meant the plans were shelved.”

      He’s dead

      • Ade says:

        @Brian, John Sullivan had two sons, Jim and Dan. They wrote the “Beckham in Peckham” sketch that was on Comic Relief in 2014.

  2. Robin says:

    Still no news?! David Jason “wait and see pal you never know, no it’s not a no!” There is no way he would say this if they weren’t planning ‘something”knowing millions of fans would have their hopes raised the dashed . So the question remains what is happening….? anybody?

  3. Rob M says:

    I think the main problem with no more only fools eps – is due to the passing of Roger Lloyd Pack (Trigger).

    when Rodger died, it really threw a spanner in the works as to a new episode being made – I mean you just cannot picture only fools and horses without Trigger can you?

    • Robin says:

      Hi Rob I get where your coming from however Its just one episode (special) so I can imagine one episode without Trigger yes I can as great as he was its just a one off special. Del Boy and Rodney are the main characters and if it Is just a GGG special the whole cast really aren’t required the prime focus would be on del Rodney and them catching up with Voycie and Marlene

    • Griff says:

      The sentiment to showing an OFAH without RLP is sad, however, Trigger as we know him is NOT dead. Nobody has written him out as dead. Del and Rodney even mentioned him in the comic-relief special of last year.

      Furthermore, there have been several OFAH episodes without Trigger present. So, to say there couldn’t possibly be an OFAH episode without Trigger is null and void. Of course, we would all prefer Trigger to be there, but he just can’t. If there is a special one-off, he can be mentioned throughout and spoken of as if he were alive.

      Down the Nags Head, you could still find:

      Mickey Pearce
      Alan Parry
      Jumbo Mills

      Plenty of opportunities for laughs still.

      • Robin says:

        Well summarised Griff. With much respect there are still the majority of the actors still alive and well. Like you said plenty of cast however equally like I said They also don’t necessarily have to have them all in especially if they went down the GGG avenue idea all you need focus on first starts with Del Boy and Rodney driving off from the flat in van then them driving down to the country and then the episode would focus on catch up with Boyce at xmas and Marlene. Strange Dagid Jason was so obviously aware of something we don’t know about and I want to know what!

  4. Dan says:

    I would love them to get together for another special, we have David Jason saying ‘you never know’, Nicholas Lyndhurst would be up for it no doubt as we saw from the Sport Relief sketch, Tessa Peake Jones and Gywneth Strong would happily be involved.

    It’s sad Roger Lloyd Pack and Roy Heather have passed on, but they still have great characters like Boycie, Marlene, Denzil and Mickey to work with, plus Damien and Joan although i wouldn’t like those two to have big roles, because everyone just wants to see the original cast in a funny story for one last time.

    I honestly think, with the greatest of respect to the great John Sullivan, that if he wrote a script, which he intended to use for a Christmas special, then he was fully behind creating that Special, i don’t know how much of the script is finished, but i really think it would be great to use that script, get all the characters back one last time.

    Not only has Open all Hours come back, with over 12 million people watching its return in 2013, making it the most watched show of the Christmas week in 2013, Birds of a Feather came back on ITV, Arrested Development came back on Netflix in 2013 after finishing in 2005, it can be done, and people will watch.

    If they could pull it off, and make a great episode, it would be fantastic :)

    • Robin says:

      When are they going to reveal the news?! Can’t wait . So what we recon folks GGG special with del and Rodney in it ? Or full on new episode? ( if the script was finished or majority finished I would say why not! As John obviously planned it’s return and with all due respect Sleepless in Peckham not the best ending

      • James says:

        Can’t get too carried away, it’s been over a month since that interview and there hasn’t been a hint of anything anywhere. Nothing may come of it, we just have to wait and see.

        • Griff says:

          That’s true, but there wouldn’t be any news necessarily this side of Christmas.

          Anyone who says ‘Watch this space’ means that something may happen. The optimist in mean thinks that something will happen, even if it’s just another short sketch.

          • Robin says:

            I’m sure it’s more than a short sketch he was clearly happy and why would he say ‘wait and see pal’ and then knowingly disappoint all us fans!? It is definitely returning but it is extremely peculiar given Jim and Dans past statements however if Hohns script had been found would make sense and be an historic moment in British to history!

    • Robin says:

      Right here’s what thy should do clear and consise – 1. If Johns script is finished / 60 per cent complete they should go ahead and make it. 2. If script less than 60 percent complete leave I alone. 3- So this is if the script isn’t fully/ nearly complete bring back a GGG special with visit from Del Boy and Rodney. This way every scenario is positive and something to look forward to and each scenario more than feesible to do. There is in fact no reason not to do any of the aboveebtuoned options! Worst case scenario be a strong of sport/ comic relief sketches however I feel as I said there is ho reason no to do proper hour special whether that be GGG or johns final sketch.

