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  1. skooldays says:

    well next best is rather than a sitcom of del getting older as a grandad – we now have a drama of del as a boy

    i'm really looking forward to see how much John Sullivan will reveal

  2. bonnie says:

    Hi isnt it about time john & jim sat down & wrote only fools & horses the next generation, then del boy can become grandad keep all the old cast & bring in youngsters to keep this national treasure going for many years to come. cheers brian "only fools & horsepower"

  3. duffbear says:

    Hi can you please tell me do extra scenes and bloopers exist if so will they ever be released on DVD?.

    I know there are the only fools conventions each year but do you think everyone would get together for a specail or documentary.

    Would love to see something like Bring back Only fools and Horses like Justin Lee Collins done for Star Wars, Dallas, Grange Hill etc



  4. carl says:

    Why hasn't OFAH ever been shown in the States? I saw my first episode many years ago while in London for work. I immediately fell in love with the show. I then spent a lot of money buying a universal VCR and tapes. I've since bought a universal DVD player and all of the DVDs of both OFAH and Green Green Grass (when is Series 3 coming to disc)? I know not all Americans will understand the cockney, but there isn't enough of it to prevent the show from becoming the next Monty Python over here.

    Also, I find it amazing that your father wrote EVERY episode! What a genius!


  5. skooldays says:

    My Question:

    I hear some of the characters in Jolly Boys Outing were taken from your time at school – can you let us know more on this?

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