6 Responses to “Episode Review : Yuppy Love”

  1. Jane Wallace says:

    Does anyone know what high street Cassandra, Emma, Mickey and Rodney are driving down before Mickey is dropped off? Thanks!

  2. fotoflex says:

    I enjoyed this episode very much over the years.
    The great bar fall being one of the best physical comedy pieces I’ve ever seen, a Classic!
    But at the same time I was very annoyed with the BBC for putting that in the trailer, so by the time the show aired I had already seen it 20 times!
    That amount of repetition tends to take a bit of the surprise away(!)
    But since then, I’ve watched it many times in context, and it’s getting better every time.

  3. steve munday says:

    Does anyone know what nightclub was used for filming Yuppy Love?

    • Rick Weston says:

      It was filmed at the Parkside Hotel, Bath Road in Bristol. In those days there was a nightclub at the hotel. These days Parkside is now known as The Arnos Manor Hotel – http://www.arnosmanorhotel.co.uk

      • admin says:

        Thanks Rick thats awesome

      • simon says:

        hi guys well i was the resident dj at the parkside night club for over 4 yrs and when these guys filmed it was totally manic. i remember when the 1990 christmas special was filmed rodney come home. they filmed for 3 days for 8 minutes worth of telly… if you look very carefully you can see me in the dj box in one shot ive a yellow football shirt on and in next ive a white tee shirt on. whoops sorry bbc didnt understand continuanty in them days… take care simon ross

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