  5. Rob M says:

    1 more green green grass special would be good.

    As we never really found out if Tyler made it big time, with his group ‘puddle of agony’ – an update on his singing career would be cool.

    and as others have said, maybe Del and Rodders could appear, to pay Boycie a visit.

    I feel there is still life left in green green grass, where only fools now seems to be possibly dead forever, GGG still seems to have a bit of energy left.

    • Robin says:

      Yes Del Boy and rodney visiting Boycie seems the beat possible return as you wouldn’t require putting all cast into it just for the sake of it. All it needs is the trotter brothers visiting in van and then catching up with Boycie for xmas or new year etc so many potential funny scenes and story just with that idea. I think it would flow . As you can see David Jason is Del Boy and is clearly relishing being him again

    • Robin says:

      Astonished not one single newspaper have picked up on this! Waiting on here for news alert ‘ The Trotters return’ ! Want to know what is going on. David Jason himself said ‘ wait and see pal’ with a twinkle in eye and smirk when asked if it would be returning- previously it was a no would be his response. He clearly knows something we don’t this was only a few weeks ago aswell! Can you she’s some light on the developments please Perry….? Watch Davids interview pretty obvious something is happening behind scenes

  6. James says:

    Fools and Horses to return some way? I just came across a video on YouTube of David Jason being interviewed by heat and heatworld at the National Television Awards 2015 last month and when he was asked the question “Is there possibly a final twist for Del Boy and Rodders?” he answered “Watch this space pal, watch this space, it’s not a no but you never know” while looking all smug and happy. This was only last month aswell. Not sure what to think about this?

    Here’s the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ov7dn1wwCkg

    Thought i’d share it here for others to see as it hasn’t really been noticed at all, especially when it’s coming from the main man himself!

    • robin says:

      Wow! It’s coming back folks! Heard it from the man himself ! I knew they were planning something! I reckon Sullivan had completed script before he died . best news ever. You could see from David Jason’s face he is returning as Del Boy!

      • James says:

        Not too sure, but there’s defiantly something going on behind closed doors, that’s why i shared this here as not many people have noticed the video and that interview with Sir David was only last month aswell at the NTA’s. Just have to wait and see now.

        • robin says:

          Well spotted indeed! It’s clear from David’s face its returning I just want to know how exactly! Very intrigued. Perhaps Jim has agreed to do GGG special with Del Boy and rodders visiting or like I said John had infancy completed script already who knows!? Can Perry she’s some light….?….

    • Griff says:


      Never say die, eh?

      I would imagine that Jim and Dan have seen Sir David perform and perform well in Still Open all Hours and they’re thinking, “we can do this”.

      If John Sullivan completed that final script, I don’t see why there can’t be a final episode.

      It’s funny, I seem to recall David Jason’s best buddy (Perry) play down all rumours of a return…. ;-)

      • James says:

        It is interesting Griff and I’m surprised nowone else has noticed Sir David’s remarks, it’s a simple “watch this space pal, watch this space”, but it tells a lot as he has now made it more than obvious to us that something is going on behind closed doors. Hopefully Perry sheds some light on it all for us fans or if any of yous can show John Challis on Twitter or something? Just to show we now know haha! If they are trying to keep it all private Sir David’s made a slight slip up lol, anyway we just have to sit and wait patiently for any news!

      • Robin says:

        It’s defo returning can tell from his face! Does seem strange after what Perry and Jim / Dan said. However it’s whatcthe fans want! Especially if there is a full script or even half a script complete. I believe there is one more episode left which can end the trotter story on more of a high! John Sullivan obviously thought so also . One more quality xmas special ……. This time it would be the last but a real sense of goodbye and fun. Feel as though they have a great episode waiting to be made its time to make it! He who dares wins………

        • James says:

          Not too sure about a full episode really, too much of the cast are missing now unfortunately. Whenever Roger died that put a full stop on it all for me. It felt different during the 2001-2003 specials and can only imagine that again now. They may bring it back some way, maybe just Del Boy and Rodney in Green Green Grass, I’m just not sure, we will just have to wait and find out.

