7 Responses to “The Longest Night”

  1. Trevor Kent says:

    Hi to all. Im after any signed photo of the cast, can anyone help, thanks.

  2. Michael pye says:

    Hi all
    I am looking for a kenneth macdonald signed photo can anyone help contact me on 07944975072 many thanks Michael

  3. Dan says:

    Just spotted Vas Blackwood doing this advert for 666 bet, he’s in a few more too i believe.

  4. Patrick says:

    I took a picture of that Matalan recently to offer a comparison. I don’t live that far from there, so it was a fun fact to learn! I’d put the picture on here, but I’m not sure how :(

  5. admin says:

    Very good point Alex
    check out the street view

  6. Alex Thompson says:

    The supermarket which the episode was filmed in is now the Matalan in Leytonstone

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