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  1. Mr Lane says:

    Do you ever stop moaning Griff

  2. Mr Lane says:

    Do you ever stop moaning Griff

  3. Ronnie says:

    Its great that this is happening, but it should of been in Margate. Fans would of come down if they wanted to.

    Im sure it will still be good, and its good there are people around to sort these things out. But it just seems a bit stupid to me that its not in Margate. It seems like rule number one before anything else is sorted out.

    But you could say the same thing about the OFAH conventions not being in Peckham. That I understand as its every year and lots more people around the country would like to go.

    At the same time its easy for us to say it should be this or that, we are not responsible and don’t know what went on when it was being organised.

  4. Cushty says:

    How was it, any photos of the actors?

  5. CraigW says:


    The Jolly Boys Outing reunion was my idea, so I feel it’s only right that I stand up and be counted on this response.

    The JBO Re-Union was merely bought around the idea of bringing some of the actors back together for a day, rather than another “Convention” style event where we search for a Leisure Centre by the seaside that would fit the bill, and all the jazz that goes with it.

    This is the first “re-union” we have done, and I would be happy for feedback after the event, so they can be shaped for future conventions/appearances.

    We have worked hard to secure the actors for the event – whilst some may say Boycie and Marlene are regulars, no event would be complete without them. Daniel Hill who plays Steven has, to my knowledge, only appeared once before at a signing show, so we are lucky and grateful, for him to be joining us for this event.

    At a convention, you are aware that it has the potential to be a long day queuing for hours, and not always having the chance to talk to the actors, pose for photo’s etc. By bringing Fools to shows like the NEC, it allows the fans more time with the actors, whilst still getting their treasured items signed.

    Whilst Margate would be an ideal location for this re-union, it is deep down South, and not everyone has the ability to get there, therefore by taking this to the NEC, it is fairly central, giving more fans the opportunity to meet the cast.

    I feel it unfair to be called a rip-off, when for the small fee the actors charged, covers their costs for the day for meeting their fans. Surely it is better that we are putting on more events through the year such as this, rather than waiting for 1 event per year.

    I am confident that the JBO Re-union will be a success, and the feedback that I and the rest of the team have had so far, has been positive, and I am confident that this feedback will be positive after the event.

    Hope that clarifies some of your points, and the thoughts behind it.


    • Griff says:

      Fair points made all round, Craig.

      I can only admire the amount of work you guys put in to making sure the conventions run smoothly. I’ve been to two. The 2004 and 2009 ones. I regret not attending the one before last where Roger was present.

      Apologies if my comments about the re-union being a ‘rip-off’ came across as harsh. It was not intended that way at all.

      It looks as though you do a great job and well done.

      Me personally, I am still recovering from the queuing of 5 years ago – but that’s what Britain’s best sitcom does to ya!

  6. Griff says:

    Any Jolly Boys reunion should only ever be held at Margate itself.

    At the very least, by the seaside!!

    I’ve never been to a Jolly Boys reunion but I imagine it’s a rip-off of an OFAH convention?

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