          • Robin says:

            To be honest a green green grass hour special with Del and Rodney be perfect really! Not too serious but a lot of good fun with potential for a lot humour and funny scenarios . Lovely jubbly

  7. Robin says:

    So Perry can you suggest to Jim we want one more GGG xmas special. Where Del boy and Rodney visit farm on van. Be so so funny and chance to say a fun farewell to them. Full hour screen time , perhaps Del Boy going for xmas / new year with dodgy fireworks for celebrations . Jim wrote some GGG specials so it wouldn’t be as if it was a new ofah just a fun GGG special featuring the trotters

  8. Rob M says:

    Dean – personally I find the best 2 places to find only fools and horses merchandise is ebay and going to boot fairs.

    A couple of years ago – I bought some official only fools and horses darts (pack of darts for a dartboard) for 50p – they were brand new, never been opened, and the stall holder only wanted 50pence I was dead chuffed.

    • Dean says:

      Hello yh I look everywhere don’t hurt 2 try on this site I’ve brought and sold on here :). I’m always looking for big collectors 2 swap info and pics :) thanks

  9. Dean says:

    Hello I buy anything only fools and horses looking for rare bits eg scripts props anything really ring me 07800907614 thanks dean

  10. Rob M says:

    If Roger Lloyd Pack hadn’t died and he was still with us – I’d have said their was a small whiff of hope only fools might have returned (but even then we was asking alot and grabbing at straws)

    but the fact he sadly did indeed die – I mean lets be honest, as in perfectly honest – how can you have only fools and horses without Trigger?

  11. Robin says:

    So Tessa-Peak Jones says John had completed most of a script prior to his death. She wants to make a new episode. David Jason busy still acting with the average Still open all hours surely they could do a
    New one or incorporate Johns script into a one off Green green grass special? Jim also writing the other half of script? For all we know John may have completed the script . There is more life (at least one good send off ) I have always thought this and I intrigued to see John sullivans final script which Tessa said he had written.

  12. Rob says:

    Tessa peak Jones said today she would be up for new Ofah! Said John had completed half script ……. This time next year …..?

    • Griff says:

      Can’t see it happening now.

      The death of RLP was definitely confirmation the show could not continue.

      I think, as an absolute outside chance, a few short episodes of just Del and Rodney could work. A bit like the Comic Relief special. Just the odd 10 minute episode.

      • Rob M says:


        Trigger was the cornerstone of only fools and horses, whenever there was a sad scene, you could always rely on Trig to say ‘alright Dave’ which would cut the audience to pieces with laughter.

        Now Roger Lloyd Pack is sadly no longer with us – I just cannot picture any more episodes being made without Trig.

      • Rob says:

        Just quoting what Tessa said to reporter. Interesting tho especially if there was a full or half script completed like she says there is. Defo scope for a final outing or at least using the material in annual sport relief specials as David and Nock would surely be up for this as its John Sullivans script and words

  13. Rob says:

    I find this news quite insulting about the new ‘sketch’ its almost as if the BBC are scared to let them make a complete new episode, which is a joke! As I know you will get the odd people saying leave it alone etc its had its day, however a brand new complete OFAH episode would guarantee the BBC 15 million viewers without a doubt! A banker for the bbc a sure hit! So whats their problem??? Clearly David Jason wants a complete new episode not a short sketch show im sure! Jim and Dan clearly up for writing it. Move to ITV 3 if the BBC cant be bothered.

    • Sleathy says:

      There’s a lot that has to happen behind the scenes for it all to come together … a small sketch is better than nothing ….and just might be the start. After all I believe Sir David did the Open All Hours Christmas Special with a view to doing another series if feedback was good ….we’ll see I guess!

      • Rob says:

        John Challis tweeted he isn’t involved with this new sketch and it isn’t a new episode

        • Ashton says:

          Its a surprise hes always connected to his Boycie character in all conventions and events maybe he thinks it’ll be like a Green Green Grass script which no offence were nothing near OFAH script I hope hes in da episode or there will be something missing

          • Rob says:

            Strange in John Challis tweets he indicates he hasn’t a clue about a new episode! I find this bizarre as he would have obviously spoken to David and Nick and be aware of the new episode which we hope is in place for after the initial sketch! Its all abit confusing as Challis would surely be part of the filming!
            Anyway seriously now this site should be bringing us news about this by now! Normally this site hot to trot on any OFAH news, could they tell us whats going on? Why does Challis know nothing about a new episode ?

          • joe says:

            Trigger has died !!!

  14. Rob says:

    a sketch! You got to be joking me! A short sketch 10mins long! wow
    This is not what the fans want at all BBC!

    Are we getting a new episode????????? Please could this site find out what is going on? As David said he had read a script for an episode a full story, not a small sketch.

    So disappointed I if this is all we get

    • Ashton says:

      You all can be reassured I read on this newspaper site mail something that its like a sort of trailer for the new episode BBC are not sure about the special and have yet to confirm it which also is confirmed to be Del boys 65th and Dan and Jim have revealed Del has just reached OAP but the old dog is full of some new tricks behind Rodneys back. Hes also employed his son into the dodgy family business there are references to the past but its bang up to date and a funny all round episode that they have been writing for over a year now to make sure its got dat special touch and will be full of witty one liners poignant moments and ofcourse a situation only the Trotter brothers can land themselves into.

      • Rob says:

        Oh Right so you reckon it will be a full episode made after?????

        • Ashton says:

          Yeah I spent all night looking up as much details possible to the potential sketch and episode I even read most newspapers today the metro says the BBC have denied claims to confirming an episode to be followed but there has been one wrote definatly it is definitely a forerunner for a new episode

          • Rob says:

            Well that’s good I guess as its an episode we need an hour long, then people can judge Jim and Dans script (Johns idea and notes)you cant judge a 10 minute sport relief script that’s crazy and unfair! And like I said remember its John Sullivans idea so should be a no brainer for the BBC! The cast aren’t stupid they wouldn’t be committed to it if it wasn’t up to scratch. I feel the people who keep saying ‘don’t bring it back its had its day’ blah blah will all be shocked and pleasantly surprised if the BBC let us have a complete episode as I think they would have done a fitting tribute to John im sure of it. Plus it was his idea anyway!Its an exciting prospect that maybe a trilogy could follow on from this sketch, don’t you think it would fantastic if del finally married Raquel! I just think this could be an extremely funny and poignant way to end the series. Best man speeches, everybody drunk having fun, Boycie returning from the farm, so much promise for new episodes and stories to be told! Dels birthday idea sounds a cracking idea, the series could really push on again I feel and have new life!
            Fingers crossed it happens! Come on OFAH fans we got to get behind Jim and Dan and the cast and get the BBC to do it!

  15. Dave says:

    I cannot believe this site has not reported it yet! OFAH’s number 1 website and it has not reported on a new episode? it is pretty shocking to be honest!!

    • stephen says:

      i do agree that it is a bit of a let down from the only fools and horses society not to keep us fans informed, come on perry & co pull your fingers out and put upto date information on the site about any future only fools specials.

  16. Jamie says:

    Get Steven Moffatt to write it. He’s probably the best British comedy writer around today and some of his episodes of ‘Coupling’ were great, in a similar goofy Only Fools and Horses style. There’s definitely someone out there that could do the show justice, so they need to go looking for them.

    • Jamie says:

      PS: Christmas was severely lacking a great show this year. The 2014 Christmas schedule needs three new episodes to finish the show off forever.

    • mark ross says:

      could we have a dvd of out takes and deleted scenes, as with anything connected to the show it would be just as funny as a new episode . this way we could have david and nicolas and some of the other cast have a reunion to introduce it together

      • Rob says:

        A new episode is much better than simply outakes and a reunion. The show needs this new episode, John Sullivan obviously wanted this new episode as he had been planning for it. I think it is going to really put OFAH back on the map! Fresh and new episode is exactly what is needed.As much as we love old episodes, why not make a new one it has been over 10 years now. Jim Sullivan can clearly see what the fans want and has produced a quality script. I cant wait!
        Could this site please provide details about the new OFAH……………?

        • Ashton says:

          Rob I can shed some light on the new episode what you have heard about John Challis quoting ” He doesn’t expect a new episode” is the case of an unfinished sentence I heard about the interview and he said “He doesn’t expect a new episode to air as early as Febuary” the website must of removed the end of the sentence to make people believe that there wont be a new episode airing at all.

          • Rob says:

            Thanks for that just wish this site would hurry up and report this news and confirm what is happening and when it is due to be shown. Who was it that said March??

  17. Ashton says:

    Its back

    • Rob says:

      3 months time we will have a classic new episode I hope its an hour long or 50 minute episode. I thought the 50 min episodes suited OFAH best, perhaps 2 50 min episodes would be great.
      What do we all think will happen…? Is it going to focus on dels 65th birthday as suggested? Will Boycie and Marlene return?

      Rumours are they start filming January!

      • Sleathy says:

        Can we always believe the newspapers?

        • Ashton says:

          Well no one has come forward to deny any of these news reports so I think it’s absoulotely true.

          • Rob says:

            This site should have reported the news by now! Blimey this is the biggest OFAH news ever! Maybe you can confirm the new episode by getting in touch with Jim Sullivan and David? But like you said nobody has denied reports , plus it suggests that the episode is almost definitely happen even giving dates for filming and screening so it is pretty conclusive. However it would be nice for David to hurry up and confirm this. I mean he said the script ‘very good’ so make it then. I reckon 20million would tune in to watch it.

          • Griff says:

            WOW. Like Rob, I am utterly flabbergasted that this site has not even uttered one word on this exciting rumour.

            Maybe ofah.net is no longer the main fan site to visit.

          • Griff says:

            For the record – David HAS confirmed a script has been written. There is no confirmation however of the BBC commissioning a special.

            I guess I’m not overly surprised John’s sons had ago at developing John’s ideas for what would have been a 30 year special. However, I still find it hard to imagine an OFAH episode NOT truly written by the great man himself. I will however welcome a new episode with open-arms.

          • Rob says:

            Just read on another website someone claiming to have spoken to John Challis on the phone and they asked him about new special and his response was ‘don’t expect a new episode’
            ARRRHHHHHH! What is going on? Can somebody shed some light on the whole new episode please?

  18. Creanso says:

    There was rumours like James Buckley playing Damien and Sophie White [David Jason’s daughter] playing Joan and that not just a special was rumoured but another trilogy and some rumoured titles one was titled ”Plonker Do ‘Ave Em” guessing that was the birthday and one titled ”We Can Do It Bruv” and one titled ”We’re On A Winner”

    • Rob says:

      I guess we will find out very soon. I cant wait! Still astonished the exciting news hasn’t been reported on this site! We need more details, the wait is killing me, I w ant to know when the episode is being shown, and when they start filming.
      Dels birthday sounds like a great episode with potential for a lot of fun and getting everyone together. Hope its a two part episode.

      Anyone have any more news about the new special has David agreed to it?????????? Open all hours got a 50 – 50 split on most reviews ive read, some loved it, some thought it was ok and others didn’t enjoy it. However it still got the most viewers. Imagine what a new OFAH episode would get! And with all due respect OFAH is much stronger than open all hours! Come on David you know it makes sense!

      • Ashton says:

        Same here Rob I’m still excited about the potential new episode and if the site doesn’t report it soon I’m gonna do it myself. I wonder about this birthday episode will Del celebrate his 68th Birthday since the episode was due out 3 years ago or will he still be 65 which could confuse some who watch Rock and Chips or maybe they’ll set it in 2011 where he was supposed to be 65. I’m very interested and its also a celebration episode OFAH never let us down when it comes to a brilliant celebration episode.

        • Rob says:

          This site is well behind on reporting this news!!!!!!!!!!!

          Come on whats going on?

          David Jason let everybody know you have agreed to do it, you cant tell us you have looked at script and its very good but that you haven’t decided whether your doing it yet that’s just teasing!
          He who dares wins! You know it makes sense.

          • Ashton says:

            Ahhhh its only a sketch I’m very disappointed or is this a sketch advertising the new episode can someone explain to me?

          • Rob says:

            That’s a good point Ashton lets hope that the case is its a taster teaser for a new proper episode!

            Feels like I said as though the BBC are giving it a trial which is ridiculous as OFAH is the best sitcom of all time and does not need a trial. Plus a 5 min sketch is something which not everybody would necessary tune in to watch whereas a new episode millions would watch it! So in my mind it makes sense to make a new episode proper rather than start with a short sketch. But hey what do I know. Just hope BBC give them a new series or trilogy of proper episodes

        • Rob says:

          I don’t mean to sound negative about BBC and OFAH however I just feel we have been extremely short changed as OFAH fans over the last few years. Poor dvd boxset release cut to death! GGG taking forever to be released series 4 and then missing an entire episode on the dvd!
          And then just when we get great news of a brand new feature length episode of OFAH it turns out to be a 5 min sketch!
          As excited as I am to see this it simply isn’t a new episode what we all wanted (maybe a few don’t, but trust me millions do, & those who say they don’t would still watch it) I have total belief in the cast and Jim and Dan delivering a fitting tribute to John Sullivan however giving them a 5 min sketch isn’t giving them a chance. Perhaps if the bbc could kindly confirm there is a special or series to follow? And show some respect to OFAH and their fans we would then be a lot happier.

  19. Jimmy says:

    Jim Sullivan could finish off the script and it could be a Green Green Grass crossover OFAH episode or if the script is finished still release it fans will be raging till it gets released.

  20. Richard says:

    In ‘Go West Young Man’ (1981), Del says to Rodney when they are chatting up the two girls “Don’t say I’m 35!”. This would have meant that we know for definate he was 35 then and 65 in 2011, so all the confusion inbetween about Del’s age would have been explained perfectly as just down to Del fibbing about his age over the years or just forgetting!

    • Griff says:

      With all due respect to Sir David Jason – he didn’t half age badly.

      From 1981 to 1991, it does look like he has aged more than 10 years. Hair loss, went grey, put on a bit of weight. I don’t expect a great deal of difference in 10 years – not really. He just looks about 60 back in 1991! Thus, he looks about 80 odd now.

      Still, a bloody great actor!! Genius at work in whatever he does.

  21. Wayne says:

    John (Challis) mentioned this tonight at his “An evening with Boycie” in Banbury. He also said he felt sorry for the young actors in Rock & Chips after John’s death. Finally, he confirmed series 5 of GGG was pretty much written by John when he died, but the BBC are saying it is too expensive. Let’s hope the new brooms at the BBC finally get a grip and get these great actors back on screen, get series 4 of GGG on DVD and finally release the unedited Only Fools episodes..

    My personal view is that John’s sons may get a great Only Fools script in place as a wonderful tribute to Britains best comedy writer of all time. It does sound from what John was saying that all the gang are up for it, including David and Nick.

    Fingers crossed!

    • Rob says:

      The more I read about this potential new episode that was definitely going to be made, the more frustrating I find it all. In simple terms if John had finished the script as has been suggested by some people, why haven’t they gone ahead and made it?! What better tribute to John Sullivan?

      This makes me think John hadn’t actually completed a script, however I have a feeling there is a script of Johns out there either completed or pretty close to being finished.
      Please bring the Trotters back once more. That’s what we want. David is doing Open all hours new special but you cant help think this is his 2nd choice as he wanted to do new ofah.

  22. lisa freestone says:

    i like more fools and hourses as soon as you can

    from lisa and tracy

    • Ryan says:

      Just one more is all we need to finish off the series. I hoping to hear John had finished the script but this is looking unlikely now.

      PS Where the hell is the release date for Green green grass series 4? This is an insult to the great John sullivan, there should be a complete GGG boxset available for us fans, have contacted the bbc no reply.

  23. joe says:

    When they make an other episode I hope they remember that it was successful WITH a studio audience .
    Now Rock and Chips was excellent…would have been even better if one can hear laughter.
    Laughter is contagious…

    • Rob says:

      Has anyone seen the latest BBC Christmas ‘advert’? it has lots of BBC celebs singing a christmas song and it features quite a lot of David Jason, who appears to look like he is in his DelBoy character (slicked back hair, no moustache).
      You get the impression that the advert features celebs from forthcoming Christmas programs.

      It aired last night,

      • Joe says:

        Hi Rob,
        I was driving to work about 6 weeks ago and was listening to Local radio Imagine FM and just got the OFAH song and heard the announcement that the “crew” were seen filming in Scotland ( Edinburgh I believe )the South coast and some place in London. Did not get the actual place !
        And the tune was NOT Green Green Grass !

        I have a problem…might have to see someone about it…I have to ask for people’s name in my line of work and some times they say ” Garry ” I start smiling broadly and act in a strange way.I find I have to explain.
        I blame the whole “crew” for my condition !

        • Griff says:

          Joe – are you serious? At this point that you heard this radio interview, the late, great John Sullivan had passed on – so it means that what you heard MIGHT be what we all want.

          • joe says:

            Yes I was hoping for something new last year .
            They would certainly have a hit if they come up with something Special for Xmas.WHO WOULD DARE MISS IT LOL?
            If ,for any reason, favorite characters cannot be in it,they can always use their “sons” or “daughters “.
            They had some fine actors in “Rock and chips ” which was excellent in spite of it not being recorded in front of a live audience . Have a Garry Xmas !

  24. thomas says:

    I think we gotta let it go folks. A 30th anniversary special could have been great but let’s face it there’ll always be loose ends. The best things in life leave us wanting more and that certainly applies to Only Fools And Horses. 1996 was arguably the time to leave it be and without the brilliance of John Sullivan, let’s just now enjoy the legacy he has left us.

    The idea mentioned above of a show with the actors discussing the show and favourite episodes on set would be great. A chance to delve into the characters we know and love and relate to so well.

  25. Someone random says:

    I think OFAH fans would love to see a 30th anniversary special as a tribute to John Sullivan. In fact I think that would be the most touching tribute possible.

    Obviously, Del, Rodney and co, were all the creation of John’s (pretty brilliant) mind, and have brought so many laughs to so many people. I know that (stupid as this may sound) OFAH has helped me through some pretty dark times. There were times when everything in my life was pretty crap, but I was always garuanteed a laugh and some escapism when I could travel to the funny world of Peckham in the 1980s with Trig, Boycie, Denzel etc, simply by sticking on a DVD.

    Sadly John has now passed away without being able to properly tie up the loose ends to this entire fascinating world that he created. I think the most wonderful tribute to him would be for the cast who helped him bring this world alive, and for Jim Sullivan (naturally as his child and as a writer himself), to finish off the work that John couldn’t do in time, and to help him finally tie up the world of Trotters Independent Trading Co.

    After all, John created that wonderful world, and I think it’s only right that the cast members and his family help put the world of the trotters to rest now, even though John is not around to do it himself.

    • cameron says:

      i couldnt of said it better myself i completely agree
      it would of been great to see them go down to winterdown farm.And it would of been great to see del and raquel get married…finally that is something in my opinion anyway that should of happend a long time ago!!…..and anyway if it really doesnt happen this christmas i honestly dont think it will ever be put to bed it will jst drag on and on and on untill something is done as a tribute to not just the best comedy writer ever! but the best and most populier comedy ever in history.so to leave it unfinished isnt right i dont think.even if that means without john sulliven if you think about it all charecters basically revolved around the nags head but when mike passde away it was still done so why not now?!?

    • ryan gray says:

      its not definate but theres been rumours that john and his son don sullivan who helped write the green green grass were working on the final rock and chips when john passed away and its been said that don will finish the script if this is true i wouldnt be suprised if he was also working on a only fools and horses 30th anneversary episode as a tribute to his fathers greatest creation. especially if its true that john had already started writing it.

  26. stephen gwinnett says:

    does any one know if david jason will reprise his role of the wizard rincewind in sky one’s adaptation terry pratchetts ‘unseen academicals’ to be broadcast april 2012.

  27. Russell says:

    I really can’t see why Del boy , Rodney , Dan and Jim Sullivan couldn’t write a 90 minute special for Xmas 2011 , I could see it being brilliant , and Damien joining the navy that’s why he isn’t in it and then maybe come back at the end with a little uncle Albert beard , I personally don’t think it would be a insult , and Im sure John was 6 weeks into thinking / writing the scri

  28. Shane says:

    I think it would of been great for a one off episode of Only Fools and Horses to celebrate 30 yrs of the iconic comedy series, but after the sad passing of John Sullivan it may of been an insult to his genius writing if someone else wrote the episode.
    But if the BBC thought it to be appropriate to do xmas specials of The Green Green Grass in which Delboy and Rodney made an appearence would be fantastic, maybe they could even do a reunion in which Trigger, Denzil, Mickey Pearce, Damien, Cassandra and Raquel appear aswell.
    So maybe someone should write to the BBC and suggest the idea to them and see what they say, so maybe watch this space, but all I’ll say about John Sullivan is R.I.P.

  29. Tracey Fotheringham says:

    I’m gutted that we aren’t getting a Xmas Special. 30 years is worth celebrating, especially OFAH, as it is by far the best comedy ever. I know Nick Lyndhurst isn’t that keen, but there are so many ways that they could be brought back to life! Even Jim Broadbent, (Slater) could be reprised to give Del a bit of ‘gip’. I have been working hard with an idea for 2 scripts:- ‘Matchmaker’ and ‘Soulmates’ have been working on them for some time now, and although I’m trying to finish them, I don’t quite think they would be ready for Xmas. They may not come up to John Sullivan’s standard, but they are very funny, compassionate, and packed with Del Boy charm. Maybe I can get them finished in time for the anniversary of John Sullivan’s death on 23rd April 2012

  30. Darren says:

    I was very interested to read about the proposed OFAH 30th Anniversary Special, obviously I was disappointed to read it had been axed but I have to wonder if either the BBC or Jim or Dan have any ideas of how things would have been resolved? If they had, I wonder if they would share them with the society and maybe then a writer or writers could turn them into a script, I know that Nicholas lyndhurst isn’t in favour but I wonder if with the right script and producer if he and David would give us a proper ending(my own choice would be to do that, followed by a next generation OFAH with down to earth (just like Del) Damien wheeling and dealing in a Modern London, possibly selling hooky 2012 gear, together with a prim finishing school type smart Joan as his sidekick, I wonder what people would think of that?).

    I also wondered if the Only Fools and Horses Convention 2011 might be a place to ask our favourite stars if they would be interested in contributing to the “Tales of The Trotters” idea?

    All the best and thanks for keeping the Trotters still with us.

    • joe says:

      Some great ideas here Darren…
      Some great acting from the young cast of Rock and Chips…It was fantastic to see it.
      Have to say though that it would have been better still if it was recorded in front of a live audience.. like most of the other episodes..laughter is contagious.
      James Bond movies are still very successful in spite of the fact they are written by different authors …
      They simply have to make a “special” at some stage. Guaranteed of success…after all who would DARE miss it ?
      I have one “visual” gag I am more than happy to pass on…

  31. IanB says:

    With due respect to the late great genius that was John Sullivan the show should have ended after the Xmas Trilogy of 1996. That would have been the perfect ending of a legendary show.
    The best way to celebrate the shows 30th Anniversary would be to have an OFAH Night on the Beeb showing classic episodes mixed with documentaries etc (interviews with the remaining cast etc)

    • oliver says:

      I agree with you. I think a full NEW episode would be a bit too far fetched now that John has passed away. If they ever did I don’t think it would be as good as if john wrote it then fans would have a bad only fools episode that was the very last one that WAS NOT written by the creator. To have an Only Fools and Horses Evening with classic episodes, NEW interviews with the cast AND input from fans would be a fitting tribute to the best comedy EVER created. Come on BEEB? don’t just sit back and do nothing, its not fair.

  32. Steve G says:

    I think the best way to celebrate 30 years would be an Only Fools & Horses night on BBC1 or 2 at some point over Christmas. The BBC have done this before with other comedy shows but never with OFAH. They could do it as a reunion documentary with ALL the cast coming together on the set of the flat and in the Nags Head to talk about the show and introduce their favourite episodes.

    Whatever happens, at least all us fans have the 2011 convention to look forward. The line up looks great and I can’t wait for a trip down to bleedin’ hampshire!

    • Griff says:

      Good idea, definately worth screening 2 or 3 Xmas specials over the Xmas period.

      I like the idea of a Green Green Grass special written by Sullivan’s son, with an appearance from Del Boy and Rodney – and various others. Not sure what the storyline could be.

  33. stephen gwinnett says:

    now that there will never be another ‘only fools & horses’ special, the next best thing would be a ‘green green grass’ special for this christmas with a guest appearance from del boy & rodney, i’m surprised no one has ever thought about an animated/cartoon version of ‘only fools & horses’ series.

    • cameron says:

      dont be silly you cant make a cartoon mockorey of only fools and horses thats a really bad idea

    • Lewis says:

      I think they should make a CGI version of the Only Fools & Horses but make it look realistic, like the Ghostbusters Video Game was. Then the characters would be there younger selves again and you would get Grandad or Uncle Albert back like it was in the 80s and in its prime. But also find a comedy writer on John Sulivan’s level to make it funny also.

    • Lewis says:

      I think they should make a CGI version of Only Fools & Horses but make it detailed like the Beowolf movie was.

  34. Griff says:

    I’m sorry, but it wasn’t that well “known” that they were gonna do a special.

    • daniel says:

      Well, i knew about it.. it was rumoured for ages,, i think Damien was going to be at Uni, because he was difficult to Cast, Boycie and Marlene were coming back for Del and Raquels wedding… I think that was the main story.

      and there was bound to be a side story, which i don’t think was revealed. Probably a Dodgy deal of some sort.

      But sadly, its probably time to leave it be now, John Sullivan was the writer, and it would be an insult – for any one else to write the episode.

      • Griff says:

        Damien at Uni? Couldn’t imagine it, could you?

        I reckon if he did a stint in the Army due to his erratic behaviour. Bit like Rodney joining the Cadettes.

      • Griff says:

        Where was this rumoured again? On OFAH?

        • daniel says:

          Sorry for late reply… yeah it was rumoured in Interviews, Their was an interview with Raquel where she said they were planning the special, and also last year, David Jason said he would love to do more OFAH, and he had some drama on at Christmas, called Albert Memorial, and in the interviews before that show aired, he was asked about Only fools and Horses (obviously) and i remember him saying that John Sullivan might be writing something and if a good script came along, he would find it hard to refuse – I think this interview was also on This Morning.

      • joe says:

        New James Bond stories have been very successful…different writers.
        Come on lets do it.After all success is guaranteed…no one will dare miss it !
        I bet many fans can contribute ideas. I have one small one of my own in fact !

      • Joe says:

        An insult ..with respect… never !
        Ian Fleming being insulted with the new James Bond movies ? Cannon Doyle being insulted with the new Sherlock Holmes movies ?
        Us men need our own comedy “soap”…it could go on forever like coronation street / Eastenders.
        Because of all the repeats ( UK gold for example )the show has picked up a lot more younger viewers.The BBC should not delay any longer. Why throw away a very successful idea for a comedy show?
        Use the fine actors from Rock and Chips but do it NOW before ALL of the old timers become unable / unwilling to appear in the show .For the sack of continuity that is !

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